Exclusive Live Online Campfire Chat Announced to Celebrate the Amazon Launch of "Cowboy And Preacher" on September 15.

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Tri Robinson on his Idaho ranch

Tri Robinson discusses faith and environmentalism in his study

Live event occurs in tandem with the release of the insightful documentary "Cowboy & Preacher" which examines the parallels between faith and creation care.

Tri has battled throughout his life to try to get many people of faith to realize that being a conservative Christian and an environmentalist are not mutually exclusive.”

— Filmmaker Will Fraser

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — On September 15, prominent thought leaders in the space of evangelicalism and environmentalism will come together in an exclusive live interactive online event. This special “Campfire Chat” will take place in tandem with the exclusive digital premiere of the much-anticipated documentary COWBOY AND PREACHER: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TRI ROBINSON.

The online screening begins at 7:30 pm ET on September 15, with the live event immediately following. Tickets for the COWBOY AND PREACHER event can be found at https://live.theatricast.com/events.

Viewers will be able to participate by asking questions and sharing thoughts on topics of Creation Care. Panelists featured in the Campfire Chat will include Pastor Tri Robinson; Filmmaker Will Fraser; Cassandra Carmichael, the Executive Director of National Religious Partnership for the Environment; and Matthew Sleeth, author of “Serve God, Save the Planet.”

Also on September 15, COWBOY AND PREACHER will be available on DVD and digitally through Amazon.

COWBOY AND PREACHER shares the life of Tri Robinson, an evangelical pastor in Idaho who is also a life-long environmentalist. Tri has battled throughout his life to try to get many people of faith to realize that being a conservative Christian and an environmentalist are not mutually exclusive. Most environmental films seem to be framed for a liberal audience – i.e. they preach to the converted. COWBOY AND PREACHER aims at the unconverted: Christians who may not take creation-care seriously.

The film also offers liberals and non-Christians a fascinating portrayal of conservative evangelical life, values, and mindset. In an election year during a pandemic, the film is exceptionally timely. Not only is the destruction of the environment one of the most important issues facing all people, but many American politicians and voters are in denial about it. In the film, we see Tri’s efforts to create a green conservative church and unite this idea with his life as a rancher, all while developing a Christian system of ideas that unites environmentalism with moral development and action.

View the trailer here or at www.cowboyandpreacher.com.

Tri Robinson communicates with a passion that embraces his diverse life experiences as the backdrop for the greater purpose to see the world changed for the better. At the very core of this cause is reformation on many fronts – a deep, authentic walk with God, innovative education, ethical godly leadership, and living a sustainable lifestyle that leaves a positive impact on the environment. Driven by a strong faith and passion for the Kingdom of God, Tri has given the greater part of his adult life to Christian leadership. After a profound life-changing experience in 1980 while working among the Karen Hill Tribe people on the border of Burma and Thailand, he and his wife Nancy made the decision that Tri would leave public education and enter fulltime ministry. They served for eight years as associate pastors for the Desert Vineyard in Lancaster, California. In 1989, they moved to Idaho to establish and build the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise. Over the next 25 years, Vineyard Boise grew into a strong outreaching church with a membership of about 3000 people. They have developed a 25 – acre campus of facilities which serves the community around them as well as the world’s poor. www.trirobinson.org.

Will Fraser is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. He was educated at three contrasting universities – Dalhousie in Canada, Cambridge in the UK, and the University of Mississippi in the USA. He is a musician, writer, and filmmaker, fired by the will to make change through filmmaking. He has won numerous awards for his documentaries that make classical music fascinating and accessible (BBC Music Magazine “best DVD” twice, and the Deutschenschallplattenkritikpreis three times). These music films include The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll, Maximum Reger, and The English Organ. He is fascinated by America and has made three films about the country so far – Soul Searching for the Blues, Once Upon a Time in Knoxville, and Cowboy and Preacher: The Life and Times of Tri Robinson. Outwardly he is mild-mannered, but in his heart, he follows the burning film sense of directors like Sam Peckinpah and Akira Kurosawa. www.fuguestatefilms.co.uk

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