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Alexander Scourby the Greatest Voice Ever Recorded, voice of You Bible App.

Alexander Scourby has the Greatest Voice Ever Recorded. He was the first to record the King James Bible on long play records in 1950 and is still regarded today as the “Voice of the Bible.”

Bible App of Choice for Bible App users in the Know. Go to to download the Scourby You Bible App

Bible App of Choice for Bible App users in the Know

The combination of Alexander Scourby's unequaled narration with the best Bible App Features, makes Scourby You Bible App the App of Choice by users in the know!

Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded and is the worlds best audio book narrator bar none." (Click on link in article below to read their full statement.)”

— Chicago Tribune

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, May 3, 2018 / — According to Barna Group Network, the most recent trend taking place in the world today is with the most cherished book in the world the Bible. Bible applications with names, like, Bible is, youversoin, Olive tree, Scourby You Bible App, and many others, are ubiquitously exploding on the scene creating another technological revolution in 2018 as profound as the Gutenberg press was in the 16th century.

In the last five years Bible Apps, in the hundreds of millions, have been downloaded by Bible App users, and that is changing the way believers are accessing the Bible. Nobody is anticipating the death of the paper Bible, but the Greatest Story Ever told is progressively being spiced up with photographs, video, 3-D designs, maps and web-based social networking.

According to Barna Group Network, there are over 100 different versions of the Bible in English, but the King James Bible is still the Version of Choice by Bible Readers. Bible Apps are increasingly improving and changing the way millions are accessing the Bible today. In the same way the Gutenberg press revolutionized the way people accessed the Bible in the 16th Century, Bible Apps are doing the same in the 21st century.

A Bible college student said this, "I love my Bible App since I can find what I want in seconds, it's great to have the Bible app read the Bible to me and it's a huge aid for Bible study." While many students still paged through their paper Bibles at their desks, Bible Students with Bible Apps search their mobile devices and get what their looking in seconds.

What's more, in the event they need to look up any Bible verse or search for a word, they can do it quickly as they sit in their seats in class, or with their head bowed at Church and their eyes on the Bible in their device.

Many teachers and pastors just tell their students or congregations to take out their phones and go to a certain Book, Chapter and Verse. They can even take notes and share them in real time with others instantly. It saves time and money on printed material with Bible Apps that’s now on practically on every cell phone

The Bible Verses are the engine of the Bible Apps. Bible Applications can then access those Bible verses in numerous ways to get relevant information to the Bible App user quickly. From being able to search by Book, Chapter and verse or by words, and then putting the searched for Bible Verses into custom playlists. Some Bible Apps have Bible Verse repeat feature that aids in Bible Verse memorization, or the Bible App can simply read Bible Verses read to you with text and audio synced together and auto scroll down the page.

The ways a well programed Bible App can deliver Bible verses to users is nothing short of remarkable. Something that would have amazed and confounded King James in 1611, is taken completely for granted by the average person in 2018.

The many Bible-related applications being propelled point to the technological advancement of Bible Scripture accessing since 1611, from verbal exchange to touch of the finger. It likewise mirrors our "need-it-now culture", as Christians race to be at the forefront of the technology curve. It wasn’t long ago that people use to carry their Bible to church, conventions and Bible study groups. Now the Bible is an “App” that they carry in their pockets.

According to Barna Group Network, the Scourby you Bible App is the one that has broken out and as the number 1 Bible App desired by most users. Although there are many reasons why, it’s indisputable that the one very big reason is the incomparable narration by Alexander Scourby, who is regarded as the Voice of the Bible and the very best Bible narrator in the World. The Chicago Tribune wrote that “Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded and is the worlds best audio book narrator bar none”. After listening to Scourby and many other narrators we have to concur with the Chicago Tribune’s statement.

The combination of the Greatest Voice, the Greatest Book and the greatest featured Bible App, make the Scourby you Bible the leader of the pack and No 1 best Bible app with Bible App users in the know! Theology Degrees said, "For those of you take advantage of this Bible app, you're likely to find the value of this app worth more than the cost of the device.

The Bible Version that Scourby reads is the King James Bible, according to recent studies it's the version of choice for about 59% of the Bible users. All 31,102 Bible verses in the KJV Bible is put into its own mp3 file. Users can then search for their favorite Bible verses and put those verses into custom themed playlists. The Bible verses can then be arranged within the playlists, the user can then tap the play button and the App will play back those Bible verses with audio and text synced together. No other Bible App can do that.

The Scourby Bible App is so powerful that if a user so chose, they could create a playlist called “MY BIBLE”, rearrange all 31,102 Bible Verses in a different order and the App would play it back with text and audio Synced together.

There are tons of functional features such as Custom Playlists, Bible Verse sharing, bookmarking, notes, ability to change font size on the fly, sleep timer, Bible Verse repeat for memorization, maps and more. It’s really a one of a kind app; and the icing on the cake is the unequaled narration by Alexander Scourby. This Scourby You Bible App is definitely changing the way millions are accessing the Bible.

You can go to to listen to "that voice" and get information how you can download a personal copy of the No 1 Best Bible App or the Mp3 audio Bible files as well.

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Listen to Alexander Scourby read some selective passages from the King James Bible and see if you agree with the Chicago Tribune

Source: EIN Presswire