New Book Release from World Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Humanitarian

Love is the Only Solution

Love is the Only Solution

In Her new book Supreme Master Ching Hai explains why humanity is currently undergoing so much suffering and turmoil, as well as what we can do to mitigate it.

If we have love, all good will come our way. We can start to love now, today, and continue tomorrow into the future. Love yourself, love your family, love your neighbors, love all around us.”

— Supreme Master Ching Hai

CALIFORNIA, USA, July 29, 2021 / — In this FREE e-book entitled “Love is the Only Solution,” international best-selling author, spiritual teacher, humanitarian and artist, Supreme Master Ching Hai, elucidates on the current situation in the world with regards to pandemics, climate change, conflicts and natural disasters. Furthermore, she explains the causes as well as the solutions.

Through love for the animals, love for nature, each other, our families and even our enemies, we can create an Eden on Earth. The energy of LOVE will have a protective effect that will not only heal the planet but also elevate its inhabitants to higher state of consciousness. She goes on to urge us to turn our love into action to protect the meek, voiceless animals as well as all those who are in need.

Supreme Master Ching Hai says, “Love can flourish or be destroyed even, though the essence of love can never be destroyed. There are deeds that can nourish love, there are deeds that can make love wither and die. I mean physical love. I mean the love in this realm. There are deeds that can make love grow, there are deeds that can make love diminish. We must cherish, treasure love if we find it. Support it. We have to support it with our thoughts and speech and actions.”

The e-book is available now for FREE at Google Play Books and SMCH books

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