HealthCare Chaplaincy Network Announces Wellstar Cobb Hospital Wins Excellence in Spiritual Care Award

Rev. Raymond G. Coffman and Rev. Dr. Yolanda Davis show off their Excellence in Spiritual Care Award given by HealthCare Chaplaincy Network.

Our entire team has worked hard to integrate spiritual health and chaplaincy into our overall healthcare delivery, and we are honored to be recognized for our achievement.”

— Rev. Raymond G. Coffman, Wellstar Cobb spiritual health team manager

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 / — HealthCare Chaplaincy Network (HCCN) announced Wellstar Cobb Hospital successfully renewed their Excellence in Spiritual Care Award. It is the first institution in the state of Georgia to receive this award.

Wellstar Cobb Hospital is applauded for adopting a philosophy of "providing world-class healthcare to every person, every time" that includes spiritual care as a vital component of caring for the whole person.

“This award sends the message that the Wellstar Cobb organization has developed a firm strategy to ensure effective spiritual assistance to its patients,” said the Rev. Eric J. Hall, HCCN’s president and CEO.

The Excellence in Spiritual Care Award is a prestigious recognition of an organization’s excellence in spiritual care. The award signifies that an organization is committed to addressing patients’ spiritual and religious needs through the best practices in spiritual care. The standards of excellence include: employing an interdisciplinary approach to spiritual care; engaging in quality improvement projects; and the strategic deployment of chaplaincy care resources.

“We care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. We are dedicated to helping our patients and team members find comfort and deeper meaning by offering best practices in spiritual care,” said the Rev. Raymond G. Coffman, manager of Wellstar Cobb Hospital’s spiritual health team. “Our entire team has worked hard to integrate spiritual health and chaplaincy into our overall healthcare delivery, and we are honored to be recognized for our achievement.”

Members of the award-winning team include: Rev. Raymond G. Coffman, Manager of Spiritual Health; Rev. Dr. Yolanda Davis, Staff Chaplain; Brandy Amandolia. R.N., Manager Accreditation & Licensure; and Rev. William Austin, Spiritual Care Volunteer. Callie Andrews serves as the President of Wellstar Cobb Hospital.

Wellstar Cobb is a "Top 100" rated, 382-bed hospital that serves South Cobb County's health needs, including cancer and cardiac programs, a private maternity center and accredited total joint program.

About HealthCare Chaplaincy Network
The HealthCare Chaplaincy Network is a nonprofit health care organization that helps people and families faced with the distress of illness and suffering to find spiritual comfort and meaning. HCCN provides clinical pastoral education, continuing professional education, and research on the effectiveness of chaplaincy care. For more information, visit or call 212-644-1111.

Molly Sabala
HealthCare Chaplaincy Network
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Evangelist John Dye Debuts Most Anticipated Spiritual Edification

Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide

"The motivational speaker, Evangelist John Dye, launches his enchiridion for Spiritual Enlightenment entitled, Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide"

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / — Recently released by Evangelist John Dye, “Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide” rekindles the spiritual relationship of each person with God. The book grants its readers an intrinsic journey, guiding them into the pinnacle level of self-enlightenment. As a spiritual counselor himself, Evangelist John Dye seeks to share his deep understanding of each step of this internal journey, leading you closer to God.

Millions of people across the globe have asked existential questions about life and faith – the intertwining philosophy of existentialism. Seeking the answers to these questions takes time, which frustrates and places a person in a constant state of struggle. Evangelist John Dye understands this constant internal dilemma, which pushed him to publish his book “Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide”.

Just like how the sun finds its way to the thinnest of cracks, God’s presence extends to perpetuity, constantly finding its way to each person. “Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide” helps its readers identify these spiritual opportunities for you to open up.

Evangelist John Dye is constantly in touch with the spiritual needs of people, allowing him to deliver the truth with core-affecting lines.

“Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide” is now available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble in different formats to suit the needs of each reader. Also on

About the Author

Evangelist John Dye is a model, actor, motivational speaker, and spiritual counselor, who constantly associates in the spiritual needs of many; seeking the will of God and his grace. His passion in listening to the needs of others has led him to do multiple radio and TV interviews, which in turn has made him realize his calling to write this spiritual guide for everybody.

As he shares a path to every person on how to connect with God in their way, Evangelist John Dye believes that each individual has their spiritual path to take. And it is his utmost pleasure to steer your direction towards spiritual edification, awareness, and growth.

It has been said without a vision the people perish, but Evangelist John Dye has brought us a vision and the truth from God that we should listen and respond too for a change. (Order your copy now)

Mary Mason
Book-Art Press Agency
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Florida Scientology Volunteer Ministers Preparing for 2020 Hurricane Season

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / — As the Natural Hurricane Center announced several storms forming in the Central Pacific, Pacific Eastern and Atlantic, the Volunteer Ministers of Florida are conducting a hygiene supplies drive. The VMs are packaging donations of soap, toilet paper, tooth brushes, tooth paste, and other vital personal items into thousands of hygiene kits that will be provided to people in shelters or those who may lose their possessions because of a catastrophe. Donations are accepted at the Volunteer Ministers center, 101 N. Fort Harrison Avenue downtown Clearwater every day from 2PM to 7PM.

“The challenge is to have supplies ready, all the materials, tools and the organization in place so we can hit the road at a moment’s notice to provide the needed assistance,” says Glendy Goodsell, Volunteer Ministers Executive Director.

For more information on the VMs or how to donate hygiene supplies, call 727-467-6965 or email

Scientology Volunteer Ministers:

The Scientology Volunteer Minister (VM) program was launched more than thirty years ago, in response to an appeal by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Noting a tremendous downturn in the level of ethics and morality in society, and a consequent increase in drugs and crime, Mr. Hubbard wrote, “If one does not like the crime, cruelty, injustice and violence of this society, he can do something about it. He can become a VOLUNTEER MINISTER and help civilize it, bring it conscience and kindness and love and freedom from travail by instilling into it trust, decency, honesty and tolerance.” The program has adopted the slogan “Something Can Be Done About It”. At the Scientology Volunteer Ministers center in downtown Clearwater, VMs are trained in the 19 chapters of the Scientology Handbook, basic first aid, and safety techniques.

Glendy Goodsell
Volunteer Ministers
+1 727-467-6965
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Russian Icon Offers Advisory Services in the Field of Antique Icons

Russian Icon offers bespoke advisory services in the field of antique Russian icons to assist clients interested in selling or expanding their collection.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / — In cooperation with the leading experts, Russian Icon offers bespoke advisory services on the purchase, sale, and valuation of antique Russian icons to assist clients interested in selling, expanding, or starting their own collection of religious icon art. This includes analysis of the market, as well as due diligence on antique icons. We also provide our clients with professional collection management and curatorial services, help with exhibition and publication, and many more.

Established by the Russian icon expert and collector Oleg Kushnirskiy, Russian Icon is an online gallery focused on the preservation and collection of rare and unique pieces of Russian icon art. We particularly specialize in 18th-19th century icons created in Palekh, Kholuy, Mstyora, Vetka, Guslitsy, and other famous iconographic centers of the Russian Empire, but also work with much earlier examples of antique religious art. Some of the most important icons from the above-mentioned period and their detailed descriptions are included in the Russian Icon Book released in collaboration with the well-known Museum of the Russian Icon in Moscow and the leading experts in Russian art history and iconography, Anna Ivannikova and Sergey Khodorkovskiy.

In addition to our work on a variety of cultural projects related to antique Russian icons, Russian Icon provides advisory and management services. These include:
• condition investigation;
• administration and record keeping;
• appraisal and authentication;
• provenance and historical research;
• estimation of the market value for tax and insurance purposes;
• collection disposition and/or upgrade;
• curatorial services;
• exhibition and publication;
• investment solutions;
• help with buying and selling antique icons;
• storage, security, and display recommendations;
• packing, crating, and transportation.

Russian Icon also offers professional icon restoration and conservation services performed by the most reputable icon restorers working with the museums and auction houses worldwide. We deal with icons of any type, condition, and age, doing our best to preserve their value and cultural significance. The initial consultation, as well as the preliminary evaluation of antique icons, is free of charge and can be provided online upon request.

Whether it comes to the purchase or selling of important Russian icons or developing a meaningful collection of religious icon art and artifacts, Russian Icon provides a professional, personalized approach to every client, no matter their needs and requirements. We work closely with the leading experts and specialists in Russian icon art to deliver the highest quality of services and assistance. If you need bespoke advisory and collection management services in the field of antique Russian icons, be sure to contact our team for the details. For more information, please visit our website and join Russian Icon on social media platforms.

Ilya Kushnirskiy
Russian Icon
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"Tiger King" Joe Exotic Finds God in Prison, Requests Presidential Pardon in Letter to Josh Belcher Uncharted Podcast

The Josh Belcher Uncharted Podcast

Exotic says he has become a minister in prison, shares his thoughts on the death of George Floyd, blames politicians and Hollywood for America's race issues.

I have the platform. I have the mouth. And I truely [sic] believe I can unite THIS nation without politics.”

— Joe Exotic

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, July 30, 2020 / — On today’s episode of the Josh Belcher Uncharted Podcast, Belcher reads another exclusive letter from "Tiger King” Joe Exotic. This is the 2nd letter received from Exotic in prison, following the 3-page, single-spaced, handwritten letter received in early June and read at Exotic’s request on Episode 51.5 (June 3).

In his new 3-page handwritten letter, dated July 15, Exotic says he has been baptized in prison and has become a minister. He shares his thoughts on the death of George Floyd and declares that “this is not a race problem.” He goes on to blame politicians, Hollywood, canceled TV series Live P.D., and “a bad police system" for the race issues and accusations of police brutality dominating today’s news cycle. According to Exotic, the only solution is to overhaul the system and “change laws and give this country back to the people,” and he believes he can lead such a movement.

“I have the platform,” writes Exotic. “I have the mouth. And I truely [sic] believe I can unite THIS nation without politics. But I need our President to stand against corruption and make this right and pardon me sooner than later, so I can be a live face of change.”

He then gives a directive to fans… “Start a movement on Trump’s Twitter to pardon me and give me a chance to help save America. Be my voice."

Joe Exotic (aka Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage) became a household name earlier this year when Netflix released an eight-part documentary, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. In 2019, Joe was convicted on 17 federal charges of animal abuse and 2 counts of murder for hire, for a plot to kill Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin. He is currently serving a 22-year sentence in federal prison.

In his original letter, Exotic detailed new evidence that “2 Assistant U.S. Attorneys, 2 FBI agents and a federal wildlife agent all conspired to commit perjury.” He also claimed he was being abused in prison, saying “I have scars from the skin coming off of my arms from being strapped in a chair so tight and so long just for demanding answers."

The new episode of the Josh Belcher Uncharted Podcast is available now at

The Josh Belcher Uncharted Podcast covers entertainment, music and comedy. Previous guests include Charlie Daniels, John Schneider, Mickey Dolenz, Caroline Jones, Uncle Si Robertson, Victoria Jackson, James Burton, Henry Cho, Matisyahu, Steve Wariner, Dusty Slay, Heather McDonald, Alice in Chains’ William Duvall, Jeff Allen and many more.

Connect with the Josh Belcher Uncharted Podcast:

Brian Mayes
Nashville Publicity Group
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Courage Igene Prays For Covid-19 Patients

Courage Igene Prays For Healing & Comfort For Everyone Sick

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / — In a special time of prayer with some of his Intercessors, Courage Igene; Senior Pastor of All Nations Churches prayed for God to heal all those sick of the deadly virus. He used the following scriptures as his basis for the prayer;

Jeremiah 17:14, Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 12:15

Courage Igene emphasizedthe need to put our trust and faith in God alone.; He says; "In continuation of our prayer for healing…today we specifically pray for those affected by the demonic virus…we declare their healing from it now in Jesus name."
He continued;
"We pray for all Healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, caregivers, 1st responders, fire fighters, and all volunteers risking their lives everyday to treat the sick…supernatural protection and preservation is their portion in Jesus name.

The plague is expunged by fire and sent back to hell in Jesus name.

We declare Dallas, Arizona, New York, Entire United States, Africa, Jamaica, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Completely FREE of this foul devil in Jesus Precious Name!!!

Courage Igene is known for his fiery delivery of his messages and known for his compassion for the sick and poor.

He embarks on regular street outreaches to help those in need.

He is hosting a Global Day of Prayer…Tuesday August 18, 2020 @ 2pm on Facebook live.

He can be reached at

Courage Igene
Courage Igene
+1 214-335-2380
email us here

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Afghan & Iranian Women Take Top Honors in Religious Freedom & Business Film Festival

Women's Religious Freedom & Business Film Festival & Awards, Aug. 1

Women’s Religious Freedom & Business Film Festival & Awards, Aug. 1

Long Road to Freedom (Grand Prize - Live Action)

Long Road to Freedom (Grand Prize – Live Action)

District 18 (Grand Prize - Animation)

District 18 (Grand Prize – Animation)

Festival Shows Inclusivity & Multi-Faith Collaboration in the Marketplace and Society. Other Finalists from Canada, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia,

In an age when there is an urgent need for inclusion and appreciation of diversity, this film competition has empowered new voices from around the world to contribute to the discussion.”

— Dr. Brian Grim, President Religious Freedom & Business Foundation

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2020 / — On August 1, 2020, 1:00 PM Eastern US Time, Empower Women Media and the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation will host an online film festival and award ceremony to honor and celebrate the 2020 winning films. Registration for the film festival is now open.

Long Road to Freedom by Mariya Dostzadah Goodbrake (Afghanistan and US) took the grand prize in the live short film category. District 18 by Maral Karee (Iran and Canada) claimed grand prize for the best animated short film.

In Long Road to Freedom, Mariya shares her story of immigration to Canada and then the US, where she and her team – in collaboration with local businesses in Kansas City – empower refugees and promote freedom of belief through in Kansas City through Global FC, a football/mentoring program that bridges diverse cultures to come together, forming just communities where all are free to be fully-known and fully-loved in pursuit of their God-given purpose and potential.

District 18 is the story of a young woman living in a society where diversity is shunned, but she longs for freedom of belief. She finds it in a land where Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is celebrated: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

The short films are artful and compelling explorations of the impact of freedom of religion and belief (FoRB) in the workplace and community. Whether inspired by real-life events or fictional stories, animated, or experimental, the films thoughtfully seek to affirm that FoRB is good for
business and thriving communities.

“In an age when there is an urgent need for inclusion and appreciation of diversity, this film competition has empowered new voices from around the world to contribute to the discussion,” says Brian Grim, president of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, cosponsor of the competition. “I look forward to showcasing these stories in the months to come, especially in support of religious inclusion in workplaces worldwide,” Grim added.

“We are passionate about empowering women to create media for their mission," said Shirin Taber, Director of cosponsor Empower Women Media. "I am thrilled to see women sharing their religious freedom stories and expanding their outreach to some of the toughest places in the world."

The finalists include: Her Factor, a film arguing for women’s empowerment in the Middle East by Ruba Abbassi and Hiba Eid (Jordan); Together as One by Sarina Faizy (Afghanistan), who tells her women’s empowerment and freedom of belief story under Taliban rule; and Freedom to Succeed by Lydia Sunberg (Hungary ) and Sage Taber (US) who share why immigrants and refugees need the freedom to contribute economically to their new society.

Empower Women Media invited 17 highly respected judges to review the short films for their storytelling and advocacy impact. Judges include Dr. Azza Karam, President of Religions for Peace, Robert Seiple, the first US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, and other leading voices for religious freedom.

In partnership with the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, the top films will be presented before CEOS, United Nation partners, NGO and faith leaders at the Global Business & Peace Awards in Tokyo August 23-25, 2021. The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation has awarded each grand prize winner of the film competition $5,000 and a trip to Tokyo to present their short films prior to the 2021 Paralympic Games at the Global Business & Interfaith Peace

This is the third annual Empower Women Film Competition sponsored by Empower Women Media in association with the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF). The first competition was held at the start of the 2018 Paralympic Games in Korea where Love Has No Borders by Deborah Paul (UK) and Christy Anastas (Palestine and UK) took grand prize.

In 2019, the grand prize went to A Different Way, a film by Ambassador ’Sujay’ Suzan Johnson Cook and Lauren Merkley (US), which documented how Ambassador Sujay, who served as the United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom from April 2011 to October 2013, brought faith to the front lines as a 9/11 first responder in New York City.

All the winning and finalist films can be found here.

Brian Grim
Religious Freedom & Business Foundation
+1 410-268-7809
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Long Road to Freedom (Grand Prize – Live Action)

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New Release From ED Legacy Films

Eric Warren Davis, stars as Pastor Robert Kingsley in new film, Negative Exposure.

"Negative Exposure" Mirrors Racial and Social Unrest.

. If this movie was filmed 8 years ago, it would not have worked. The time for this film is now, said Davis.”

— Eric Warren Davis, Executive Producer

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, US, July 29, 2020 / — For 8 years, Negative Exposure, incubated in the consciousness of Eric Warren Davis. Following the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Davis participated in a meeting of religious leaders and observed the disparity in attendance from people of color as well as the lack of compassion and empathy for violence against Blacks.

Davis thought of bringing a story to the screen that could “flip” society and present the reality of racism in a way that speaks to our differences as a society, while focusing on our similarities as individuals seeking equality and relevancy. “Is Perception The Reality?” The answer to this question is found in the soul stirring conclusion of the film. Filmed in Columbia, South Carolina, for ED Legacy Films, with a screenplay co-written by Davis, and his Director Tony Tite, Davis makes his acting debut as the troubled Pastor Robert Kingsley. “My main challenge in getting this film off the ground was to find a Director who understood where I was trying to go with this film. Tite understood my vision for the story and he knew the times had to catch up with the movie. If this movie was filmed 8 years ago, it would not have worked. The time for this film is now,” said Davis.

The film mirrors the harsh and abrasive reality of a society divided along racial lines. Jayson Gresham (Taylor Katsanis) is a young White man trapped in a cycle of poverty and neglect. His community is in decay. Drugs, gang violence and police indifference and harassment are as common as a cold. Jayson’s dreams for building a better life for his young daughter come crashing down when he is caught in the middle of a confrontation between the police and the privileged son of Pastor Kingsley. The film will premiere on August 21st and will be available to download at A Sneak Peek Media Screening will be held on August 8th in Atlanta, Georgia. Media can register at: Seating will be limited.

Partnering with the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL), an organization representing more than 50 million Americans of various racial backgrounds, Negative Exposure is the “clarion call-to-action” initiated by more than 700 legislators who are NBCSL members. Described as a “Parabolic Film,” Negative Exposure uses life experiences to highlight spiritual principles. The collaboration with the NBCSL goes one step further, adding legislation to transform policing into a model that is equitable and safe for communities of color. “The Solution is in the Resolution,” adds Davis. “We want to take audiences out of the dark into the light. Negative Exposure is the film to do that.”

Angela Smith
ED Legacy Films
+1 4707199916
email us here

Negative Exposure

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CMM Facultad de Teología Ofrece Títulos On-line Acreditados Globalmente

CMM Facultad De Teologia 1

CMM Facultad De Teologia 1

Los Estudiantes Tanto Laicos Como Ministeriales, Estudian A Nivel Mundial Desde Su Hogar Y Encuentran Paz En Clases De Aprendizaje Amigable.

Hemos graduado a muchos cambiadores de naciones, tanto en el ministerio como en trabajos seculares, que han encontrado estrategias creativas para liderar y experimentar más paz y satisfacción.”

— Jorge Parrott

QUITO, PICHINCHA, ECUADOR, July 29, 2020 / — Ofrecemos un ambiente único, atractivo, transformador y experimental donde los estudiantes aprenden junto con otros de varias naciones. Nuestra escuela ofrece distintivos claves y únicos que nos diferencian de la escuela típica. (Consulte nuestro sitio web para obtener más información sobre esos distintivos en

Hemos graduado muchos cambiadores de naciones, tanto en el ministerio como en trabajos seculares. También hemos tenido muchos pastores y líderes experimentados que asistieron a escuelas o seminarios tradicionales cuando los jóvenes y el hambre de crecer en la Palabra viva y el Espíritu Santo experimentan un 'renacimiento' en su pasión y celo por la presencia del Señor en su vida, familia y ministerio. Muchos llamados a los sectores de negocios, educación y gobierno también han encontrado estrategias creativas para ayudarlos a impactar su "esfera" de influencia en el mercado con el carácter de Jesucristo.

Nuestra escuela es ideal para familias ocupadas y trabajadoras que no desean abandonar a sus familias, hogares o trabajos para obtener su título avanzado. Ofrecemos títulos de Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctors y PhD. Estamos recibiendo solicitudes de aplicación para las clases inician a partir de septiembre de 2020. Las clases son disponibles en español.

¡Estamos en una guerra por la causa de Cristo! Muchas naciones están luchando con el espíritu anticristo para derrocar la herencia judeocristiana y estamos en riesgo de perder generaciones en la oscuridad, el caos y la agitación. Estamos comenzando el año lectivo en Septiembre, por favor comparta esto en sus redes sociales y con amigos y familiares. Es ideal para familias ocupadas y trabajadoras que desean fortalecerse en la Palabra y el Espíritu Santo.

CMM FACULTAD DE TEOLOGÍA, ayuda a las personas que desean crecer en pasión y hambre por el Señor a aprender a pensar y estudiar de manera fresca, para que puedan cumplir su destino y construir el Reino de Dios en la esfera de influencia en la que están llamados, a diferencia de otras escuelas que definen los logros de sus estudiantes por el conocimiento que pueden recitar; nosotros construimos, edificamos y alentamos a través de un trabajo estimulante para desarrollar profundidad, autoridad y revelación. Es un reto, es personal y poderoso y no te lo quieres perder.

ASSOCIATE (Asociado) con Dios, la Biblia y Usted.
Comprender y escuchar a Dios en el Nuevo Testamento y en la vida diaria, para encontrar una mayor libertad de la esclavitud y la religión; y poner en práctica algunos principios básicos, incluida la identidad en Cristo y el calendario de Dios.

BACHELOR (Bachiller) Fundamentos, Carácter y Relación.
Sentar una base sólida; obtener una visión más profunda del carácter de Dios a través de la historia del Antiguo Testamento con una aplicación personal; escuchar a Dios a través de las Escrituras y la vida diaria más claramente; y adquirir una mejor comprensión del horario de Dios en un contexto mayor de relación personal.

MASTER OF MINISTRY (Master en Ministerio) Fundamentos Proféticos y Teológicos.
Para comprender mejor a los profetas del Antiguo Testamento por el Espíritu de Dios en su línea de tiempo; obtener un corazón de discernimiento y madurez mirando a los profetas actuales y comprender mejor la expresión de Dios personalmente, explorar la teología básica de una manera reveladora a través de la Palabra de Dios y por Su Espíritu; en un ambiente en el que el estudiante obtenga una visión más profunda de una vida de ministerio, ya sea en un trabajo secular o en una posición de ministerial.

MASTER OF THEOLOGY (Master en Teología) Relaciones, Liderazgo y Usted.
Comprender los principios bíblicos y la historia de una manera que da vida y que se puede aplicar para encontrar la expresión personal y la claridad del plan de Dios como líder en la próxima cosecha a través de la teología reveladora y las misiones aplicadas, guiadas por el Espíritu y la Palabra de Dios. Este nivel ofrece dos opciones: Teología reveladora y Misiones.

DOCTOR OF MINISTRY (Doctor en Ministerio) Encontrar su voz para el cuerpo de Cristo.
Obtener un corazón de revelación, conocimiento y comprensión, para contribuir a la Ecclesia. Luego poder expresar una parte del todo a través de una disertación que conduzca a un libro.

DOCTOR OF THEOLOGY (Doctor en Teología o PhD) Encontrar tu voz para la humanidad.
Obtener un corazón de revelación, conocimiento y comprensión de la contribución desde uno hacia la humanidad y luego poder expresar una parte del todo a través de una disertación que conduzca a un libro.

CMM COLLEGE OF THEOLOGY, está iniciando su 14to. año de ofrecer títulos cristianos acreditados en todo el mundo on-line en inglés y español, está aceptando solicitudes para el próximo período escolar que comienza en septiembre y se gradúa en junio de 2021. Durante la temporada COVID-19, los estudiantes pueden estudiar desde casa directamente ¡Dónde están! Ideal para familias ocupadas y trabajadoras que desean fortalecerse en la Palabra y el Espíritu Santo. Ofrecemos un ambiente único, atractivo, transformador y experimental donde los estudiantes aprenden junto con otros de varias naciones. Nuestra escuela ofrece distinciones clave que nos diferencian de la escuela típica. (Consulta nuestro sitio web y APLICA HOY)

Sitio web:
email: /
Dr. Jorge Parrott, Presidente
Dra. Nancy Daniel, Decano
Dr. Gustavo Cadena, Director

¡Aplica hoy! Comparte con amigos y familiares que buscan la transformación en un entorno emocionante, experimental y revelador con estudiantes de otras naciones. ¡Prepárate!

Jorge Parrott
CMM College of Theology
+1 7045172557
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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With Skies Still Closed, Israeli Tourism Companies Perform About Face

Magdala Hotel

Magdala Hotel

Magdala Hotel

Magdala Hotel

Cyprus hotel transplanted to banks of Kinneret

Israel attracts millions of tourists each year who travel the country from the northern Golan Heights down to southern Eilat. So we were thinking, why not invite our own citizens to enjoy it?”

— Yoni Kahana

NETANYA, ISRAEL, July 29, 2020 / — Israelis are known far and wide for their wanderlust. Wherever in the world you travel, be it South America, South Africa, Switzerland or Cyprus, you’re bound to hear the rapid-fire Hebrew and meet a fellow Israeli munching bamba. As incoming tourism rises annually, so does outgoing tourism, with more and more Israelis seeking the thrill of world-famous sites and attractions. The summer of 2019 alone saw 2.5 million Israelis traveling abroad for vacation, with the most popular destinations being the US, Eastern Europe, Rome and Greece and dozens of Israeli tourism companies arranging attractive group deals complete with chartered flights, private hotels, day trips and entertainment. For the Orthodox tourist, tours under Orthodox management are often particularly appealing as they guarantee kosher food, Shabbat arrangements, and a wholesome Jewish atmosphere.

While many countries around the world have cautiously begun reopening their skies after coronavirus, Israeli skies remain mostly locked to incoming and outgoing summer vacationers. Thousands of hopeful travelers who reserved complete vacation packages months ago or even recently, certain that the pandemic would be a distant memory by August 2020, are now facing the disappointing reality that, this summer, they’ll be staying put.

The outbreak and rapid spread of coronavirus in Israel that began back in March left no one unaffected. Stores were closed, schools were shuttered, and many businesses ground virtually to a standstill as the national lockdown was strictly enforced. While the vast majority of country has gradually returned to normal, the tourism industry remains in deep distress. Yet the absence of foreign tourists in Israel coupled with the grounding of Israeli tourists prompted several Israeli tourism companies to do an about-face and reintroduce the Israeli tourist to the beauty and lure of the Holy Land.

One creative thinker is Yoni Kahana of the Kahana Group, a popular tourism company in Israel that specializes in five-star full vacation packages to Greece, Cyprus and Europe for the Orthodox vacationer.

He explains, “Israel attracts millions of tourists each year who travel the country from the northern Golan Heights down to southern Eilat. So we were thinking, why not invite our own citizens to enjoy it?”

Every year, Kahana’s company escorts tens of thousands of travelers to assorted sites in Europe, with August by and large being its most popular travel month to luxury hotels in Cyprus and Greece. This year, with thousands of their clients grounded in Israel due to travel restrictions, Yoni and his colleagues were determined not to let them down.
Exploiting hotel vacancies throughout the country, Kahana Group signed a month-long contract with the brand-new 5-star Magdala Hotel that opened this year on the banks of the Kinneret. The hotel, originally built to host incoming tourists exclusively, features 150 deluxe rooms, and the Kahana Group is urging his clients and fellow Israelis to change course and enjoy a spectacular retreat in the breathtaking Galilee.

“These last months have been rough on all of us. People are stressed; the economy has absorbed a major blow; kids are home from school with few outlets. Even with finances tight, for many, vacation now is a must, more important than ever. We’re doing our utmost to replicate our foreign vacation packages abroad here in Israel by offering exhilarating day trips like kayaking and jeeping, full-course gourmet mehadrin meals, and nightly entertainment for our guests that abide fully by ‘Purple Badge’ coronavirus requirements and health regulations.”

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Source: EIN Presswire