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WICHITA, KANSAS, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2018 / — Many of us take the time to get in shape, eat healthy, and buy products to look as physically appealing as possible to attract the opposite sex. But the fact is many people are leading unfulfilled sex lives, and it’s not because of how we look. It’s about our own insecurities. Thankfully, we can turn to qualified people that can guide us to understand our frustrations and help us combat these challenging issues.

Natasha Helfer Parker is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and owner of Symmetry Solutions.

“We all inadvertently carry around sexual wounds that are based on misconceptions and shame,” says Natasha. “I am wholeheartedly dedicated to helping people heal from trauma, guilt, and misinformation that affects their ability to enjoy their sexuality with their partners.”

Many people seek her out mistakenly assuming there is something wrong with them physically, such as a negative body image, when in fact it’s more likely that anxiety, insecurities, and worries are prohibiting them from enjoying their sexuality.

“It’s disheartening to see the unnecessary guilt, shame, anxiety and despair people carry for something that’s supposed to be pleasurable and stress-relieving,” says Natasha. “My ultimate motivator is to do my absolute best to help people achieve sexual health and satisfaction.”

To gain an in-depth knowledge of any sexual hang-ups or issues you face it’s essential to educate yourself. With a plethora of misleading information online, it’s wonderful how people can easily access any answers they are seeking through Natasha’s educational website or Patreon subscription.

“It’s critical not to blame yourself if your sex life is not fulfilling due to unrealistic expectations from society,” cautions Natasha. “You need to decide what your own values are in order to discover how best to enjoy and find your own sexual fulfillment.”

Natasha tends to work with people, single and married, from religiously conservative backgrounds who have been raised with certain parameters. Many may also be questioning their faith and traditions. This prompts them to rethink many of the sexual teachings they were raised to believe in (i.e. sex outside marriage, dressing too provocatively, sexual orientation or gender identity) and whether or not they could be impacting their sexual enjoyment.

“My show Sex Talk with Natasha brings to light how to get the answers for alleviating sexual shame,” says Natasha. “It helps people to discover what healthy sexual principles are, how to better communicate with your partner, and it’s a cost-effective solution in the comfort of your own home to access the resources you need for more satisfying sexual encounters.”

According to Natasha our culture bombards us with messages about buying certain beauty products, being beautiful, and staying in optimal shape… that these are the solutions to a great sex life. But she notes how clients that come into her office that fit these cultural expectations of being attractive are not necessarily having great sex.

“With my guidance, you can begin daily, intentional and mindful practice to help yourself,” says Natasha. “We must prioritize this part of our lives because healthy, satisfying sex is worth our valuable time. There are important physical and emotional health benefits in store. This doesn’t change when we get older, face disabilities or health concerns. People should be able to enjoy their sexuality for the span of their entire lives.”

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