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CTG – Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community

ForkDelta a premier Cryptocurrency Exchange announced the addition of CT Global (CTG) in a news release dated April 10, 2018.

Never let it be said that a small group of people cannot change the world, when in fact, it is all that ever has.”

— Margaret Mitchell

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The CT Global Token (CTG), developed by Christian Traders as "Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community" and built on the Ethereum Blockchain is fully ERC-20 compliant. Owners of the CT Global Token (CTG), may purchase multimedia advertising on the CT Global Media Network at 50% off the list price. In addition, 25% of all advertising purchased with the CT Global Token (CTG), will be used to fund C-TAP, the Christian Traders Agricultural Project in Kampala Uganda East Africa.

The Founder of Christian Traders and CT Global Media – DeWayne Reeves, published a recent article that speaks to the ability of Blockchain Technology to radically change the world as we know it. Here are a few highlights from the article.

(Original Article on Seeking Alpha)
Many scholars and economists view Cryptocurrency as the beginning of a tectonic shift in the world's definition of money. The way we earn, spend, and hold, our "storehouse of value" is rapidly changing. Cryptocurrency knows no boundaries… not geographically, or socio-economically.

It is the stuff early monetary idealists could only dream of, but which is now becoming a rapid reality for the masses. A reality only made possible by the decisions and choices of a few brave visionaries. Small communities of forward-thinking pioneers who have mined the possibilities are leading the advance. Whatever your tribe, be it BTC, ETH, EOS, or CTG (to name but a few), your actions more than your words, are paving the way.

"Never let it be said that a small group of people cannot change the world, when in fact, it is all that ever has."
Margaret Mitchell

Blockchain Technology brings opportunity, and access to world capital markets, thus creating a more level playing field for entrepreneurs and small businesses in third world countries and developing nations.

As we stand at ground zero of this fiscal revolution, we can only speculate the impact it will have on generations to come. Wealth as we know it will be redefined and I believe poverty as we know it today, will become no more than a disturbing footnote in college textbooks. (end quote – read the article in its entirety at SeekingAlpha.com)

CT Global Media continues to expand its portfolio of properties with the latest entry: http://ChristianCryptocurrency.com. There is a great debate in the Christian community – "Should Christians own, invest in, or trade cryptocurrency?". The new web property Christian Cryptocurrency will discuss this question in depth with input from both sides of the aisle. The new website also provides breaking news in both the Christian and Cryptocurrency world.

CTG is a fully ERC-20 compliant Token and trades on the ForkDelta Exchange.

To learn more, go to ChristianTraders.com and CTGlobalMedia.com and tune in to the daily live broadcast on CFRN.

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