Inspiring New Book "Sheep, Herders, Wolves" Available Now for Free

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Powerful New Book Available Now

Scott F. Paradis’ “SHEEP HERDERS WOLVES – Why We Are Where We Are: A Modern American Fable,” is a story of hope in tumultuous times.

Superbly crafted story…positive view of the future…ultimately a victory of the people…highly recommended.”

— Charles R. Stone

EAGLE RIVER, ALASKA, USA, April 1, 2020 / — Scott F. Paradis is proud to present his newest book. “SHEEP HERDERS WOLVES – Why We Are Where We Are: A Modern American Fable”.

By means of a simple, potent narrative “Sheep Herders Wolves” shines a spotlight on why the United States is in the mess it’s in politically and economically despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Political power and economic assets are concentrating in fewer and fewer hands. The powers that be – the people at the top – would have Americans believe that before the pandemic the United States was experiencing its best economy ever. That just isn’t so. Even without the pandemic eighty percent of Americans are losing ground to the onslaught of wolves ravaging the productive class; and the typical American can’t figure out why.

“Sheep Herders Wolves” explains by means of a thoughtful, thought provoking, potentially scary and inspirational story why the average American is struggling with divisive politics and winner-take-all economics and who really holds the power.

“Sheep Herders Wolves” is free and available for download until April 5th at

“Sheep Herders Wolves” is rated a 4.8 by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what some readers have said:

“Inspirational and uplifting…should be required reading…renewed my faith in society and all that is possible…” – Kim S.

“Fitting for the times. When divisiveness seems to permeate civic discussion and our friends, neighbors, and even family seem lined up against each other, this story provides hope and an alternative perspective. Well done and easy to read.” – SOstlund

“Great read. Interesting, very thought provoking and on target for today’s world.” – Kindle Customer

About the Author: Scott F. Paradis is a leader, thought provoking author and inspirational speaker. He completed a thirty-plus year career with the United States Army rising to the rank of colonel. He worked at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill where he served as a Congressional Fellow with the United States Senate. He also served as a National Security Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Scott believes in principles of truth and justice and sees opportunity at every turn – if we choose well. “Sheep Herders Wolves” is his ninth book focused on the principles of leadership and success.

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