A Valentine for President Trump: Immigration Reform Saves U.S. Taxpayers Big $$$

Raise $167 Billion And Create 1.3 Billion New American Jobs

Our approach begins with raising the funds for enforcement, and a host of other areas including education, veteran training, health care, and infrastructure.”

— Mark Jason, Director-Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, February 10, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — President Trump’s plan to rid our society of undocumented felons and gang members by sending them back to their country of origin is clearly the right thing to do—especially when you consider the cost to U.S. Taxpayers for incarceration ranging from $24,000/year to $60,000/year for each individual. What we don’t have, now, is adequate funding to accurately identify those who deserve deportation and protect those who don’t.

We propose a 10-year renewable Special Work Permit that is designed to encourage law abiding immigrants to come out of the shadows, earn the permit, become responsible participants in their communities and be able to travel home to their families and back again for the economic opportunity.

It’s been called the third way. This plan provides legality for hardworking undocumented immigrants and their grateful employers. To maintain the rule of law, the undocumented immigrant needs to go to their embassy or consulate and pay a $150.00 (U.S.) fine for initially entering the U.S. illegally. This is to be split between the U.S. and their country of origin for biometric identification and enforcement.

The cost to earn the permit will be merely to obey our laws and pay a nickel for each dollar of wages received. With incentives built into the plan, this amount is small enough to be paid willingly, and large enough, when coupled with a matching amount from employers, to generate $167 billion over a 10-year period. American employers, whether they be home, restaurant, or factory owners will no longer be hiring illegally and the U.S. economy will benefit. This is the way Mexicans and other immigrants who break our immigration laws and their employers can pay for the Wall and allow Presidents Trump and Pina Nieto to maintain a good and positive relationship.

Previous Immigration Reform attempts have either overreached too far to the left or right and were underfunded. Our approach begins with raising the funds for enforcement, and a host of other areas including education, veteran training, health care, and infrastructure.

Our immigration system, as it is today, is overly bureaucratic, underfunded, and riddled with enticements for bad behavior on the part of workers, employers, and unintended benefactors like human traffickers. Place the burden of paying for essential services, like education and healthcare, on the workers and their employers instead of U.S. Taxpayers.

Sean O'Neill
(301) 869-3790
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New York Times Spotlights HorseOPeace.com Goat Milk Soaps in Article about Growing Interest in Natural Soap-Making

Elizabeth Sanders of HorseOPeace.com sits atop molds she uses to make all-natural goat milk soaps in scented and unscented bars.

HorseOPeace.com offers goat milk soaps made with 100% raw goat milk, Shea butter cream and lip balm to protect and keep skin healthy.

Elizabeth and Nick Sanders and their four sons make HorseOPeace.com a family success.

Elizabeth Sanders turned hobby into HorseOPeace.com goat milk soap business

At HorseOPeace.com our soaps are all naturally beige. We’re not trying to beautify with dyes and make it look unnatural.”

— Elizabeth Sanders of HorseOPeace.com

NEW YORK, NY, -, February 10, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — The New York Times spotlighted how HorseOPeace.com Founder Elizabeth Sanders turned her hobby making goat milk soaps into her thriving business offering her natural soaps at HorseOPeace.com, Amazon and Facebook in a feature report noting people’s interest in soap-making “has become a hugely popular artisanal endeavor.”

Headlined “Want to Sell Homemade Soap” in the New York Times Entrepreneur Section, the article said, “Some soap-sellers get started in the business because they live on farms and have an abundance of goats’ milk that might otherwise go to waste. Such was the case with Elizabeth Sanders, 33, a soap maker based in Winston-Salem, N.C., whose nine-year-old company, Horse ‘O Peace, sells 17 kinds of raw goats’ milk soap bars, scented and unscented.”

The New York Times reported that at HorseOPeace.com, “Five dollars and 50 cents will get you a four-and-a-half-ounce bar through the company’s website and on Amazon. An average order is six to eight bars, though some customers buy as many as 30 decidedly unpretentious bars a year.”

Elizabeth Sanders told the Times, at HorseOPeace.com, “Our soaps are all naturally beige. We’re not trying to beautify with dyes and make it look unnatural.”

HorseOPeace.com uses only natural ingredients in making its chemical-free toxin-free soaps and that she does not use any color additives since they might contain carcinogens, she further explained.

The Times reported soap-making is a labor intensive activity and companies introduce additional products to grow their customer base. “Horse ‘O Peace, for example, offers lip balms and moisturizers, and recently introduced a line of pet care products” under its HorseOPeace.com/Healthy Pets brand of natural shampoo soaps.

In an extensive feature article by Joanne Kaufman, the Times said, “Fortunately for soap makers, consumers seem to appreciate their back-to-basics ethos.”

Discussing the article, Elizabeth Sanders explained her goat milk soaps do not contain harmful toxins often found in store bought soaps or those using color additives, adding, “HorseOPeace.com our goat milk soaps help to naturally to keep skin moist and youthful-looking. We are always pleased when customers tell us HorseOPeace.com soaps helped their dry or sensitive skin.” She also later added that, “At HorseOPeace.com soaps made without water and only 100% raw goat milk containing vitamin A, selenium and alpha hydroxyl acids that benefit skin.”

Also a homeschooling Mom of four sons, ages 1 to 5, Elizabeth teams with husband Nick, who with his marketing and IT executive background has the HorseOPeace.com website state-of-the-art ready to best serve its customers as the company expands.

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, HorseOPeace.com customers around the USA and world enjoy its scented and unscented soaps, Shea butter cream and lip balms. Scented soaps include Lavender, Oatmeal ’n Lavender, Sweet Orange Basil, Wintergreen Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Jojoba, Patchouli, Patchouli 2x, Oatmeal ’n Lemongrass, Pine Tar, Poison Ivy Relief, Peppermint & Rosemary. Unscented are Coffee Scrub, Calendula, Shea Butter, Plain Ole Soap, Sweet Almond Honey, and Oatmeal ’n Honey. It also markets natural pet goat milk shampoo soaps under its Healthy Pets brand. Products are available at www.HorseOPeace.com, Facebook.com/HorseOPeace at the company communicates actively at Twitter.com/HorseOPeace, Instagram.com/HorseOPeaceRanch and HorseOPeace.com/blog. Media contact, Brian Dobson, DobsonPR.com, BD@DobsonPR.com.

Brian Dobson
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Midwinter Fest – Sunday, February 19 @ 3 PM in New York City

The North/South Chamber Orchestra celebrates winter performing four new compositions by American Composers.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, February 8, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — The North/South Chamber Orchestra celebrates winter on Sunday afternoon February 19 performing a free-admission concert featuring four listener-friendly works by American composers.

Soprano Elizabeth Farnum and violinist Claudia Schaer will appear as soloists while the ensemble's founder Max Lifchitz will conduct.

The program will introduce New York City audiences to recent compositions by Arthur Gottschalk, David Maves, Lan-In Winnie Yang and Margarita Zelenaia.

The event is part of the Composers Now Festival.

It will take place at the intimate and acoustically superior auditorium of Christ & St Stephen's Church (120 West 69th Street) on Manhattan's Upper West Side. The free-admission event will start at 3 PM and end around 4:30 PM. The auditorium is ADA accessible. No tickets or reservations needed.

The composers will be in attendance and will introduce their works to the audience. Composers and soloists are available for interviews and media events. They may be contacted through our office.

Since its inception in 1980, the North/South Consonance, Inc. has brought to the attention of the New York City public over 1,000 works by composers hailing from the Americas and elsewhere representing a wide spectrum of aesthetic views. Its activities are made possible in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; Women's Philharmonic Advocacy; the Music Performance Trust Fund; and the generosity of numerous individual donors.

Arthur Gottschalk is active as composer and arranger for feature films, television and commercials in the Houston area. A long-time Rice University faculty member, his musical style has been described by the international press as "rapturous, argumentative, prickly and fascinatingly strange." A winner of the Charles Ives Prize of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Gottschalk's works have received multiple performances in Europe and the US.

His Imagenes de Cuba (Cuban Images) was inspired by frequent visits to the Caribbean island as well as by memories of his time as a trombonist in salsa bands. The work is in three movements: Manisero, a playful examination of an ancient peanut vendor's cry heard to this day in the plazas of old Havana; Guajira, a typically slow movement which deconstructs the unofficial national anthem of Cuba and Timba, a boisterous colloquy between the members of the ensemble displaying a panoply of salsa and pachanga rhythms.

David Maves served as Composer-in-Residence for the College of Charleston in South Carolina, for over 30 years. His catalogue includes symphonies, concertos and an opera based on Federico GarcÍa Lorca's Bodas de Sangre (Blood Weddings).

Inspired by John Donne's poem Lovers' Infinitennes, Maves' song cycle The Captive is music envisioned as "….the poet's lover reading the poem aloud with wonder; in awe, deeply moved, and yet perhaps a bit frustrated as conditions pile up as the poet attempts to construct an imaginary but air-tight intellectual edifice within which the lovers are inextricably bound to each other — forever." Soprano Elizabeth Farnum will deliver the solo voice part.

Active as composer and pianist, Lan-In Winnie Yang has appeared on concert stages throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States. Trained at Oberlin, the Manhattan School and Stony Brook University, Yang serves as Music Director for the Taiwan-NY Music Guild. Her works have been performed by distinguished soloists and ensembles including pianist Gilbert Kalish and violinist Philip Setzer. Her many awards include first prizes from the Taiwan National Composition and Piano Competitions.

Yang's Transfiguration is a single movement composition for solo violin and string orchestra written especially for violinist Claudia Schaer. Dramatic and powerful, the music is built around mutations of the four-note gesture heard at the outset. The demanding writing provides the soloist and ensemble with ample opportunity for technical display.

Margarita Zelenaia has received grants from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council; the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance; and the American Composers Forum. In her native Russia, her compositions have been heard as part of the Moscow Autumn Festival; the Young Peoples' Arts Festival; and the Moscow Spring Festival. Musical commentators have observed that "without prejudices and stereotypes in her writing, Zelenaia possesses a rare ability to infuse her music with humor and lyrical tenderness, while also producing works of tremendous depth and seriousness."

Her work I Believe "aims to convey my hope for world harmony and peace. It is based on three prayers each representing a different faith: Jewish, Russian and American gospel. Prayers have that natural course of movement, where both the music and the text are joined at a certain level of vibration."


Elizabeth Farnum has been praised for her "lovely soaring soprano, great agility and beautiful tone." She has appeared at Lincoln Center, the Library of Congress, London's Institute for Contemporary Art, the American Academy at Rome and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Her various interests have led her to performances on Broadway, at the Metropolitan Opera, and to five continents on tour with diverse ensembles, including early music groups Pomerium and the Waverly Consort.

Canadian violinist Claudia Schaer trained at The Juilliard School before earning a doctorate from Stony Brook University. Described by the press as a "rock-solid performer" and praised for her "outstanding musicianship," Schaer has appeared as soloist at the Thy Chamber Festival in Denmark; the Berlin Philharmonic's Opera Barga Festival in Italy; the Luzerne Festival in Switzerland; and China's Nanning Festival.

Conductor Max Lifchitz was awarded first prize in the 1976 International Gaudeamus Competition for Performers of Twentieth Century Music held in Holland. The San Francisco Chronicle described him as "a composer of brilliant imagination and a stunning, ultra-sensitive pianist." The New York Times praised him for "clean, measured and sensitive performances."

For the complete Winter/Spring concert series schedule please visit


To stream, download and/or purchase the more than 60 compact discs released on the
North/South Recordings label
please go to

North/South Recordings – http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/Label?&label_id=1297

Elizabeth Farnum and Max Lifchitz perform Loss Songs by the late Elizabeth Bell

https://youtu.be/6FWp-a9AMy4 https://youtu.be/6FWp-a9AMy4

Max Lifchitz
North/South Consonance, Inc
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Zelenaia talks about I Believe

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38,000 Sign Petition to Save Old Jewish Cemetery in Vilnius, Lithuania

Historic scene from the old Vilna Jewish cemetery before the war

The Convention Center grand opening the petition hopes will never happen. By Vulovak for DefendingHistory.com

Builders Plan to Convert Soviet-era Ruin into National Convention Center in Cemetery's Center

Because of the Holocaust, these people who are buried here have no local descendants to take up their cause. This fate would never befall a major Christian cemetery here in the 21st century.”

— Ruta Bloshtein (Vilnius)

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, February 7, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — A petition by Ruta Bloshtein, an Orthodox Jewish woman born and bred in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, protesting current plans to site a new national convention center in the middle of the city's old Jewish cemetery, has garnered some 38,000 signatures from around the world, mostly from Litvaks (Jews of Lithuanian heritage).

It is the largest Litvak public affairs project since the Holocaust, when around 96% of Lithuanian Jews were annihilated.

The old cemetery, which dates to the 15th century, is still the burial place of thousands of Jews from Vilna (as the city is known historically), including many illustrious scholars from various centuries. The headstones and commemorative structures above ground were all stolen by the Soviet regime during its occupation of Lithuania. Stones keep turning up all around the city. The petition urges they be duly returned, and the cemetery restored as a matter of honor for modern democratic Lithuania.

The campaign for the cemetery's preservation is spearheaded by the online publication Defending History, based in Vilnius, which has been chronicling the international opposition to the "convention center in the cemetery" project. The group firmly believes that the rights of the deceased of minorities to be left in peace is a universal human right, and one recognized by the United States Congress in 2014 (see: http://defendinghistory.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/PLAW-113publ154.pdf) and at various points in time by the European Union.

Campaigners for the cemetery have expressed "deep disappointment" at the ongoing failure of the taxpayer funded "US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad" (USCPAHA) to speak out with moral clarity. The USCPAHA is linked to the State Department, and is alleged to have connections with groups that stand accused of offering "permissions" for building projects at East European cemeteries in return for material considerations. DefendingHistory.com's section on USCPAHA is at: http://defendinghistory.com/category/us-commission-for-preservation-of-the-heritage.

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World academics to debate the ethics of fur at Oxford

We are making history, since this is the first academic gathering worldwide on this issue.”

— Revd Professor Andrew Linzey

OXFORD, OXFORDSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, February 7, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Top academics from around the world will debate the ethics of the international fur trade at a Summer School at St Stephen’s House, Oxford, from 23-26 July, 2017.

Philosophers, theologians, and ethicists will be among academics from more than 12 countries, including the US, India, Croatia, China, Brazil, Spain, Austria, Canada, Ireland, Estonia, Finland, and Italy.

The fur industry is a multi-million pound, multinational business, responsible for the deaths of tens of million animals, especially mink and fox every year. The task of the Summer School will be to interrogate and analyse the ethical claims of the fur industry.

The Summer School on the Ethics of Fur is being organised by the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics in partnership with Respect for Animals Educational Trust. The Centre pioneers ethical perspectives on animals through academic research, teaching, and publication.

“We are making history”, said Centre Director the Revd Professor Andrew Linzey, “since this is the first academic gathering worldwide on this issue.”

Speakers include:

• Dr Natalie Thomas, The Seal Hunt in Canada (University of Guelph-Humber);

• Laura Donnellan, Cat and Dog Fur Regulation (University of Limerick);

• Pei F. Su and Yuan-Chih, Lung, The Chinese Fur Industry and its Global Position (ACTAsia, and Tsinghua University);

• Dr Darren Calley, An Analysis of the WTO Fur Seals Ruling (University of Essex);

• Professor Boris Bakota, Croatian Legislation Ends the Breeding of Chinchillas for Fur ( University of Osijek, Croatia);

• Kumud Kant Awasthi, Fur Farming in India (National Institute of Animal Welfare, India);

• Dr Margarita Carretero-González, And Some We Wear: The Sexual Politics of Fur (University of Granada, Spain);

• Simon Brooman, Fur, Law, and Politics (Liverpool John Moores University), and

• Dr Letícia Albuquerque, Dr Paula Brügger, and Gabriela Franziska, The Fur Trade in Brazil: Changing Legislation (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil).

To help facilitate international attendees, the call for papers has been extended until 15 March, 2017. Information about the call for papers and registration is available at http://www.oxfordanimalethics.com/what-we-do/summer-school-2017/ , or email Clair Linzey at depdirector@oxfordanimalethics.com

Samantha Calvert
SC Marketing Communications
+44 (0)7967042050 / +44 (0)1782 505430
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Summer School Trailer

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18,000 Sq.Ft. Building on 9.2+/- Acres Between Broad Street Rd and Patterson Ave in Goochland County VA Set for Auction

“This rock solid building on 9.2+/- acres is well located between Broad Street Road and Patterson Avenue in one of the most desirable counties in the Commonwealth,” ”

— John Nicholls

FREDERICKSBURG, VA, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., (www.nichollsauction.com) announces the auction of a solid and well-maintained commercial building with a commercial kitchen, road frontage and ample parking on 9.2+/- acres in desirable Goochland County on February 17th at 10 am according to John Nicholls, president of the company.

“This rock solid building on 9.2+/- acres is well located between Broad Street Road and Patterson Avenue in one of the most desirable counties in the Commonwealth,” said Nicholls. “An amazing investment opportunity awaits the new owner”.

“The property’s highlights include an 18,734+/- sq. ft. brick building with a finished basement on 9.2+/- acres,” said Kelly Strauss, Nicholls Auction Marketing Group Coordinator. “

Other features include a 240 seat auditorium/sanctuary
– Finished basement with a commercial kitchen
– Dining hall/multipurpose room
– Numerous class rooms/offices and 5 bathrooms
– The building was constructed in in 1959 with an addition added in 1969; the property is zoned A2
– And many, many potential uses.

The real estate auction is open to the public. Brokers are reminded that pre-registration is required for compensation.

Call Kelly Strauss (540) 226-1279 for inquiries. Visit www.nichollsauction.com for more information.

Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., with over 45 years of auction superiority and over 200 years of combined experience, has been synonymous with excellence and successfully marketing and selling thousands of properties.

# # #

About Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc.

Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., is a professional accelerated marketing firm specializing in the promotion and sale of real estate via the auction method of marketing. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, NAMG has been serving the needs of the Mid-Atlantic region since 1968. The Nicholls team comprises world and state champion auctioneers, an award winning marketing staff, and sales percentages unmatched in the industry. For more information about Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., visit www.nichollsauction.com or call 540-898-0971.

Kelly Strauss
Nicholls Auction Marketing Group
540 226 1279
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Judge James Robart’s Ridiculous Travel Ban Obstruction Was a Dangerous Political Stunt, says D.C. Law Professor

Law Professors and Lawyers for Trump/Pence

Robart's Ridiculous Ruling Highlights the Need for Trump to Fill the 100 Lower Court Judgeships Now Vacant with Nominees as Stellar as Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS.

Judge Robart knew that the Ninth Circuit would not review his order until Monday. Robart purposely opened a 72-hour weekend window to allow aliens to flood in. It was a dangerous political stunt.”

— Prof. Victor Williams, Chair of Law Professors and Lawyers for Trump

BETHESDA, MD, USA, February 5, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Victor Williams, head of “Lawyers and Law Professors for Trump,” issued the following statement after U.S. District Judge James L. Robart blocked President Trump’s alien travel restriction. Judge Robart issued the order as being immediately effective nationwide, and he then refused to stay the order pending the Solicitor General's appeal to a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals (9th Circuit).

Donald Trump was elected President, in part, because he has the unparalleled ability to communicate — in 140 characters — about the Republic's most fundamental problems.

Consider President Trump’s tweets Saturday (2/4/17) regarding Judge James Robart’s ridiculous ruling:

“What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into U.S.?”

Of course, Judge Robart's decision will be overruled. A hearing before a Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit panel is now scheduled for Monday afternoon. It may be on a fast track to the Supreme Court.

But Judge Robart knew that the Ninth Circuit would not review his order until Monday. Robart purposely opened a 72-hour weekend window to allow aliens from the 7 nations to flood in. It was a shocking and dangerous political stunt.

A camera in the courtroom recorded Judge Robart’s hearing on the matter. It exposes the jurist’s ideological bias and pre-judgment regarding President Trump’s travel restriction. Below is a roughly transcribed snippet from the full recording:

Judge Robart asks Justice Department counsel Michelle Bennett how many terrorism-related arrests have been made of individuals from the 7 restricted countries since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

DOJ’s Bennett responds that she does not know.

Judge Robart quickly retorts: "None as I can tell".

Judge Robart then states:

"You're here arguing on behalf of someone who says we have to protect the US from these individuals coming from these countries, and there's no support for that."

DOJ's Bennett asserts that it is the President who is charged with making such decisions, and that the court should not "look behind those determinations".

Judge Robart responds that he is deciding if the restriction is "rationally based," and the judge then sarcastically states:

"I have to find facts as opposed to fiction."

The "someone" in Robart's reference to “someone who says we have to protect the US” is none other the Chief Executive and Commander in Chief of the United States who is vested by Article II of the Constitution with all executive authority.

Donald John Trump has the constitutional authority and responsibility to protect the American people. President Trump’s Executive Order was a prudent and measured action.

As with most smart law enforcement actions, the Trump Executive Order was implemented without warning those who would break the law and without any advance notice to those Barack Obama holdover bureaucrats still running the government who might naively aid and abet such law breakers.

Judge James Robart has a pattern of ideological bias. Robart is the same federal judge who early this year defamed Seattle police for alleged abuse of African Americans and emotionally declared from the bench that “Black Lives Matter.”

Judge Robart then threatened future punitive action against the police, and the jurist intimated that civil disobedience might be needed to enforce his will. Judge Robart actually said from the bench:

“I’m sure the people of Seattle will march behind me.”

Is there nothing that can be done about such biased lawyers on the federal bench? Frustrated, some suggest impeaching Judge Robart. But impeachment removal will not happen.

It is true that Alexander Hamilton, in The Federalist, promised that the new Constitution’s federal judiciary posed no danger of political usurpation or ideological bias because Congress would quickly use its impeachment removal power:

"[Impeachment removal] is alone a complete security. There never can be danger while … [the legislature] was possessed of the means of punishing their presumption by degrading them from their stations."

But former Attorney General John Ashcroft quite accurately stated:

"The courts have made liars of Hamilton and Madison, confirming our forefathers' worst fears — for what the Framers intended to be the weakest branch of government has become the most powerful."

Our un-elected federal judges claim life tenure of both office and salary to insure “judicial independence.”

This is meant to insulate judges from political pressures. Some say it now facilitates their political usurpation.

And no federal judge should be subject to impeachment removal for a wrong ruling. Otherwise, there were be too few judges left on the federal benches.

Sadly, our indolent Congress has proven reluctant to impeach federal judges even after they have been arrested for actual criminal activity. There was a recent example in Alabama but the judge eventually resigned.

Congress is even slow to impeach judges who have been convicted of a federal crime and sit in federal prison.

Consider the case of the felony-convicted U.S. District Judge Walter Nixon of Mississippi. Nixon continued to receive his federal judicial paycheck through the federal prison bars. With early release to a halfway house, Nixon began interviewing law clerks planning to return to the bench. Only then did the U.S. House begin impeachment proceedings and the Senate prepare to conduct an impeachment trial.

When a judge demonstrates a pattern of bias, shouldn’t the jurist at least be subjected to a public shaming.

President Trump’s tweets were thus both appropriate and effective.

Ironically, U.S. District Judge James L. Robart has performed something of a service in reminding American citizens how grateful we should all be that it is Donald Trump who will be exercising Article II, Section 2 authority to fill the over 100 empty judgeship existing on lower federal court benches.

Longtime Washington, D.C. attorney and law professor Victor Williams was an early primary supporter of Donald Trump (and conducted a disruptive legal action against Ted Cruz). Williams launched “Lawyers and Law Professors for Trump” during the general election. The campaign group is now being transformed into, and re-branded as, an advocacy platform to support the Trump/Pence "America First" administration.

Victor Williams
Law Professors & Lawyers for Trump
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Deadline Extended to Feb. 10 for Entries in the 2017 RNA Awards for Religion Reporting Excellence

Print, mobile, broadcast, photographer and author entrants have through Feb. 10, 2017 to submit work completed in 2016.

COLUMBIA, MO, USA, February 2, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — More than $10,000 in 20 award categories is up for grabs in the 2017 RNA Awards for Religion Reporting Excellence. The deadline has been extended through Feb. 10.

This year prizes will be awarded in the following categories:


– Television news magazine
– Television local news
– Television national network/cable news
– Documentary
– Radio or podcast


– Small newspapers
– Mid-size newspapers
– Metropolitan newspapers
– Large newspapers & wire services


– Feature writing
– Enterprise, series and serials
– Commentary
– News analysis
– Short video
– Online religion sections
– Photography: single image
– Photography: galleries


– Magazine news reporting
– Magazine overall excellence


– Nonfiction religion books


– Student religion reporting (student category opens March 1)


– Entry form & rules: RNA.org/contests
– Prizes: 1st ($250 + citation); 2nd ($150 + citation); 3rd ($100 + citation)
– Deadline: Feb. 10, 2017

You need not be an RNA member to enter and multiple entries per person are permitted.

Tiffany McCallen
Religion News Association
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Willing Hearts App Wins Gold Medal

Find it on iTunes and Amazon Appstores.

One of 117 pages of the app.

Shining A Light On Exemplary Christian Books

Davis Studio publishes Kindness app with Sisters of the Holy Cross

We were not prepared as nurses, but our hearts made our hands willing and our sympathy ready, and so with God’s help, we did much towards alleviating the dreadful suffering.”

— Mother M. Augusta (Anderson)

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, USA, February 1, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Louisville, KY/USA — February 3, 2017 Kindness is the new cool. In the face of difficult times in our country it is wonderful that so many people are finding a new value in kindness.

Willing Hearts, an app about the kindness of the sister-nurses of the Holy Cross, was just awarded a gold medal from The Illumination Book Awards for Exemplary Christian Books by the prestigious Jenkins Group. Willing Hearts — Sisters of the Holy Cross — Civil War Nurses is now available for mobile devices on the iTunes and Amazon appstores.

Mother M. Augusta (Anderson) remembered her first day in a military hospital, “We were not prepared as nurses, but our hearts made our hands willing and our sympathy ready, and so with God’s help, we did much towards alleviating the dreadful suffering.”

This app tells of the Sisters of the Holy Cross who served as nurses during the American Civil War. Theirs is a remarkable story of faith, kindness, courage and finding joy amidst an angry, divisive time in our country. A recent Amazon review stated, "It is hard to explain the wonder of this app, you have to experience to believe… I love it."

Willing Hearts is an immersive experience that includes period music, photographs, voice-overs by current Sisters of the Holy Cross and historic documents all woven through a poignant, creative non-fiction story. This is history presented in a unique fashion! www.willingheartsapp.com

Marie Davis
Davis Studio Publishing
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Willing Hearts — Sisters of the Holy Cross — Civil War Nurses

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