For Andover, MA resident Dan Gibson, Oasis of Peace Village is a continuing cause

CEO of National Loss Investigators recently returned from Kenya with renewed passion to support the Kenyan orphans who have contracted AIDS

While great strides have been made in the battle against HIV, Kenya still has the fourth largest epidemic in the world. As of 2015, 660,000 children were recorded as being orphaned by AIDS.””

— Daniel P. Gibson

ANDOVER, MA, USA, November 30, 2018 / — For Andover resident Daniel P. Gibson, a recent fundraiser to help support An Orphan's Dream was a big, important step along a continuing road – a road to provide care for the young AIDS orphans at the Oasis of Peace Village in Kenya.

Gibson, Chief Executive Officer of National Loss Investigations (http:/ in Burlington, is a champion of the Oasis of Peace Village in Embu, Kenya. As a founding member and Vice President of the nonprofit An Orphan’s Dream, the organization which raises funds to support the mission of Oasis of Peace, Gibson has had the occasion to see firsthand the work that the organization does.

He recently returned from a trip to Kenya, where he met with the organization’s founders and visited with the orphans. Seeing firsthand the challenges that these young orphans face has given Gibson a renewed passion to support the orphanage. He was one of the organizers of a recent fundraiser held at the Red Parrot Restaurant in Hull, which was attended by more than 100 people on November 18.

Gibson was joined by Oasis of Peace founder Virginia Burbank, who traveled from Kenya to help with the Hull fundraiser.

She was joined by Symon Maringa of Dracut, president of the U.S. fundraising organization, “An Orphan’s Dream.” In fact, the land on which the orphanage is built has been in the Maringa family for more than 40 years.

Gibson said, “We welcome children at the Oasis of Peace orphanage following the loss of a parent or caretaker. The reasons behind the loss are AIDS, extreme poverty, and violence. Unfortunately, the trauma of such a loss is only further magnified by the circumstances surrounding it, which too often are witnessed first-hand by the child.”

He said, “While great strides have been made in the battle against HIV, Kenya still has the fourth largest epidemic in the world. As of 2015, 660,000 children were recorded as being orphaned by AIDS.”

Gibson said that the team he works with includes “the best people in the world.” He said, “This is a selfless group of volunteers all committed to making a difference, and it’s such a privilege to be part of this effort.”

The fundraiser on November 18 raised more than $12,000, making it one of the most successful of the eight fundraisers that have been held.

An Orphan’s Dream is a non-profit organization. For more information, please visit the website at or call Kris Richards at 339.788.0384.


Dan Gibson (left) of Andover, Vice President of An Orphan’s Dream, a group which raises funds to support the Oasis of Peace Orphanage in Kenya which provides a home for orphans of AIDS families, is seen here at a recent fundraiser held at the Red Parrot Restaurant in Hull. Shown with Dan is Dick Dennis of Hingham, who is the stepson of former Boston Mayor James Michael Curley, and Bob Casey.

Dan Gibson, second from left, Vice-President of An Orphan’s Dream, a nonproft organization which supports the Oasis of Peace Orphanage in Kenya for orphans of AIDS families, is shown at recent fundraiser in Hull to support the orphanage. Shown with Dan, from left to right, are Bob Ernst; Virginia Burbank, Founder, An Orphan’s Dream; Carol Murugi, Director of An Orphan’s Dream; and Symon Maringa, President.

Jim Farrell
PR First
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Carolers Bring In the Spirit of the Holidays at Clearwater’s Scientology Information Center

The Scientology choir performing in downtown Clearwater outside the Scientology Information Center

CLEARWATER, FL, US, November 29, 2018 / — On Saturday December 1st, the Scientology Information Center will host a different kind of “miracle” during the City of Clearwater’s Miracle on Cleveland Street festival. Starting at 6pm children and their parents can enjoy old-fashioned caroling together. A reception will be held from 5-10pm.

The Church of Scientology Choir will sing traditional Holiday carols on the steps of the Information Center in Victorian-style costumes. The performers will also stroll along Cleveland Street before the concert downtown and will resume performing in the Information Center once the concert starts. Guests are welcome to sing along.

Holiday treats, including hot chocolate, will be provided at the reception for drop-in visitors and those interested in learning about Scientology.

The Info Center hosts a gallery of informational panels and a multitude of videos on display covering the beliefs of Scientology, Churches around the world and about the life and history of Scientology’s founder, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, and more.

“Christmas trees and modern day caroling emerged during the Victorian era,” said Information Center Manager Amber Skjelset. “The word ‘carol’ actually means ‘dance or a song of praise and joy.’ Thus it’s apt that we continue this joyful tradition of celebrating the Holidays through song during this holiday season.”

Continuing to celebrate the season, on December 7th, the Scientology Information Center will host a Holiday Concert with Ms. Joanie Sigal from Broadway and Beyond who will help ring in the holiday season with an eclectic mix of favorites from Broadway to romantic ballads, pop to blues with a selection of well-loved holiday favorites.

To learn more about the Scientology Information Center and future events please contact Amber Skjelset at (727) 467-6966 or email

The Scientology Information Center:
The Scientology Information Center, located in the Historic Clearwater Building in downtown Clearwater, opened on July 11, 2015, and currently houses a gallery of audiovisual displays with some 400 videos. The Center is open to all and provides a self-guided tour showing basic Scientology beliefs, Churches around the world, ongoing social programs and the life of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s founder. The Center offers tours to the broad public and civic leaders; holds concerts, theatrical performances and receptions for the community; and opens up the use of its conference room to social, civic and non-profit groups.

For more information on Scientology, visit or the Scientology Network on DirecTV channel 320, or streaming at or apps at appleTV, fireTV and ROKU.

Pat Harney
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
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SL Tamils are Inviting the U.S. to Save them from Chinese Invasion; the US Should Consider for Mutual Interest of Both

Tamils in Sri Lanka with US flag and Portrait of POTUS

Tamils are calling for US help

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 29, 2018 / — SL Tamils are Inviting the U.S. to Save them from Chinese Invasion; the United States Should Consider this for Mutual Interest of Tamils and Americans

First of all, India does not have guts to do anything about the Sri Lankan crisis or a Chinese invasion. They are a detached watcher of what is occurring in Sri Lanka.

Both major Sinhalese political parties are pro-Chinese. Clearly Ranil Wikramasinghe is the one who agreed to hand over the Hambantota port and signed a 99 years lease arrangement with China. Presently the Chinese are utilizing it as their maritime port.

As we all know, recently chosen Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa is a dear companion of China. The Chinese gave millions of dollars during 2015 presidential and parliamentary election. The Chinese aided Rajapaksa’s regime and helped him during the ethnic war against the Tamils.

The U.S. doesn't gain any benefits from Sri Lanka, but Sri Lanka utilizes the American capacity to escape from war crimes and for other trade advantage.

The Tamils are stating that Rajapaksa will receive billions of dollars from China to shroud the monetary inconveniences that Sri Lanka is confronting now. It is clear that with an additional ten years of ruling of Mr. Rajapaksa will borrow several billion dollars from China.

Tamils are terrified that Sri Lanka, in order to reimburse the loan, will give the Trincomalee harbor and numerous strategical areas in the Tamil inhibited region to China for an additional 99 years.

Tamils are strongly opposed to China’s invasion of their homeland. Any assistance given to the Tamils by the U.S. would help the international community freely use the Malakai Way sea lane in Indian Ocean. If proper a political solution is addressed, Tamils will have their territory either by US-style federalism, Bosnian-style federalism, or an autonomous nation.

Tamils do not have faith in current TNA leader Mr. Sampanthan and his assistant Mr. Sumanthiran. Many believe that these two politicians have sold out for positions and perks. In the last local election, the TNA lost its mandate from Tamils from 75% to 33%.

Now is an optimal time for the U.S. to come to Sri Lanka directly address this issue. Tamils are willing to sign 99 years of assurance from the US to shield them from China. The world will welcome the U.S. putting its full commitment into this worthy cause.

We would like to further reiterate that Tamils who have lost their loved ones, the parents of missing children and people who have lost their homes, ranches, and terrains to the Sinhalese army, are calling America to come to Sri Lanka and help.

Communication Director
Tamils for Trump
914 721 0505
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Teenager in local school reads from What are Human Rights? booklet which is published by Youth for Human Rights (YHR) and is based on the 30 articles of the 1948 United Nations document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

If 10,000 Florida youth learn their rights in just one month, imagine the impact that will have on the entire state!”

— Cristian Vargas, ED of United for Human Rights Florida chapter

CLEARWATER, FL, US, November 28, 2018 / — To mark the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), December 10th, Youth for Human Rights (YHR) has launched a Florida-wide challenge to teach 10,000 youth in the month of December what their human rights are. UDHR is a United Nations benchmark document written in 1948 that proclaims what everyone’s rights are, no matter what color, background or belief.

“If 10,000 Florida youth learn their rights in just one month, imagine the impact that will have on the entire state!” said Mr. Cristian Vargas, the Executive Director for the Florida chapter of United for Human Rights. “We will therefore provide free educational materials, posters and banners on the 30 human rights articles in UDHR and encourage bright ideas from those who want to advocate for peace and tolerance among our youth.”

So far, YHR has directly challenged schools in Hillsborough, Broward, Miami-Dade, Orange, Osceola, Putnam and Polk counties to each educate at least 500 students in December on human rights. YHR has sent these schools free educational PSAs, booklets and lesson guides on the UDHR articles as well as posters and banners promoting human rights. One participating school will show the Youth for Human Rights 30 Rights, 30 Ads PSAs once a week to their 1000-student body. Another school with a population of 3,000 students will implement a reading of the 30 UDHR human rights during their daily announcements. And yet another school is organizing a human rights march on campus.

Since the opening of their Florida headquarters in downtown Clearwater on July 15, 2015, Youth for Human Rights Florida chapter has partnered with over 1000 educators, NGOs, public officials, church leaders and community activists, providing them with free human rights educational materials to teach human rights to their youth.

For more information about Youth Human Rights Florida, or to get involved in this challenge and receive free material, please contact Cristian at (727) 265-7479, or email him at Follow Youth for Human Rights Florida on social media to stay up to date! @UHRFlorida.

About Youth for Human Rights:
Youth for Human Rights was founded in 2001 by Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, a South African educator. Wishing to change her country’s apartheid culture, Dr. Shuttleworth aimed the objective of YHR towards teaching youth their 30 human rights as laid out in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights document and thus inspire them to become advocates for peace and equality. YHR has since grown into an international movement with hundreds of chapters in over 100 nations, educating over 500 million people each year on their human rights.

Youth for Human Rights is one of eight humanitarian programs the Church of Scientology supports. It was Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard who said, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.”

Pat Harney
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
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This Holiday Season Give The Gift of What a Crock Meal Delivery Service

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The holidays are here, and there's no escaping the chaos that comes along with gift-giving for all of your loved ones. Or, is there?

Food delivery bundles from What a Crock make the perfect gift for Christmas.”

— Justin West

COLINGDALE, PA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2018 / — If you're someone who hates shopping in busy malls during the holiday season, or never know what to get the person who has everything – you may be looking for a way to make gift-giving a bit easier.

Well, what if there was a way you could give the gift of a week of delectable, prepared meals – without even turning on your oven or heading to the grocery store? Sound too good to be true?

We're here to tell you that there is a way to do just that, even if you hate cooking – and it's called the What a Crock Meal Delivery Bundles.

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What a Crock Gourmet Meals

All of our crockpot meals are chef crafted, meaning that we only provide made-from-scratch meals with fresh ingredients and no added preservatives.

At What a Crock, we are a family-owned business, which means we understand the importance of wholesome home-cooked meals that are made with real natural ingredients.

That's why we're dedicated to crafting delicious meals for families that can be cooked right in your crockpot with little preparation time. This way, you can spend more time with your family, and less time stressing over a weeknight dinner – all without sacrificing a home-cooked meal.

How What a Crock Works

What a Crock Meals to Go makes it easy to enjoy a home-cooked meal without all the stress of shopping, chopping, seasoning, and cooking.

All of our meals are cooked fresh, using only the finest ingredients and seasoning, and then immediately frozen to ensure top quality gourmet food.

Once you receive your meals through delivery or at one of our retail locations, simply store them in your freezer until ready to use.

Then, when you are ready to cook one of your meals, all you have to do is open the bag and pour the contents of the meal into your slow cooker.

After that, all you have to do is set your slow cooker on low, and follow the cook time on your instruction card.

Once the cook time is finished, all that's left is for you and your family is to enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Yep, with What a Crock, it's that easy.

What a Crock Meals Cook Time

With our What a Crock meals, there's no guesswork involved. There's an instruction card on each meal bag, so you know exactly how much cook time is required so you can have a scrumptious dinner at the end of your hectic day.

Typically, any chicken or vegetarian meal should cook for 4-6 hours, any pork meal should cook for 6-8 hours, and any beef meal should cook for 8-12 hours. All meals should be cooked on the low setting, and you can always call us if you have any questions.

What a Crock Bundle Portions

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What a Crock Bundle Delivery

At What a Crock, we handle your meals with the utmost care and put as much thought into delivering them as we do with meal preparation.

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Located in the Brookhaven, Chestnut Hill, Garnet Valley, or Quakertown areas? You can always stop in and pick up your meal bundle, instead.

What a Crock Makes a Unique Gift
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About What a Crock Meals to Go™

What a Crock began with a simple idea: produce nutritious slow cooker meals that help families save time and money. We have retail locations in Brookhaven, Garnet Valley, Ridley, Chestnut Hill and Quakertown. Make planning dinner easy without bundles. Choose from seafood, pork, chicken, sandwiches, soups, vegetables and more! Call us today at (484) 474-0451 or visit our website to place an order. Don’t forget we have gift cards!

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Today – Orthodox Jews to Protest Drafting of Females in the State of Israel

A mass demonstration will take place Today, at 4:00 PM, in front of the offices of Friends of the IDF at 60 E. 42nd Street, near Grand Central Station.

The Orthodox community has always avoided service in the Israeli army due to their belief that it is forbidden by Torah law to establish any Jewish state, or to fight wars against other nations”

— Rabbi Aron Jacobowitz

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 25, 2018 / — A mass demonstration will take place on, Sunday Novembr 25, at 4:00 PM, in front of the offices of Friends of the IDF at 60 E. 42nd Street, near Grand Central Station.

The subject of the demonstration is to protest the Israeli government’s recent policy to recruit religious females into their army, which is forbidden according to Jewish law. Those who refuse to serve are treated brutally, imprisoned or subjected to other harsh penalties. Peaceful demonstrators, who protest publicly against the government’s policy, are being met with extreme force, dispersed by inhumane means, such as horse trampling, water cannons and stun grenades, causing bodily injuries to men, women and children.

The Orthodox community has always avoided service in the Israeli army due to their belief that it is forbidden by Torah law to establish any Jewish state, or to fight wars against other nations,” said Rabbi Aron Jacobowitz, a spokesman for the rally. “Jews follow the Torah, serve G-d and are loyal citizens of the countries they reside in –that is indeed how Jews have lived historically during many centuries, including the Holy Land prior to Zionism. Zionism is a new, heretical movement that attempts to replace religion with nationalism and, in effect, destroys Jewish belief and practice. The Israeli government’s primary motive with the current forced conscription laws is to assimilate religious Jews into their culture and society.

“Anti-Zionist Jews, as conscientious objectors, deserve the right to be exempt from service in the Israeli army, as set down in UN Commission on Human Rights resolution 1998/77.

“We call upon all caring humans who value freedom: make your voices heard and send your message of protest to the State of Israel. Ask your senators, congressmen and other persons of influence to denounce Israel’s reign of terror against the Orthodox Jewish community. Demand that they grant us the elementary rights to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and above all – freedom of religion.”

For more information on the anti-religious persecutions in Israel visit: – or email

Rabbi Aron Jacobowitz
Rabbinical Alliance of the USA
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El Buda-Dharma Supremo Una Vez Más Asombra al Mundo

Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan Ciren Gyatso

Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan alcanzó el estado de liberación, falleció justo en la hora prevista.

Antes de su fallecimiento, Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan dejó una carta de despedida respetuosa. Al dejar su pincel, inmediatamente falleció y entró al estado de liberación antes de que la tinta se secara.

Después de que fue cremado, en las cenizas se encontraron flores de reliquia sin precedentes en colores verde, azul, amarillo, blanco y negro; y una reliquia dental. Tales son los testimonios que pronunció sus palabras con sinceridad y exactamente como los hechos.


Por Liu Yinghong

En el budismo, el dominio sobre el propio nacimiento y la muerte siempre ha sido una leyenda. Sin embargo, en septiembre de 2018, ¡lo vi con mis propios ojos!

El budismo fundado por el Buda Sakyamuni se ha propagado en el mundo por más de 2,000 años y se ha convertido en varias sectas y escuelas, cada una con sus propias enseñanzas y tradiciones. Los patriarcas, los monásticos eminentes y las personas sumamente virtuosas han hablado de cómo ellos mismos poseen las mejores enseñanzas, y se jactan de que ellos mismos pueden enseñar a las personas el logro y la liberación suprema. ¿Y cómo fueron los resultados?, los hechos demuestran que muy pocas personas en la historia realmente llegaron a la realización en el dharma, sin embargo, la abrumadora mayoría de las personas no han podido llegar a los logros de practicar el dharma.

Hubo quienes obtuvieron logros sobresalientes, como Bodhidharma, Hui Neng y Han Shan. En tiempos más recientes, hubo Xu Yun, Hui Ming, Sheng Qin y otros maestros ancianos. También estuvieron Guru Padmasambhava, el Maestro Tsongkhapa, el Maestro Karmapa, el Venerable Atisa, el Venerable Suchandra, y entre otros. Sin embargo, las personas de santa virtud mencionadas son tan escasas. El verdadero Buda-dharma ya está casi completamente perdido. Esto se aplica incluso a los principales líderes monásticos de la era moderna, ya que al final de sus vidas aún sufren de dolor. No lograron la liberación del nacimiento y la muerte, ni mencionar de tener control sobre su propio nacimiento y muerte.

H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III ha traído el gran Buda-dharma al mundo humano, retomó las enseñanzas originales del Buda Sakyamuni y restauró el budismo a cómo era cuando el Buda estaba en este mundo. H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III incluso indicó el Buda-dharma con camino rápido a la iluminación. Los dharmas incluyendo “El Mahamudra Supremo e Insuperable de la Liberación”, “Sagrado dharma interno tántrico jingxing”, y otros métodos de cultivación que son incomparables y supremos que conducen rápidamente al logro. Tales enseñanzas y dharmas son innumerables y fueron traídas primeramente por H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III sin precedentes.

Es ampliamente conocido que H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III ha alcanzado el pináculo del logro en los cinco vidyas y que Su Santidad tiene la santa realización de un Buda, esto ha sido validado por todo tipo de hechos. Sin embargo, siendo el escritor, me gustaría proponer una cuestión para que todos reflexionen: Los logros de H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III, al igual que los logros de Sakyamuni Buda, son los propios logros del Buda, no tiene nada que ver con nosotros. Lo que realmente nos importa es poder enseñar a los demás a llegar al logro, ¡esto es lo más importante!

Hemos hecho investigaciones los cuales revelaron que muchos ejemplos de cultivadores
enseñados por H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III lograron a la realización en el dharma. Entre ellos están los monjes Wu Ming, Yi Zhao y el Gran Venerable Yin Hai. Otros ejemplos son personas de grandes virtudes como Hou Yushan, Lin-Liu Huixiu, Zhao Yusheng y etcétera. Todos ellos pusieron en práctica las enseñanzas de H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III y obtuvieron logros sobresalientes.

Además, un discípulo de H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III, el Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan Ciren Gyatso, quien fue el presidente de World Buddhism Association Headquarters (WBAH), mostró al mundo un impresionante récord sobre el libre manejo de su propio nacimiento y muerte.

Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan había seguido a muchas figuras famosas dentro del budismo. Desde que se convirtió en un discípulo de H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III en 1995, fue como si hubiera encontrado el tesoro más raro y precioso. Su experiencia fue como la de Luosang Zhenzhu Geshe, la única Larampa Geshe entre los chinos Han, que, al responder a una pregunta de un reportero, dijo que, ¡con sus sesenta años anteriores de aprendizaje de budismo no podían comparar con un día de aprendizaje de H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III!

Desde que Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan ha aprendido la cultivación y dharma transmitidos por H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III, abandonó todas prácticas ineficaces que ha aprendido antes, enfocando solamente en las prácticas de dharma transmitidas por H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III. Su nivel de realización avanzó a pasos agigantados, alcanzando bendiciones y la sabiduría perfecta. En 2004, demostró su poder vajra en la ceremonia sagrada del baño de buda, donde levantó en público un estanque lleno de agua que pesaba más de 4,000 libras (aproximadamente 1,814 Kg).

En 2009, realizó un dharma y demostró en público que su alma espiritual pudo salir de su cuerpo, logró tomar una píldora vajra que estaba colocada a una distancia de su mano. Finalmente, alcanzó a la iluminación viendo su naturaleza original y llegó a la realización del cuerpo de dharma. Sus logros fueron registrados en los discursos del dharma guardados en la caja de plata y se han distribuido mundialmente.

En 2015, el comité de planificación y preparación para la construcción del Templo Juexing en Taiwán invitó al Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan a servir como abad del templo. En una carta fechada el 16 de julio de 2016, Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan escribió al comité y les dijo que no podía servir como abad del templo porque no tiene tales condiciones kármicas.

En 2017, según el artículo de un santo virtud Chen YiGu "Me Atrevo a Garantizar el Mérito y el Pecado, y el Néctar Otorgado por Buda", citó las palabras originales de Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan, que informaban a los practicantes budistas que el no podía esperar hasta que se establezca la base del Templo del Buda Antiguo: "Yo, Gar Tongstan Ciren Gyatso, simplemente no estoy calificado para ser el abad del Templo de Buda Antiguo…… Ni siquiera estoy calificado para ser el supervisor del templo. Además, ya no tengo las condiciones kármicas para ver y rendir homenaje al templo…… Aunque tengo el control absoluto de mi nacimiento y muerte, no estoy seguro de poder volver a este mundo humano después de haber llegado a la tierra de Buda. Porque no sé si Buda Amitabha me permitirá regresar al mundo humano para rendir respeto y postrarse ante Buda, a menos que mi maestro honrado H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III me convoca”. ¡Qué gran Buda-dharma podría lograr tal realización y predecir con confianza su propio nacimiento y muerte!

En la “Respuesta a la pregunta No. 20180102” emitida en 2018 por WBAH, se dijo: “Hoy, dos miembros de la junta directiva de WBAH fueron a preguntar a Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan, ya que algunas personas preguntan cuándo fallecerá. Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan dijo que había logrado controlar su nacimiento y muerte al practicar el dharma transmitido por H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III, y luego de realizar su último dharma, escribirá una carta de despedida y se irá, sin demorar la hora”. Al escuchar eso, los miembros de WBAH realizaron “Ze Jue dharma” donde entraron en la observación y descubrieron que Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan ya obtuvo la realización de Botón de Oro Grado 3 en Buda-dharma.

¿Por qué el Rey del Dharma fue capaz de hablar con tanta certeza? En el mundo de hoy, ¿dónde podría la gente encontrar tal Buda-dharma mediante el cual puedan controlar su propio nacimiento y muerte? Durante casi 100 años, no ha habido tal dharma que haya conmocionado al mundo. El Rey del Dharma dijo que una vez que se haya realizado el último dharma, dejaría este mundo en un estado de liberación. ¿Qué dharma estaba esperando? ¿Qué clase de carta de despedida dejaría al mundo? De todos modos, es solo una cuestión de esperar a que se realice una asamblea del dharma, rápidamente nos enteraremos si lo que dijo fue una charla vacía o una referencia a un gran dharma real.

En septiembre de 2018, Rey del Dharma suplicó a su maestro honrado H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III para convocar una “Asamblea del Gran Dharma de Ofrenda de Fuego Sagrado”, diciendo: “Con este dharma podemos probar a aquellos quienes sostienen las herencias de sectas religiosas si son santos o humanos, si ya perdieron la rectificación del dharma. Estas personas con los puntos de vista malvados y erróneos están difamando las enseñanzas de H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III por internet, y solo de esta manera podemos revelar la verdad y detener la propagación de informaciones falsas.

H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III le respondió: “Estás equivocado. Uno no debe hacer que otros se sientan mal por su propio bien. No puedo realizar ese dharma. Si tuviera que realizarlo, solo podría seguir de acuerdo con los rituales”. Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan continuó suplicando al Maestro: “Mi honrado Maestro Buda, si usted no realiza el dharma para demonstrar a si mismo, el dharma aún debe ser realizado para validar el verdadero dharma de los Tathagatas para el bien de los seres vivos en todo el mundo occidental, para así eliminar sus desastres y orar por su buena fortuna, y por mi bien, su discípulo Gar Tongstan Ciren Gyatso, quien está suplicando al verdadero dharma de Buda para poder completar los requisitos para mi realización!”

H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III luego dijo: “Dado que esto se relaciona con la gran causa de difundir el verdadero Buda-dharma en todo el mundo occidental, y por el bien de orar para que la buena fortuna beneficie a los seres vivos, no te preocupes, esta asamblea del dharma se llevará a cabo. Incluso si no lo hago, una persona de tremenda virtud sagrada lo realizará”.

El 17 de septiembre, un especialista en metalistería dirigió a un equipo para acelerar la fabricación de un caldero de bronce. El 18 de septiembre, la hermana Xuan Hui trajo trozos de madera de sándalo y carbón de leña de la residencia del Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan para quemarlos durante la asamblea.

El 19 de septiembre, se llevó a cabo formalmente la “Asamblea del Gran Dharma de Ofrenda de Fuego Sagrado” en el Templo de los Milagros Sagrados en los Estados Unidos.

El “Dharma de Ofrenda de Fuego Sagrado” es el rey de todos los dharmas para eliminar los obstáculos kármicos y aumentar la buena fortuna. Este dharma fue ejecutado con éxito por el Maestro Phapongka y Kangsa Rinpoche hace unos ochenta años en el Tíbet. Desde entonces, tanto en el Tíbet como en las regiones de los chinos Han, el llamado Dharma de Ofrenda de Fuego Sagrado ha sido algo que simplemente se describe en los libros o se describe oralmente como una práctica del dharma sagrado; es decir, no ha habido ninguna manifestación real de estados santos durante ese tiempo. Sólo se han realizado prácticas convencionales de dharma a través del canto de los rituales.

Sin embargo, el 19 de septiembre en la Asamblea del Gran Dharma de Ofrenda de Fuego Sagrado que fue realizada por una persona de tremenda virtud sagrada en el Templo de los Milagros Sagrados en los Estados Unidos, el Buda Vajravārāhī apareció en el cielo, todo su alto y enorme cuerpo azul emitía luz. En un artículo publicado en Internet se relató que vieron a Buda Vajravārāhī movió un dedo, enviando un destello de luz desde el cielo. El fuego dentro de la caldera luego se encendió inmediatamente.

Sin embargo, he entrevistado a varias personas, cada una de ellas vieron algo diferente. Algunos vieron que el Buda Vajravārāhī en color azul manifestó su aparición en el cielo. Era enorme, muy alta, extremadamente digna y majestuosa. Su cuerpo y sus movimientos cambiaron. Una red de fuego y relámpagos se arremolinó alrededor de todo su cuerpo. Tan pronto cuando el guardián de la asamblea terminó de suplicarle que encendiera el fuego, el Buda Vajravārāhī emitió un destello de luz entre sus cejas directamente al caldero de fuego. En un instante, un fuego furioso comenzó a arder. En ese momento, solo cinco pedazos de sándalo habían sido colocados dentro del caldero de fuego. ¿Cómo podría encenderse un fuego tan furioso en un instante?

Posteriormente, los demonios capturados en el interior del tazón lucharon desesperadamente por escapar, tratando de agitar el tazón para encontrar una salida. Justo en el momento en que se sacudió el tazón, el Buda Vajravārāhī envió nuevamente una llama desde sus cejas directamente hacia el tazón. De repente, se escuchó el sonido ¡Houm! el tazón emitió llamas doradas, convirtiendo instantáneamente a los demonios y al karma negro de los cultivadores asistentes en polvo pulverizado. ¡El Buda Vajravārāhī venció a los demonios, cuyas almas fueron llevadas a la tierra de Buda para ser educadas! Los casi 100 practicantes presentes que asistieron a la asamblea del dharma se sorprendieron enormemente, ¡y todos postraron sin parar a rendir homenaje!

En la asamblea del dharma, la persona de tremenda virtud sagrada anunció a los practicantes: “Esta asamblea del dharma ahora se ha realizado, Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan muy pronto dejará el mundo” .

Había sido que este fue precisamente la asamblea que Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan estuvo esperando. Cumpliendo sus palabras, el segundo día se bañó y se cambió de ropa, entró a la práctica. En frente de su asiento de meditación había un escritorio, pincel chino, tinta, papel y el corrector líquido. Escribió su carta de despedida a H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III, instantáneamente falleció sentado en un estado de liberación. Los monjes de los diversos templos se enteraron de su liberación y llegaron a donde estaba. Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan ya había sido libre al terminar de escribir la carta. En este momento, todos se dieron cuenta de que la carta que nos dejó Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan, nos señaló donde el verdadero Buda-dharma se encuentra, controlada por H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III. Es decir, el verdadero dharma es mantenido y controlado por H.H. Dorje Chang Buda III. Es lo mismo que el dharma de Buda Sakyamuni, ¡el Buda-dharma no es algo sectario sino pertenece a todo el budismo!

Los siguientes son los versos de despedida respetuosa escritos por Rey del Dharma Gar Tongstan:

Versos de Despedida Respetuosa

Maestro honrado Namo Dorje Chang Buda III,
el discípulo Gar Tongstan Ciren Gyatso ha decidido liberarse de este mundo.
Como la vida se llena de sufrimiento,
me apresuré a aprender el budismo y buscar la iluminación.
He seguido a muchos maestros:
Guang Qin, Xuan Hua, Ka Lu, y el Rey del Dharma Dilgo Khyentse.
He practicado diligentemente el dharma no-compartido “Pasos con los resultados” de la escuela Sakya, pero todo fue en vano.
Afortunadamente, conocí a mi Maestro Buda.
A través del “Mahamudra de la Liberación” que es supremo e insuperable,
y las iniciaciones y transmisiones tántricas del sagrado dharma de mi Maestro Buda,
logré el control sobre mi propio nacimiento y muerte.
Llegué al estado de la realización.
Ahora dejo mi pincel y dejaré este mundo,
entraré en el estado de liberación antes de que la tinta se seque.

¡Namo, mi beneficioso Maestro Dorje Chang Buda III!

El discípulo Tongstan se despide respetuosamente.

20 de septiembre de 2018

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Christmas Trees Arrive – One Step Closer to Winter Wonderland Grand Opening

Seventy-seven Christmas trees arrived to Winter Wonderland, which is nearing completion. Each Christmas tree will be decorated and guests can see the lights turn on at the grand opening on December 1st.

We are very excited for the grand opening on December 1st when we will light up the village and see each of the beautifully decorated trees”

— Clemence Chevrot, Director of the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, November 22, 2018 / — On November 21, seventy-seven Christmas trees were delivered to Winter Wonderland, currently under construction at the Osceola Courtyard on the corner of Drew Street and N. Fort Harrison Avenue, in downtown Clearwater. With the trees now at the site, the holiday village is almost ready for Grand Opening on December 1st. The event is sponsored by the Clearwater Community Volunteers (CCV) and the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization.

The trees arrived after a multi-day trip by truck from a tree farm in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. The staff at the tree farm maintain over 300 acres of planted trees, planting an average of 6,000 trees a year. Before the trees are placed on the truck they are carefully trimmed by hand to create a perfect Christmas tree.

“We are very excited for the grand opening on December 1st when we will light up the village and see each of the beautifully decorated trees,” said Clemence Chevrot, Director of the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center. “Each tree was grown with the utmost care. They were treated with nutrients for growth and taken care of all year so children can enjoy them over the Holidays.”

Clearwater’s Winter Wonderland, opening December 1st, is also a food and toy drive for needy children and families. Visitors are asked to bring an unwrapped toy or non-perishable food item and put it in Santa’s sleigh. All of the donations will be given to The Pinellas Sheriff’s Police Athletic League to help families over the holidays.

Winter Wonderland will be open every day from 6pm to 9pm through December 22nd, except on Mondays and Tuesdays. Admission is free but there is a small charge for some activities and the food items in the Hot Chocolate Shop (cash-only transactions).

For more information about Winter Wonderland or the Clearwater Community Volunteers, please visit

About the Clearwater Community Volunteers

Clearwater Community Volunteers (CCV) is a non-profit, charitable organization made up entirely of volunteers and was founded by parishioners of the Church of Scientology in Clearwater. CCV produces the “Ginormous Easter Egg Hunt” in Coachman Park in Clearwater every spring, Fashions with Flair fundraiser fashion show and Winter Wonderland. CCV gets their inspiration from Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s article, “Love and Help Children” in his book The Way to Happiness. CCV has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 25 years for charities such as Nourish to Flourish, Shriners Hospitals for Children Tampa, Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast, Homeless Empowerment Program, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Police Athletic League and The Children's Home, Inc., the oldest orphanage in Tampa.

Pat Harney
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
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The Church of Scientology Downtown Block Party Celebrates the Centennial of the Historic Clearwater Building in style

The Church of Scientology’s Flag Band entertaining guests at the Downtown Block Party on November 17th in celebration of the Historic Clearwater Building’s Centennial (left).

The Clearwater Building has been a part of downtown for 100 years, so it is apt for us to celebrate this anniversary with the community.”

— Nicole Biancolini, Church of Scientology Block Party organizer

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, November 22, 2018 / — On Saturday November 17th the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization celebrated the Centennial of the Historic Clearwater Building, as the highlight of its quarterly Downtown Block Party for the community. The event brought 2,000 neighbors, families and local non-profits together to celebrate. Guests enjoyed live music, carnival games, balloons, face painting, raffles and more on the corner of Cleveland Street and Fort Harrison and learned solutions for societal issues.

“We wanted to share this local milestone with our neighbors and local non-profits that help others every day,” said Nicole Biancolini, the event organizer.

“The Downtown Block Parties is something the community looks forward to. The Clearwater Building has been a part of downtown for 100 years, so it is apt for us to celebrate this anniversary with the community.”

A 1920’s theme was imbued throughout the event. The Scientology Information Center (housed in the Clearwater Building) featured a 1920s photo station where guests took group pictures and selfies with themed photo props. In addition to other activities, parked on the Fort Harrison side of Cleveland Street was a fire truck from the Clearwater Fire Department where kids got to see and “touch-a-truck.”

Participating non-profits included: A Will and Way, Inc., My Hope Chest, Veterans 4 Child Rescue, Dogs for Deployment, Clearwater Community Gardens, The Benevolution Foundation, Toastmasters, Clearwater Community Volunteers, Narconon Suncoast, Applied Scholastics Community Learning Center, and L. Ron Hubbard East Coast Theatre.

Guests also visited the humanitarian centers sponsored by the Church of Scientology: United for Human Rights, The Way to Happiness Association Tampa Bay, Foundation for a Drug-Free World, Criminon, Scientology Volunteer Ministers, and Citizens Commission on Human Rights. For those wanting to find out about these programs, guests were provided with educational materials that included drug prevention, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, non-religious moral education and Scientology Tools for Life.

The Block party concluded with its eagerly-awaited free chance drawing. Those with the lucky numbers won prizes such as movie pass vouchers, gift certificates from local participating restaurants, $100, $250, and $500 VISA gift cards.

One mother who attended the party with her kids for the first time said,
“I just moved here from Baltimore and now live in Tampa. I heard about this event from a friend of mine that works with me. I really like this event and I’m excited to go visit all of the humanitarian centers and the nonprofit organizations. Thank you for being so kind and putting this event on.”

The Church’s next Downtown Block Party will be held on February 9th in 2019. For more information about future community events or the Church of Scientology-sponsored humanitarian programs, please contact Amber at 727-467-6966 or

About the Church of Scientology:

The Scientology religious philosophy was founded by L. Ron Hubbard. The first Church of Scientology was formed in the United States in 1954 and has expanded to more than 11,000 churches, missions and affiliated groups in 167 nations. Scientologists are optimistic about life and believe there is hope for a saner world and better civilization, and actively do all they can to help achieve this. For more information please visit or

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Аарон Г. Френкель и Главный Раввин России Берл Лазар отдали дань уважения Эли Визелю накануне его 90-летия

Аарон Г. Френкель и главный раввин России Берл Лазар, кредит - Йосси Зелигер

Аарон Г. Френкель и главный раввин России Берл Лазар, кредит – Йосси Зелигер

СИГЕТ, РУМЫНИЯ, November 21, 2018 / — Вице-президент Всемирного еврейского конгресса Аарон Г. Френкель и главный раввин России Берл Лазар, вместе с другими лидерами еврейского мира посетили Сигет, румынский родной город покойного лауреата Нобелевской премии Эли Визеля, накануне его 90-летия.

Во время данного мероприятия, состоявшегося в доме Визеля, который теперь служит музеем памяти о Холокосте, Френкель и Лазар приняли участие в уникальном межконфессиональном диалоге, посвященном острым проблемам антисемитизма, ксенофобии и насилия.

Мероприятие было инициировано организациями “Марш живых” и Лимуд FSU с целью поддержки местного сообщества и состоялось всего через два месяца после того, как антисемитские граффити были оставлены на стенах семейного дома Визеля. Мероприятие проводилось совместно с участием представителей религиозных общин Румынии.

Френкель, который также является президентом Лимуд FSU, вел диалог с участниками: «Раввин Лазар и я только что приехали в Сигет из Иерусалима, у которого много имен. Одним из них является «Йеру-Шалем» – смысл на иврите «видеть единство» – «искать мира». Не секрет, что сегодня мы живем в сложном мире, который сталкивается со множеством серьезных проблем. Поэтому у нас миротворческая миссия, и мы должны жить, подавая пример всем, от молодежи до взрослых, нашими действиями и поведением».

Френкель уточнил: «Когда в Йом-Киппур князь Монако присоединяется к нашей церемонии, это знак для всех, чтобы стремиться к миру и единству. Когда президент Путин приезжает на церемонию зажжения свечей Хануки или встречается с премьер-министром Израиля Биньямином Нетаньяху в музее толерантности в Москве, это знак для всех, как вести себя. Каждый из нас должен стремиться показать пример другим, а также создать хороший тон того, как мы все должны действовать и вести себя».

Френкель также рассказал участникам о наследии Эли Визеля: «Он всегда искал мира. Он был воином за справедливость, воином за единство и, прежде всего, примером великого Человека. Мы обязаны следовать по его стопам, чтобы достичь мира и добра для всех в этом мире».

Раввин Берл Лазар, который также участвовал в диалоге, рассказал собравшимся о его связи с этим местом: «В сердце моего прадеда Сигет занимал особое место. Он часто говорил мне, что этот городок – часть богатой духом нации. В то же время Холокост является частью ее истории, и поэтому важно помнить, что произошло здесь, и нести послание в будущее – сделать все возможное, чтобы остановить антисемитизм».

Лазар также добавил, что «еще важнее узнать, кто именно научил ненавидеть того человека, который нарисовал граффити на стене дома Визеля. Ненависть ведет к убийству, убийство ведет к разрушению и, в конце концов, проигрывают все. Поэтому самым важным уроком, который нужно извлечь, является стремление к миру и дружбе и проповедь понимания и любови».

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