Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome to Host the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference, April 30 to May 2

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's annual International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference to take place in South Africa from April 30 to May 2, 2018.

LONDON, LONDON, UK, April 23, 2018 / — Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome is expected to host a highly-anticipated event in Johannesburg, South Africa from this April 30 to May 2, 2018. The event is called the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference and it will welcome hundreds of Christian leaders, Pastors and Ministers from many ministries all around the world. The Pastors will exchange knowledge about the Word of God, learn, celebrate and expand the global network of Pastors.

The conference will continue for 3 days and it will be open to all Senior and Executive ministers and ministry leaders with a single goal in mind – to create a place where Christian leaders can gather, connect, and communicate within the believers’ community. Ministers are given the opportunity to register for the conference and thus, get recognized as members of the prestigious network.
The ISMMN will be hosted with the man of God – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who is behind the event itself. He will present a forum for the registered ministers with whom he will interact and develop meaningful relationships with. The Christian leaders, altogether will have a common ground for interaction, preach the message of God and praise him, solidifying their beliefs and faith.

The organization is ready to assist ministers with various issues, such as accommodation and visa aid where needed. All the information is available on the official website of the event:
Furthermore, pastors who are interested in becoming part of the conference are welcomed to register at the following link:

(PR by

About Christ Embassy:

Christ Embassy is a community that comprises of worldwide network of churches that combine a vast and diverse congregation from all walks of life. The vision of Christ Embassy is to bring the Divine Presence to each person and nation of the world. The founder of the embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the other members of the embassy have a strong desire and passion to achieve the goal of bringing people together, under the common knowledge of the Divine character made possible in Jesus Christ.

Christ Embassy
Christ Embassy
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Alexander Golberg Jero: The Theory of Everything

Alexander Golberg Jero Explanation of Two Systems Governing the World.

The future of men kind is in our hands”

— Alexander Golberg Jero

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2018 / — In the earliest teachings, people were taught that in the grand scheme of things humanity was just a small fraction of the world around them. The world doesn’t revolve around us and our beliefs. There is social harmony and balance that is necessary to the outside world, otherwise bad things can and eventually will happen. We, as educated and knowledgeable people, can no longer just point fingers at everyone else about what is going on. Everyone needs to do their part otherwise there will be no social harmony. Otherwise, there will be no balance. When things get out of balance, bad things happen. Ignorance is no excuse for sitting back and allowing it to happen.
When you look outside and see the seasons change seemingly right in front of your eyes? Are you surprised by this? Are you surprised at dawn turning to dusk or how the waters circulate around us? Do you even think about how the planets revolve around us? People cannot seem to agree whether or not these are all part of a much larger system. For a long time, people have believed that they as human beings are more important and intelligent than everything else and how they are separate from this natural system around us. But is this belief true? Are we just a spec on a larger picture or do we control the picture? Are we a part of the system or are we above it? These are some of the questions that we often think about, even if we don’t realize that we are.
While many believe that we are separate from the system, the exact opposite is true. The only difference between us and everything else in nature is really just our thought processes. We can see and feel that 2 + 2 is an equation. We can do mathematics and think critically at a higher level. But the problem is that as the human race began overpopulating the world when compared to the other living organisms on the planet, another system was developed as a way to correct this overpopulation problem. This system is trying to correct this in order to achieve a balance just as we would try to balance things out with a mathematical equation.
We as humans tend to rationalize things. That’s just how we were wired. We begin to think about our Gods and the religions that we follow, whatever they may be. We put our faith in a legacy system that we have always believed in, a system that governs not just our world but the entire world beyond us. But what about this system that was created as a way to correct the overpopulation of the human race, the one meant to balance the world to achieve perfection? This, we reason, is as a result of the Devil. Because if you believe in a God, you also then believe in the Devil. Unfortunately, believing in the Devil can be a very bad thing. People in power want us to believe this and are sensitive about changing their statuses and want to believe that we are above the repercussions of the secondary system trying to achieve balance so that we do not have to correct the problem.
God is a central focus to our lives. God is everywhere. But God has a purpose: to balance the equation as to create a peace as a work in the progress of nature. It is this nature that has raised questions throughout the existence of humans. God didn’t just create earth; he created the entire universe. In terms of the complexities of human nature, this system is able to be initialized from the many segments that govern over the world. This second nature that was meant to correct the balance in the world? One could reason that this is also the work of God. He created a second system to achieve balance if things become uneven.
More questions then arise: If God is infallible and these systems are perfect, why is there a need for tragedy? What I mean is, if the system is perfect why is there a need for tsunamis and war and human suffering? These are merely errors that have occurred as a result of the unbalanced equation, which has infected everything that we touch, feel and see.
Now that you know what the problem is, you will want to know what we can do in order to avoid these horrific tragedies. Quite simply, we need to follow the rules and morals to not just the best of our knowledge but also to learn how we can be better. We are logical and rational beings. When things aren’t working for us, we always use our critical thinking skills to see how we can fix the problem. Why should this be any different? We can always learn how to be better people. We can always try a new approach to how we deal with everyday life. We can make the balance in the world so that we will not have to worry as much about things that are seemingly out of our control. We may be small specs, but when you get a bunch of small specs together you can create something much larger. You can ultimately change everything about the world around us, if only we would work in social harmony to achieve a greater balance in the world.
And very simply, we can be kind. Acting in a moral way does not cost anything. Being kind is how we make an impact. Treating others and the world around us with respect, love, and kindness can create a perfect balance that can cause ripples through the world. Everyone is different and can use their own skills to achieve these things. As a musician, I can create music that inspires a change in the world. For more of my theories please address to my book “Colossus of Celebrity Intelligence”.

Alexander Golberg Jero
Celebrity Intelligence Project
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Baby Alfie Evans is Running Out of Time

This picture of Alfie was taken (April 16th)

This picture of Alfie was taken (April 16th)

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, April 20, 2018 / — Alfie’s parents lost the last hearing before the judges that would have allowed him to go to Italy for further treatment. Tom Evans and Kate James will be taking the matter again to the Supreme Court in the UK. Alfie Evans is the 23 month old English boy who has been receiving mass media coverage in and outside of the UK regarding plans for his continued treatment. The prime target in a legal battle of parental rights and hospital jurisdiction, the remainder of Alfie’s life and any hopes he has at getting cured rest in the hands of the judges and legislators of the UK.

Alfie’s heavy sedation is a result of his need to use a breathing machine which was a result of the hospital misapplying his antibiotics after his being admitted for a chest infection.

He is not in a deep comatose state. His cognitive responses increase when his sedative medicines are reduced. Alfie’s family and the 100,000+ followers on his facebook page have witnessed what happens when his medications are reduced. Many video clips and pictures of his responses are taken and posted on his facebook page – Alfie’s Army. Alfie looks up at those speaking to him and holds onto their hands.

As shown in this link, Alfie can respond to his Father’s voice. He can yawn and sneeze, and stretch. He blinks away from bright light and flinches when grabbed.

The hospital continues to make extreme calls regarding Alfie’s prognosis and his care. Upon his admission in 2016 he was given just days to live. He has since outlived that forecast beyond a year. And during this time, his father has been asked at least 100 times to remove his breathing tube. Just 2 weeks ago, after his family and followers were witnessing positive cognitive responses from Alfie, Alder Hey Hospital raised Alfie’s clobazam from 4mg to 14mg.

Currently Alfie remains heavily sedated with four anti-seizure drugs.

Alfie has all the resources necessary in place to permit his safe travel to Italy. Alder Hey Hospital agreed to a meeting Thursday, April 5th to discuss options of having Alfie physiologically reviewed to assess if he is capable of traveling to Italy for further treatment. Not 20 minutes after the meeting, the Hospital withdrew its intentions to truly consider additional options when it submitted its requests to Justice Hayden to have a date set in place to have Alfie’s breathing tube removed. Eventually the date was set to Friday the 13th.

Alfie is still fighting and so are his generous supporters. His parents simply want to have what most parents enjoy, the right to do what they find best for their child. In the hearing today, the courts ruled that the legislation of the Judges ‘trumped’ the desires of the parents.

MP Kahn countered this callous stand in an appeal to parliament. He offered his condolences for the family and a message of common sense which urged the judges to see this matter from the view of the parents, not stale legislation and medical tradition.

What is required now is for us to intercede for Alfie and his parents. It is vital for everyone to see the milestones that Alfie has reached under these extreme circumstances.

"Alfie's Dad meets the Pope."

Alfie's parents have good reason to fight. Their baby boy is very much alive. Alfie has gained weight, kept his color, and continues to physically develop, portraying a healthy looking 1 year old (who is about to turn 2).

The 1st taken just this week: –

Written by Jacinta Robin

Jacinta Robin
Jacinta Robin
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Margaret Z. Taylor to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

URBANDALE, IOWA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2018 / — Life can and should be fun, full of love, laughter, happiness and good health. It doesn't matter what your situation is today, you can change your wellbeing, health, happiness, opportunities simply by choosing a new path and allowing your new self to begin.

We have become so disconnected from ourselves, each other, nature and from Creator, that stress, anxiety and so many health problems of every kind have become commonplace. Many times, the mainstream treatment options create even more health problems. Thankfully there are other options to help us enhance our overall wellbeing.

Margaret Z. Taylor is an energy healer and Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist with extensive training and experience in Shamanic healing techniques, Reiki and other energy healing modalities. Margaret utilizes guided imagery, vibrational sound therapy and other healing methods to enable you to receive healing and guidance from Divine Creator.

“I'm the facilitator between Creator and those asking for help,” says Margaret. “My work is about helping people let go of all the unhealthy energy stored inside from all the stress, anxiety, pain and fears from all the small and big events in your life. You may think you've let go of all of it because you can’t feel it at the surface and yet if you hid it deep inside, it’s still there and may create problems that manifest in the future.”

Each client chooses their goal for a session. This might be a short term or single session goal such as healing a migraine, the flu, a panic attack, back or neck pain or to receive guidance around a specific question. Other goals can include healing physical, emotional and spiritual injury from traumatic events, loss of loved ones, abuse, or major life changes. Clients have asked to be shown options about choices being considered, how to move a dream into reality or to release blocks around whatever they are wanting to bring into their life.

“My experience has been that being taken care of by Creator is always a beautiful, loving, peaceful experience. It may not all be done at once–it can be a multi-layered process–and each time their hearts feel more whole, their Spirit is stronger. They feel more empowered and peaceful. It's just beautiful.”

We all know music can uplift us. Margaret incorporates vibrational sound therapy in her sessions.

“The bowls are designed for vibration to go down into your body and the tones are very soothing,” says Margaret. “The goal of the session is for you to relax completely – even fall asleep because that is when deep healing occurs. The vibrations open your physical self to let go of unhealthy energies that block the bodies’ natural flow. All of the bodily systems – musculoskeletal, nerves, endocrine, vascular, brain – can benefit”

Margaret says even if a client is unable to relate to energy healing or guided meditation, they can connect with sounds and vibration and accomplish wonderful, deep healing for themselves.

“It's really rewarding to be able to help people see themselves through their experiences, and let go of the energies around guilt, pain, anger, trauma and see things in different lights, to forgive and receive forgiveness,” says Margaret. “It's always been part of me, wanting to lift people up and help them believe in their dreams and find ways to make them happen. In the past, I limited myself into a much smaller box than what I was really capable of, so I understand that perfectly. It's so much fun to help people tear down that box and explore their dreams and make them happen.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Margaret Taylor in an interview with Jim Masters on April 23rd at 1pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Margaret Z. Taylor, visit

Lou Ceparano
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William Lightner reflects on award-winning contributions to fields of religion and spirituality

Crediting much of his success to his education, William Lightner has gone on to lead a varied and prosperous life.

MARIETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2018 / — From finance executive to evangelist and public speaker, the Judson University, Illinois, graduate was recently awarded the title of 2018 Religious and Spiritual Services Professional of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who.

"Judson University was an outstanding college for me because of the higher education setting and their worship of God – they made me into the man I am today," remarks William Lightner.

Graduating the Illinois-based educational institution before joining the military, and later taking up successful careers in professional sales and finance, Lightner has further gone on to travel the globe in his role as a religious evangelist.

Strathmore's Who's Who recognizes Lightner for his years of dedicated hard work in the fields of religion and spirituality. He was selected from over 1,100 shortlisted individuals to take this year's title.

Lightner, also the author of End Time Prophecy Made Easy, has traveled tens of thousands of miles in his religious and spiritual pursuits, all the while serving God in his new-found evangelical role.

"I've traveled tens of thousands of miles to almost 30 different countries over the course of several years," explains Lightner, who has assisted hundreds of individuals around the world, often on a one-to-one basis, in finding comfort in religion.

During his travels, Lightner has also addressed vast crowds typically numbering several thousand at a time. Here, he would teach people to acknowledge fellowship and faith through prayer, allowing them to live what he calls, "a more sound life as a follower of Christ."

Receiving news of his award win, Lightner remarks, "I'm incredibly proud to have been selected as this year's Religious and Spiritual Services Professional of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who. It's fantastic recognition and a great accolade."

"I couldn't be happier," he adds.

Strathmore's Who's Who is a yearly publication which profiles and features successful individuals from the worlds of education, medicine, research, healthcare, business, law, government, sciences, engineering, and the arts. The predominantly biographical publication honors professionals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their respective fields.

Lightner explains, "Strathmore's Who's Who encourages accomplished professionals to network, take part in research, share information, and carry out mutually beneficial business."

The awards also recognize achievement in fields such as elementary and special needs education, emergency medicine, geoscience and geological consulting, healthcare therapy, and literary arts, as well as many others.

First educated at a private Baptist school, Lightner later joined Vestal High School in New York, before completing his education at Judson University.

It wasn't until later in life that Lightner decided to take a break from the mainstream, choosing instead to undertake a six-month training and development process to join a well known religious mission. "They're one organization I've loved doing work for," notes Lightner. "I'm honored to be connected with such a great group."

Now recognized as a popular evangelist and public speaker, Lightner believes that a considerable degree of his success in this area is owed to his passionate and personable nature. "I also believe it's about being powerful with words, which is something I strive to do every day," adds Lightner in closing.

To learn more about William Lightner, you can learn more here:

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Author Shares Inspiration for Writing 'Worship Songs and Hymns'

Worship Songs and Hymns for The Modern Christian Church

Author Shares Inspiration for Writing 'Worship Songs and Hymns'

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2018 / — "Faith rests on God’s power and not on men's wisdom", summarizes the belief of an author who was born in the state of Texas. Arthur Christopher Gorham expresses of his faith to God and of his passion for writing in a hymnal entitled, 'Worship Songs and Hymns for The Modern Christian Church'. A 224-page worship song hymnal which consists of 100 original modern songs, written in traditional church form.

At a very young age, Gorham was encouraged by his parents to learn about music. His knowledge in singing was honed as he was making his way up to various music genres. His father became his personal trainer who encouraged him to pursue music and its rewards. Gorham shares that his calling for music was always Jesus Christ's calling in his life. Biblical and Doctrinal studies played a major role in his music writing skills and broadened his vision for writing songs about God's love, mercy and hope for all people, in Christ Jesus.

His book entitled, 'Worship Songs and Hymns for The Modern Christian Church', is a hymnal written for people who seek a message of devotion back to God. It describes God’s authority, power, glory, mercy, and love to the world. The eternal life that Jesus Christ had promised, is conveyed on the pages of the book. He believes the songs which are Spiritually inspired, emphasize how God can renew people’s relationship and hope in Christ.

The important message that Arthur Christopher Gorham would like to convey to the readers, is that there is absolute freedom of joy in God’s love, and in God’s presence, and in God's worship. And that the power of singing and worship of God’s mighty promises in Christ Jesus, can make a major spiritual difference in the believer's life and listening audience.

100 melodies of the songs written in his book can be found in his online YouTube channel, 'Worship Songs and Hymns by Arthur Christopher Gorham'.

About the Author:
Born and raised in the state of Texas, he was encouraged to learn about music, learn to sing at a young age and to broaden his creative mind in vatious music genres. He received music training by his father at a young age. Growing up, he continued to educate himself in music and music theory on his own. He knew at an early age that his music abilities were part of his calling, for God's service. He devoted his talent to his Christian calling. He has pursued biblical and religious studies from bible institutes. Biblical and doctrinal studies would play a major role in his music writing. He believes that the message in each song is more important for the reader to receive. He hopes one can learn and grow and be encouraged through the songs, to walk in the footsteps of the Lord.

Product details
Paperback: 226 pages
Publisher: BookBlastPro Inc. (April 27, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1946854034
ISBN-13: 978-1946854032
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches

Book Availability:
Amazon –
Barnes & Noble –

Arthur Christopher Gorham
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Nansea Lee to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2018 / — In our everyday lives we confront challenges, obstacles, and issues that can leave us overly stressed, frustrated, and confused on what path to follow. What if you have a Life Coach that is so exceptionally gifted with extraordinary skills, for extra guidance and support? So, that you can make the best decisions, receive more positive results, be aligned with your life purpose, and create the life you have desired.

Nansea Lee is an unparalleled Intuitive Life Coach, Unique Astrologer, speaker, freelance writer, and Spiritual Mentor to many. “I think astrology is a missing link to psychology as it quickly identifies our specific mental and emotional patterns”, says Nansea. “My astrological skills help me to connect faster with my clients and to identify specifically what might be creating extra stress in their lives.”

Nansea states, “Astrology can help us to identify our relationship needs brings clarity to our unique talents, helps us to understand our purpose in life, and creates a connection to our souls.” “When clients understand their purpose in life it then becomes easier to make choices throughout their lives as they take steps to stay in alignment with their life purpose.”

“In the corporate arena astrology is also very helpful as it can assist in identifying which employees would be best suited for a particular department.” “There are specific astrological traits that hold inherent creative talents, innovative ideas, leadership qualities, and an aptitude for negotiating sales.” “Revenue can be increased when employees are paired to express their natural talents that are reflected in their astrological birth charts”, says Nansea.

Prior to her career in coaching Nansea was working successfully in the corporate and then the entertainment industry where many of her friends and colleagues would approach and continually seek her out for advice on many complex life issues leading her to recognize her true calling was helping people. She then continued her studies.

Through Nansea Lee’s expert life coaching coupled with her amazing meticulous, analytical astrological skills her clients receive more benefits than the traditional coaching or therapy style as she is brilliantly able to assess quicker, connect deeper, educate, utilizes special self-development techniques, coaches new life skills, and customizes her client’s sessions to meet their individual needs. She wears many hats: Life Coach, Astrologer, Teacher, Relationship Coach, and Spiritual Mentor.

“It is one of my greatest passions helping others to create better quality lives,” says Nansea.
She believes every experience that we encounter offers us an opportunity to learn something about ourselves.
CUTV news will feature Nansea Lee in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday April 19th at 12 noon EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest please call (347) 996-3389

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Author: Beatrice Maria Centeno

Lou Ceparano
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MECHRIC Denounces Syrian Bishops for Anti-US Statement

Assad is not protecting Christians.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 17, 2018 / — The Middle East Christian Committee (MECHRIC) firmly rejects the statement issued by John X, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Ignatius Aphrem II, Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, and Joseph Absi, Melkite-Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem which condemns the US strike on Syrian chemical weapons facilities.

“This strike was designed to discourage Assad’s blatant effort to ethnically cleanse the suburbs of Damascus by the heinous use of indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction, in this case poison gas,” said MECHRIC co-chair Tom Harb. “By using these weapons, Assad is causing fear and flight. He is changing the demography to please Iran. If the US does not stop this now, where will it end? Will other inconvenient minorities be next?”

“These bishops have clearly been influenced by Syrian and Iranian propaganda,” added MECHRIC member John Hajjar. “The Alawite regime in Syria has facilitated the growth and arming of Hezbollah in Lebanon for decades which has destroyed the last Christian political stronghold in the Middle East. Assad is not concerned about the future of Christianity, his only concern is holding on to power.

“In the 1980's and 90's” continued Hajjar, “the Syrian Baath regime actively slaughtered the Christians of Lebanon by shelling Christian areas such as Ashrafieh, Jounieh, Zahle which killed over 150,000 people and forced over 700,000 people to leave the country.”

“If the Assad regime is so safe, so why there are over 4 million refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey? asked Mr. Harb. “Why don't they go back? Some sources believe that the Assad regime is not allowing their return because his goal is to force demographic change.”

MECHRIC stands firmly behind President Trump in the belief that the US and the world cannot allow the use and spread of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.

Rebecca Bynum
The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy
(615) 775-6801
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Backlash Against Companies Boycotting the Laura Ingraham Show on Fox

Laura Ingraham from the Ingraham Angle on Fox

Laura Ingraham , the Ingraham Angle on Fox

Partial list of Companies who have boycotted the Laura Ingraham Show of Fox.  All of these companies have competitors and consumers who are offended by “unfair” company choices can choose to buy from other “fair” minded companies.

Partial list of Companies who have boycotted the Laura Ingraham Show of Fox. All of these companies have competitors and consumers who are offended by “unfair” company choices can choose to buy from other “fair” minded companies.

David Hogg  Teenagers can seem like emotional time bombs, who can engage in rebellious and risky behaviors, But studies have shown the undeveloped teenage brain may actually be behind much of this behavior."

“Teenagers can seem like emotional time bombs, who can engage in rebellious and risky behaviors, But studies have shown the undeveloped teenage brain may actually be behind much of this behavior.”…Is David Bogg suffering from “undeveloped brain” syndrome?

A major backlash is developing among "Fair Minded Americans" against companies who are "unfairly" boycotting the Laura Ingraham Show on Fox.

Teenagers can seem like emotional time bombs, who can engage in rebellious and risky behaviors, But studies have shown the undeveloped teenage brain may actually be behind much of this behavior.”


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, US , April 17, 2018 / — Published by FairMac, (Fair-Minded-Americans-Coalition), encouraging rational and truthful dialogs to come to the understanding and knowledge of the truth.

Laura Ingraham said this: "David Hogg rejected by four colleges to which he applied and whines about it." For that comment, the following 22 plus “unfair minded” companies boycotted her Fox News Show:

Bayer, Hulu, Honda, Johnson&Johnson, LibertyMutual, Mayfair, TripAdviser, Nestle, Nutrish, Ruby Tuesday, Atlantis Resort, Office Depot, Jenny Craig, Expedia Group, MiracleEar, Principle Financial Group, Entertainment Studios, Red Lobster, IBM, All State, Mitsubishi.


This backlash is occurring among “fair minded Americans”, Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, who perceived the actions of these companies as being"unfair".

FaceBook Post: “A teenager is attempting to silence one of my favorite commentators on Fox News by telling companies to yank their advertising, and 22 plus companies listened to him? Laura Ingraham, is a former criminal defense attorney and Supreme Court Clerk, but these companies blindly listened to a teenager whose brain, that controls judgment and emotions, hasn't been fully developed.” E. Parks (Parks is referring to an article by Click the link to read full article.)


“I’m with Laura, will not buy anything from these companies.”

“It’s an outrage, they boycotted Laura, I will boycott them.”

“I just switched my Liberty Mutual Car insurance to Geico and it was cheaper! Insane when Corporate policies are dictated by teenagers.”

“Won’t be eating at Ruby Tuesday, will be going to Applebee’s.”

“Not buying a Honda or Mitsubishi, will get a Toyota.”

In this reporter’s interview with infuriated "Fair-Minded-Americans", a majority believe an unfair and hypocritical double standard exists . Eg, Jimmy Kimmel racistly joked about Melania Trump’s English accent. Other talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and others, have all made sickening comments about President Trump and conservatives. Madonna even threatened to blow up the White House. No boycotts of those "left-wingers"! Yet, one 17-year-old-kid with an undeveloped brain, gets top companies to blindly follow him in lock-step to boycott Laura Ingraham? It raises the question of whose brains are really less developed?

The “far-left’s” constant attacks and "fake-news" is hard evidence that proves bias against "fair minded Americans", regardless of race, color, creed, or political affiliations. That bias was clearly seen when two Black sisters, Diamond and Silk’s FaceBook page was taken down because FB deemed their comments to be “unsafe to the Community”. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of FaceBook, was grilled on that at the recent congressional hearings.

Another example, Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Legal Scholar and Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton is being viciously attacked by the “far-left" for questioning Mueller’s investigation and saying the FBI raid on President Trump’s attorney was unconstitutional. More clear evidence that any “fair-minded-American”, from any spectrum, who voices different thinking other than the progressive “far-left”, are unfairly attacked and thrown into the “basket of deplorables.” It appears the “far-left” has now become the minders-of-morality and of what’s right to say, what’s right to think and what’s fair or unfair.

Americans NOW realize the US Government is rife with corruption, seeing corruption and criminality in the FBI, Justice Department and in other high places. They recognize the "far-left-media" has unfairly become the “far-left's” propaganda arm. They believe the 2018 November election is critically important for the survival of the nation. Many hear talk about a “Blue-Wave,”in November, but given the constant attacks by the “far-left” on Trump and “Fair-Minded-Americans”, it may energized voters resulting in a backlash “Red-Tsunami.

That leads to the next question about the Republicans and Democrats? There's an old saying, "the difference between the two political parties is like the difference between Al Capone and Dutch Shultz. The revelations of corruption and criminality in our Deep State Government is allowing all Americans to clearly see there's no real difference between the two parties. Just look at what Paul-"Capone"-Ryan, Chuck-“Dutch”-Schumer, Nancy-"Bonnie”- Pelosi, and Mitch-“Clyde”-McConnell did. This gang of four were solely responsibly for pushing through a 1.3 trillion spending bill that was rushed to a vote without being read and passed in hours. Capone and Shultz and Bonnie & Clyde were boy and girl scouts compared to this political crew who become multi-millionaires after elected. This vast political corruption is revealed by Peter Schweizer in his new book called "Secret Empires". Mitch-"Clyde"-McConnell is on the front cover and his corruption story is told in that book. Highly recommended read!

The FOUNDING FATHERS, who foresaw the potential for a corrupt-and-criminal political class, having fled one to found America; wrote about a solution in the preamble to the Declaration-of-Independence in 1776, to the Union's current problems in 2018. Here is the statement from the FOUNDERS: …"Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it’s their right, it’s their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” (Please read full statement in Preamble here)

Another statement, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, First-Inaugural-Address-1861: "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it."

"Fair-Minded-Americans" believe we're at a "TIPPING POINT" and if something fundamental doesn’t change, America will fall like all other corrupt and criminal empires before it.

WE SHOULD DO THREE THINGS: (1) Vote in the November election for candidates having FAIR-MINDED-VALUES and the VALUES of our Constitution. (2) Support the Laura Ingraham's Show on Fox (3) Imagine and then work for a more FAIR-MINDED-WORLD! Click to watch.

Robert MacFarland
FairMAC "Fair Minded Americans Coalition"
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Laura Ingraham remarks the day she came back from vacation on April 9, 2018

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Lisa Brown of Best Day Health for You and Your Animals to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2018 / — Lisa Brown has a burning desire to teach, particularly to teach others in a way that inspires greater awareness and positive outcomes. While she studied natural medicine and practiced Ayurvedic Medicine for a while, a newer calling came to Lisa in 2014. That was when she discovered she had a natural ability to communicate with animals, and the same year the cat who changed her life direction first reached out to her.

Lisa went on to study under a world-renowned Animal Communicator, Amelia Kinkade. She became one of the first, and notably most talented, Language of Miracles Certified Interspecies Translators. A lot of amazing outcomes in the lives of pets and their people followed, causing clients to give accolades like “Lisa has such a gift for communication. It has made us all happier and healthier. So glad we were able to talk with her!”

While most people think a wagging tail signifies happiness, Lisa says the way animals communicate, and what they want to share with us, is much more than body language. Her communications with dogs, cats, rabbits, and more reveal what highly complex, divine, and loving beings that animals truly are. Animals also desire to help people and help them sustain their bodies– from endowing us with milk or eggs, to taking on diseases (like the havoc of OCD or Diabetes and Pancreatitis) for their humans. Sometimes animals will tell Lisa what kind of music they like, what makes them laugh, or which trips were the best to go along on. Other times, an animal is the key to understanding its human, and opening the door to treatment and recovery for their pain, addiction, or negative behaviors. Taking that first step, perhaps a new supplement or class, becomes a higher priority for the person once the animal is involved, and they see things through their eyes. This is how Best Day Health for You and Your Animals works together.

Lisa says animals who pass away do go to Heaven, and that they can communicate with her from the most remote places, since their spirits never really cease to be (and because they also communicate telepathically.) She also says animals can do something called a walk-in; when the spirit takes over the physical body of another animal, for instance that bird that keeps pecking at your window; it might be your departed dog trying to deliver a message. Animals are also capable of crossing borders, and that new kitty you felt compelled to adopt just might be a human you once knew.

Lisa has come to view animals as our teachers and our healers. She has great intuitive sense, and receives all kinds of messages, in different ways. Some messages animals relay can be profound, and others can be almost comical, like the dog in Denver who didn’t want to go out on walks anymore. Be sure to tune in to hear the full story behind his embarrassment! You will also want to find out more about Princess the cat, and how she created big changes in Lisa’s life, and Lisa’s mother’s too. You might laugh, you might groan, you might gasp, but you will learn. All because animals have a lot to say, and once they come into our lives, these deeply loving beings affect our energy and transform our lives, in the most significant ways.

CUTV News will feature Lisa Brown of Best Day Health for You & Your Animals in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Wed, April 18 at 1:00pm EST

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Source: EIN Presswire