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LAKE ELSINORE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Women tend to get caught up in their everyday lives and may think about retirement, but do not take the time to plan for retirement. The one thing women have in common is they will face life transitions, such as the end of a professional career, a divorce, or the death of a spouse. Then they must face the question: what’s next? It can be overwhelming to put it all in perspective on one’s own, but when women can work with an expert skilled at guiding and directing them through this transition, they can be relieved and excited to plan their ideal retirement years.

Jan Elliott is a passionate retirement coach for women, entertaining speaker and author of the book, Faith Full Retirement. You can learn more at www.faithfullretirement.com.

“When women hire me for help in planning their retirement, we work together to establish their vision for the future, and I leave them with a blueprint for a goals-driven life in retirement”, says Jan, “After focusing on a solid Financial Foundation, we then can determine other areas of importance including Relationships, Health and Wellness or Passion, and Purpose and Prayer. I have developed systems and tools to make the planning process much easier, including my 10- step signature system for a solid Financial Foundation.”

Throughout her corporate career Jan had always worked efficaciously with women including as a distinguished keynote speaker on acute topics such as Communication Skills for Women, Professionalism, How to Be the CEO of You, INC and Money Mastery. Her inspiration to become a coach originated after her own retirement when she inadvertently found herself struggling, unprepared for the financial transition and undergoing extreme hardships which she managed to eventually overcome. This prompted her to write “Faith Full Retirement” how women find joy in their later years through proper planning of their finances also impelling her to examine retirement coaching defining her personal mission, passion, and purpose.

Throughout her corporate career, Jan always worked passionately with women in workshop settings promoting women to rise above any challenge that came her way. Her inspiration to become a coach originated after her struggling with her retirement and being unprepared herself for the transition into retirement. This personal challenge prompted her to write the book, Faith Full Retirement, which led her to her mission, passion, and purpose – to inspire women to believe in themselves enough to know it is never too late to begin again.

“All women, married or single need a retirement plan, says Jan. So often women tell me their husband handles all their finances. Women MUST begin to take responsibility to know and understand their finances. The sad reality is my research shows over 40% of women will be divorced when retired, and another 65% of senior women will end up in poverty, and those numbers are growing.”

Jan’s in-depth group coaching program for women approaching retirement or who may have already retired includes 90-minute sessions on identity, passion, purpose, emotional health, relationships, physical and emotional health along with de-cluttering, downsizing and decision-making. She offers a free session for women who want to explore her options in retirement.

“Knowing that many women in retirement or approaching retirement need help in understanding finances, relationships, health, passion, and purpose. I felt because of my struggle with retirement, along with extensive research, it was time to make my group coaching program available to as many women as possible. An online program seemed like the best way to do that. The pilot program is starting in April. I invite women who are interested in finding out more about that to visit my Facebook page or website, both named after my book, Faith Full Retirement.“

“Another of my sessions is on appearance, says Jan. It’s disheartening how women let themselves go when they retire. I help them realize their physical appearance reflects their self-esteem and self-confidence just as it did in their earlier years.”

“My signature system is The 10-Step Process to Building a Financial Foundation. The basics will be in the Group Coaching Program. For those that need to go deeper, there will be additional resources available. Once finances are in order, women then feel less anxious and can then move on to other areas of life planning. We will spend time on limiting beliefs and accountability – things we all need to address. I’m very excited to offer my women’s program, as there is none like it anywhere. Anyone who is interested in the group coaching program can listen to the interview and receive a 20% discount contacting her at jan@faithfullretirement.com.”

Jan’s book is a faith-based book founded on Christian principles which urge women to go deeper in their faith.

“I don’t want to paint a dark picture for the future, but retirement is not an easy transition. Women can take the steps needed to polish their golden years until they shine if they are committed to do so. I can help any woman with an open heart and open mind prepare to live her retirement years with grace, style, purpose, and faith.” Email her at: jan@faithfullretirement.com.

CUTV news will feature Jan Elliott in an interview with Doug Llewellyn on March 8th at 9 a.m. EST and with Jim Masters on March 15th at 9.am EST.

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You can learn more about Jan Elliott and Faith Full Retirement at: www.faithfullretirement.com.

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