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STROUDSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2021 / — “God created each of us for a purpose, and when we find that purpose, we can live a more fulfilling abundant life where we feel like we’re making a difference, we’re happy, we’re contributing to the world. However, if we don’t have a good self-image, we don’t understand our value and worth. Our mindset becomes negative and distorted and we sabotage ourselves and never achieve the dreams and visions we’ve always wanted.”

These mindsets have been developed from years ago and we don’t even realize they are there and if we do realize it we just accept that that’s the way we are. Of course, most people are so busy with their life they don't take the time to reflect on why they haven’t attained their goals, or why things aren’t changing and so they end up settling for less.

The coaching I offer, gives women the opportunity to take time for themselves to clarify the positive image that they desire, create awareness of the negative and limiting mindsets and beliefs, and develop a strategy of how to get there. I will sometimes ask challenging questions that will encourage their awareness and growth.

Marilyn Marchese is the founder of Coaching Possibilities, where she helps women create a more positive and confident self-image and mindset so they can be free to be all God created them to be and then help others do the same.

There’s an interesting proverb from the Bible that says, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. That tells us right there how important a good self-image is. It effects the type of choices we make, our careers and relationships we choose, our view of money, risk taking and even our health.

“People are searching for some hope they need to know that it's possible to change and possible to achieve their vision of themselves they want,” says Marilyn. It's possible to change the way you think.”

Marilyn says she has always had a desire to help people who were discouraged and feeling down about themselves.

“When I was young, I remember people coming to me and asking me for my opinion to help them solve different problems,” recalls Marilyn. “That’s been a reoccurring theme throughout my life, encouraging and supporting woman in different ways. I realized a lot of times they had either a poor or distorted image of themselves.

Marilyn received her coaching certification through ICF, the standard for all coaches in the world.

I have seen how effective coaching is firsthand when I experienced coaching for myself,” says Marilyn. “I remember being stuck for years in a career I hated and didn’t understand why I couldn’t find a career I loved. “Coaching helped me become aware of the negative limiting mindsets and beliefs I had and motivated me to change them and take steps toward my goal. “During my coaching, I felt like God was saying with a big megaphone from Heaven, there are more possibilities than you think,” says Marilyn. Coaching helped open up all those possibilities for me.”

I know I will continually be growing and evolving with new dreams and visions and that’s why I am passionate about help others do the same thing.”

One of the techniques Marilyn uses in coaching is known as “visioning.”

“Visioning is a powerful tool to motivate people to change by clarifying what is the end result they’re looking for. Then I ask them to envision themselves as if it already happened, describe the details of what your seeing, speaking, and feeling,” says Marilyn. “I'm helping my clients envision their ultimate desired outcome even if they don’t know how they’re going to get there yet.” The interesting thing is, the brain tell the difference if your actually doing the action or just imagining it.”

Coaching Possibilities is a faith-based business.

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