Natalia Geiger of Transpersonal Coaching for Life & Leadership to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MARBELLA, SPAIN, November 25, 2019 / — After severe injury to her foot, Natalia Geiger’s doctors told her she would likely never walk again. Her best-case scenario would be a limp. Today, Natalia hikes, runs and wears heels. She says she owes it all to a transformative experience.

“The power that we have to heal ourselves, to grow, to evolve is really mind-blowing,” says Natalia. “It confirmed how powerful the inner work that we can do with ourselves is, how interconnected our body, mind, emotions and spirit are, and that we create our reality.

Prior to her recovery Natalia had already begun transitioning into helping others through coaching.

“I was feeling very unfulfilled with my work, but at the same time I was terrified of making a change, of stepping out of that comfort zone,” recalls Natalia. “I wanted to move forward, but I was feeling internally unclear and blocked.

“This block manifesting itself in my injury. It invited me to stop, look within and get clear. Now looking back this was a blessing. It allowed me to discover my life purpose: to help people live more peacefully and navigate life’s challenges, I began to share what I was discovering that worked through my own inner work. I learned how to cultivate my inner resources: acceptance, self-kindness, compassion, trust, forgiveness, courage. This taught me that the inner peace, joy, sense of belonging and fulfilment, that we are all searching for, do not depend on external circumstances. It’s an inside-out job. When you change the way you think and relate to reality, your reality changes. Eventually I decided to make a living from supporting others to improve their life and make the changes they want, by becoming certified as a coach.”

Today, Natalia is the founder of Transpersonal Coaching for Life & Leadership, where she works with individuals & leaders around the globe.

The word “transpersonal” means “beyond the self”. It can be understood as the process of transcending your identification with the mind and your conditionings in order to discover and re-connect with your true essence and experience higher states of inner freedom, wholeness, and fulfilment. It’s a process of self-discovery and inner work with awareness, by which we elevate our consciousness, becoming more authentic, compassionate, and kind with ourselves and with others, transcending our sense of separateness and becoming more resourceful and resilient towards life: Key in today's world for personal well-being, professional success and the evolution of humanity.

“What makes my work unique is the way I combine professional coaching certified by the International Coach Federation with the transpersonal inner work.” says Natalia. “It's a powerful and permanent way of transforming those layers that get in the way, those beliefs that no longer serve us.”

The experience is going to support you to create self-awareness and clarity, cultivate your inner capacities, identify next steps to get you were you want to be to and experience greater inner peace and fulfilment. Natalia says that by learning to work on themselves and elevating their consciousness, her clients learn to be more loving to themselves, which then radiates outwards to others.

“I'm most proud of the inner work that I've done (and continue to do) on myself, the healing that I've done, the fact that I was able to take full ownership of my life, healing myself and launching my business,” says Natalia. “I’ve taken that leap to share this with the world to help others take the leap for themselves & to contribute to the creation of a more conscious, compassionate and sustainable world.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Natalia Geiger in an interview with Jim Masters on November 26th at 2pm EST.

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