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Fatima Alexander, Publisher

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I’d never planned to reach so many people with my own words, but have been inspired by the experiences and achievements of so many others.”

— Fatima Alexander

ALEXANDRIA, VA, US, August 1, 2018 / — I Am Unashamed, LLC
August 1, 2018

Alexandria, VA: Noted author and journalist, Fatima Alexander, has announced August 15, 2018 as the international distribution date for the next issue of I Am Unashamed. This unique publication has not only been recognized as a magazine, coffee table book and guide to overcoming life’s challenges, this next issue continues the testimonies by and for a worldwide audience, from all walks of life, backgrounds and circumstance.

In her first book, The Faith of Hannah, Ms Alexander recounted her own life experiences and the tests of faith far beyond those of the Biblical Job. After escaping an abusive relationship, with two children in tow, this single-mom found solace and sanity in beginning a personal journal. Confronted with a series of family tragedies, trials and against all odds, Fatima has taken life’s lemons and made enough lemonade to serve everyone who has shared her thirst.

That catharsis evolved into a book and has now become an international periodical, safe haven, for both readers and contributors alike. I Am Unashamed is far more than a “magazine”. In content and esthetics, every issue is intended and designed to endure the use and abuse of “book-quality” reference volumes. What started as a “Dear Diary” concept, now reaches an ever-growing global audience, has a new state-of-the-art studio and has become a planetary mission.

Articles encompass 1st person accounts of those who have survived and thrived in spite of poverty, disability, abuse, addiction, criminal convictions and all the other obstacles that life throws at all of us.

In her most recent press interview, despite her own success story, Fatima has explained, “I’ve never considered myself to be a professional writer or journalist. I’d never planned to reach so many people with my own words, but have been inspired by the experiences and achievements of so many others. I began writing only to avoid total despair, maintain my sanity and leave a legacy to my two boys. The stories that I write are no longer mine; they are those of average folks who have accomplished heroic feats. We welcome and encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to share and be published. Only their story is important – we don’t care about spelling or grammar. Together we will find, develop and write their story the way it was meant to be told.

Past and future editions of I Am Unashamed, as well as The Faith of Hannah, are always available to both the U.S. and international markets through , , and .

Current and upcoming issues of I Am Unashamed are already in the publication process. Submissions for September 2019 are now being actively solicited. Continued success of the publication – and the lives it touches – is driven by readership and their input.

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