God’s Gospel Creation releases music video for “God Still Passing Out A Blessing”

God’s Gospel Creation

God’s Gospel Creation

Looking to inspire hope and evoke positivity during these challenging times, God's Gospel Creation spreads the good word through their new music video

When I created the song I wanted to remind people that God will help us if we ask him to. He may allow us to go through trials but He brings us through them refined like gold in the fire”

— Doug Baynes, Leader and Co-founder of God’s Gospel Creation

ATLANTA , GEORGIA , US , July 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — To lift spirits and spread optimism during these times of hardship and distress, the Atlanta-based gospel quartet group recently released the music video for their single, “God Still Passing Out A Blessing”. The song features the story of a young man in need of help who seeks out God to guide him through the right path.

"When I created this song, I wanted to remind people that God will help us if we ask Him to. He may allow us to go through trials, but he brings us through them refined like gold in the fire and that is a blessing”, stated Doug Baynes, leader and founder of quartet group, God’s Gospel Creation.
Doug Baynes has an optimistic outlook on life and he strongly believes that we can all make it through the hardest times in our lives, if we just place our trust in God, as He is always watching over us. We just have to know that He is there.

With the release of their new music video accompanying their single “God still Passing out a Blessing”, the quartet aspires to remind people that God will never leave their side, there will be hard times and trials, but their patience and perseverance will never go ignored. The tuneful rhythm of the song evokes a positive feeling, the mood of the song is as hopeful as the message behind it. This is an excellent song to share with a loved one, to show them that it isn’t only you who looks out for them, but God looks out for us all.

The video starts out with a man in a state of hopelessness and frustration, strapped of cash, finding himself being weighed down by negativity, but he soon finds hope and solace by the grace of God.

“With everything that is going around in our world today, the pain, the suffering, the anxiety, the irrecoverable loss of precious lives; there is unhappiness all around. We believe we can find inner peace through a deep connection with God, to pray for the departed and those that are suffering, to share all our troubles and worries with Him, and seek Him out for guidance and serenity. While our song is open to interpretations, our main motive is to inspire hope and to acknowledge and praise God’s countless blessings. God has a plan for everything, and we ask Him with conviction to be with those that are counting on Him during these trying times, as it’s no doubt that He teaches us to cast all our cares and anxieties on Him because He cares for us, and this includes all the hardships we are going through.”

God’s Gospel Creation is a gospel quartet group based in Atlanta, established in 2016. Doug Baynes started out with co-founders James “Mystro” Walker and Michael Rounds Sr. to create catchy, euphonic music that would help spread the word of God.

Being friends for a very long time, and performing together in a male choir with their Church, their shared passion for singing and praising God’s work brought them together to collaborate with each other to create gospel music with a contemporary twist. They first began their musical project with two other members from the Church, initially naming their quartet “The Gospel Thunder.” They then separated from the group after performing in several states around the country for three years. The main three members continued on in the band after that.

With Walker on the keyboards directing the band, James Dalton as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Larry Petrovich on lead guitar, and Francisco Wilson on bass guitar, the band creates a quartet sound, fusing it with a more contemporaneous feel. The band together performed for the Hosea Feed, the Hungry event, and the Alabama Summer Fest in 2019. The band lists legendary groups Commission, Lee Williams, and The Spiritual QC’s, The Rance Allen Group, and Take 6, as their influences. With this eclectic style of music, the band hopes to spread the message of the true biblical word. To support God's Gospel Creation and their initiative to spread encouragement, acceptance, and the word of God through their music, you can visit their website and purchase their new single.

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