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By Hong Tai, World Peace Development League

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2019 / —

Peace, a magnificent yet tiny word
Peace, a near yet far state
People who have peace cannot feel its weight
But those who lose peace see it as an unreachable dream

If I could, I would wish for no one on earth to ever feel the heavy weight of losing it
If I could, I would wish for peace to be just a beautiful word of compliment
If I could, I would wish for peace to be like the body of a healthy person
— Holding up the spirit of everyone in the world
— Nurturing the soul for each of us on earth

Peace should not become a magic wand for conspirators
Peace should not be but a distant dream during turmoil
Peace should not be like a pretext
Peace should be cherished by everyone
Peace should escape the setback of heavy suffering
Peace should become a pursuit, with the light of history shining upon reality

Even a belief, a belief in human self-salvation
That is to abandon killing
To despise idiocy
To punish chaos
And to commiserate with the suffering
How much do humans desire peace?
Perhaps just like darkness chasing the moment of daybreak

Humans need that ray of morning light to hold up their faith
Peace is a noble noun, a warm verb
It is also an adjective that will not feel abrupt in any corner of the world
In thousands of years, how many natural disasters have occurred from human error?
And how many bloody wars began with greed?

The fission of human nature will destroy Tao and virtue
The demise of morality will lead to decay of nature, causing violent geographic change
At this time, spirituality will dissipate and disappear

If peace cannot last forever, nature will surely bring disaster
If peace evaporates, everything will be all too late
Only peace can calm calamity
Only peace can debut a new era
Because we need peace in a world that is deteriorating
Because when the war is ravaging, we long for peace
Because in a chaotic situation, we call for peace

Peace is the cornerstone of human existence
It is a bridge for generations to pursue goodness, and connect soul and reality.
Peace promotes love for the people and the country
Peace accumulates universal wisdom, applicable everywhere
Peace has never been a substance, possessed by only certain people
She is pure beauty and great love that every living soul should enjoy
Peace is just, equal, universal and righteous
She is mighty, full of light and hope
She has passion for life, and tramples darkness.

At the core of the soul is the awareness of love
Only in the world of love can all people cohabit with mutual benefit,
unite and forge ahead, sharing prosperity and joy
Only in the world of love can people achieve peace
Only in the world of peace can a great era of civilization be created

Peace is mighty because
She can establish a united world
Because of peace, all people can connect with one heart
Because of peace, all civilizations and religions can gather under one roof
Because of peace, all ethnicities will no longer be biased
Everyone can enjoy a peaceful world and joyful life
Therefore, our world needs peace

Peace is a great and neutral voice
She represents the interests of all mankind
She never divides, nor is she ruthless
She never becomes a civilization or a religion
But she embraces all beliefs and carries everything
She will transform into all kinds of voices
And these voices will eventually be attributed to peace
Because this is love from the original source
It is the spring of life, a sweet dream

In the age of peace, we must firmly remember peace
In the age of chaos, we should build peace
In the age of prosperity, we always defend peace
In the age of bloodshed, we fight for peace
Because the peace must become the sun
Shining into every corner of the land
Because of peace, we can morph into faith
Filling every dark and damp corner
Illuminating the bright future of mankind

For the sun will always be sunny
And the blue sky will always be the blue
For harmony and peace, and common prosperity and enjoyment
For the shared community of humanity, and the great era of civilization
This is our original human dream and pursuit
Therefore, only peace can construct all of our dreams
Only peace can give birth to all beautiful visions
Only the principle of peace can be everlasting
Only peace can bring all to the source, and enable east-west communion
When we unite all forces of peace and jointly enjoy its beauty
When the consciousness of peace permeates each person’s heart
Can the longing of each person’s heart exerts unsurmountable power
To transform into light and love at the new juncture of the earth

What on earth is peace? Peace has never been a substance
She simply teaches us the unity of heart and source,
the ultimate goodness and beauty,
the convergence of all beings and the acceptance of all things
Ending all disputes and building harmonious lands are both laws of peace
For a brighter future of mankind
For resolving past and future crises
We must call for lasting peace, generation after generation
We must tirelessly chase the footsteps of peace
If one day peace does not return to its original place
That day must be the day to fight for peace!

Jing Zhao Cesarone
World Peace Development League
+1 312-316-0379
email us here

Source: EIN Presswire