Simple Tool Helps Churches Produce Interactive Online Services For Free

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Church Service Planner Homepage

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Church Service Planner Sample Service

Creating a Church Service

Creating a Church Service

Due to COVID-19 churches have had to start delivering services and meetings online. A website developer in Yorkshire has built a tool which makes it simple.

I wanted to build something which would make lives easier at this difficult time – to help people feel connected with those they would normally see face to face.”

— Jack Barber

WHITBY, NORTH YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, March 26, 2020 / — Over the last couple of weeks churches around the world have had to work out how to deliver Sunday services, small group Bible studies and other meetings online. For many this has meant adopting tools such as YouTube and Zoom. Despite the proliferation of communication technology, putting together interactive online church services remains a difficult task for many. This is especially true for many of the smaller independent churches around the world who do not have the skills or resources in-house to produce this kind of service.

At the same time, most Christians are used to meeting together regularly. The social distancing rules now being implemented across many nations is having a huge impact on the capacity for people to meet together. This is of particular concern for older people – now isolated in their homes and without the regular human contact that being part of a local church affords.

In an effort to make it easier for churches to produce and deliver online services and meetings, a website developer from rural North Yorkshire has built an innovative solution.

Jack Barber is a busy father of four and an active member of his local church. He has spent his career building websites for local businesses and organisation on the Yorkshire coast, based in Whitby. With churches moving their services online Jack realised there was an opportunity to provide a simple way for church leaders to produce services from a variety of online content. Single videos, or Bible passages are easy to share via email or social media. But when it comes to being able to easily share a more complex variety of online content with church members, few options are really user-friendly.

In order to make life easier for both church leaders and members Jack built a tool which aims to solve some of these problems.

Church Service Planner is a website churches can use to produce online services. Services can include a variety of content assembled in an easy to digest format. Text, videos from YouTube or Vimeo and links to other resources on the internet such as articles, blog posts, activity sheets or even Zoom meetings can all be included. Services can be short – just a single video for example, or contain multiple videos, Bible passages and more. There is no limited to the amount of content which can be included in each service and users can simply drag and drop content to re-order their service. Demo service plans can be viewed via the website.

The system has been designed to be as simple as possible. It’s free to use, so church leaders are encouraged to visit the website and give it a try. When it comes to sharing online services or meetings, a single link can be emailed to church members or shared via social media. This ensures that even those who struggle with technology can benefit and they can access the services from any device.

Jack hopes that the website will be widely used and be of great benefit to the global church during the COVID-19 outbreak. More features will be added in the coming days, giving churches even more tools to help their members feel connected with one another during this time.

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