Lisa Brown of Best Day Health to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2018 / — Lisa Brown has a burning desire to teach, particularly to teach others in a way that inspires greater awareness and positive outcomes. While she studied natural medicine and practiced Ayurvedic Medicine for a while, a newer calling came to Lisa in 2014. That was when she discovered she had a natural ability to communicate with animals, and the same year the cat who changed her life direction first reached out to her.

Lisa went on to study under a world-renowned Animal Communicator, Amelia Kinkade. She became one of the first, and notably most talented, Language of Miracles Certified Interspecies Translators. A lot of amazing outcomes in the lives of pets and their people followed, causing clients to give accolades like “Lisa has such a gift for communication. It has made us all happier and healthier. So glad we were able to talk with her!”

While most people think a wagging tail signifies happiness, Lisa says the way animals communicate, and what they have to share with us is much more than body language. Her communications with dogs, cats, rabbits, and more reveal what highly complex, divine, and loving beings that animals truly are. Animals also desire to help people and help them sustain their bodies– from endowing us with milk or eggs, to taking on diseases (like the havoc of OCD or Diabetes and Pancreatitis) for their humans. Sometimes animals will tell Lisa what kind of music they like, what makes them laugh, or which trips were the best to go along on. Other times, an animal is the key to understanding its human, and opening the door to treatment and recovery for their pain, addiction, or negative behaviors. Taking that first step, perhaps a new supplement or class, becomes a higher priority for the person once the animal is involved, and they see things through their eyes.

Lisa says animals who pass away do go to Heaven, and that they can communicate with her from the most remote places, since their spirits never really cease to be (and because they also communicate telepathically.) She also says animals can do something called a walk-in; when the spirit takes over the physical body of another animal, for instance that bird that keeps pecking at your window; it might be your departed dog trying to deliver a message. Animals are also capable of crossing borders, and that new kitty you felt compelled to adopt just might be a human you once knew.

Lisa has come to view animals as our teachers and our healers. She has great intuitive sense, and receives all kinds of messages, in different ways. Some messages animals relay can be profound, and others can be almost comical, like the dog in Denver who didn’t want to go out on walks anymore. Be sure to tune in to hear the full story behind his embarrassment! You will also want to find out more about Princess the cat, and how she created big changes in Lisa’s life, and Lisa’s mother’s too. You might laugh, you might groan, you might gasp, but you will learn. All because animals have a lot to say, and once they come into our lives, these deeply loving beings affect our energy and transform our lives, in the most significant ways.

CUTV News will feature Lisa Brown of Best Day Health for You in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Wed, April 18 at 1:00pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information on Animal Communication or any of Lisa’s other natural health services, please visit

Lou Ceparano
(631) 850-3314
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Why Accountability is the Fast Track to Spiritual Growth

LAGUNA HILLS, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 15, 2018 / — Many spiritual aspirants ask “How can I accelerate my spiritual growth and transformation? Is there a fast track?”

Louix Dor Dempriey, a spiritual Master who, for the past 20 years has been helping people worldwide attain self-mastery, teaches about the concept of “accountability” as the fastest path to spiritual growth and evolution.

To understand accountability, we begin with “victimhood.” When you blame (or project onto) others for what happens in your life (“She crashed into my car;” “He is being horrible to me,” etc.), you live as a victim and spiritual growth is very limited. However, when you become accountable—when you start living the concept “Nothing exists outside of self”—then rapid healing and transformation can more easily take place.

In his discourse Accountability—The Fast Track to Spiritual Growth Louix explains:

“You are the sun in your universe, and the 7 billion people on the planet are all the many aspects (or reflections) of you—your Divinity, your non-Divinity, your greatness, your strengths, your weaknesses….”

“Everything exists in this world and everything happens to you solely for the purpose of your God-realization. Therefore, you, as the co-creator (with God) of your life, created and chose every single thing that ever happened (or happens) to you.”

Living in this way, Louix explains, gives one a great sense of empowerment. When something happens to you, immediately ask yourself the question, “Why did I create this?” “How is this inviting me to become greater love?”

When you live in this state of accountability—with a constant focus on self-reflection and self-inquiry—the evolution of your consciousness is accelerated immeasurably.

To learn more about Louix Dor Dempriey and his non-profit educational foundation, as well as his teachings and events, please visit:

About the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation

The Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to sharing the teachings and humanitarian works of Louix Dor Dempriey. Its mission is to help people remember and restore their inherent divinity, and to walk in this world as unconditional love.

Louix Dor Dempriey is a spiritual Master who has dedicated his life to helping other people attain self-mastery in all areas of their lives, so that they, too, can experience true joy and inner peace, regardless of worldly circumstances. Louix's darshan, as well as his illuminating discourses, meditations, and ceremonies, have invoked profound transformation in thousands of people worldwide. With grace and humor, Louix imparts timeless wisdom in contemporary, practical teachings—that transcend all faiths, paths, religions, and cultures. He resides at Prema Drala Ashram in Laguna Hills, California.

For more information, please visit:

Samantha Farber
Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation
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CT Global (CTG) Christian Cryptocurrency Begins Open Market Trading Today

The Power of CT Global

The power is not in the Token…

CT Global - CTG Token

CT Global - CTG Chart

Crypto for the Global Christian Community was underwritten by Christian Traders Inc. Tokens were offered at $1 each during Pre-Sale. Last Trade $4.00+ U.S.!

CT Global Media (FD:CTG)

I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash.”

— Milton Friedman – Nobel Prize Winner

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2018 / — Christian Traders is pleased to announce their cryptocurrency CT Global (CTG), begins open market trading today, Friday, 04/13/18 on the ForkDelta Exchange. The Pre-Sale which ended January 31, 2018, was deemed a great success.The CTG development team, along with community members are excited to see CT Global finally reach this very important milestone. Statements issued by members of the team and the community reflect a combination of exhaustion, exhilaration, and cautious optimism, as their labor of love and technology finds its place on the world stage.

The idea behind the creation of CT Global (CTG) is to create opportunity on many levels both here in America as well as globally. Many who participated in the pre-sale as well as those who will begin building their position on the open market today, see CTG as a storehouse of value, not unlike Bitcoin.

However, the potential to create wealth through positive price appreciation is only one facet of this multi-dimensional token. According to the World Bank, as much as 70% of the world population has been excluded from participating in the modern financial system. Often referred to as the great unbanked, many around the world are unable to open a basic bank account due to a lack of proper identification and in many cases the simple inability to put together at one time, the minimum monetary amount required by banks and other financial institutions to fund an account.

These challenges have prevented small businesses and entrepreneurs in third world countries and developing nations from participating in the rapid expansion of the global economy. As an American, Canadian, or European, many have driven through poor neighborhoods in their own country and felt a twinge of guilt because while so many have so much, the larger percentage on a global scale, have so little. "The poor will always be with you" Jesus said. He went on to say, "Whatever you do for the least of these, you have done for me".

Christian Traders, CFRN, and their respective communities along with parent company CT Global Media are determined to make a difference through the introduction (beginning today) of the CT Global Token. All parties mentioned believe the CT Global Token will play a major role in removing barriers that have kept much of the world's population trapped in a never-ending cycle of poverty.

While the team and community at large are fully aware that money does not solve all problems. Research from the World Bank, World Vision, and other respected charitable, research, and educational organizations all agree on at least one thing. The lack of proper finances is the primary cause behind much of the violence, disease, and hunger that exists in the world today.

In the amount of time it takes you to read this sentence, someone in the third world will die due to a lack of basic inexpensive medicine such as penicillin. As you read this next sentence someone will die of hunger or hunger-related diseases. Last but not least, as you finish this sentence, someone (most likely a child or an elderly person) will die because they do not have access to clean drinking water. Access to healthcare, nutritious food, and clean drinking water are things most of us in first world nations simply take for granted.

Herein lies the conundrum. Money alone will not eradicate these issues. America and the UK just to name two, pour billions of dollars into these countries on an annual basis and have done so for well over a century. Why then do these problems still exist? Unfortunately, very little of the financial aid sent, ever makes it to those who so desperately need it. There is much corruption, from the highest levels of government to the police officer and soldier who took an oath to serve and protect those around them.

The CT Global Token (CTG) has the power to remove the middleman. Through the use of blockchain technology, Christian Traders will be able to reach and help individuals, families, communities, churches, even orphanages in a meaningful way for the first time in history. It will also allow Christian businessmen and women around the world to reach their target demographic in a cost-effective manner through the CT Global Media Advertising Platform. The platform consists of a radio station and a network of web properties that appeal to those who share similar goals, hopes, dreams, morals, and values. With half a dozen properties already online and another ten scheduled by years end, we believe the CT Global Media Platform will serve as a conduit to the 2.4 billion Christians worldwide.

Advertisers who use the CT Global Token as a method of payment will receive a 50% discount off listed prices. Then, 25% of net profits will go directly to fund C-TAP the Christian Traders Agricultural Project designed to create jobs for the chronically unemployed and in turn, produce nutritious vegetables for the children of New Hope Orphanage which was started by the founder of Christian Traders and his wife in 2000. Additionally, the surplus food will be shared with Aggies Baby Home, as well as surrounding villagers.

To begin building your own portfolio today, visit the ForkDelta Exchange and from the drop-down list select CTG and you will be taken directly to the CTG Order Book.

To learn more visit and please use the contact info below to reach us with any questions.

DeWayne Reeves
email us here

The Power of CT Global (CTG)

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Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community Webinar – 7 PM EDT Tonight

Power of CT Global (CTG)

CT Global - CTG Chart

CT Global - CTG Token

CT Global (CTG) completed their Cryptocurrency Pre-Sale January 31, 2018. The ERC-20 Compliant Token is offered and underwritten by Christian Traders.

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2018 / — Christian Traders is excited to announce that CT Global (CTG) "The Official Cryptocurrency of the Global Christian Community", has completed filings and received Exchange approval to begin trading on the Open Market this Friday, April 13, 2018. Christian Traders Inc. "Bridging the Gap Between Wall Street and Main Street since 2001", has been focused primarily on Emini Futures such as the S&P 500, Dow, NQ and other derivatives along with Metals and Energy since 2005.

Serving niche audiences since inception, Christian Traders recognized early on the incredible impact blockchain technology will have not only in the Financial Services Industry, it will revolutionize every business sector imaginable over time. Not every cryptocurrency will survive the coming shakeout, however, the smartest guys in the room are convinced blockchain is here to stay. It is the better mousetrap.

Christian Traders is holding a Cryptocurrency Webinar tonight, 04/12/18 at 7:00 PM EDT. This will be the last opportunity to have your questions answered before Open Market Trading begins tomorrow – Friday 04/13/18. Those who participated in the Pre-Sale as well as those who will begin building their position Friday when CTG starts trading are highly encouraged not to miss this Webinar. Everyone, including the general public, is invited to attend.

Register Here to attend the CT Global (CTG) Webinar tonight 04/12/18 at 7 PM EDT. Again, everyone is welcome.

The CT Global Token (CTG) is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and is fully ERC-20 compliant. This Token is viewed by many as an investment, others see it as a hedge against central banking policies worldwide. At its most basic level, CT Global (CTG) helps Christian Businesses and Organizations reach their desired audience in a cost-effective manner. This multi-faceted "Smart Contract" is also a source of job creation and provides organic nutrition for the children of New Hope Orphanage. While many of the Top 1% have already profited from the blockchain technology, it appears the Bottom Billion may ultimately benefit the most. According to World Bank data, as much as 70% of the global population has no access to modern financial markets. This is rapidly changing and so are the economic conditions in many third world countries. With access to world capital markets, small businesses and entrepreneurs will be able to compete directly with the US and other developed countries for the first time in history.

Owners of the CT Global Token (CTG) have the flexibility to move their Tokens offline for safekeeping via a Hardware Wallet such as the Nano-S. They may also purchase multimedia advertising on the CT Global Media Network at 50% off the list price. In addition, 25% of all advertising purchased with the CT Global Token (CTG), will be used to fund C-TAP, the Christian Traders Agricultural Project in Kampala Uganda East Africa. C-TAP benefits Aggie's Babby Home as well as New Hope Orphanage and surrounding villages.

Attend the Webinar tonight at 7:00 PM EDT for more information and in the meantime, visit There will be a Press Release tomorrow detailing the scope of this project. Christian Traders will also announce the exact time trading begins and provide all interested parties a direct link to the Exchange Order Book. You are also invited to attend a 2 Day Open House in the CFRN Live Emini Training Room from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM EDT today and Friday.

Attend the 2 Day Open House which starts today 04/12/18 at 9:30 AM EDT.
Register here:
Password is: return

For more information contact:
DeWayne Reeves
CFRN / Crypto Daily Info
(833)464-6393 Toll-Free

DeWayne Reeves
CFRN / Crypto Daily Info
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The Power of CT Global (CTG)

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John Cameron Gives Today Show Audiences First Look at New Book and Insight Into TV Series Exposing Worst Serial Killer

John Cameron and ReelTime Media

John Cameron and ReelTime Media

Today Show John Cameron

Today Show John Cameron

Zodiac Cipher ReelTime Media

Zodiac Cipher ReelTime Media

Edward Edwards ReelTime Media 2

Edward Edwards ReelTime Media 2

ReelTime Media

ReelTime Media

John Cameron Gives Today Show Audiences First Look at New Book and Insight Into TV Series Exposing Edward Edwards The Most Prolific Serial Killer of All Time

ReelTime Media (OTCMKTS:RLTR)

I have always had tremendous respect for The Today Show and it is kind of surreal appearing on one of the longest running and coveted shows in history.”

— John Cameron

SEATTLE, WA, USA, April 12, 2018 / — Veteran detective John Cameron will be appearing on the Today Show to discuss the chilling documentary series “It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards” scheduled to begin airing on The Paramount Network April 16, 2018 of which John stars in.
John may also be discussing new evidence that has since been uncovered linking Edward Edwards to killing Tracy Halbach and framing Steve Avery among many other chilling discoveries included in his new book that is being published at the time of the Today Show giving audiences the very first opportunity to investigate new revelations that have since been discovered. The new book “It Was Always Me – Edward Edwards The Most Prolific Serial Killer of All Time” can be purchased by viewers at at a discount during and after The Today Show and at other online book stores at full price after the airing on The Today Show. The new book is being published by publicly traded ReelTime Media (OTCPK:RLTR) who recently partnered with Cameron to help bring the information and evidence contained in it to the public.
The series inspired by Johns game changing book “It Was Me – Edward Wayne Edwards The Serial Killer You Never heard Of” follows John and Wayne Wolf ( Edwards grandson) as they investigate convicted serial killer Ed Edwards and uncovers evidence connecting Edwards to some of the most famous murder cases of the last 60 years. Some of which are still unsolved, yet others convicted and, in some cases, executed innocent men.
The book and evidence presented in it has recently gained national exposure in In Touch , and in People spawning a six-part series based on the book set to begin airing April 16. On The Paramount Network (formerly Spike) sparking perhaps the single most controversial discoveries in criminal history.
Although Ed Edwards was convicted of only 5 murders the discoveries presented in the book have led many to believe that the spree could have exceeded 60 people spanning over 60 years including many of the most famous murders of all time. Murders such as those committed by the Zodiac Killer, the deaths of Elizabeth Short, known as the Black Dahlia, JonBenet Ramsay, as well as the murders of Teresa Halbach and Laci Peterson, whose convicted killers already sit in prison.

Veteran Detective/Author John Cameron exclaimed: “I have always had tremendous respect for The Today Show and it is kind of surreal appearing on one of the longest running and coveted shows in history. The Paramount Network is truly doing a tremendous amount of good by shining a light on this evidence and in helping so many families to begin to understand what actually happened. I hope that once people see the series and read the information contained in my new book that there will be even more evidence forthcoming and that more good can come from understanding this unprecedented series of murders.”
Barry Henthorn ReelTime Media CEO stated: “Having spent time with John through the process of publishing his new book it is impossible not to take note of his passion and dedication to solving murders whose victims otherwise would be unprecedented. What he has been able to uncover relating to Edward Edwards and his consistent pattern of killing and setting people up is unspeakable. I am very much looking forward to the public being able to see the evidence presented in Johns new book that we are publishing tomorrow, and I am riveted by being able to watch the documentary on The Paramount Network.”
About The Today Show: Today, also called The Today Show, is an American news and talk morning television show that airs on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American Television and in the world, and after 66 years of broadcasting it is the fifth-longest running American television series. Originally screening as a two-hour program on weekdays from 7.00am until 9.00am, it expanded to Sundays (originally 90 minutes, now a one-hour program) in 1987 and Saturdays (running for two hours) in 1992. The weekday broadcast expanded to three hours in 2000, and to four hours in 2007. In 2002, Today was ranked No. 17 on TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and is currently the No. 1 show of its type according to Neilson ratings.
About ReelTime: ReelTime Rentals, Inc. DBA ReelTime VR, ReelTime Media Group is a publicly traded multimedia publishing company based in Seattle, WA (OTCPK:RLTR). ReelTime is in the business of helping individuals whom have been thrust into the public eye to monetize their exposure and control the portrayal of their story. ReelTime is also in the business of developing, producing, and distributing Virtual Reality Content and technologies under the brand ReelTime VR. We have end to end production, editing, and distribution capabilities for internal and external projects. ReelTime Currently produces three ongoing series for the Samsung Gear VR platform, VeeR TV, Oculus, and distributes them over numerous VR delivery portals.

Barry Henthorn
ReelTime Media
email us here

It was Him The Many Murders of Ed Edwards Trailer

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William Gilbert Lightner recognized as Religious and Spiritual Services Professional of the Year 2018

William Lightner

William Gilbert Lightner has been awarded this year's Religious and Spiritual Services Professional of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who.

MARIETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2018 / — Recognized for his years of dedicated hard work in the fields of religion and spirituality, William Lightner was selected from over 1,100 shortlisted individuals to take the 2018 title.

The author of End Time Prophecy Made Easy, Lightner left a successful career in finance to pursue religion and serve God as an evangelist. A former military man and a graduate of Judson University, Illinois, Lightner has subsequently traveled the world, personally assisting hundreds of individuals in finding comfort in Christ.

"I traveled tens of thousands of miles on a journey which took me to 28 different countries over the course of four years," explains Lightner.

"I've addressed vast crowds," he continues, "often numbering as many as several thousand at a time. I taught people to acknowledge fellowship, as well as faith through prayer, so that they may live a more sound life as a follower of Christ."

Strathmore's Who's Who is an annual biographical publication which profiles and features successful individuals from the fields of business, education, medicine, research, healthcare, law, engineering, government, sciences, and the arts.

The publication aims to honor professionals in all areas of industry and academia, with inclusion limited to those who have demonstrated what it calls "leadership and achievement" in their respective occupations, sectors or professions.

Of the award, William Lightner remarks, "I'm incredibly proud to have been selected as this year's Religious and Spiritual Services Professional of the Year. It's fantastic recognition and a great accolade – I couldn't be happier."

The mission of Strathmore's Who's Who is to encourage and bring together accomplished professionals to network, take part in research, share information, and carry out mutually beneficial business. Alongside Religious and Spiritual Services, other areas of recognition include Elementary Education, Emergency Medicine, Geosciences and Geological Consulting, Healthcare Therapy, Literary Arts, Science and Engineering, and Special Needs Education, among others.

To read more about William Lightner and his journey, please click here.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
email us here

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Barbara Anne Rose to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

NEWARK, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2018 / — When Barbara Anne Rose heard about the #MeToo movement sweeping the country, it changed everything.

“The #MeToo movement was a sign for me to stand up for the rights of women,” says Rose. “We can no longer be afraid and allow another person to be in control of our lives.”

While the #MeToo movement is primarily focused on changing the cultural response to sexual misconduct in the workplace, Rose is focused on the more insidious behavior of sexual abuse within families, stressing the importance of surviving sexual abuse or any kind of abuse, for men and women.

Rose knows firsthand.

“My father abused me when I was only a small child between 3 and 5 years old,” recalls Rose. “I don't have a conscious memory of it because I was so little, but when someone experiences abuse—no matter what abuse it is— that negative energy is embedded in the body tissue itself.”

As a spiritual and emotional healer, Rose can help survivors and relieve them of any guilt or shame they may have. The most profound healing is spiritual and emotional in nature.

“This abuse affects them for the rest of their lives, but so many profound transformations can take place when just two people who can relate to each other share space together,” says Rose. “The mere fact of me sitting there with them can help settle some of the energy that they may be feeling. And I can help them further through honest listening with the caring soul that I've always had.”

“Many victims believe they are not worth anything. I help them gain their power back and put their life into the now,” says Rose, “We can't take back the past, but you have a choice, with the help of Barbara Anne Rose, to not be swallowed up into the pain.”

Rose has spent the last 10 years working with women and men on a personal level through massage and coaching. With her expertise as a Spiritual Healer, she can offer a level of care and comfort and help you put the pieces back together again in a positive, uplifting way.

"You have angels around you, you have guides protecting you. I can feel that your guides are with you all the time,” says Rose. “And that's why you've come as far as you have. They are there for you."

CUTV News Radio will feature Barbara Anne Rose in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on April 13th and April 20th at 3pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

Lou Ceparano
(631) 850-3314
email us here

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Announcing 99¢ Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal for New Book About Clergy Sex Abuse: Inhumanity in the Name of Jesus

Cover of the Kindle version of book

Cover from Book

G.R. Pafumi and VictimsSpeakDB Books, in conjunction with, is offering a new book on clergy sex abuse at the reduced price of 99¢ for next 7 days.

The DNA of the Catholic Church and its belief in its own infallibility didn't just make the cover-up of clergy abuse possible. It made it inevitable. Victims were regarded as collateral damage.””

— G.R. Pafumi

SPRING VALLEY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2018 / — The website, in conjunction with, is offering G.R. Pafumi's latest book on clergy sex abuse at the reduced price of 99¢, a 90% discount off the list price of $9.99. The Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal on Inhumanity in the Name of Jesus, Volume I: Pain and Suffering, Aftermath of the Catholic Church's Belief in its Own Infallibility, remains in effect until 3:00 AM (EST) Wednesday, April 18, 2018. The discounted price will only be available only through in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Simultaneously with this promotion, Pafumi's two other books on abuse will be made available for free, until 3:00 AM (EST) Monday, April 16, 2018.

Bless Me Father, For You Have Sinned: Resident Evil in a Catholic Church populated with Sexual Deviates, Psychopaths, Sadists and NonBelievers, also marketed as Clergy Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church, were published in the summer of 2015. These books were based on Pafumi's initial investigation into the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy worldwide. His research led to the creation of the SACCADAS (Survivor Accounts of Catholic Clergy Abuse, Denial, Accountability and Silence) database, chronicling the abuse of 12,000 victims by more than 3,000 Catholic priests and clergy.

Inhumanity in the Name of Jesus is the first of two volumes about sex abuse in the Catholic Church. With sex abuse accusations against major celebrities and public figures, such as Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, Pafumi focused on victims abused by Catholic clergy. They paved the way for the #MeToo movement. Victims of Catholic clergy are no longer willing to remain silent about the abuse they suffered, sometimes decades ago. Pope Francis is currently dealing with the fallout from his recent trip to Chile, where he defended a bishop who covered for a clergy sex offender. The Pope accused the alleged victims of calumny even though he was given an eight-page letter from one of the victims. It seems the Pope lied. Why?

The Catholic Church, including the sex abuse crisis, is not easily understood without a consideration of the Church’s history. The cover-up of sex abuse was inevitable because of the Church's belief in its ecclesiastical infallibility and its long history of unchecked power. Since the second century, Church leaders recognized there was abuse of minors. But as recently as 2018, the pope himself became an abuse denier. One way to view the cover-ups of child abuse is unapologetic clericalism. Pope Francis called accusations against a Chilean Bishop [Juan Barros] who covered up sex abuse, “all calumny.” Pope Francis steadfastly refused to rescind that appointment despite objections from Chilean clergy. Pope Francis implicitly invoked the medieval concept of privilegium fori, i.e. only the Church can judge itself. Privilegium fori seems to be the reason why there is no mandatory reporting requirement. Clergy supervisors, mainly bishops, are not required by the Church to turn over clergy offenders to the civil authorities unless required by local civil law. The Church would rather protect offenders instead of ridding itself of this cancer, i.e. child molesters in its midst. The promotion of Bishop Barros in Chile clearly shows that this attitude goes all the up to the pope.

The Church opposes sex abuse laws which include a look-back period for victims abused years or decades ago. When Guam enacted legislation in 2016 eliminating the statute of limitations for past sex crimes against children, a bishop challenged the constitutionality of the law as a violation of ex-post facto provisions in the U.S. Constitution. The State of New York has failed to pass the Child Victims Act for more than a decade, in part due to lobbying by the Church. Expanding or eliminating the statute of limitations is less about protecting kids from Catholic clergy now and in the future (at least in the developed countries). It is more about making restitution to people who are still in pain from the abuse they suffered years or decades past.

This book promotion is an attempt for as many interested parties as possible to obtain this book at little cost. It is hoped that readers will better understand sexual abuse of minors and encourage their legislators to amend the statute of limitations and include a look-back period for prior abuse. It is high time that victims be given an opportunity for the restitution they have been denied for years, decades in many cases.

G.R. Pafumi
+1 (845) 538-1892
email us here

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GREECE CRAZY!!!! — Your Next Adventure?

One of the most beautiful Greek Islands we will be visiting.

Three-day cruise of Greek Islands — Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Patmos & Ephesus.

Merry Band of Adventurers experiencing one of the most incredible ancient archaeological sites.

Memorable Cruise/Tour of Athens, Corinth, Delphi,Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Patmos & Ephesus

Best trip ever! Learned so much. Dr. Joel Freeman is a great resource & is connected to great resources in Greece. Great overview & plenty of details. Good group size for a great personal experience.”

— J. Johns

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2018 / — GREECE CRAZY — Looking for people interested in connecting the history, archaeology, geography & topography of Greece and Turkey to their personal understanding of Biblical times

Over the years, hundreds of travelers from various parts of the world have absolutely loved the Freeman Institute Tour experience.

The trip of a lifetime…with a seasoned tour leader, great food, excellent hotels, unbelievable sights, the best guide in Israel and exciting itinerary.

WHERE? Athens. Corinth. Mykonos. Santorini. Crete. Patmos. Ephesus. Acropolis. Mars Hill. Delphi. Mycenae. And so much more…

UPCOMING TOUR: 2018 Fall Greece cruise/trip (Oct 15-25). Almost sold out. Ten seats left. Get on the list. Review the videos, cost, itinerary and much more here —

RAVE REVIEWS: "The trip was conducted with a great deal of thought and planning that far exceeding my expectations. I am still amazed by how well this trip went. The value we received from this trip far outweighed the cost. All of the sites were my favorite because they had their own story which was fascinating and breathtaking to me. An meaningful trip that everyone should experience." – Marcus

Call with any questions — 410-991-9718

And when you call, ask for the three reasons why a cruise/tour of Greece with Freeman Institute tours is different from all the others. And then ask about the safety of visiting Greece.


1. Non-stop, R/T air travel from NY to Athens
2. Three-day cruise (Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Patmos, Ephesus)
3. Ground travel (includes cost of driver and tour bus)
4. Hotel rooms and food (includes breakfast/dinner)
5. Greek registered tour guide for entire trip
6. Entrance fees to all parks and museums

Last trip sold out quickly. Seats still available. Limited number. First come first served.

Are you in?

Earn your MBA (Merry Band of Adventurers) in the history, geography and topography of Greece…following the footsteps of Paul and John.

Check out videos, itinerary, cost, reviews and other information and then call —

Joel Freeman
Freeman Institute Tours
email us here

Greece Crazy!

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North Carolina Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges a Physician to Call Them About What Might Be Huge Rewards If They Have Proof a North Carolina Healthcare Company is Bribing Doctors for Referrals

The North Carolina Corporate Whistleblower Center is urging a MD with proof any type of healthcare company in North Carolina is bribing physicians for referrals to call them anytime at 866-714-6466”

— North Carolina Corporate Whistleblower Center

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 10, 2018 / — The North Carolina Corporate Whistleblower Center is urging a medical doctor with proof any type of healthcare company in North Carolina is bribing physicians for referrals to call them anytime at 866-714-6466 for a conversation about the federal whistleblower reward program. Recently the Department of Justice announced a $29.6-million-dollar settlement involving two medical practice groups and a hospital system involved in a referral kickback scheme. The allegations revolved around kickbacks for patient referrals. In this instance the scheme involved a hospital system admitting patients rather than seeing them on an outpatient basis. In this instance the whistleblowers (two medical doctors) will receive $6.2 million dollars for their information. http://NorthCarolina.CorporateWhistleblower.Com

According to the Department of Justice, "On average, Medicare pays at least three times as much for an inpatient admission as it does for outpatient care."

The North Carolina Corporate Whistleblower Center is inviting a medical doctor or healthcare professional to call them anytime at 866-714-6466 if they possess proof the following type of company is bribing physicians for referrals, purchases or admissions:

* A hospital or hospital company

* A nursing home or skilled nursing facility

* A pharmaceutical company

* A hospice provider

* A medical device manufacturer

* A dialysis Center

* An Imaging Center

* An in-home healthcare provider

* A blood testing company

The North Carolina Corporate Whistleblower Center says, "We are 100% certain some healthcare companies paying kickbacks to physicians in every state and the potential rewards can be significant provided the whistleblower has proof or an eyewitness account of what happened or is happening on an ongoing basis. If you possess this type of proof, please call us anytime at 866-714-6466 for a conversation about the potential value of your information. Why sit on a potentially winning lotto ticket without ever knowing what it might have been worth?" http://NorthCarolina.CorporateWhistleblower.Com

Simple rules for a whistleblower from the North Carolina Corporate Whistleblower Center: Do not go to the government first if you are a potential whistleblower with substantial proof of wrongdoing. The North Carolina Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “Major whistleblowers frequently go to the government thinking they will help. It’s a huge mistake. Do not go to the news media with your whistleblower information. Public revelation of a whistleblower’s information could destroy any prospect for a reward. Do not try to force a company/employer or individual to come clean about significant Medicare fraud, overbilling the federal government for services never rendered, multi-million-dollar state or federal tax evasion, or a North Carolina based company falsely claiming to be a minority owned business to get preferential treatment on federal or state projects. Come to us first, tell us what type of information you have, and if we think it’s sufficient, we will help you with a focus on you getting rewarded.”

Unlike any group in the US the Corporate Whistleblower Center can assist a potential whistleblower with packaging or building out their information to potentially increase the reward potential. They will also provide the whistleblower with access to some of the most skilled whistleblower attorneys in the nation. For more information a possible whistleblower with substantial proof of wrongdoing in North Carolina can contact the Whistleblower Center anytime at 866-714-6466 or contact them via their website at http://NorthCarolina.CorporateWhistleBlower.Com.

For attribution please refer to the Department of Justice press release that discusses this matter:

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Source: EIN Presswire