Effect Hope Logo and Giving Shoesday text

This November 30, Canadians can support dignity and restoration with a gift of shoes.

Group of people watching shoemaker construct special shoes. In the foreground, a woman named Sumi watches. Her feet are damaged from leprosy.

Thanks to the shoes that Balaram the shoe maker is creating, Sumi’s feet will be protected from further damage and her mobility will be enhanced.

Canadian Christian Global Health Organization wants to change 500 lives with shoes

A small cut can become a massive health crisis. But specially designed shoes can prevent a catastrophe. We can change lives with these shoes.”

— Kim Evans, CEO of Effect Hope

MARKHAM, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 26, 2021 / — As people hunt for Black Friday deals on shoes, Canadian Christian Global Health Organization, Effect Hope challenges Canadians to give 500 pairs of shoes for Giving Tuesday on November 30.

In an event the non-profit organization is calling ‘Giving Shoesday,’ Effect Hope asks Canadians to make a gift of special protective shoes for people with nerve damage and injuries due to leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases.

The cost of a pair of this so-called miracle shoes is $25. This price point beats even the best Black Friday deals.

“Many people with leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases can’t feel pain anymore. Leprosy damages the nervous system meaning that the body stops sending warning signals to the brain. That’s what pain is – a warning,” explained Kim Evans, CEO of Effect Hope. “Suddenly, an everyday activity like walking is risky! Without pain, people don’t notice when they injure their foot. The small cut can become infected that just can’t heal. The infection can spread up the leg, and in some cases, amputation may be necessary to save a life. Many people whom we serve depend on their ability to walk to earn a living and to survive. A small cut can become a massive health crisis. 

But specially designed shoes can prevent a catastrophe. We can change lives with these shoes,” she added.

Custom-made miracle shoes help to protect the foot, allowing it to heal. These special shoes for people with ulcers and injuries from leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases cradle the foot in just the right way. The footwear also keeps people mobile so that they can work and be with their communities.  Thanks to miracle shoes, people experience restoration of their mobility and dignity.

Effect Hope is aiming to raise enough to provide 500 pairs of protective shoes to people who need them by November 30. Canadians can donate and receive a charitable tax receipt here:

About Effect Hope

Effect Hope is a Canadian Christian global health organization that partners with others to bring hope and restoration to people affected by neglected tropical diseases like leprosy. These diseases cause illness and disabilities, perpetuate poverty, invite discrimination, and eliminate hope. For about 130 years, Effect Hope has worked together with affected communities and people to find innovative solutions to ensure that those living with neglected tropical diseases can thrive.

With partners and supporters, Effect Hope seeks to create a world where people overcome neglected tropical diseases like leprosy – A world full of hope.

Anjay Nirula
Effect Hope
+1 416-459-9198
Visit us on social media:

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Denise Zack of Ripple Affect Life Coaching to be Featured on Close Up Radio

VIERA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2021 / — With every new beginning and every breath, we can feel more effective and take control of our life.

Denise Zack is a certified life coach, meditation instructor, yoga teacher and the founder of Ripple Affect Life Coaching, LLC where she offers wellness-based consulting, meditation, mindfulness and yoga for individuals and businesses.

“People feel like they're swimming in this river of chaos,” says Denise. “I want to give them a life jacket, but more than that, I want to teach them how to swim.”

Prior to launching Ripping Affect, Denise was a Licensed Professional Counselor for 20 years. She started meditating and practicing mindfulness in 2011.

“As a therapist, I was helping people put their lives back together when difficult things happened,” recalls Denise. “When I switched over to being a life coach, I'm not diving into their past in the same way as therapy. I am acknowledging how the past impacts them today and what patterns may have emerged as a result of the traumas or challenges they experienced. I have gotten to a space where I am able to marry these two things together to help people achieve inner peace.

Throughout her career, Denise found that stress and anxiety were the number one problem her clients struggled with. Denise says that negative brain habits are what cause individuals to repeat unhealthy thoughts patterns and get triggered over and over again.

“Everyday stressors wreak havoc on us to create emotional overload and emotional unrest,” says Denise. "Exacerbated by our own mental habits, our reactions become impulsive, which means our ability to make good decisions is impaired.”

This led Denise to develop a specialized method of Mindful Life Coaching. Denise’s unique approach helps her clients identify their unproductive patterns and change them to gain emotional control over their lives and work through difficult situations in a more effective way. It is easy to use Denise's method and to put it into practice on a daily basis.

“I give people the tools they need to become more mindful and reflective about their reactions in their world, as well as how they perceive themselves and others,” says Denise. “I want my clients to use their emotions in more skillful ways that facilitate their thinking rather than react to circumstances and lose their cool. If you practice mindfulness, you can develop more control over your reactions and create new patterns.”

Denise works with those who want to better themselves in business, their personal life, in individual and in group sessions.

“My goal is to get as many people educated in mindfulness as possible,” says Denise. “Mindfulness helps me to be a better person. It helps me be more empathetic. It helps me to be more rational. And I think we need more empathetic and rational people in our world, because everybody's so reactive and emotional and angry and agitated these days. We need an intense push in the opposite direction, because we're moving in the wrong direction in terms of our emotional intelligence and our interactions with one another.”

Close Up Radio will feature Denise Zack an interview with Doug Llewelyn on November 30th at 12pm EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

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Lou Ceparano
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MyHotels® is offering discounts on hotels bookings

MyHotels® Logo

MyHotels® Logo

MyHotels Umrah Logo

MyHotels Umrah Logo

MyHotels® is offering discounts on hotels bookings,
Offers will be displayed once using coupon code "SA91" on MyHotels® platforms.

MAKKAH, SAUDI ARABIA, November 26, 2021 / — About MyHotels®:
Founded in Saudi Arabia in January 2016, headquartered in Makkah. It is Saudi leading Online Travel Agency – OTA. MyHotels® provides accommodations reservations (Covering more than 1,000,000 properties "hotels, villas, apartments" across 80,000 destinations worldwide). All prices in MyHotels® platform are inclusive taxes and fees without hidden fees, enabling customers to make their booking at the best prices.
MyHotels® added Umrah Services in their services lines after getting the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah approval to be Umrah Online Travel Agency – Umrah OTA to serve both Business to Business (B2B) and Individuals (B2C).

MyHotels® Platforms:
Hotels Booking website: https://www.MyHotels.SA: provides accommodations reservations (Covering more than 1,000,000 properties "hotels, villas, apartments" across 80,000 destinations worldwide).

– Hotels Booking Mobile Apps:
o Android App:
o iOS App:

Umrah B2Chttps://Umrah.MyHotels.SA: Issues an immediate electronic Umrah e-Visa for individuals allows them to enter Saudi Arabia. The package includes hotels in Makkah City and/or Madinah City, transportations, and ground services from Saudi Umrah Operators.

Umrah B2Bhttps://Umrah.MyHotels.SA/AgentLogin.aspx: Provides Umrah booking services to the Saudi Umrah Operators and their external agents by enabling them to book Makkah and Madinah hotels/accommodations, transportation/transfers, and generating a BRN ID instantly so they can issue Umrah Visas for groups via their access with Umrah Systems Services Center (MUKHA).

Emad Alabbas, CEO
Makkah, Saudi Arabia
E-Mail: CC@MyHotels.SA

Emad Alabbas
+966 9200 33025
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MyHotels® Timeline

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Bwiti Psychospiritual Iboga Retreat Dates announced for Winter/Spring 2022 in Sintra Portugal by Root Healing

Winter/Spring 2022 Iboga Retreat Dates January 13 - 19, 23 - 29, February 3 - 9, 22 - 28, March 3 - 9

Winter/Spring 2022 Iboga Retreat Dates

A beach for Iboga Integration day

Sintra Beach for Integration Day

Whats included in Bwiti Iboga Retreats. 2 iboga ceremonies, spiritual shower, trips, counseling, airport transfer

Included in Bwiti Iboga Retreats

European Iboga Retreat Center Root Healing has announced its Bwiti Psychospiritual Iboga Retreat Schedule for Winter/Spring 2022 in Sintra, Portugal.

Traditional Bwiti Psychospiritual Iboga Retreats are the most effective way to find yourself, heal yourself, and set yourself free.”

— Ryan "Ghenigo" Rich

SINTRA, PORTUGAL, November 25, 2021 / — Root Healing Spiritual Retreats is offering traditional Bwiti Psychospiritual Iboga Retreats to Europe and beyond in Sintra, Portugal

Iboga is a powerful plant medicine healing tool that can be used to improve mental health, spiritual health, physical health and connect you to yourself.

Root Healing is pleased to announce new retreat dates in their new home Sintra, Portugal – just 30 mins outside of Lisbon. Founded by Ryan "Ghenigho" Rich, Root Healing Iboga retreats provide the unique opportunity to connect with this sacred medicine in the traditional Missoko Bwiti way outside of Gabon.

Iboga is a powerful plant medicine that is used by the Bwiti in Gabon for initiation, spiritual discovery, and both spiritual and physical healing. The Bwiti have been the shepherds and protectors of Iboga for thousands of years, and Root Healing is excited to offer the immense healing benefits of this ancient practice and Iboga medicine to people around the world. It is said that you cannot have Iboga without Bwiti and Bwiti without Iboga, and Root Healing Retreats are steeped in the Missoko Bwiti tradition, ensuring a more spiritually potent healing experience. Iboga is not Ibogaine, a more well-known extracted alkaloid, and this is a uniquely different offering from the typically clinical Ibogaine experience.

All Root Healing retreats follow the protocols set forth by the Missoko Bwiti lineage and taught by 10th generation Shaman Moughenda Mikala. Moughenda is a Missoko Bwiti Shaman who also spent over a decade outside of Gabon learning the Western mind and healing thousands of people. This and his over 30+ years of experience working with Iboga gave him the unique and powerful wisdom that he has shared with his students in order to offer Iboga's powerful healing to more of the world. Moughenda is a big part of Root Healing and will finally be offering retreats outside of Gabon at Root Healing which will be announced soon. Retreats with Moughenda will be marked accordingly.

Our lead Iboga Provider, Ryan “Ghenigho” Rich is trained and empowered as a Missoko Bwiti Iboga Provider and Detox expert. Ghenigho can also offer pre-initiations to those who are interested at any of Root Healing's retreats. Pre-initiations are a powerful ceremony that connects you to yourself, the Bwiti Tradition, and the Iboga spirit. For those interested in Detox, please message Root Healing to discuss as the treatment is designed on an individual basis.

“Our goal with our Root Healing Iboga retreats in Portugal is to offer Iboga's powerful healing to Europe and beyond. We are dedicated to helping you heal and connect with yourself – to learn who you are and what you want" Ryan "Ghenigho" said

For the Winter/Spring of 2022, Root Healing will be offering 5 intimate sessions in Sintra, Portugal, just 30 minutes away from the Lisbon airport. Each retreat lasts seven days and includes two traditional Bwiti Iboga ceremonies, integration day-trips, food, beautiful accommodations, transportation, counseling, and post-retreat integration. Sliding scale pricing will also be available and certain discounts upon request as Root Healing is dedicated to equitable access to Iboga Medicine.

The dates of these retreats are:

January 13th – 19th
January 23rd – 29th
February 3rd – 9th
February 22nd – 28th
March 3rd – 9th

To find out more and register, please visit
or email them at

About Root Healing:
Root Healing is an Iboga Retreat center that follows the traditional Missoko Bwiti way of holding ceremonies. Led by Shaman Moughenda and/or Lead Iboga Provider, Ryan "Ghenigho" RIch, Root Healing has set up their Iboga retreats to optimally support the spirit of Iboga in one’s healing and spiritual discovery. They currently offer Psychospiritual Iboga retreats and Iboga Detox retreats in Portugal, Thailand, and worldwide.
Ryan "Ghenigho" Rich
Root Healing
+1 800-620-7053

Ryan "Ghenigho" Rich
Root Healing
+1 800-620-7053
email us here

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Harmony Slater of Finding Harmony Coaching to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, November 25, 2021 / — Yoga is not simply exotic stretching. It is a lifestyle discipline that integrates new healthy habits consistently over time which effect how we think, feel, and respond to our environment.

Harmony Slater is a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher, Life-Wellness coach, and founder of Finding Harmony Coaching. Harmony combines yoga with health and life coaching so clients can experience a more powerful life transformation.

“It’s important to create that beautiful space where you're able to nourish your mind, your body, and your spirit, and yet, not become rigid in your approach,” says Harmony. “Stay flexible, open, and curious, otherwise there's no joy. And joy is one of the most essential components of wellness.”

Harmony began practicing yoga 25 years ago, long before it was popular. She says it helped her through adversity, including recovery from an eating disorder, and a deep sense of self-loathing and unworthiness.

Five years after she started practicing, with two degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies, Harmony moved to India and later Thailand to work at a yoga retreat center.

“Yoga is a powerful technology for health transformation. When you have a coach directly supporting you along the way, it becomes even more so,” says Harmony. “I want others to be able to access their full capacity to thrive, to experience energy and enthusiasm for this precious life they’ve been given, through this unique combination. It's just so inspiring to see how it changes people's attitudes, habits, and beliefs about what's possible.”

Through physical postures, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and personal coaching, Harmony’s clients become aware of their habitual tendency to slip into negative thinking. This process of connecting more deeply to ourselves in mind, body, and spirit automatically begins to shift our behaviors to move us toward higher dimensions of wellness.

“I found that people were getting stuck in the physical exercise, but the real power of yoga comes from the breathing,” says Harmony.

These days, we're more connected than ever online, through social media, but we’re incredibly disconnected from ourselves. It's so easy to get so caught up in everyday life that you lose sight of the fundamentals, like how to focus the mind through breath-awareness and self-reflection, and to make time for a daily self-care routine.

“When you develop awareness around how much harm you're doing to yourself on a daily basis, you will automatically want to change,” says Harmony. “Without the awareness, nothing changes. When you become present to what you are experiencing within each thought that drives your behavior, there’s an opportunity to develop empathy and compassion for yourself, which naturally extends outward, improving your relationships. Your whole life begins to transform.”

Close Up Radio will feature Harmony Slater in an interview with Jim Masters on November 29th at 3pm EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

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Lou Ceparano
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Church of Scientology Turkey Giveaway for a Happy Holiday

Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology Los Angeles held a turkey giveaway this weekend to make Thanksgiving special for local families.

Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology Los Angeles held a turkey giveaway this weekend to make Thanksgiving special for local families.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers held their 25th weekly L.A. food distribution, giving struggling families the opportunity for a real Thanksgiving dinner.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / — To make Thanksgiving special, the Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology Los Angeles held a turkey giveaway this week. This was their 25th consecutive weekly food giveaway because the need for such programs has increased dramatically since the pandemic.

Before 2020, one in five L.A. residents on average faced food insecurity. Now, one in 4 children are struggling with hunger and over 2 million people in Los Angeles County lack access to affordable and nutritious food.

“We wanted to make sure East Hollywood families would have a special holiday this year,” says Susanna Johanson, public affairs director for the Scientology Churches of Greater Los Angeles.

The next Food Drive is scheduled for Saturday, November 27th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles at 4810 W. Sunset Blvd in East Hollywood. All are welcome.

The Church of Scientology Los Angeles is featured in an episode of Inside Scientology on the Scientology Network at DIRECTV channel 320. The episode can also be streamed at and is available through mobile apps and via the Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms.

For more information, visit the website of the Church of Scientology Los Angeles.

Media Relations
Church of Scientology International
+1 323-960-3500
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Temptation Exposed, the I's Have it: A Journey into the Dark Side

True meaning of Light and Darkness
Why cast onto the Earth? Why not exiled to the Abyss?

It exhibits
God’s anticipation of this inherent flaw and showcases His perfect ability to heal and restore; the
Bible is the reliable legal source and record of that claim.”

— Ron Lopez

GUADALAJARA, JA, MEXICO, November 24, 2021 / — Ron Lopez’s “Temptation Exposed, The I’s Have It: A Journey into the Dark Side”, published by Page Publishing, is a thought-provoking and biblically-based exploration on man’s inability to withstand the inclination to sin. The book offers a plethora of biblical references to the all-consuming nature of temptation.

The author writes, “This study is not intended to present in-depth complete studies with total research proofs, that would generate 2000 plus pages, small font. It is a book of summaries, study subjects, and brief validation verses; it is designed to rapidly advance your knowledge and understanding of the deep realities of light and darkness. Affix all definitions.” The author argues that man’s nature to sin is permitted by God in order to display his perfect plan for man. It exhibits God’s anticipation of this inherent flaw and showcases His perfect ability to heal and restore; the Bible is the reliable legal source and record of that claim.

Ron Lopez is a retired Journeyman Electrician who entered the Christian ministry in 1972 and now owns and operates a home inspection company in Ohio, where he lives with his wife, Antoinette. Readers who wish to experience this thought-provoking work can purchase “Temptation Exposed, the I's Have it: A Journey into the Dark Side” on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Temptation Exposed, The I’s Have It: A Journey into the Dark Side
Written by Ron Lopez
Paperback |
Hardcover |
Kindle |

About Authors Press
Authors Press is an online publishing company and book reseller catering to the needs of both experienced and aspiring authors as well as readers. They offer the best publishing solutions for full-time and independent authors. The company’s team of proofreaders, editors, designers, and publishing professionals are committed to achieve industry standards for their client’s work to be published, marketed, and sold.

Please visit for more information.

Dana Reyes
Authors Press
+1 925-2550098
email us here
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The Sovereign State of SHRIKAILASA and the Entebbe Municipal Council of Uganda enter into bilateral relations

SHRIKAILASA entered into a vital agreement with the Entebbe Municipal Council of the Republic of Uganda for commencing a long-term friendship.

MONTCLAIR, CA, USA, November 24, 2021 / — A bilateral agreement was signed between the Sovereign State of SHRIKAILASA, the Ancient Enlightened Hindu Civilizational Nation, First Nation of Hindus and Entebbe Municipal Council of the Republic of Uganda in early October, during the auspicious Hindu Navaratri festival. The two governments evaluated the various aspects of the Agreement’s cooperation in favor of SHRIKAILASA’s and the Entebbe Municipal Council’s common goals of international cooperation, mutual prosperity, and world peace.

This historic, cross-cultural partnership is a pivotal step towards contributing towards matters of common interests between SHRIKAILASA and the Entebbe Municipal Council as a step to improve communities and promote peace in a moment in which humanity is experiencing numerous uncertainties and turmoil worldwide.

About Section
The Sovereign State of SHRIKAILASA’s, the Ancient Enlightened Hindu Civilizational Nation, First Nation of Hindus and having founding principles of ahimsa (non violence), advaita (oneness) and living in harmony with nature and fellow human beings presents a bold vision for the of human potential, peaceful co-existence, organic living and alignment with nature, echoing the ideal that once thrived in the enlightened civilizations of the East.

The Sovereign of the Sovereign State of SHRIKAILASA, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (“SPH”), Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam (“JGM”), His Divine Holiness (“HDH”) Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashiva is the reviver of Hinduism and SHRIKAILASA, the Ancient Enlightened Hindu Civilizational Nation, the First Nation of Hindus. SHRIKAILASA led by the SPH has been working ardently using the science of enlightenment based in Hinduism to support humanity for global peace (Ahimsa), gender equality, fight against global warming, universal free access to holistic education and healthcare, veganism as per Hinduism, etc.

SHRIKAILASA, works to unite all nations for common human values such as global peace, eradicating poverty, religious tolerance, gender equality, women empowerment, youth empowerment, eradicating illiteracy, sustainable development, animal protection, establishment and support of food banks, holistic healthcare, revival of ancient heritage of Hinduism, protecting and reviving the science of enlightened birthing and pregnancy, democracy and uncorrupt elections, ethical environmentalism, protection of monks, organic and sustainable agriculture, recovery of drug abuse, sexual abuse victims, vegetarianism and climate change.

M Ananda
+1 425 269 2923
email us here

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Charity “Wins” with Judaica Jewelry by Samson

Samson Jewelry For Israel Judaica Jewelry Sports Star of David Pendant Bracelet

Sports Star of David Pendant for Tennis Players with WeightLifting Bracelet

Chai 18 Diamond Pendants Large and Small Necklace Charms by fundraiser

Chai 18 Diamond Pendants Large and Small Necklace Charms by fundraiser

Creator Rob Samson raises funds for Jewish nonprofits and Israel.  Shown here wearing Samson Jewelry for Israel chain, Shema pendant, and Sports Star Weightlifting Bracelet and ring.

Creator Rob Samson raises funds for Jewish nonprofits and Israel. Shown here wearing Samson Jewelry for Israel chain, Shema pendant, and Sports Star Weightlifting Bracelet and Ring

Samson Jewelry for Israel Exclusive Designs with Tzedakah in Mind

I wanted to do something with “Ruach”, which means spirit – with meaning and fundraising purpose to make my friends and family proud, give my kids a legacy, and honor my ancestors.”

— Robert J.R. Samson

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / — “Heart of Gold” takes on a new meaning for jewelry lovers who can now specify their favorite Israeli or Jewish non-profit organization to benefit, while buying a keepsake exclusive fine gold Jewish symbol to wear on their neck, wrist and fingers! Boca Raton, Florida resident Rob Samson, a veteran of the jewelry industry, took a break to pursue a professional wrestling career and own gyms, but he has returned with a gusto and a passionate mission to help Jewish charities. He brainstorms usually when everyone else is sleeping, then hits the design boards in the morning. That’s how he came up with an exclusive Jewish sports line of pendants, noting 14 sports from golf to tennis to baseball, swimming and more. And for cardplayers who play for sport, there’s one for them too.

A portion of each sale is directed by the customer to their favorite Jewish or Israeli 501c non-profit organization on the website at the time of sale. People around the world can select and customize from 14 collections of pendants, anklets, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and tallis clips, available in 14k yellow, white or rose gold, and some in .925 sterling silver. Options include diamonds and sapphires. A unique feature on several pieces is a customizable nameplate, which makes the jewelry an especially personal and meaningful gift. Some people choose to engrave a word like “Love” in place of a name.

Samson thought of this special mission for Judaica Jewelry line during the pandemic, and his first design was something he searched far and wide for and it didn’t seem to exist. It merged the Jewish star with the Shema prayer and a Chai. A friend asked him if he could also make a necklace, and his first thought was that necklaces were ‘a dime a dozen.’

So he started thinking what he could make that would be unique, and developed a necklace chain of linked Stars of David, followed by bracelets, anklets and earrings. And new designs kept coming…. He is soon adding his uniquely creative mezuzah and Chai-18-Life designs.

“I wanted to do something with “Ruach”, which means spirit – with meaning and purpose to make my friends and family proud, give my kids a legacy, and honor my ancestors,” Samson said.

His memories of the stories he heard on his grandfather’s lap, about fleeing persecution in Russia, then Cuba and finally coming to America, made him think about how fortunate we are to have Israel, a Jewish homeland, so Jews always have somewhere to go. There’s a two-minute video on in which Samson explains his family’s difficult voyage to America. “Having a Jewish homeland is the biggest blessing a Jew can have,” Samson said. “My mission, through the website, is to help and support Israel and our precious Jewish heritage.”

One non-profit organization that has already received a donation from a sale is Chabad Chayil in North Miami Beach. The synagogue’s Rabbi Moishe Kievman, who is telling members about the jewelry in their newsletter and in an email, said “It’s a win-win situation. Mr. Samson is trying to do something good; it’s a nice thing, why not?” Chabad Chayil is now in the midst of a fundraising campaign to relocate from a three-bedroom house into their own building.

Rabbi Loring Frank, of All Peoples Synagogue in South Florida, also finds the Samson Jewelry unique and purposeful. “I loved it so much, I bought a stunning Jewish Star chain link for myself to wear my Dad’s Jewish star on. I love them both and get compliments all the time.”

Samson’s enthusiasm is contagious, and his work speaks for itself. On a vacation in the Hamptons he showed photos to a group sitting on the beach, and caught the attention of Judy, a resident of New York’s Upper East Side, who thought his work was very original and nice. “I asked him to make a custom bracelet for one of my daughters who works out and plays tennis, so the bracelet is made with links of weights (dumbbells) and within the Jewish Star is a tennis racquet, and personalized with her name. It’s not for a particular occasion but it will be a surprise.” She loves that the purchase includes a donation. She plans to have hers sent to UJA Federation or Hadassah.

No doubt Samson Jewelry For Israel makes great gifts, and with Chanukah starting Sunday, November 28, it’s a site worth checking. Year ‘round the acquisition of fine original Judaica jewelry is destined to be an heirloom and your favorite Jewish non-profit benefits from fundraising too. Visit

Sherri Klein
Klein Communications Inc.
+1 5617038955

Mission Mitzvah, Rob Samson, Creator of Samson Jewelry For Israel

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Ancient of Genes novel resurges Plus: Soon an "Audio Theater" version 2b released

AOG Bestseller in multiple Amazon Categories

AOG Bestseller in multiple Amazon Categories

Smilodon Skull, Gene segment, Hour Glass

Book Cover

StoriesAmazing Publisher Logo

StoriesAmazing Publisher Logo

A geneticist’s regeneration of Ice Age animals & humans is stolen… becomes the basis for genetic warfare weapons –and the prophesied Resurrection of the Dead!

REAL genetics potential & ONE prophecy in common among most religions: a regeneration of humanity & nature post-catastrophe. But what nightmare is released? Great for gifts and news for media!”

— Laura Haas, Publisher

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / — Cloning sheep and chimps was only a beginning.

Using Fossil Gene Redemption (FGR), geneticist Kevin G. Harrigan experiments with genes from a frozen "Ice Man". His work prompts Iraqi leader, Ishmail Mon, to provide resources for exciting new research that enables Harrigan's team to regenerate extinct “cryptids” and human sub-species from the Ice Ages. But FGR can be the basis for genetic weapons of mass destruction; United States intelligence and defense leaders must act!

Radically distinct from Jurassic Park, Ancient of Genes shows new megafauna regeneration methods by which the only prophecy held in common among major religions & myth traditions could manifest: Some form of regeneration of human ancestors and megafauna. Once considered junk DNA, personality genes and other traits archive in lineages. These genes await a virus vector that targets meiosis to re-express them in all subsequent generations. This can start a resurrection cascade enabling Mon to ruin enemy genomes, improve his allies’ genes… and inherit the earth.

Harrigan's frightening choice can lead to redemption… or the terrifying sunset of humanity!

Ancient of Genes is book 1 in the Ancient Beacon series. Reviews so far followed by prior version reviews:
Accolades for ANCIENT OF GENES

…Spellbinding, well-researched and has intriguing characters. …A page-turner as we get to learn about the growth and development of the characters over the span of 16 years. Feeling a deep, emotional connection with the protagonist and other characters is inevitable. The author… explain[s] complex scientific ideas in a comprehensible manner… real-world scientific research… intriguing storyline, superior storytelling craft, rich world-building.
— The Book Commentary (David Reyes, author, reviewer)
Ancient of Genes recently slammed on to the bestseller list, no doubt due to its inspired plot and oh so very intriguing characters that draw you deeper into the plot with each and every page. This brilliant author has delivered readers a read that hits all the sweet spots and beyond, making this an epic read….
— USAReformer (Tracey Williams, Ph.D., author, reviewer, professor)
A phenomenal book… the setting, descriptiveness and raw energy captivate, all coming together to have the reader turning pages effortlessly.
— Digital Journal (Markos Papadatos "Best Long Island Personality" in Arts & Entertainment)
9 stars out of 10, but we'll round up! Gallagher lays out the underlying science in Chapter One, priming the engines. Then the plot takes off like a rocket. There are plenty of evolving characters, with powerful motivations and inspirations. Even human sub-species stand on their own. Gallagher excels, too, in his action scenes and creature encounters. The plot and intrigue are multilayered. Read Ancient of Genes now! — SubCreated-Worlds.
— Josh Griffing, author of Pyre & Ice and The Wayward Sun Universe

26 Prior version reviews by bestselling authors & pro reviewers at & in front matter:

“An engrossing confluence of cutting-edge science, thought-provoking ethics, and storytelling that moves at the pace of a Gatling gun.”
• Lincoln Child, best-selling co-author of The Relic and Mount Dragon

“… Thoroughly compelling…. The climax, containing one of the finest action sequences in recent fiction, approaches apocalyptic dimensions… . While Michael Crichton’s Jurassic stories were interesting, Gallagher ups the ante dramatically, intellectually.”
• Richard J. Woods, OP, author of Mysticism and Prophecy and fiction works.

“A crackerjack adventure chock full of derring-do…. Vast… innovative… far more ambitious [than] the Jurassic Park novels… global in complexity… – and what a cast!… A work of great philosophic complexity… quite readable… first class science fiction… ingenious… compelling….” • Paleontologia Electronica (Anderson)

Author Profiles: Biography at the bottom of
Bio Summary: Dan Gallagher is a former U.S. Army Ranger & retired Financial Advisor. He has been published in fiction & nonfiction since 1992.

Sample Interview Qs & The Writing Process:

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5 SCI- FI Genres: Action & Adventure / General / Military, Visionary & Metaphysical, War & Military

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