Miracle at Zakynthos, The Only Greek Jewish Community Saved In Its Entirety From Annihilation

An untold story of courage and compassion

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Wondrous tales of noble heroism and self-sacrifice have sometimes pierced the evil of the Holocaust, but few are more compelling than the heroism of the Greek Christians of Zakynthos. Led by their Bishop and Mayor, these ‘ordinary people’ hid their Jewish neighbors and saved them from certain death — a rarified example of humanity in the face of tyranny that will inspire for generations. Deno Seder has performed a great service to history by his riveting work and careful research.”

Rabbi Meyer H. May, Executive Director, Simon Wiesenthal Center

"Any student of World War II and the Holocaust– in fact, any student of history– should read this book. It is a testament to the human spirit and to the courage of two men who were willing to risk their own lives to save the Jewish community of the Greek island of Zakynthos. And they succeeded!"

Michael Dukakis, Former Governor of Massachusetts and candidate for president

“The fact that not a single Jew was deported from the island of Zakynthos stands as an anomaly in the tragic history of Jews under the Nazi regime. Miracle at Zakynthos uncovers a little-known story of World War II in compelling detail.”
Abraham H. Foxman, former National Director, Anti-Defamation League

“Thank you for your unique book, Miracle at Zakynthos. Zakynthos is one of the few places in the world that, due to the heartfelt dedication of Bishop Chrysostomos and Mayor Loucas Carrer, succeeded in saving all the island’s population from a terrible massacre. I was happy to read about this ray of light. I hope and pray that this book will become a beacon to humanity and inspire dedication to our fellow man.”
Rabbi David Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel

"In this well-researched and documented collection of firsthand accounts and historical texts, we witness the great spiritual stature of our not-so-distant forebears. This book serves as a painful, albeit powerful reminder of the intrepid bravery shown by the hierarchs, priests and Greek people in the face of inhumane threats against their Jewish neighbors."
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew


For more information, visit www.ZakynthosBook.com

Deno Seder
Yakety-Yak PAC
301 320-0385
email us here

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NJ MED joins Global Human Rights Fight

NJ MED plans to be a major force in international programming and services in 2017

“Our purpose is to be aggressive in solving world problems, as it relates to children’s rights. We believe in investing in education, we can help safeguard our future, to assure everyone has a chance

— Albert Mitchell II, Founder and CEO of NJ MED

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 30, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — NJ MED (New Jersey Minority Educational Development), a nonprofit organization was formed 1995 in the United States. The organization’s mission is to address and resolve the systemic problems of unserved populations by providing innovative programming and technical assistance to existing educational, business, and community organizations.

Mr. Albert Mitchell II, Founder and CEO of NJ MED, stated during their annual report meeting, “Our purpose is to be aggressive in solving world problems, as it relates to children’s rights. We believe in investing in education, we can help safeguard our future, to assure everyone has a chance to reach his or her full potential in life, both economically and socially. “

Mr. Mitchell II also added, “We don’t care to associate with non-doers. We are a can do bunch. As one of our board members pointed out, we are like a combat medic; we are on the human rights frontline battlefield, providing aide to the people that are or have been wounded. This is not a job or game, this is our reality.”

NJ MED international presents has grown, by becoming a consultative member of the United Nation’s, largest subsidiary body, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in 2016.

Mr. Mitchell II said, “With this status, we now have the capability to build international relationships with other NGOs, to reach all 198 countries that are a member of the UN.”

NJ MED’s current programs and services include:
• The 100% Graduation Rate Program- that works with at-risk minority males, towards social skill development and economic training
• US Student Pledge Campaign – that helps prepare a higher-skilled US future workforce
• Graduation Week Campaign – that promotes local high school graduation classes across the US
• The World Top 20 Poll – that ranks and monitors the educational development of students from 3 to 25 year olds from 209 nations
• World Top 20 Project – that works with other NGOs to assure every child on the planet has access to education, in a safe and nurturing environment
• Global Universities Rankings – that measures the quality of education and training for students 18 to 25 year olds, as well as, the university’s economic and social impact in promoting their country’s sustainable development
Global Education Report – an annual international survey of students, parents, teachers, educators and tax-payers, to identify areas of needs to improve the quality of education in their country

For more information about NJ MED, and their upcoming activities in 2017, you can schedule an interview at support@worldtop20.org . Please, use Request for Interview as the subject title, and provide your name, organization, with a request date for the interview.

Shomari Moore
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New Book Shares Business Startup Secrets, Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Startup Pro: Bootstrapping Ideas for Startup Entrepreneurs

A new book by a former staffing firm owner providing tools designed to help people free themselves from dead-end jobs and start successful businesses.

"The time is always ripe to do what is right."

— Martin Luther King

WILMINGTON, DE, USA, December 28, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Start Up Pro: Bootstrapping Ideas for Startup Entrepreneurs” by Ramona Clay (Anomar Publishing, 2016) provides invaluable success secrets and fresh, simple steps anyone can take to get unstuck from a place of insecurity, finding the drive to take action, increase their income and transform their lives. The book includes new, creative ideas for startup businesses, information about how to start a business with little or no money, marketing tips to drive a business and generate income fast, effective business planning and financial management advice and much more.

While “Startup Pro” serves as a useful resource for anyone wanting to start their own businesses, it is especially designed to empower women and those with limited resources.

“My goal is to guide others to the decision of which path to take on the road to self-employment," Clay said. "I find that most folks already know what they want deep down inside. My book and my coaching are designed to bring out those entrepreneurial desires and help people connect with their God-given purpose to create fulfilling and rewarding lives."

Startup Pro also includes business resources, including access to capital for qualified startup businesses. Clay is offering workshops, coaching, and speaking engagements to help others create inspirational alternatives to monotonous work. Please send an email for additional information: StartupProCoaching@gmail.com

Ramona Clay
Anomar Publishing
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Mennonites Accepting Song Submissions for New Hymnal

Submissions open until December 31, 2017

HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Mennonite Worship and Song Committee is accepting content submissions for a new hymnal collection releasing in 2020. This collection will represent the diverse ways Mennonites sing and worship throughout the United States and Canada.

An important element of the project is a call for new and original content. Authors, songwriters, composers, and artists are invited to submit their work online at http://mennoniteworshipandsongcollection.org. This online submissions portal will be active throughout 2017.

“We welcome submissions from folks who generate music and worship resources for traditional to contemporary worship settings as we strive to reach the breadth of the church. We have committed ourselves to honoring diverse voices in worship, and are energized by reflecting and expanding the ways that Mennonites give expression to a shared faith in God,” said Project Director Bradley Kauffman.

The committee hopes the portal will draw a diversity of material that creatively serves a broad spectrum of worshipers. The committee welcomes content that is well-suited to congregational use, in a variety of languages, reflective of Christian theology and practice generally, and specifically Anabaptist theology and practice. Additional parameters are delineated in the portal.. Artists are invited to submit visual elements as the committee considers the ways various media enhance worship.

“We anticipate receiving thousands of submissions—songs, hymn texts, tunes, worship resources, orders of worship, ritual elements, and visual images—for our committee to review” Kauffman added.

The new worship and song collection will be available in bound and digital formats, along with an accompaniment volume. It will be published by Herald Press, the book imprint of MennoMedia as the denominational publisher for Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.

For more information about the Mennonite Worship and Song Collection project or to schedule an interview with Bradley Kauffman, project director, contact LeAnn Hamby at (540) 908-3941 or email LeAnnH@mennomedia.org.

LeAnn Hamby
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Garrison Keillor talks about the history of Mennonites

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Justice Center Not Protecting the Disabled and Operating Unconstitutionally

Jonathan Carey “Champion for the Disabled” Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

Bypassing the 911 emergency call systems, local police and County elected District Attorney’s is discriminatory, illegal and unconstitutional

The wide-scale discrimination, civil rights and constitutional rights violations, as well as illegal practices that jeopardize the disabled must be stopped.

— Michael Carey- Advocate for 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities

DELMAR, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Both the Spotlight News and the Albany Times Union have further brought to light some of the clear unconstitutional matters regarding the Justice Center. These excellent news pieces specifically focus in on how Governor Cuomo appointed a Special Prosecutor for the disabled and is attempting appoint another Special Prosecutor to circumvent Independent County elected Prosecutors. There are many extremely serious reasons why Governor Cuomo did this, which I have brought out in many other Jonathan Carey Foundation press releases www.jonathancareyfoundation.org. It is important to attach a couple of these press releases for you to have a greater understanding of the depth of this “scheme” http://www.einpresswire.com/press-releases/preview/2185876 and http://www.einpresswire.com/press-releases/preview/2185253
The Spotlight News investigative news piece titled, “Justice Center’s statewide powers questioned in local rape case” speaks volumes http://www.spotlightnews.com/news/2016/12/19/justice-centers-statewide-powers-questioned-in-local-rape-case/ In this news story the first subtitle is “AG intervenes in case to address constitutional concerns.” Here are a couple direct quotes from this story; “Rivera, however, in her dissent, did address the crux of the matter: Can the governor unilaterally appoint an unelected special prosecutor who could usurp jurisdiction from an official who has the constitutional responsibility to prosecute cases in each county and who is elected by the people to uphold the law?” It was also written in this story, “In her dissent, she said the legislation giving the Justice Center the same authority as a DA is not only flawed because it violates the state Constitution but is dangerous.”
The latest news story just released by the Albany Times Union titled “AG: Cuomo’s prosecutor plan violates ‘fundamental checks-and-balances’ is extremely powerful. http://blog.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/270448/ag-cuomos-prosecutor-plan-violates-fundamental-checks-and-balances/ New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is directly quoted surrounding Governor Cuomo’s attempt to appoint another Special Prosecutor of his own like what he did with the Justice Center to bypass independence and County elected District Attorney’s. Attorney General Schneiderman in his letter to Cuomo and state legislative leaders (see the full letter attached in the news story) states “Schneiderman said that having such an appointee serving at the will of the governor was problematic. “Such a scheme violates the fundamental checks-and-balances principle that underlies our State constitution, as it does not establish the independence required of a procurement watchdog and therefore will not achieve the real accountability and reform our State desperately needs,” Schneiderman wrote. “It is also likely unconstitutional.”
The New York State Constitution is very clear on this matter and the NYS Constitution, as well as the U.S. Constitution, are both very clear on the matter of denying anyone their equal protection of laws. When it comes to an independently appointed prosecutor, which has a direct conflict of interest, in a place of authority over the safety, health and lives of people with disabilities, bypassing 911, local police and DA’s is an obstruction of justice, and is also extremely dangerous and deadly. How does a person with a disability or someone struggling with mental health problems have the same equal right to equal protection of laws if when they are a victim of a crime 911, local police and County elected District Attorney’s are bypassed? The fact of the matter is they cannot be provided equal protection of laws or equal access to all aspects of the criminal justice system or justice. In New York State staggering numbers of witnessed and reported physical and sexual assault crimes and “untimely” or criminally negligent deaths are purposefully not criminally investigated or reported to County elected District Attorney’s, Medical Examiners or Coroners. This is happening every day in New York State because of Governor Cuomo’s wrongfully named Justice Center and his handpicked prosecutor, who is not an elected official, but a NYS employee. Governor Cuomo’s Justice Center along with all NYS mental health agencies are under the governor’s Executive authority, there cannot be a greater conflict of interest. Everyone knows that policing oneself does not work. In these reported matters, Governor Cuomo, seeking such power and authority without question is for ulterior motives. These matters are extremely serious, and in many cases, the immediate safety, health and lives of vulnerable individuals with disabilities that cannot care for or defend themselves are directly endangered. The wide-scale discrimination, civil rights and constitutional rights violations, as well as illegal practices that jeopardize the disabled must be stopped.
Stand with us for “equal rights” and “civil rights” for people with disabilities in New York State and throughout our great country by signing our petition at www.jonathancareyfoundation.org. No longer can 911 be bypassed, 911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all physical and sexual assaults, gross negligence of care, significant and suspicious injuries and when a person with a disability is in medical distress or has stopped breathing. http://jonathancareyfoundation.org/donate/



“Abused and Used” investigative reporting series which was a runner up for a Pulitzer Prize

Michael Carey
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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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Yugpurush, an Untold Story in World History

Pujya Gurudevshri with dignitaries at the launch of the hindi play – Yugpurush Mahatma Ke Mahatma: (L to R) Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj, Mr. Dilip Joshi, Mr. Sharman Joshi, Mr. Satish Shah, Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker, Mr. Prem Chopra, Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai, Mr

Still from the play ‘Yugpurush- Mahatma ke Mahatma’ depicting the journey of Mahatma Gandhi from Mohandas to Mahatma

Yugpurush – an inspirational & riveting play depicting the profound relationship between Mahatma Gandhi & his mentor Shrimad Rajchandraji

Prominent personalities attend the exclusive Hindi premiere show of Yugpurush – an tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and his inspiration, Shrimad Rajchandraji

I must say that no one else has ever made on me the impression that Raychandbhai did. In my moments of spiritual crisis, he was my refuge

— Mahatma Gandhi

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, December 21, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — The iconic Royal Opera House in Mumbai witnessed a premier show of Yugpurush – Mahatma ke Mahatma on Sunday, December 18, in the gracious presence of Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai, founder spiritual head of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur.

This convergence of history, heritage, culture and spirituality was attended by corporate, social and political leaders, celebrities from the film and theatre industry, and members of the media fraternity such as – Mrs. Tina Ambani, Reliance Group; Mrs. Indu Jain, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd; Mr. Madhur Bajaj, Bajaj Auto Ltd, Mr. Nikhil Meswani, Reliance Industries Ltd., Mr. Amitabh Jhunjhunwala, Reliance Capital & Group; Mr. Niraj Bajaj, Mukand Ltd; Mr. Mangal Prabhat Lodha –BJP Vice-President, Maharashtra; Dr. Mukesh Batra, Dr. Batra's Homeopathy, Mr. Mofatraj Munot, Kalpataru Group; Hon'ble Mr. Justice K. K. Tated; Mrs. Amla Ruia, Aakar Charitable Trust. Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker, Mr. Jeetendra Kapoor; Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj and Mrs. Rekha Bhardwaj; Mr. Prem Chopra; Mr. Sharman Joshi; Mr. Rohit and Mrs. Manasi Roy; Ms. Tanishaa Mukerji; Mr. Vivan Bhathena; Mr. Manhar Udhas; Mr. Dilip Joshi, Mr. Satish Shah, Ms. Bhawana Somaaya.

Mr. Sudhir Mungantiwar – Cabinet Minister of Finance, Planning and Forest Departments; The Maharaja of Gondal Mr. Jyotendrasinhji and his family – Owners, Royal Opera House; Ms. Asha Parekh; and Mr. Manoj Shah, were amongst those who attended the Gujarati show of Yugpurush on the same day.
Heart-touching and enlightening dialogues woven in finely directed scenes, staged with dramatic artistry and magnificent backdrops revealed a profound relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his spiritual guide Shrimad Rajchandraji, the great Indian saint, and poet-philosopher, who had a strong and formative influence on the Father of the Nation.

“I must say that no one else has ever made on me the impression that Raychandbhai did. In my moments of spiritual crisis, he was my refuge.” – Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi.

In 1935, Mahatma Gandhi had addressed a public conference at the Royal Opera House. 81 years later, this late-Victorian structure beheld Gandhi come alive, once again, albeit on stage, recounting the story of the transformation of Mohandas into the Mahatma.

Under the spiritual leadership of Pujya Gurudevshri, Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur has been dynamically involved in learning, practicing and disseminating the invaluable teachings propounded by Shrimadji through various spiritual and social activities. Commemorating 150th birth anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandraji, the Mission presents the theatre production, Yugpurush – Mahatma ke Mahatma.

The 150th celebrations commenced as though from the Red Fort by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who on India’s 70th Independence Day said, “The country is celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandraji, Mahatma Gandhiji’s Guru. In one of His letters to Gandhiji, Shrimadji writes … the principle of non-violence has existed ever since the existence of violence. What is important is which one do we utilise for the welfare of mankind.”

The premiere show of Yugpurush in Gujarati was staged on November 14 in Mumbai. In a short span of 35 days, Yugpurush has taken the city by storm with 43 shows running to full houses and standing ovations. Audiences from diverse backgrounds acclaimed it as a historic and dramatic masterpiece.

Directed by Rajesh Joshi of ‘Code Mantra’, scripted by Uttam Gada of ‘Maharathi’ fame, and music given by popular composer duo Sachin – Jigar, Yugpurush will soon travel across globe over the next 12 months in English, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, and Kannada.

The play is set to inspire audiences in South India in January 2017, followed by Gujarat in February and April, East India in March, Europe in May, North America in June – July, Middle East and Africa in September, and Australia and South East Asia in November.

The initiative also supports the construction of Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital – a new 200-bed multi-specialty charity hospital in South Gujarat.

About Shrimad Rajchandraji
Shrimad Rajchandraji was the embodiment of spiritual wisdom. Born on Kartik Purnima on 9th November, 1867 in Vavania, Gujarat, Shrimadji was a perfect blend of profound knowledge, pure devotion, and complete detachment, Shrimadji attained self-realisation at the age of 23. He spent months in seclusion, absorbed in the ecstasy of the Self. His compassion for the world flowed in the form of ‘Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra,’ a masterpiece in philosophical literature. On Chaitra Vad Pancham, 9th April 1901, at the age of 33, Shrimadji left His mortal body in Rajkot. His preachings have been published in an invaluable volume ‘Shrimad Rajchandra,’ which continues to quench the thirst of true seekers. Through ashrams, temples, and institutions dedicated to Shrimadji around the world, lakhs of devotees are benefiting from His teachings and progressing on the spiritual path.

About Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur
Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur is a global movement that endeavours to enhance the spiritual growth of seekers and benefit society. With its international Headquarters at Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, Dharampur, the Mission has over 100 Satsang centres, 31 Youth Groups and 227 Divinetouch Centres – value-education and self-development programmes for children – spread across the globe in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care programme includes: Health Care, Educational Care, Child Care, Woman Care, Tribal Care, Community Care, Humanitarian Care, Animal Care, Environmental Care and Emergency Relief Care. Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur is playing a key role in universal upliftment by actualising its Mission Statement – Realise one’s True Self and serve others selflessly. www.shrimadrajchandramission.org

For press inquires and more information please contact Alpa Gandhi on 9920304047 or publicrelations@shrimadrajchandramission.org
For the upcoming shows schedule, bookings, testimonials and more, please visit: www.yugpurush.org

Highlights from the show can be viewed at: http://tiny.cc/Yugpurush
Connect with us online:
Yugpurush on Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YugpurushThePlay/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Yugpurush_Play
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yugpurushtheplay/?hl=en
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/shrimadrajchandramissiondharampur

Alpa Gandhi
Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur
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Hindi Premiere at the Royal Opera House | Yugpurush – Mahatma ke Mahatma | Highlights

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A Home Away From Home: ETC Exchange Students Experience American Traditions And Give Back This Holiday Season

ETC exchange students volunteer for Feed My Starving Children for Giving Tuesday

Charlotte, an exchange student from Germany shared her culture and traditions with classmates for International Education Week

James from China helps decorate the Christmas tree with his host family in North Carolina

ETC Exchange Students from around the world spread holiday cheer throughout the U.S.

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dedicated to spreading international understanding and global goodwill, Education Travel & Culture (ETC) looks back on the valuable time spent in 2016 fostering friendships, building memories and helping international students achieve goals and set a foundation for the future. Each year ETC provides inbound program opportunities for high school students throughout the world to study in an American high school and live with an American family. In addition, the ETC family is proud to participate in community building and cultural events like Giving Tuesday, International Education Week and holiday parties. Each event is planned with ETC’s mission in mind: To promote international understanding and goodwill.

Community service and the spirit of volunteerism is regarded as a beloved tradition and civic duty in American culture. This year ETC participated in a global event known as Giving Tuesday. ETC encouraged Local Coordinators, host families and students to find a way to give back to their communities during the holiday season and the results were incredible. Exchange students, host families and Local Coordinators across the U.S. took initiative by participating in events, organizing community service projects and helping families in need. Students donated time and used a variety of talents to give back to communities and bring joy to people in need. In Warrenton, VA a group of exchange students, Local Coordinators and host families gathered to help decorate the town’s Gumdrop square. The students were thrilled to have a personal touch on a local holiday treasure. In Mesa, AZ international students and host families packed and prepared nutritionally complete meals for malnourished children with an organization called Feed My Starving Children. Inspired by the students, the ETC staff along with family and friends volunteered with the same organization and spent the day packing meals for children in the Philippines. Providing international students with the opportunity to experience this tradition is one of the ways ETC is able to promote goodwill and international understanding.

Each year ETC participates in another event recognized around the world known as International Education Week. During this week, students are encouraged to make a cultural presentation for classmates and teachers, a local youth group or an after school club. This year, many of ETC’s exchange students prepared engaging and informative presentations and shared them with their schools, youth groups, elementary school children and other organizations. One of ETC’s main goals is to encourage and foster international and cultural understanding. For this reason, ETC celebrated International Education Week for the entire month of November.

Throughout the month, numerous cultural parties were held all over the U.S. Students dressed in traditional attire, prepared special dishes and brought unique items from their native countries to share with other students and families. Students loved learning about the different cities in France and were surprised to hear that there are many variations of the French Baguette. Exchange students from Mexico shared items from different holidays celebrated in the Mexican culture. One student impressed the entire group with a brightly colored and highly detailed, handmade piñata. Students had the unique opportunity to meet, learn from and converse with people from a number of different cultures. ETC believes deeply in the importance of understanding different cultures. This was a tremendous opportunity for the exchange students to get a glimpse into another culture while learning the value of understanding and appreciating the beauty of diversity.

An exchange student’s experience in the U.S. would not be complete without a traditional American Christmas, and for that reason, ETC makes sure the holidays are remembered. Host families and Local Coordinators work hard each year to make sure the exchange students have a very merry and memorable American Christmas. For some, Christmas is snowy and white and for others its warm and sunny, but all over America people celebrate Christmas with nativity scenes, Christmas lights, hot chocolate, family gatherings and lots of Christmas music. Students, Local Coordinators and host families are celebrating by decorating Christmas trees, stuffing shoes with little goodies and hosting parties. One student in North Carolina had the opportunity to cut down a real Christmas tree, decorate it, and top it off with a star for the first time. Sharing traditions and holidays with international students is just one way to create life long memories and share the American dream with others around the world.

For everyone at ETC, 2016 has been a memorable year. ETC is blessed to have such passionate and dedicated volunteers who are encouraging and support international students. Staff feel honored to work with such bright students and have the opportunity to watch them achieve goals while experiencing American Culture. Looking back on the past year, ETC is grateful to have the opportunity to share American culture with exchange students while providing a high quality educational program.

About Education, Travel & Culture:
Education Travel & Culture is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] educational exchange organization. Its purpose is to promote international understanding and goodwill by providing high quality educational and cultural exchange programs in the United States and abroad. ETC provides inbound program opportunities for high school students throughout the world to study in an American high school and live with an American family.
For more information, FAQs or to apply to become a host family visit www.edutrav.org or email Field Director, Brenda Ferland at bferland@edutrav.org

Sarah Rohler
Education, Travel & Culture
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A video by May Hong, ETC’s International Education Week contest winner

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Global Maternal Health Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 7% Forecast to 2027


Maternal Health Market Outlook, by Application (Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Clinic), by Type (Prenatal, Postpartum, Child Birth) – Global Forecast 2027

Key Players – Ansell limited, Agile Therapeutics, Church & Dwight Co, CellCura ASA, Fuji Latex Co, Okamoto industries, Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc., Sanofi

— Market Research Future

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, December 20, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Maternal Health Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 7% during the forecasted period. The major factors involved in driving the market are: increasing initiatives from government and non-government bodies for improving maternal health across the globe, rising company investments in the development of maternal monitors, increasing number of conferences and symposia, and technological advancements.

Global Maternal Health: Market Segmentation

Global Maternal Health Market by Types:

Child Birth
Global Maternal Health Market by Applications:

Request for Sample Copy @ https://www.mrfreports.com/sample-request/maternal-health-and-market-outlook-research-report-global-forecast-to-2027

Key Players for Maternal Health Market

Ansell limited
Agile Therapeutics
Church & Dwight Co
CellCura ASA
Fuji Latex Co
Okamoto industries
Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc.
Global Maternal Health: Market Application

In the Maternal Health Market, Oxytocin and misoprostol are been used to prevent and treat PPH, and magnesium sulfate prevents and treats pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. There are various drugs and devices such as diaphragm, Oral Contraceptives, IUD, among others are available which are used to cure maternity issues occurred during pregnancy period in women.

Taste the market data and market information presented through more than 60 market data tables and figures spread over 115 numbers of pages of the project report. Avail the in-depth table of content TOC & market synopsis on “Global Maternal Health Market Research Report -Forecast to 2027.”

Latest Trends in Maternal Health Market:

Agile Therapeutics to Present at Women's Health 2016: The 24th Annual Congress: Agile Therapeutics, Inc. a women's health specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of new prescription contraceptive products announced on April 15, 2016.

TOC of Global Microbial Products Market

1 Executive Summary

2 Market Introductions

3 Research methodologies





Access Full Report@ https://www.mrfreports.com/reports/maternal-health-and-market-outlook-research-report-global-forecast-to-2027

About Market Research Future

At Market Research Future (MRFR), we enable our customers to unravel the complexity of various industries through our Cooked Research Report (CRR), Half-Cooked Research Reports (HCRR), Raw Research Reports (3R), Continuous-Feed Research (CFR), and Market Research & Consulting Services.


Akash Anand

Market Research Future

Magarpatta Road, Hadapsar,

Pune – 411028

Maharashtra, India

+1 646 845 9312

Email: akash.anand@marketresearchfuture.com

Akash Anand
Market Research Future
+1 646 845 9312
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Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio Must Fight to Stop Deaths of the Disabled

Jonathan Carey “Champion for the Disabled” Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

There are staggering numbers of deaths of the disabled throughout New York State and New York City, yet the death of one deer has taken Center Stage

I am calling upon Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to take swift decisive actions to protect and save the lives of countless people with disabilities.

— Michael Carey- Advocate for 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities

DELMAR, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Daily News came out with a sad story regarding the death of a deer in New York City, but what is critical is that we save the lives of people with disabilities and stop the preventable deaths occurring in unsafe facilities and group homes. The title of the Daily News piece is “One-antlered Harlem deer dies immediately after City Hall opts against killing it”
It is directly quoted this news story, written BYLISA L. COLANGELOJENNIFER FERMINOLARRY MCSHANE
“The uptown deer that captured Harlem’s heart was killed by the battle to save its life. Two days of in-fighting between City Hall and Albany ended abruptly Friday with the death of the single-antlered buck dubbed Lefty — and each side blamed the other for the loss of the deer-ly departed.”
As the founder of the Jonathan Carey Foundation www.jonathancareyfoundation.org I am fighting for and attempting to save the lives of our most vulnerable disabled in New York State. I am calling on both Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to immediately focus on saving the lives of our most vulnerable disabled residents. We can and must end decades of discrimination against the disabled. Together, we must protect the disabled living in State and private facilities and group homes that are being denied immediate 911 emergency medical and police services and assistance.
New York State and New York City top leaders must take decisive actions to stop the further loss of countless other innocent people with disabilities lives. Currently, hundreds of deaths of our disabled are occurring every month in New York State and many are due to the bypassing of 911 emergency call systems. I have presented these discriminatory, life threatening and deadly matters to both Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio personally, I have also met with their top staff, yet the bypassing of 911 tragically continues and many people with disabilities are dying as a direct result. I believe this deadly discrimination that still exists would make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. roll over in his grave. We are all equal and people with disabilities are of no lesser value than anyone else, period. Since when is it okay to violate the basic equal rights of upwards of 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities and not provide them 911 emergency medical and police assistance when they are victims of crimes, significantly injured, in medical distress or stopped breathing?
I love deer, they are beautiful animals, but human being which include our disabled and those struggling with mental illness lives are far more important. I am calling upon Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to take swift decisive actions to protect and save the lives of countless people with disabilities. The purposeful bypassing of 911 and calling a nurse triage hotlines somewhere else in the State, instead, is the number one known trend leading to the “untimely” deaths of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These are preventable deaths. This horrific wide-scale statewide discrimination against the disabled which clearly denies them their equal protection of laws must be stopped now. It is time these two leaders in our great State take decisive emergency actions to stop the further loss of precious people with disabilities lives under their jurisdictions, like my son Jonathan. Jonathan was developmentally disabled, he had autism, he was non verbal and he was only 13 when he was killed by his New York State caregivers on February 15, 2007 http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/06/nyregion/boys-death-highlights-crisis-in-homes-for-disabled.html and https://www.nytimes.com/video/nyregion/100000000849083/a-failure-to-protect.html .

Michael Carey
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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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Move Over Star Wars Rogue One; "The Force Is In You" Non Fiction ebook Launched 5 Days Ahead Of You

The Force Is True – Non Fiction It Has beenDiscovered

The Force Is In You – It's True And Now Discovered and Proven By Science In the New ebook out now world wide "The Force Is In You" Author Ethan Carter

"As You Speak It, So It Shall Be"

— Ethan Carter

HOLLYWOOD , CALIFORNIA, USA, December 17, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — “The Force Is In You” is now non Fiction and was released world wide on Amazon Kindle and smash words Dec 11, days before the new Star Wars story Rogue One. Not limited to borders or boundaries – the books connected to the life giving force of the planet. The same force gives life to all, and not a single person on the planet can escape it from their first to last breath. It is available in every country local Amazon, including UK, USA and Australia, Singapore , and India and now on Apple and google books.

World Wide Web – December 16, 2016 “The Force Is In You” is about a new beginning of a new premise in thinking. It sets out to bring attention to 21st century discovery and truths, a time people have the technology to explore this energy force and scientists now recognize it and confirm The Force – true. “The Force Is In You” is published by The Force is in You Publishing, LLC and is authored by Ethan Carter. Ethan Carter not only identifies the force, but Carter himself has over 20 original quotes to inspire every reader of the book. Many of these quotes are already noticeable and can be seen filtering through social media and primarily instagram.

“The Force Is In You” is the scientific explanation of exactly how the secret works. This force and the secret are a great success. Noble prize winners in medicine and science have now discovered this life force energy where every cell and strand of a humans DNA has its individual magnetic field. The magnetic field of the planet is the force outside of all.

The new book is destined to shape humanity’s future in profound ways. Revealing the link between all people and the planet, “The Force is In You” reveals a secret that is around every person on the planet every day and when used, has the potential to unleash the inner power for good and positivity for all humanity. This book is set to be the biggest book of 2016.

For media inquiries, please contact Karen Peters at 1-302-414-0508 
Email: media@theforceisinyou.com.

The Force is in You is now available from the Apple store, Amazon’s Kindle, and the Barnes & Noble Nook program from December 11th onwards.


Karen Peters
The Force Is In You Publishing, LLC
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