Fovere Cremation Urns, Offers a Reassuring Celebration of Life for our Love Ones

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Flowers displayed in the Memorial Vase Urn

Flowers displayed in the Memorial Vase Urn

Candle Urn

Candle Urn

Introducing the unique 'Memorial Vase Urn' by Fovere, providing an alternative and attractive choice, designed for display at home.

After struggling to find a cremation urn to be displayed at home without making guests feel uncomfortable. We set out to find a commemorative urn that was designed for display within the home.”

— Kim Clay, co-founder of Fovere

HILLARYS, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, May 31, 2021 / — Fovere has stepped outside the box to create a cremation urn unlike any other, one that focuses on celebrating a loved one's life and preserving their legacy.

Designed to be positioned at the heart of your home, this memorial urn keeps your loved one close to you.

The Memorial Vase Urn is a full-size cremation urn designed to resemble a lovely flower vase in both appearance and function. This concept is entirely unique and unlike any other cremation urn. Combining the precious cremation urn, used to protect and memorialise those closest to us, with the profound symbolism of flowers, used in remembrance and as a demonstration of our love, creates a synergistic tribute honouring and memorializing those we have lost.

The main urn is fully sealed and separate from the flower container, with a secure screw-in base, allowing easy access to the ashes compartment. A neatly concealed standalone vase insert slides out from the top, making this vase extremely practical and simple to use.
This feature enables you to arrange flowers, change the water, and clean the cremation urn without having to move the entire urn. Individually hand cast from aluminum, you won't have to worry about these memorial urns getting knocked over while on display, the ashes will remain safely protected within the ash compartment.

The Memorial Vase Urn's design allows for display with or without flowers. Adding fresh or faux flowers to the vase provides a stunning memorial. Valentine's Day roses, Mother's Day tulips, or Gerbera daisies simply because you're thinking of them and the love you shared, displaying the flowers they loved. Take comfort by creating the ideal memorial to honor their memory and celebrate their life.

Along with the unique Memorial Vase Urn, Fovere also provides a Candle Cremation Urn, which allows you to light a candle in honour of your loved one as you reflect on the happy moments shared, take a moment of peaceful reflection, meditation, or say a silent prayer.

These urns are offered in two sizes: a large full-size urn and a small keepsake urn.

This is another decorative style of urn that provides a more elegant alternative to traditional urns, ensuring that your loved one rests in comfort, near you, at home.

With an increase in the frequency where an individuals ashes are divided amongst family members, the 'small keepsake urn' is Foveres' most popular urn, frequently purchased in sets of three or four.

Fovere translates as "To Cherish" in Latin, which is mirrored in our brand philosophy and product offering. We realise how tough it is to say goodbye, not only immediately following someone's death, but for the days, weeks, months, and even years thereafter. Our urns provide a more personal approach to honor those you love and miss, allowing you to keep them at the forefront of your heart and home for eternity.

The Memorial Vase Urn and Candle Urn collections are currently available to order.

Find out more at

Kim Clay

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Scientology Volunteer Ministers Surprise Needy Kids With a Delicious Gift

Crates of apples—a huge hit with 500 underserved kids at a local school.

Crates of apples—a huge hit with 500 underserved kids at a local school.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers distribute detergent, disinfectant and long-life food to 52 needy families.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers distribute detergent, disinfectant and long-life food to 52 needy families.

The Volunteer Ministers work with an ambulance company that helps arrange the distribution.

The Volunteer Ministers work with an ambulance company that helps arrange the distribution.

The pandemic has been hard on families and for the past 14 months, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have helped fill the gap in government services by raising donations and distributing essential items to families.

The pandemic has been hard on families and for the past 14 months, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have helped fill the gap in government services by raising donations and distributing essential items to families.

Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology Budapest continue their outreach to help offset financial distress caused or worsened by the pandemic.

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, May 30, 2021 / — If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what about 440 pounds of them? The answer: They put big smiles on the faces of 500 needy kids. That’s what the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Hungary learned through their most recent community outreach project.

Since the pandemic began, the bright yellow vans of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Hungary have become a common and very welcome sight. The pandemic impacted every sector of society, from first responders and healthcare workers to the elderly, infirm, the children, and especially those already living under financial stress.

Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology Budapest and Scientology Missions across the country launched a campaign in March 2020 to help fill the gaps in overtaxed government and social services by working with essential workers and other nonprofits to provide care wherever needed.

This week, in addition to their apple surprise they worked with an ambulance company to help 52 underserved families in a Pest County community. They handed out packages of long-life food, disinfectant and detergent. And they added a special touch with a van full of boxes of cookies, one for each household.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Hungary headquarters is the Church of Scientology Budapest, whose new home was dedicated in 2016 by Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion.

The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers program is a religious social service created in the mid-1970s by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

A Volunteer Minister’s mandate is to be “a person who helps his fellow man on a volunteer basis by restoring purpose, truth and spiritual values to the lives of others.” Their creed: “A Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence. Rather, he is trained to handle these things and help others achieve relief from them and new personal strength as well.”

For more information, visit the new interactive timeline on the Scientology website, 20/21: A Look Back & A Look Ahead.

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Millon Auction of Important Russian Art Will Be Held on June 1, 2021

The Theotokos of Tolga

The Theotokos of Tolga

Russian Icon Collection is pleased to share the news that Millon Auction House will hold an auction of important Russian art on June 1, 2021.

NEW YORK, NY, US, May 30, 2021 / — The online gallery Russian Icon Collection is pleased to share the amazing news that Millon Auction House will hold an auction of important Russian art on June 1, 2021. The auction will feature 311 lots, including an outstanding collection of fine art, antique icons, jewelry, enamels, bronzes, decorative art, militaria, historical souvenirs, and many more. It will be held at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris, starting at 2 pm. Public viewing is available through May 31, from 11 am to 6 pm.

Millon is a European auction house with locations in France and Belgium. It has long been known for its exclusive auctions of art and antiques, featuring rare and unique collectible items. The upcoming Millon Russian art auction is no exception, as it will offer a truly magnificent selection of valuable lots. The expert of the auction is Maxime Charron, a reputable specialist in the field of Russian art and antiques and founder of the Paris-based Royal Provenance Gallery.

The highlight of Millon Russian art auction is a collection of Maria Kuznetsova, a prominent 20th-century Russian opera singer and dancer, featuring her stage dress for the opera Eugene Onegin, Salon paintings by her father and uncle, and Ruckert napkin rings for Fabergé, among other lots. The upcoming auction is also distinguished by a selection of fine art paintings by such notable artists as Ivan Aivazovsky, Jacques Chapiro, Felix Varla, Richard Zommer, Natela Iankoshvili, and Konstantin Yuon.

Special attention will be paid to antique Russian icons. Among the highlights is the Theotokos of Tolga (pictured), a gorgeous icon of the Mother of God with the Christ Child, covered by a gilded silver oklad with gems and embossed and engraved decor. Other notable lots include Our Lady of the Sign in a gilded silver oklad richly decorated with colored gems and pearls, a rare icon of Christ Emmanuel from the collection of Countess Maria de Donici, a precious icon of the Three Holy Hierarchs in a beautiful gilded silver oklad with champlevé and cloisonné enamel, and an exquisite icon of Saint Princess Olga of Kiev covered by a silver oklad, among others.

The upcoming Millon Russian art auction also features a magnificent Cartier frame for the Romanov family, a bowenite vase by Rappoport for Fabergé, a rare example of the New Testament Bible decorated with a painted icon of Christ the Almighty on the cover, a Fabergé silver-mounted crystal goblet, and many other rare and unique collectibles related to Russian art and culture. The full catalog can be viewed at

Ilya Kushnirskiy
Russian Icon
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The Gods Lied Again

Latest Book Release by Glenn Madden

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2021 / — Glenn Madden's new book The Gods Lied Again portrays Lucifer and other rebellious angels posing as gods who helped write the holy books. This includes the Torah, Bible, Quran, and other books in the Land of Glenn. It is a fictitious view of how things came about in an alternate universe much like our own. It starts with how the universe came about. It covers how the creation of humankind came to be in this alternate reality.

The book brings science together with creationism; from how the universe came about with a big bang to when God created dinosaurs. It shows how the first creation of God, including the dinosaurs, got destroyed. The book covers aspects of why many unholy books put creation at 6,000 years. Yet science shows the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and that some forms of man came along much sooner. You will find answers to why the creation of Adam only took place 6,000 years ago and why archaeology has uncovered human-like beings millions of years earlier. It shows how gods, angels, and religion developed with the civilization of humankind.

The story includes many gods and many religions. It shows that there is only one God but through that God, they have sent many messengers. The story covers much of why things have developed as they have. There are many similarities to the development in our world, but it is only fiction.

This book comes from a philosophy of Glenn after 54 years of praying and searching for answers. He has tried to understand God, creation, and Jesus since he was 12 years old when he accepted the Holy Spirit as his guide. Glenn has not studied a stack of religious books; he based his writing on beliefs after 54 years of prayer and soul searching. This is a culmination of learning after having read many of the holy books a few times, such as the Bible, Torah, Quran in English, and the Book of Mormon. He has also read from some of the Hindu Vedas and studied some beliefs of the Buddha. But Glenn contributes the foundation of the story as coming from the Holy Spirit, which is not a God but a teacher. The Holy Spirit is a gift left to us by Jesus until his return.

The book covers it all from the Torah, Bible, Quran, the Vedas, Greek gods, Buddhism, and Incan gods. Glenn tried to not attack any from his view but only point out truths. The story is about angels rebellious against the one true God who has deceived humankind, even until now with the election of Joe Biden. Glenn has tried to tie science and religion together from creation until now. The book is based on a calendar starting with Adam as Year 1 and with him having been created 6000 years ago.

Glenn Madden
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Church of Scientology Sacramento: Helping Local Families at Annual Kids Day

Volunteers provided educational materials to families as they drove by the resource booths set up on the fair route.

Volunteers provided educational materials to families as they drove by the resource booths set up on the fair route.

Volunteers from the Church of Scientology Sacramento provided resources to families at the 31s annual Kids Day in Rancho Cordova.

Volunteers from the Church of Scientology Sacramento provided resources to families at the 31s annual Kids Day in Rancho Cordova.

Volunteers from the Church of Scientology Sacramento reached out to families after a year that has disrupted young lives.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2021 / — Kids Day is a tradition in Rancho Cordova, California: For three decades the city, just east of Sacramento, has organized free festivities include bike rodeos, crafts stations, petting zoos, train rides, and obstacle courses. Exhibitors set up booths to promote child health and provide resources for families. Because of the pandemic, last year the city canceled the event. But in 2021, to make the day special for kids despite the many restrictions still in place, the city created a drive-thru event with live entertainment, live animals for the kids (water buffalo, camel and zebra), and a health and resources fair for parents. Volunteers from nonprofits supported by the Sacramento Church of Scientology set up colorful tents on the event route and provide educational resources to families driving through.

Taking part in the fair were volunteers from the Sacramento chapter of:

*Foundation for a Drug-Free World, which empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free.

*The Way to Happiness Foundation, which restores trust and honesty through use of The Way to Happiness, a common sense guide to better living.

*Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a nonprofit mental health watchdog that protects individuals from abusive or coercive practices, and

*Scientology Volunteer Ministers, a religious social service with the motto that no matter the problem or situation, “something can be done about it."

The Church of Scientology of Sacramento was dedicated in January 2012 by Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige. The Church is designed to serve as a home for the entire community and a meeting ground of cooperative effort to uplift people of all denominations.

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Debby Field of Radiant Lifestyles to be Featured on Close Up Radio

DICKSON, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2021 / — Things fall apart so other things can come together. How can we grow from this? What can we experience? What can we learn?

Life should be shining. It should be bright. And we can make it that way. We can fulfill our dreams and be all that we have been created to be.

This is the philosophy of Debby Field. Debby is the founder of Radiant Lifestyles, where she works with women to discover their authenticity and become the happy, peaceful person we're all meant to be.

Debby has always had a deep passion for comforting others. She started out as a nurse, but has since found that coaching is what really answers her desire to help women find a brighter, happier dream-filled future.

“I can't reach enough women to say, ‘You can be free! You can have your voice!’” says Debby. “You are so much stronger and more creative than you think. I'd love to see every woman let her light shine freely.”

Debby has developed a process for her clients she calls The Big Escape.

“I feel like all of us are in prison to some degree within ourselves. It might be our dreams. It might be our desires. It may be just our voice, and we may be withholding our ideas, our beliefs,” says Debby. “I believe we all have scars restricting parts of ourselves, and we won't find the peace and serenity we want until we break free.”

After being burned over ninety percent of her body as a child, Debra knows what it takes to crate happiness and success after life has scarred you. It is the resilience and perseverance that God developed in her through this experience that helped her survive other childhood hardships.

Debby broke free. She had married an alcoholic and they lived together for 19 years. That’s what led her to Al-Anon, a 12-step recovery program for the family and friends of alcoholics.

Still, Debby wanted more, something deeper, a deeper freedom. “It just seemed like I wasn’t getting all the freedom I wanted. There was still a feeling of being withdrawn and restricted within myself,” says Debby.

As a recovery coach, Debby and her clients focus on overcoming addiction and learning new healthier ways to cope with life. Together, she and her clients set up life recovery plans to build peaceful and serene lives: how to calmly start your day, ways to change the negative voices in your head and how to shift your energy.

“An addiction can be any self-harming physical or mental activity we compulsively engage in: drugs or alcohol, worrying or anger, spending or obsessing about another person,” says Debby. “We have to understand that there's something bigger than ourselves. A greater wisdom. It’s part of my program to help my clients find something outside of themselves that they can trust to guide them toward their dreams.”

Close Up Radio will feature Debby Field in an interview with Jim Masters on May 28th at 12pm EDT

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information, visit

Lou Ceparano
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SmALL Business is Essential Launches Universal Pandemic Preparedness System

Press Conference June 1st, 2021, 11:00 am EST; the world needs pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and universal safe business practices.

Limited power is not an excuse for not doing the right thing.”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 27, 2021 / — Over the past year, SmALL businesses have felt helpless, hopeless, unsupported, and confused. Witnessing the pain and challenges felt and faced by honest, hardworking people in our communities, it became very clear we MUST take action. This sparked the inception of the organization called Social Distance Management (SDM).

Edward Henry Company (EHCO) has made the decision to give away all licensing rights and intellectual property of SDM, which includes Social Distance Advisory (SDA), Social Distance Compliance (SDC) systems, and research to SmALL Business is Essential (SBE).

SDM believes that all businesses need universal compliance measures to operate safely during a pandemic and other unprecedented times. By having access to these practical systems, SBE will have the resources it needs to develop the support for all businesses. ALL businesses are essential, and business continuity is the focus. Any opportunities managed from these systems will help all businesses secure and implement adequate steps to stay open, thrive, and have their voices heard.

The Journey of Social Distance Management

In March of 2020, EHCO started SDM with a mission to stand by businesses. Two months later, on May 11, 2020, with extensive research, collaboration and data collection, they released their first version of universal compliance standards.

Under SDM, sub-resources, including SDA and SDC systems, were established to display universal compliance guidelines and assess the threat levels in specific areas to protect the population. The idea to start SDM came from the utmost care about people and businesses, not from a political approach. Universal health measures and the life of our economy are not two isolated conversations. It is ONE conversation.

To contribute to the information gathered, in July of 2020, a Research Internship was formed to discover and outline details on various businesses in Canada and the United States. The outcome of the research included details which contributed to SDC, such as further development of safety protocols, requirements for operation, compliance measures, capacity limits, and PPE requirements. SDM used the data collection to create additional tools, such as self-assessment audits that provide a checklist for what businesses need to stay compliant and operate safely.

Taking its cue from other systems such as ISO, Homeland Security, The World Health Organization, and research from John Hopkins University, SDM developed its Advisory system. This system was developed with the intent to assist businesses and communities in preparing for crises and mitigating restrictions. “There needs to be accountability to the decisions that are being made that affect our small businesses,” said President of EHCO, Edward Henry.

The Advisory system narrows in on the WHO’s Pandemic Phases and the Homeland Security system and uses five levels of risk and threat: low, moderate, substantial, severe, and critical. The colours associated include green, blue, yellow, orange, and red. Each phase clearly defines which business practices, products, and services are considered essential and non-essential and the types of businesses permitted to open during each phase. Our Advisory system is currently in the process of implementing data from John Hopkins University, along with data collected by other reputable models.

Despite the aforementioned systems, resources, and much research to support our findings, ambiguous guidelines still remain. Therefore, businesses are left without genuine reasons as to why they cannot safely reopen and recover.

A Multi-faceted Problem Requires Innovative Solutions

Stand By SmALL Businesses and Our Communities

SmALL Business is Essential

After spending some time in the development phase, SDM ventured out and sought support from government officials and local politicians. After COUNTLESS meetings and constantly being redirected elsewhere, it was time to take drastic action. Edward Henry states, “Limited power is not an excuse for doing the right thing.” This year has been about a lot of the wrong things, and in the beginning, SDM was seen as a profit-making opportunity during a terrible situation. The lack of change cannot continue. Coming together as a collective unit is essential.

For sustainable change to happen, SDM’s resources need to be placed in the right hands. They need to be placed with an organization that isn’t narrow minded, but bilateral with its thinking so sectors, such as health and business can come together. SBE is a not-for-profit association that operates based on three core pillars: pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and safe business practices. SBE aims to collectively arm small businesses with the support, protection, and resources needed to operate safely while envisioning economic recovery and stability through business unity.

This pandemic is not just a small business problem; it’s a world problem. The government’s attempt to segregate businesses into non-essential and essential classifications created ambiguity. This ambiguity initiated the thought that, no, ALL businesses are essential. As EHCO releases all of its SDM systems, traffic, assessment, and auditing models to SBE, a new leadership position begins. SBE’s goals encompass the severity of the issue at hand, which is why there is no better person for the job than Steve Anderson. As a Social Entrepreneur, Olympic Gold Medal Coach, and Community Champion, Anderson takes over as President of the not-for-profit association SBE. Edward Henry states, “My choice to recruit Steve Anderson was because of his character, coaching background, competitive nature to overcome challenges, and his experience with a multi-faceted range of individuals.” Speaking to Anderson’s character, he doesn’t make excuses when doing the right thing. “Limited power is not an excuse for not doing the right thing.”

Along with Anderson’s motivating character, he is the first African American to coach an Olympic team in indoor or beach volleyball and the first to win an Olympic Gold Medal in either practice. Anderson is highly committed to being the driving force behind SBE to support ALL businesses. He, along with the efforts of SBE, will pave the way towards a better normal.

Our current actions reflect our future results. If we don’t continue putting in effort and showing our care for our businesses, we will continue losing pieces of our community and, in turn, our economy. Small businesses have experienced unfair measures and restrictions, putting them at risk for permanent closure. Continuous lockdowns are not a solution. “This current pandemic has cost over $20 trillion because we were not prepared,” said Edward Henry. The definition of insanity is to perform the same actions and expect different results. “We will do this over again if we don’t start changing the way we do things,” he added. The focus needs to be on Social Distance Compliance and universal protocols to preserve business continuity. If we want an improved normal, we need to stand by SmALL businesses and our communities. There is no better time than now to help businesses transition from lockdowns and longer than expected restrictions.

Register for Zoom Press Conference

Location 10 Sunray Street, Suite 23
Whitby, Ontario L1N 9B5
Limited Space for TV Media only, call contacts below to confirm or email

Steve Anderson, President of SmALL Business is Essential
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Edward Henry, President of Edward Henry Company
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Edward Henry
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DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2021 / — What makes your ministry so special among others in the US? What is the secret behind it?

Nothing is special about it…we are just a people raised by God for such a time as this to impact the nations with the gospel and affect lives positively through our different outreaches around the world.

What does God have in store for both members and non-members of your church in 2021?

God spoke to me at the beginning of 2021…that it's time to Move Forward To Higher Heights! The Church and those that caught and received the word are already walking in it. Many testimonies abound. 2020 was a year of standing still due to the plague of COVID-19 but God said 2021, no more standing still because the plague is Dead! God said I should tell All Nations Church Family & The Body of Christ Worldwide to MOVE FORWARD just as He said to Moses in Exodus 14:13-15. When I announced that the plague is dead, many criticised me but now even the current United States administration has admitted it and now saying it's safe to go without masks.

What should worshipers in your church do this year to be partakers of the blessings that God will release at the various programmes of your church this year?

Service is the key! Serving God and service to man. God always honors and bless a man that serves.

Besides Sunday worship service and regular weekly programmes, what are major or special programmes that your church organises this year, what should be or had been the expectations of the participants in each of the programmes?

There are 3 major events of the year;

1. The just concluded Int'l Gathering of Eagles Conference held in Dallas TX every May.

2. Festival of Praise Conference, August 9-15, 2021. Held in Hudson New York.

3. November To Remember Convention held in Tucson Arizona. November 15-21, 2021

How will you describe the move of God in your church last year 2020 despite the lockdown of churches all over the world due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the year?

The move of God was awesome because God preserved us. None was lost.

Please share with us how you kept your church members spiritually alive and active during the lockdown of churches.

Actively empowering them with the Word of God, engaging them in prayers and service to the community. Many who were not working were given cash money to feed their families.

To what extent will you say the lockdown affected or impacted your church during that period?

We were not affected by the lockdown at all. Only a few stopped worshipping…they were not more than 5.

What are the lessons that church leaders should learn from the lockdown of churches last year 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak?

They should learn to be fearless. I saw fear ravage many leaders which were very heartbreaking. Many changed their messages and were preaching "coronavirus" every week. It ought not to be so. Preach JESUS…and the plague will not come near you. Glory to Jesus!

Share with us the efforts or strategy that you deployed to bringing your church members back to church after the lockdown was lifted?

We have reached out to the 5 that left…if they choose to come back, to God be the Glory but if not, we are moving forward as God instructed!

Clement Emmanuel
News Media Services
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Citizens Academy Expresses Benefits of Getting Involved in Government

T&L’s goal is to educate audiences and connect with resources and groups like WallBuilders across the nation to help them impact their own spheres of influence.

Official Logo for Truth & Liberty Coalition

We are called to stand for truth in every area of life, not just while in clerical robes behind a pulpit. This includes government. Christians need to stop sitting on the sidelines.”

— Richard Harris, executive director, Truth & Liberty Coalition

WOODLAND PARK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2021 / — Tim and David Barton of WallBuilders recently covered the benefits of getting involved in government at Citizens Academy held at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado. The Bartons detailed the tradition of local engagement by pastors, churches, and individual believers in American history. The academy was a biblical-citizenship event that encouraged Christians to get involved and take responsibility for their communities.

“Where the nation is now, there’s a lot of problems, a lot of issues,” said Tim Barton, president of WallBuilders. “We need Christians to be part of the solution.”

“America was built on the truths of the Bible,” said Richard Harris, executive director, Truth & Liberty Coalition. “This statement should not be (and indeed, did not used to be) controversial. But because of the leftist indoctrination of our nation today (through a long, patient revision of American history), most people are unaware of our thoroughly Christian roots.”

To prove the point, Harris looks first at our “national birth certificate,” the Declaration of Independence. “It expressly mentions God Four times,” he said. “The references made there about God endorse principles that can be found in their entirety in no other religion or philosophy besides the Judeo-Christian tradition.”

Additionally, many Christians follow news about what is happening at the national level, with the presidency, Congress, and Supreme Court. So, how can believers make a stand for biblical truth and restore the nation to its foundational values?

A strong majority of the signers of the Declaration, for example, were Christians. Twenty-nine of the 56 held what today would be considered seminary or Bible school degrees. Signer John Witherspoon was an ordained minister. Founder Charles Thompson published the first translation of the Greek Septuagint version of the Bible into English in America. John Hancock, while governor of New York, issued 22 evangelical prayer proclamations. Learn more here.

Founding Father John Adams said, “The general principles on which the Fathers achieved independence were . . . the general principles of Christianity. . .. Now I will avow that I then believed (and now believe) that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.”

“Secularists (those who want to remove God from all aspects of public life) claim that America had a secular founding and want you to believe that their view is supported by ‘modern historians,’” said Harris. “If those modern so-called historians are right, then the great leaders of the past must have been wrong.”

Scholars at the University of Houston reviewed 15,000 original writings by the Founding Fathers and found that the Bible was the most common source they cited, approximately four times as often as the next most frequent source.

The Founders relied heavily on Two Treatises of Government, by British theologian John Locke. In that work, Locke articulated the biblical principles of government, citing the Bible over 1,500 times.

According to the Bartons, the local level is where citizens can have the most impact on policies and issues that affect their day-to-day lives. Involvement in local government builds a strong foundation for change in America.

“One of the things we have to . . . change is our mindset,” said Tim Barton. “We have way too much attention and obsession with a national focus.”
According to Tim Barton, the flood of information about national issues like government-mandated lockdowns, restrictions on worship, and the LGBTQ agenda, coming from mainstream and social media can be overwhelming. It can paralyze people and make them feel as though there is nothing an individual can do to stop radical leftist activism.

“We find often that Christians don’t know where to start,” said Harris. “Our goal is to educate audiences and connect with resources and groups like WallBuilders across the nation to help them impact their own spheres of influence.”

“America desperately needs Christians to re-awaken to their calling to be salt and light in the culture,” Harris said. “We are called to stand for truth in every area of life, not just while in clerical robes behind a pulpit. This includes government. Biblical principles deserve equal consideration in the ‘marketplace of ideas.’ Christians need to stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game.”

About the Truth & Liberty Coalition:
Established in 2019 by Andrew Wommack, founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries, and other Christian leaders, the Truth & Liberty Coalition offers a variety of programs, tools and resources to be able to focus on conservatism in the United States. Visit the Truth & Liberty website for great practical resources for standing for truth in the public square and learn about becoming a member. “Educating people of faith to engage in public affairs is important for maintaining biblical values in our society,” said Harris, executive director, Truth & Liberty Coalition.

About Andrew Wommack:
Andrew Wommack is president and founder of the Truth & Liberty Coalition, Andrew Wommack Ministries, and Charis Bible College. He and other Christian leaders established the Truth & Liberty Coalition to educate, unify, and mobilize believers in Jesus Christ to affect the reformation of nations through the seven mountains of cultural influence. Since 1968, he has taught God’s Word with clarity and simplicity, emphasizing the unconditional love and grace of God. His vision is to spread the Gospel as far and deep as possible through his daily Gospel Truth television program, broadcast nationally and internationally, as well as through GospelTruth.TV, his internet television network.

About Executive Director Richard Harris:
Richard Harris graduated from the Charis Bible College School of Ministry in 2015. Before coming to Charis, he earned a degree in political science from Oklahoma State University in 1987, and a Juris Doctorate degree from Cornell Law School in 1994, magna cum laude. He practiced law at all levels of state and federal courts for 20 years, including a case before the United States Supreme Court. Richard served for several years as the legal counsel for the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee.


Media Relations
Truth & Liberty Coalition
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Mighty Diamonds 50th Anniversary Celebration concert

Mighty Diamonds concert

Mighty Diamonds 50th anniversary celebration

The Mighty Diamonds 50th anniversary celebration concert – June 11th, 2021

Celebrate the legendary Mighty Diamonds 50th-anniversary concert on Friday, June 11th, 2021 on”

— masani Montague

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, May 27, 2021 / — The Mighty Diamonds 50th anniversary celebration concert – June 11th, 2021
The 1982 Grammy-nominated Mighty Diamonds is celebrating over 50 years in the reggae music industry with a concert broadcasting on Friday, June 11th, 2021 at 8:00 pm on and Formed in Trench Town in 1969, one of Jamaica's premier harmony trios continues to record and perform for reggae music lovers throughout four continents. Celebrating the rare distinction of more than 50 years of making music together from the most militant roots reggae to the sweetest lovers’ rock, The Mighty Diamonds are Lloyd “Judge” Ferguson, Fitzroy “Bunny” Simpson, and Donald “Tabby” Shaw. All three members sing on the recordings and during live performances, Donald "Tabby" Shaw is the lead vocal.

The three veteran reggae warriors have risen from the poverty and despair of inner-city Kingston to become one of Jamaica's legendary reggae ambassadors and continue to travel throughout the Americas, Canada, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean spreading the gospel of peace, love, and harmony to encourage the emancipation from mental slavery. The Mighty Diamonds has made an impact worldwide with their continuing contribution to the reggae music industry. Every reggae fan has at least one favorite song by The Mighty Diamonds: “Pass the Kutchie”, “Right Time”, “Master Plan”, “Tamarind Farm”, “I Need a Roof and the list goes on.

“Right Time”, The Mighty Diamonds’ breakthrough album on the Channel One label elevated the group to rock star status in 1975. Produced by Joseph Hoo Kim, "Right Time" brought together the Jamaican musical elite Sly and Robbie (drum and bass) and Ancel Collins (keyboards) who helped on hits such as "Africa," "Have Mercy", "Natural Natty", "Them Never Love Poor Marcus" and the reggae anthem, "Pass the Kutchie" which continues to be a mega-hit. This song has been sampled by many artists such as Musical Youth, Lauryn Hill, Michael Franti, and Wyclef Jean. The "Right Time” album firmly established Lloyd "Judge" Ferguson and Fitzroy "Bunny" Simpson as two of Jamaica's most influential songwriters in the reggae music industry.

Along with having more solo recordings than they can count under their belts, The Mighty Diamonds have appeared on a number of compilations including "Fire on the Mountain", “Reggae Celebrates the Grateful Dead” (Pow Wow, 1996); "Old to the New" a Steely & Clevie tribute to Joe Gibbs Classics (VP, 2002); "Is it Rolling Bob", a Reggae Tribute to Bob Dylan (Sanctuary, 2004) and in 2009, The Mighty Diamonds released "Special Lady", a Ray Goodman and Brown’s 80’s ballad on their independent label, Street Corner Music.

In April 2012 The Mighty Diamonds made international news when their universal party anthem, “Pass the Kutchie,” appeared on’s “20 Smokin’ Songs about Weed” list. Billboard’s musical “Top 20” list was compiled by in honor of April 20, (4/20 Day), an annual celebration of cannabis culture. The Mighty Diamonds share the distinction of being on’s list with the likes of Peter Tosh, Bob Dylan, and Rick James.

In 2016 South Florida's own Joseph Benaiah aka Capo Diamond joined Judge and Tabby on vocals on stage as the new face of The Mighty Diamonds. Capo Diamond comes with the energy and years of experience as a talented bandleader, musical director, and guitarist. During 2016-2017 The Mighty Diamonds continued to perform extensively at major festivals and club dates throughout Europe, Canada, Central, and South Americas, making Brazil, Mexico, and the French Polynesian Islands the competing countries with the most insatiable appetite for The Mighty Diamonds music.

The Jamaica-based Mighty Diamonds celebrate 50 years of performing as a group in 2019, making their iconic contributions to reggae music a golden opportunity for these living legends to continue to perform songs that we love to enjoy live and direct in a city near you. In recognition of The Mighty Diamonds’ 50th anniversary, Masani Productions produced a series of Jamaican concerts in January 2020 in Montego Bay at Rastafari Indigenous Village and in Negril at Roots Bamboo. Look out for The Mighty Diamond's brand new CD launching on Rastafest virtual festival on Saturday, August 21st, 2021 as they celebrate more than 50 years in the reggae music industry.

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Source: EIN Presswire