Bishop Thomas Masters: Activist and Advocate

Bishop Thomas Masters

Bishop Thomas Masters

President Barack Obama with Bishop Thomas Masters

President Barack Obama with Bishop Thomas Masters

Bishop Thomas Masters is one example of an individual who has achieved many things in different fields; contributing to the world in a variety of capacities

RIVIERA BEACH, FL, USA, March 3, 2021 / — Bishop Thomas Masters: Contributing to the World
Bishop Thomas Masters was the former long-term mayor of the city of Riviera Beach for 12 years. He has been the Pastor of the New Macedonia Baptist Church for the last 34 years and currently the International Ambassador of the World Conference of Mayors.

Also, Bishop Thomas Masters hosts X 102.3's South Florida Sundays, along with friends. It is a top-rated news show in the area that airs at 6:30 a.m. every Sunday. It is on along with the gospel music program. The show concentrates on cultural and civic matters and community affairs events and issues that apply to the radio station's entire coverage area. Bishop Thomas Masters combines information and humor to create a very wholesome and entertaining news show for listeners in the area.

Bishop Thomas Masters has served as mayor of Riviera Beach for longer than anyone else in recent history. He always made sure to do his best to allow every resident to have a voice. Bishop Thomas Masters often repeated the following mantra: "Let the people speak." This mantra was not only central to his political career but also other pursuits throughout his life. This belief drove his activities when he worked as a firebrand preacher and a community activist. Even now, it continues to endure as he is the international ambassador of the World Conference of Mayors.

Bishop Thomas Masters came to Riviera Beach in 1987 to lead New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. When he was working as an activist pastor, Bishop Thomas Masters obtained a private meeting with Pope John Paul II, in which they discussed juvenile crime issues. In addition to a lengthy political career, he has served for a very long time with the church and has been the originator of dozens of community initiatives. Among these are Job Fairs' hosting, the Mayor's Office of Veterans Affairs, and the Riviera Beach Senior Discount Program. Bishop Thomas Masters has contributed to his community in a variety of ways that continue to help people, including commissioning a mural for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Additionally, Bishop Thomas Masters has given free bicycles to children through his church. This is one of many programs that he has instituted in order to help people in the community.

Essentially, Bishop Thomas Masters is one great example of how an individual can be extremely well-rounded and pursue a variety of interests during life. Also, Bishop Thomas Masters has shown people that it is possible to contribute to the world in a variety of positive ways and leave many marks rather than just one. He is well-recognized and respected by all of the people whom he has helped.

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