Cremation Jewelry Can Be Key to Healthy Mourning

cremation jewelry

Wearing Ash Cremation Jewelry

cremation jewelry

Cremation Ash Jewelry

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Closure when wearing Cremation Ash Necklaces

Grief is a deep emotional part of our being a healthy way to morn can be to have your loved ones ashes close to your heart.

We at believe it can be healthy to wear cremation jewelry in public to bring closure during the time of a loss.”

— Ralf Heckenbach

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 6, 2018 / — Cremation Jewelry Can Be Key to Healthy Mourning

More and more these days, experts in psychology, sociology, and other related fields say our modern idea of what it means to mourn or grieve in a healthy way may need some adjusting – and the cremation ash jewelry may be a key to that.

For years, experts have said that “closure” – defined by a Psychology Today blogger as “a letting go of what once was” – is an important part of the grieving process. And, in fact, closure has been often said to be synonymous with “acceptance,” the final stage of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's famous five stages of grief (the other stages being denial, anger, bargaining, and depression).

But in a TEDx talk in 2012, sociology professor Nancy Berns became among the first experts to raise a challenge to that idea. “What would happen, if rather than telling people to put a lid on their pain, we open the box and listen to people’s stories,” Berns said in a blog piece in which she shared a video of her talk.

To prove Berns' point, bloggers have now taken to the internet to share his or her story of the death of a loved one and has testified that telling the story publicly – and then being asked to revisit it over and over again by people who have been blessed by the story – can result in a powerful healing.

The still-often-misunderstood phenomena of cremation jewelry such as that sold by online memorial products retailer has the potential to inspire such stories.

These elegant pieces, filled with small amounts of a loved ones' cremation remains, can be stored in a stylish display case in a family home and/or worn in public. Either way, they have potential to be conversation starters, and those conversations can lead to healing stories of a person's loving experience with his or her deceased friend or family member. And, as experts observe, such stories beget even more stories, and the cycle of healing can accordingly be endless.

It's true that many memorial products customers – purchase cremation jewelry with the intention of wearing their piece privately underneath their clothing, and experts in the field such as say this can be as healthy of wearing it publicly. In a nutshell, grief is as deeply individualistic as an emotion can be, and its manifestation can be healthy, no matter what form it takes.

So, no matter the choice – whether it be to wear the jewelry privately or to display it openly so as to inspire conversations that have potential for healing – consumers who purchase cremation jewelry can rest well in the knowledge that healing is likely forthcoming.

And, if one happens to decide to be public with the piece, it may be comforting to know that the questions it will no doubt inspire will likely lead to great conversations, with healing at their core, for years to come. What a great way to honor the blessed life of a beloved family member who has passed away!

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