Money Doctor Neil “Doc” Gallagher makes Fox Business News Debut

Money Doctor Neil Gallagher

The founder, president, and CEO of Gallagher Financial Group Inc., will be having his first Fox Business News interview on Monday, November 5th.

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2018 / — Money Doctor Neil Gallagher, founder, president, and CEO of Gallagher Financial Group Inc., as well as successful entrepreneur, investment counselor, and financial retirement planning specialist, will be making his Fox Business News Debut on Monday, November 5th. The interview, which focuses on the release of Gallagher’s newest edition of his book Jesus Christ Money Master: Four Eternal Truths that Deliver Personal Power and Profit, will play the first Saturday in December.

In his book, Dr. Gallagher discusses the advantages of someone putting Christ in the center of spending habits. “If the whole world is His, including our money, it just makes sense to look to the owner of all wealth for direction on how to use it,” states Dr. Gallagher. His book seeks to guide readers towards finding profitable solutions that are in line with God’s plan. It does this by applying the teachings of Jesus and translating biblical principles into modern financial wisdom.

Neil Gallagher has worked in the financial field for more than two decades, managing over one billion in assets and serving over one thousand clients world-wide. In addition, he also hosts weekly radio programs covering financial communication, the psychology of investing, wealth creation, family enrichment, and the importance of estate planning. He was recently awarded the Best of Los Angeles Award – “Best Financial Planner – 2018”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community. Through it all, faith has always been one of his most important values.

“Our decisions with money impact countless other aspects of our lives,” explains Gallagher, “We need direction in this critical area, and the perfect model to follow is Jesus Christ, the greatest teacher of finance and everything else that has ever lived.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress, an American Pastor and a reader of Dr. Gallagher’s book, praises, “Dr. Gallagher reminds us that when we follow God’s instructions for money management, we can experience his blessings now! I highly recommend this book.”

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