Teleios Research Surveys Young Christians About Sharing the Gospel

GOOSE CREEK, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, June 26, 2018 / — Teleios Research surveyed the frequency and methods used of generally younger Christians in sharing the gospel. The survey was promoted on Christian Instagram accounts frequented by adolescents and millennials. Of the 239 respondents the majority were: female (65%), <35 years old (70%), from the United States (56%), and evangelical (81%). In total, 82% thought the Bible was inerrant.

This survey showed both positive and negative results. On the positive side, most participants noted they verbalize the gospel message to an unbeliever a few times per year to a few times per month (69%) and an additional strong minority as frequently as a few times a week to every day (16%).

On average, participants indicated they did not fear verbalizing the gospel to unbelievers (64%). For those who mentioned they were afraid, the most common reasons were: they did not know what to say (66%); they might be offensive (36%); or be rejected socially (30%). Apart from fear, others indicated they rarely shared they because they could not answer objections (46%) or explain the gospel (38%).

On the negative side, about two-thirds felt guilty they did not share the gospel enough (76%) and most thought they should share more frequently (93%). Further, 20% confessed they might exaggerate how often they shared the gospel to others.

Participants noted their best way to share the gospel was by lifestyle example (29%). In contrast, specifically communicating the message of salvation was chosen by 10% (6th ranked choice overall). Participants further indicated they normally share the gospel by: (> 50% for each choice) lifestyle as well as encouraging, praying for, and loving others. Speaking the plan of salvation was ranked sixth most frequent (27%) just behind social media posts (ranked fifth at 35%).

This survey suggests that young evangelicals realize they need to share the gospel and they perceive they frequently communicate it to others. However, the manner in which they tell others the gospel rarely involves verbalizing the plan of salvation, but includes more messaging through lifestyle and encouragement.

This survey provides guidance to local churches and youth leaders as they develop their teaching plans to train young Christians specifically in the content of an efficient gospel message, how to answer objections and questions, as well as build a vision in bringing people to Christ.

All the findings of the survey can be found here as well as other findings from Teleios Research are on our website.

About Teleios – Teleios is a non-profit foundation that seeks to demonstrate the truth of scripture and the Christian faith through scientific methods by providing evidence for the positive results of a biblically-based lifestyle. Prior studies conducted by Teleios have shown that the practice of the Christian faith (praise, prayer, fellowship, service and Bible study) and security of salvation increases well-being while reducing guilt.

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Teleios Research
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Source: EIN Presswire