New Book by Starr Regan DiCiurcio Explores 21st Century Spirituality

Divine Sparks by Starr Regan DiCiurcio

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Problems of ethnocentrism, division and misinformation abound. Divine Sparks: Interfaith Wisdom for a Postmodern World provides a new language.

This book challenges everyone, of any religion or none, to make contemporary spiritual life directly relevant to our complex times. It is full of deep humanity, written with a wise heart & open mind.”

— Rev. Diane Berke, Founder, One Spirit Learning Alliance

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 / — As the world becomes smaller, problems of ethnocentrism, division and misinformation abound. Divine Sparks: Interfaith Wisdom for a Postmodern World by Starr Regan DiCiurcio provides a new language and pathway to bring people together, to deepen understanding and promote healing. It is also well suited to those individuals seeking enriching practices and greater clarity in their personal spiritual lives.

Divine Sparks (published by DartFrog Books) presents practical and inspiring wisdom from the world’s great religious traditions. It offers guidance to men and women of all faiths or none. It does not propose any dogma or doctrine, but encourages inner exploration by readers so they can come to fully know their own hearts and minds.

The book is organized along twelve themes: mindfulness and meditation, simplicity, forgiveness, creativity, beauty, the true self, Mother Earth, gratitude, embodied spirit, solitude and community, joy, and prayer. The themes spring out of millennia of homo sapiens seeking to make sense of their world. They remain starkly relevant concerns for our times. This longing to pursue lives of meaning and consequence is part of our nature. How to do so with the greatest compassion and wisdom is the work of contemporary inter-spirituality. Divine Sparks embraces this quest as it presents transformative insights and practices from a variety of sources for readers’ consideration. Each chapter concludes with questions for reflection, suggestions for creative activities and a prayer or meditation.


A beautiful lamp can be admired just sitting on a table, but once it is turned on its full colors shine. In the same manner, there is a Divine Spark in each of us and this book will help you turn on your own Divine Spark more fully. It will go deep within illuminating your spiritual quest as you shine ever more brightly. Wherever you are on your spiritual path— just now recognizing there is a path or a long-time traveler—this book will be a source to help your inner Divine Spark manifest brightly. Rev. Starr, a longtime journeyer, is the perfect guide to open up new vistas for your exploration and this book provides a very specific map. Happy journey!
—Dr. Patricia Hunt Perry, Senior Dharma Teacher, Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism

Starr Regan DiCiurcio has written a wise and heart-centered book that addresses issues central to our times. It is grounded in ancient truths and yet looks to the future by encouraging personal and societal evolution toward a global ethic of love for all—all of humanity, the realms of flora and fauna and our precious planet.
—Mara Freeman, Druidess and author of Kindling the Celtic Spirit and Grail Alchemy

Each topic of Divine Sparks is a spiritual gem illuminating the heart on its path to inner peace and true happiness. Starr’s writings enable us to savor and cultivate mindfulness and joy in our daily life. Divine Sparks is a treasured guide, leading us back again and again to the deep self, our home, where we may welcome all with love.
—Sr. Anne Leger, Co-director, Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center

Starr Regan DiCiurcio sparks the intrinsic spiritual potential of her readers across all faiths. Divine Sparks is an invitation to look deeply into the infinite source of possibilities as we search for what is good, true, and beautiful. This book will serve as an interfaith companion, the North Star on our Divine journey home.
—Sr. Mai Trang, Deer Park Monastery, Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism

Divine Sparks is for individuals and groups searching for transformative direction or seeking poetic prayers and meditations to enhance their spiritual lives.
—Mary B. Scanlan, author of A Will of Her Own


Starr Regan DiCiurcio is an interfaith minister who lives and works in Upstate New York. She is also ordained in the Tiep Hien Order (Order of Interbeing) of Zen master Thich Nhất Hanh. Starr has facilitated retreats and days of mindfulness for over two decades.

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