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Reverend Mark B Safeek

God’s Healthcare

SafeCare 4th Anniversary Edition

God’s Healthcare – The Intersection of Technology & Faith

When we take the time to really think about technology from a biblical point of view, we learn that technology is a God-given gift”

— Reverend Mark B Safeek, The SafeCare Group Board

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, USA, July 11, 2019 / — SafeCare magazine announced today the release of its special fourth anniversary edition taking a deep dive into tech, faith, and God.

"Technology has led to remarkable advances in medicine and has given us the ability to extend physical life to years we couldn’t imagine a century earlier," stated Reverend Mark B. Safeek. "However, the whole person consist of physical, emotional, social, and yes spiritual. Because of the soulless nature of DaVinci robots and other medical technology, caregivers are now looking to medicine's Divine roots for relief."

SafeCare presents a detailed array of articles that delve into the Intersection of Technology and Faith. To explore these issues, there is a riveting interview with Reverend Mark B. Safeek, a retired clergyman and The SafeCare Group founding board member.

Reverend Safeek stated, "Given the immense power for good and the incredible attractiveness of today's dazzling and elegant technologies, technology is attractive because of the God-given allure of the new thing. Slowly, we are developing machines and other things that make up a human’s likeness over time. I guess this is where we are heading after all: The quest to knowing and understanding God. When we take the time to really think about technology from a biblical point of view, we learn that technology is a God-given gift."

SafeCare delves into contempt for religious values in the article Catholic Healthcare – The ACLU’s War On Faith. The article draws attention to the ACLU's legal war on Catholic faith and moral exemptions – often referred to as conscience clauses or faith refusals. Additionally, this edition features others articles discussing topics that cross politics and patient care including Migrant Workers & Healthcare, Healthcare’s Veil of Silence, and Norwegian Integrated Healthcare.

We appreciate our readers and strive to deliver information on the people, ideas, organizations and novel technologies affecting safe, efficient, and quality healthcare to the sector’s most influential leaders. Thus, feedback from subscribers and advertisers alike are welcome, as their input is highly valued.

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