World Renowned Animal Communicator and Psychic Shirley Scott to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

IMNAHA, OREGON, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2020 / — Animals communicate with each other through sound, body language, telepathy and pheromones.

So as much as we love our pets, there will always be the language barrier.

Imagine if we could understand. Imagine how our relationship with our pets would grow if we could clearly understand their needs.

Shirley Scott is a world renowned animal communicator and psychic.

“If you are in the present moment with your dog and you really listen, you can tell what your dog is thinking, what he wants before he wants it,” explains Shirley. “It takes practice, but it also takes getting out of the way of your human rationalization.”

As an animal communicator, Shirley honors the animal’s point of view.

“Animals have as much free will as we do. They reason. They have emotions. They feel things,” says Shirley. “The biggest difference is what they feel they need for survival, but every animal is an individual. Their experiences influence their personality and behavior the same as in humans. I’m able to communicate with them on their level, and this allows me to communicate their feelings to their owners, so they have a better understanding of their pet’s actions or moods, even health issues.”

Shirley’s journey in animal communication began 20 years ago following a near-death experience.

“I had had an allergic reaction and the paramedics were four minutes away,” recalls Shirley. “I watched them work on my body from above.”

Shirley was 30 seconds away from coding, when she was brought back to life with psychic gifts. Soon after, Shirley started reading people, and later, animals.

“It's something that is really hard to explain of course,” says Shirley. “I receive thoughts from the animal after I've asked them a question, and because it's energy, telepathy, there are no boundaries. I can feel what the animal is feeling, and my spirit guides translate the words.”

And it’s not just dogs and cats; Shirley has given readings to alligators, cougars and horses.

“This is the deepest empathy,” says Shirley. “Animals can help us heal in so many ways if we expand our imagination and appreciate the interior life of other living creatures.

CUTV News Radio will feature Shirley Scott in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on January 7th at 2pm EST

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