World Religion News: Washington prepares successor for its spiritual representative in Turkey

SANTA MONICA, USA, December 26, 2017 / — World Religion News has published an article, which investigates certain aspects of the current situation in and around the Ecumenical Patriarchate, its US diocese and issues of the perspective succession in Phanar.

According to the article, there can be no doubt that Patriarch Bartholomew has been long compromised with improper connections as well as different murky deals and affairs, both in church matters and in the overall political area.

The petty, under-the-carpet scheming around the possible retirement of Archbishop Demetrios of America, and the de-facto failure of the Pan-Orthodox Council held in Crete in 2016, are examples of the former, but Bartholomew has committed much worse blunders, further spoiling his own reputation and Phanar’s relationship with the Turkish authorities. The allegations about Patriarch’s association with the US special services as well as Fethullah Gülen have surfaced after the last year’s coup attempt in Turkey, reminds the author and concludes that Bartholomew has outlived his usefulness and is due to retire soon.

In this context the author proceeds to investigate his potential successors, the chief one being Elpidophoros (Lambriniadis), Metropolitan of Bursa and Exarch of Bithynia, who is a citizen of Turkey, was born in Istanbul and can boast of having excellent relationship with the Turkish society and authorities, which is not the norm for the Phanar clerics. His name seems to be without blemish, but is it due to his moral integrity or his skill in shadowy affairs, asks the author. The rest of the article focuses on several questionable matters having to do with the Metropolitan’s of Bursa financial and political dealings, as well as his possible geopolitical leanings.

Martin Banks
World Religion News
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Source: EIN Presswire