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Don’t Let My Name Scare You: Exposé of An African Prince Born in America: Controversies Many May Wish I Had Not Shared.

SURPRISE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2021 / — It was 12 midnight when Abdul Rahman reached out to his “Big Momma,” his mom’s oldest sister. He asked a pivotal question, he wanted to know how Princess Fumi Hancock overcame her bouts of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and attempts. This was shocking to her. After hours of discussion, she made up her mind… it was time to help him tell his story. Regardless of how difficult it is because of the silent culture we come from and our royal background; God’s mission for his life is bigger than that. And so, begins the journey…

J.P. (Jerusalem Pilgrim) Prince Abdul Rahman is the son of a very popular man in Nigeria. This man is known for his successful car dealing business and is also a Muslim polygamist. Abdul Rahman is one of 21 children that Alhaji Abdul Rasaq has. Abdul Rahman’s mother is a Nigerian princess from the Adumori Royal Household. Her family has been ruling in the south-western region of Ekiti, Nigeria since the 1200s. Her cousin is currently the king and she practices as an Advanced Practice Nurse in the United States. She is a survivor of polygamy.

Up until recently, Abdul Rahman has kept a grave secret from his family. He has been suffering from Bulimia Nervosa and Schizoaffective Disorder. Both of which have ravaged his health and emotional well-being. “I can’t say it is all that fun binging on thousands of calories of burgers, gas station food, and pizza in one sitting and purging violently…’ ‘My hair grew thin and I have chest pains when I walk.’” Rahman is a survivor of 8 suicide attempts (most of which happened while he was away at college). The date of September 6th, 2015 is ever etched in his memory as one of the most traumatic attempts he’s had. He overdosed. Rahman put on a good face for his unsuspecting family members and friends as they didn’t want to believe he was ill. I mean, who would? He is a sweet, young man, filled with compassion and mercy. While he would always lend his ear to a hurting person, he never let anyone in on his pain. Of all people, he should be the strongest. He ought to be. After all, men shouldn’t cry and should keep their crap together, right? “No need to seek attention…”

His mental illness was triggered by a past of sexual assault at the hands of a friend of the family. “To think I’d have mercy on that 10-year-old who was violated without any regard for his humanity, but I hated him… It was his fault,” Rahman writes in his best-selling book, Don’t Let My Name Scare You. “After years of personal exile, there comes a point where you can’t hide anymore. Your blood cries out from the secret place and people become aware of your horrid suffering.’ ‘I couldn’t hide my weight loss anymore and people actually complimented me first before they got scared.’” “I was always a heavy kid, so losing weight was actually seen as a good thing. To think my mom would know better but I don’t blame her for not wanting to see.”

Rahman’s arms tell the story he was never brave enough to share until now. “Cutting was my form of tension release.” “I still have the scars on my arm from a night of drinking I had and the violent cutting that ensued after I’d gotten drunk,” said Rahman in an interview with 18x bestselling author and TEDx speaker, Princess Fumi Hancock, the co-author and his “Big Momma.”

“Would you believe that one of the first things a pastor said in response to my confession was, ‘God’s judgment is on you,” To think you’d find refuge in a church where the Spirit of Christ ought to be? While Christians are not perfect, they failed to meet the standard of the LORD, whom they worship with serpent tongues.

You can read more of Abdul Rahman’s harrowing journey in the Amazon bestseller, Don’t Let My Name Scare You, co-authored with Bestselling Author, TEDx Talk Speaker, Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellow, Trauma Care Maestro™, and Psychiatric Mental Health Dr. of Nurse Practice. She also shares her similar journey, helping her nephew to walk this difficult path from trauma to recovery.

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About Abdul Rahman
Rahman is an aspiring counselor and is a talented musician, photographer, and writer. He and his co-author hope Abdul Rahman’s story will help those who are trapped in the bondage of secrecy and deliver those battling mental illness, alone.

About Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP, PMHNP-BC, CNP.
She is an African Princess Living in Diaspora. Known as Princess of Suburbia® across my social media platforms, she is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Dr. of Nurse Practice with expertise in Trauma Care. Dr. Hancock has written 24 books with 18 becoming #1 Amazon Bestsellers. She hosts Tear the Veil with Dr. Fumi on iHeart Radio, where she shares resources and other information on Mental Health, Healthcare Policies, Social Injustice, and the impact of politics in healthcare disparities.
She is also the Principal owner of POB Psychiatry, a group of Psychiatric Mental Health Clinics based in Arizona. In 2019, she was invited to Saudi Arabia as the very first Black to grace the stage of Al Anjal National Schools TEDx Talk and continue to host her online townhall series: Life RehabTV™ on Facebook Live.

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