Trump's Verbal Blasts Endanger America's Schools: Award-Winning Poem On Non-Violence Is An Antidote

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Not all students greet the new year in excited anticipation. Many skulk on campus harboring leftover issues. Others want power by "activating" Trump's words.

Schools are as unsafe as the homes they serve, and if the President's home–the White House–is unsafe by his actions, his swamp gas-inspired words must not endanger the students of this nation.”

— James E. Shaw, Ph.D.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 26, 2019 / — A former school district administrator warns that "President Trump has spiked the temperature of an already-hot summer and weaponized power-craved students with his verbal utterances," as many schools begin the new academic year in the middle of a hot August. Dr. James E. Shaw, former Director of Child Welfare and Attendance at the Norwalk-La Mirada USD, in California, adds that not all students greet the new school year brimming with anticipation. Many harbor resentment and hurt over unresolved personal issues." Shaw says that this latter category of students "sees an opportunity to 'seize and activate' Trump's verbal slingshot, 'go-back-to-your-country', that he shouted in a public attempt to slander four Congresswoman, all American citizens."

Shaw, now a professor of Psychology and an expert witness for the nation's Superior Court system, is also the "Editor's Choice" winner in the National Library of Poetry's contest for his poem stressing nonviolence, "Hands Are For…"

Shaw further states that "while it may bolster President Trump's immeasurably fragile ego to mindlessly fire off verbal soundblasts at intended human targets, to thrill and delight his audiences," his loyal staffers ought to confront and inform him that "school children comprise a vital and important demographic" in the nation's population. "Students craving power and attention, such as some California students who this month (August) broke out into Nazi songs as they hysterically waved Nazi flags, can pollute the campus environment and jeopardize the health and safety of others," says Shaw. "Just as students in every state often copy their favorite football, baseball, or soccer star, our schools also have students who will copy, emulate, and enact the harmful swamp gas verbiage of the President."

Shaw says that school principals are the commanders-in-chief of their campuses. "Despite the President's swamp gas effects that have already incited campus violence, social antagonism, and group conflicts," only school principals and other administrators can repeatedly emphasize the rules and, subsequently, discipline students who refuse to obey them. "Schools are as unsafe as the homes they serve, and if the President's home–the White House–is unsafe, such that he loses control of rational thought and word, schools simply cannot let him verbally continue to light the fuse of anti-social, dangerous and violent behavior in which some students feel quite comfortable, if not desperate, to engage in. Being safe at school, every day in every way, is every American student's right to expect and enjoy," says Shaw.

Shaw's poem, "Hands Are For…" is published by the nation's most popular website for teachers: Published with a 12-point lesson plan, it is for kindergarten through high school. Shaw says, "America can no longer wait until our students are a mere couple of years from voting before we decide to teach them nonviolence and violence prevention. Such teaching has to be embedded throughout our entire curricula just as the oxygen in the air we breathe."

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