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Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Stories


Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Stories

Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Stories

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Black Storm: Curse on the Caliphate, pits Colt Jackson against a North Korea and ISIS nuclear EMP attack against America. Free eBook- Vol I until Father's Day.

Colt Jackson represents the greatness and importance of conquering evil, while facing down multiple and complex threats facing our heroes in the military, intelligence agencies, and Pentagon, today.”

— Robert L. Kelly

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 5, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — No other novel has depicted the impact a North Korean EMP attack would have on our economy and infrastructure, better than Volume II of the Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Story, Black Storm: Curse on the Caliphate. It is a mind-blowing, techno-thriller, which keeps you riveted to your seat.

In fact, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey said about Colt Jackson, the Navy SEAL Commander and hero of the Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure Stories, "It seems Colt Jackson is a very busy character…" and about which David Connolly says these novels are "Breathlessly paced, high-octane thrillers."

Colt Jackson is a Christian action hero, and Commander in the U.S. Navy SEALS. He fights tyranny, corruption and treason. The realistic portrayal of modern technologies and advanced weaponry, along with the sophisticated capabilities of our intelligence agencies, keeps the reader turning pages and helps the general public understand much better, the grave risks undertaken by our heroes on the battlefield—as well as those who support their dangerous missions behind the scenes.

Commander Jackson is helped by teams of brilliant people from the CIA and NSA—and two courageous women, in particular. They are Lori Sanders, a wonder-woman from the NSA, whose cool thinking under fire saves lives and impresses Commander Jackson, and Mary Barrister, a brave and beautiful, extremely wealthy woman, from the United Kingdom. While Commander Jackson and his team are in the direct line of fire, these women put their own lives on the line, also. As their interactions with each other escalate, fireworks ensue!

The realistic portrayal of men and women in battle, to fight for America's security and freedom, is gripping in these novels. Author Robert L. Kelly's deep background in technology provides the reader with exciting incite into the use of some of the most advanced weapons systems, technologies and intelligence gathering capabilities of our military, intelligence agencies and defense industry. With page-turning action, the reader learns how these organizations and capabilities work together to help our men and women in uniform—and those behind the scenes supporting them—win the war against the complex threats which face our society, today.

There is a 30%-off promotion at www.jackassbanker.com through Father's Day on both Volume I, Blood Moon Over D'Apocalypse, and on Volume II, Black Storm: Curse on the Caliphate. A free eBook is available until Father's Day—June 18, 2017, of Volume I Blood Moon Over D'Apocalypse in the Colt Jackson Thriller & Adventure stories.

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