U. S. Associate Pastor Rosetta West has Building in Kenya Dedicated in Her Honor

Dr. Ruben and Robin West with Pastor Rosetta West at Dedication

The Rosetta M. West Kitchen & Dining Facility

Pastor Rosetta West & her three children Ruben, Robert Jr. and RaMonda

Glorious Life Learning Center Campus

Dr. Ruben and Robin West, Dr. Dorcus Kavod and Dr. Juma Nashon

On Her First Ever Visit to Africa Pastor Rosetta West was Honored for Her Years of Service and Sacrifice

GOD has a way of giving back to you allowing you to realize that you are worth something. I cannot beat God’s giving.”

— Pastor Rosetta West

NAIROBI CITY, KENYA, September 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — On a recent trip to Nairobi, Kenya, Rosetta West, Associate Pastor at El Shaddai Ministries in Topeka, Kansas received the shock of her life when she discovered that a new kitchen and dining facility at the Glorious Life Learning Center in the Nunguni, Kilungu Region in Makueni County, Kenya was built and named after her. Dr. Dorcas Kavod, founded Glorious Life Learning Center to provide a better option for the families with young school age children. The donation of the kitchen and dining facility furthers this mission to provide the local children with a nutritious meal.

Many houses in the rural communities can barely shelter families from natural calamities such as floods, heavy rains, mud slides and other related weather conditions. Cooking is often done outside the houses in open spaces. Open kitchens are common in most homes and schools in these villages. The fireplace is normally a set of three stones put in a triangular form to support the cooking pot. These open kitchens lack refrigerators. Hence any surplus food spoils.

Unfortunately, there are families that live from hand to mouth. The families with no farms depend on menial jobs earning less than two dollars a day. Institutions like schools and churches have devised free lunch programs to keep the children in schools. Insufficient food and lack of a balanced diet put the children at risk of lifelong physical and learning disabilities. It is this need that caught the attention of Dr. Ruben and Dr. Robin West son and daughter-in-law of Rosetta West. The couple was touched and decided to do something – help build a decent kitchen and dining facility at Glorious Life Learning Center.

“Donating this kitchen and naming it after my mother is directly in line with who I have known her to be all my life.” ~ Dr. Ruben West

Pastor Rosetta West started in youth ministry at the age of 17. She has had various positions in several churches including Sunday School teacher, Young People Willing Workers (YPWW), choir and Sunshine Band (children’s choir) director. She was appointed International Sunshine Band Ambassador because of her willingness to serve. She has served at El Shaddai Ministries for 25 years starting as the Youth Pastor and now serving as an Associate Pastor. She has been a voice and mentor to countless youth throughout the years. In 2018 Pastor West received the I Change Nations Susan Maxine Gibson Global Messenger of Hope Award for her inspirational work and her commitment to enhancing the lives of others. In 2016, she received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama for her volunteer service of over 4,000 hours to the citizens of the United States of America.

On July 18, 2021 at the building dedication ceremony, Pastor West was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw her name on the building. The kitchen and dining facility has the capacity to serve about 50 children as well as modern kitchen equipment, including a refrigerator.

Pastor Rosetta said she is in the legacy stages of her life and this was a crowning moment. She knew the kitchen was being build but never had any idea it would be named in honor of her years of service.

Dr. West loves this quote from Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States, “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” This is the exact reason Dr. West and his wife Robin donated and named this facility after Pastor Rosetta. She is and always has been a cheerful giver.

The Rosetta West Kitchen and Dinning Facility will be used by the school, the local church and the community.

Traci Shaun Ward
Black Belt Speakers
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Emotional Kitchen Dedication – Pastor Rosetta West

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AZ Guru Announces 25-100% Discount Coupons on Garage Door Installation and Repair Services in Phoenix

Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

Call The Guru & Be Done!

Call The Guru & Be Done!

Expert Garage Door Replacement

Expert Garage Door Replacement

Arizona Garage Door Guru, a flourishing garage door services company in Arizona, announces special discount coupons on installation and repair services.

PEORIA, ARIZONA, USA, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — • Arizona Garage Door Guru Provides special coupons for customers to get a big amount discount.
• The company also provides affordable emergency garage door installations services in Arizona.
• The team members are well trained with over 20 years of service experience.

Arizona Garage Door Guru, based in Peoria, Arizona, providing professional garage door repair and maintenance services since 2004. They now announce installation and repair services with special discount coupons.

Customers can save a large amount of money on installation services when they use these special coupons. With customers in mind, Arizona Garage Door Guru announces special discounts on a wide range of services, completing individual orders on time and at a reasonable cost.

Arizona Garage Door Guru has been providing their customers with top-quality garage door repair, installation, and maintenance services for many years. Such as openers, springs, cables, and other components.

For the convenience of their customers, they are providing special coupon discounts on their services. With the help of these discounts’ coupons, customers will be able to save a tremendous amount of money on their services. The company's team members are well-trained and can provide the best quality of services.

“How will it feel when you get the best garage door company in Arizona with special discount coupons? We are the best garage door maintenance and repair company in Phoenix, and we offer special discounts on our installation and repair services. Using these coupons, you can save a lot of money on our industrial and commercial roll-up doors, dock doors, and all commercial jackshaft door openers services. We provide same-day service at affordable rates and also friendly service for all types of garage door problems in Phoenix. When it comes to your business, garage door issues are a major issue. We are familiar with Phoenix businesses, having assisted thousands of them over the years.,” says James Lanham the founder and owner of Arizona Garage Door Guru & Position Punisher LLC, “We pride ourselves on being able to provide commercial maintenance services that are designed to prevent commercial downtime.”

Arizona Garage Door Guru was founded in 2004, and all of its members are entirely Covid-compliant. Customers in the area received dependable service because they are a properly authorized, secured, and bonded five-star Google guaranteed company.

Customers will receive a 15 percent to 20 percent discount on their garage door springs, garage door replacements, and new garage door installations services. Customers will also get a second repair opinion service from them.

From Arizona Garage Door Guru, customers can get world-class garage door maintenance and preventative services for residential and commercial garage doors.

Customers also get all common garage door issues, such as garage doors that won't open all the way, broken springs, off-track garage doors, garage doors that won't go up, cracked garage doors, broken cable issues, and remote control issues. They help customers avoid costly garage door issues and provide top-notch customer service.

People from various Arizona cities will get garage door installation and repair services with special discounts coupons from Arizona Garage door Guru. Anthem, Avondale, Buckeye, Carefree, Cave Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Goodyear, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Sun City are the areas where they primarily provide service. People in all of these areas can use their services at any time.

Arizona Garage Door Guru has earned a reputation for being a reliable and customer-oriented company that follows the core values of providing exceptional service.

The number of reviews evidence this impeccable reputation that they receive on Google. For example, John Nick says, "James from the Garage Door Guru was great, came in, did a diagnostic, and determined it was time to replace the old opener. I went out and purchased a new opener, which I installed in less than an hour. I was there to see everything get done quickly and efficiently, and I'm glad I chose the Garage Door Guru. and by using their special discount coupon, I was able to get a great deal."

About the Company

Arizona Garage Door Guru is a well-known garage door repair and installation service company in Arizona. The company is one of Arizona's most prominent garage door repair companies.

James Lanham is the owner of Arizona Garage Door Guru, Inc. The company is a leading provider of affordable emergency garage door repair and replacement services for garage door issues. AZ Guru experts have over 20 years of experience in door spring and opener repair and installation, door replacement, door cable installation, panel installation, and other services. Over 11,100 people have used Arizona Garage Door Guru.

They also provide high-quality installations and maintenance to keep their customers happy.
For more information, visit – https://azguru.today

For more information, contact Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru at the following address:

Company: Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru
Contact Name: James Lanham
Address: 7558 W Thunderbird Rd Ste 625, Peoria, AZ 85381
Email: AZGarageDoorGuru@Gmail.com
Phone: (602) 540-9893
Website Contact: https://azguru.today/contact-the-guru/

James Lanham
Arizona Garage Door Guru
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Best Garage Door Company in Arizona

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Christian Poetry Compilation Explores Spirituality, Faith

Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart

Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart

 Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory

Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory

Listen With Your Heart (latest book by Platt-Gregory)

Listen With Your Heart (latest book by Platt-Gregory)

Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory's "Poetic Parables; Listen With your Heart" delves into the divine

NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With "Poetic Parables: Listen With your Heart" Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory invites her readers into an exploration of the spirit, delving into the depths of the divine to search for inner truths and rekindle one's sense of faith. Her book is a collection of rhymes and verses that touch on common issues with spirituality and people's questions regarding God.

Platt-Gregory's poems bear the message that God is the answer, that his love is never ending and that he wants all to know this. That is why she proclaims this message with her verses, presenting the many facets of that infinite love and how it applies to people's lives. In doing so, she also portrays the many circumstances people experience during their time on Earth. Their relations with one another, how they face the highs and lows that come and go, how they steel themselves during dark and challenging times, as well as when they rejoice in more fortunate moments. An experienced poet, Platt-Gregory used to write for the International Poetic Society and received six Editor's Choice certificates and a Poet of Merit award. This gives her work a balance of poetic craft and passion that elevates it.

Pastor Ted Wisnley, founder of the Family Church in New Jersey and chaplain of the Philadelphia Eagles, has praise for Platt-Gregory's work: "What an amazing and unique book of poetry! 'Poetic Parables' are an engaging and inspiring addition to anyone's daily devotional, this book will encourage you to go deeper in your prayer life and to be more intentional in your spiritual walk with Christ! I highly recommend it!"

"My remarkable relationship with God the father, the son and Holy Spirit inspired me. I wanted others to know that God wants a relationship with them and if there is anything they want to know, just ask him and He will answer but You must listen with your heart." Platt-Gregory says. She suggests that readers meditate in conjunction with experiencing her poems, using the moment as an opportunity to give thanks. "The answer might be different from what you expect but remember God knows what you need."

About the Author
Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory is a retired teacher of health and physical education with a diploma in Biblical Studies. A Born Again Christian, she is a mother of three successful sons and two grandchildren. She has had a virtual booth at the Festival of Storytellers by Reader's Magnet and was a guest on The Daily Spark, a faith radio program hosted by Dr. Angela Chester. She is a participant in many open mic poetry events in Trenton and Willingboro.

BookTrail Agency
BookTrail Agency
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Acclaimed Bankruptcy Attorney, Charles Daff: A Moment of Silence for 9/11 Victims

Charles Daff4

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sept. 12, 2001: In the worst terrorist attack ever against the United States, hijackers struck at the preeminent symbols of the nation’s wealth and might Tuesday, flying airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and killing or injuring thousands of people.

Acclaimed bankruptcy attorney, Charles Daff states, "A moment of personal silence and community prayer for the loss of souls from the wanton and malice acts of 9/11. On this 20th anniversary let’s reflect on the loss of life and the living of life for those we mourn and for those of us who survived. Pay no attention to those who caused this tragedy in our remembrance."


Charles Daff

College of Law in June 1977 with a Juris Doctorate Degree. He graduated from California State University, Fullerton in June 1974 with a B.A. Degree in Political Science. Charles W. Daff has resided in Orange County, California since 1970 where he attended college, attended law school and currently maintains his practice of law. Charles W. Daff was admitted to the State Bar of California in December 1977. He is admitted to all the state courts in the State of California and all of the United States District Courts in California. In September 1987, he was appointed to the Chapter 7 Trustee Panel by the Office of the United States Trustee, Orange County Office and currently services as a Chapter 7 Panel Trustee in the Riverside Division of the court. He is a member of the State Bar of California, the Orange County Bar Association, (and its Commercial and Bankruptcy Section), National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Orange County Bankruptcy Forum, Inland Empire Bankruptcy Forum and American Bankruptcy Institute and National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees. He was designated a “Super Lawyer”, an award granted to the top 5% of attorneys in Southern California.

Since February 1995, Charles W. Daff has been a Specialist in Personal and Small Business Bankruptcy Law as certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of California. Charles W. Daff has been a member of the Advisory Commission for the Personal and Small Business Bankruptcy Specialist Commission for the State Bar of California and was a member of the Advisory Commission from September 1999 through September 2002 and September 2007 through September 2010.

He speaks on bankruptcy issues for a variety of groups and organizations, including the National Business Institute, the Orange County Bankruptcy Forum, Inland Empire Bankruptcy Form and Orange County Bar Association. Attorney Charles W. Daff assists clients with Debt Relief, Personal Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Foreclosure, Garnished Wages and Repossessions in Santa Ana, California as well as Irvine, Orange, Garden Grove, Tustin, Anaheim, Fountain Valley, Villa Park, Fullerton, Atwoord, Costa Mesa, Midway City, Westminster, Stanton. Placentia, Newport Beach and Yorba Linda in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Bernadino County.

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US News & World Report Ranks SWAU #2 for Social Mobility

US News and World Report

US News and World Report

Ranking Recognizes Performance in Graduating Economically Disadvantaged Students

UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — US News & World Report continues to rank Southwestern Adventist University as a top institution. Ranked once again as #2 for social mobility within the Regional Colleges West ranking, SWAU continues to stand out amongst top performing colleges and universities in the United States.

US News and World Report utilizes 17 factors to compile the rankings. Higher education institutions are organized into 10 distinct rankings based on academic mission. For the past three years, social mobility has been ranked as a distinct category. The indicator measures an institution’s performance in graduating economically disadvantaged students who received federal Pell Grants.

SWAU ranked #3 in the inaugural 2020 rankings, #2 for 2021, and once again ranks #2 for 2022. Financial support, academic development and hands-on learning experiences contribute to this ranking.

“Beyond a ranking, social mobility closes the gap of inequity by providing resources, access and support for students to thrive,” shares Ana Patterson, president. “One example of SWAU’s success is that 32% of our 2021 graduating class identified as being the first in their family to graduate from college. That is a statistic to be proud of!”

To learn more about how SWAU supports students regardless of their background or experience, watch this video, which provides further information about the SWAU experience and about how the Office of Student Success is improving academic and career success for students pursing a successful future. To learn more about diversity on campus, visit swau.edu/diversity.

Timothy Kosaka
Southwestern Adventist University
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SWAU Is Ranked #2 for Social Mobility

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Acclaimed Author, George H. Hassanzadeh Remembers September 11, 2001

George H. Hassanzadeh

By Acclaimed Author, George H. Hassanzadeh

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The impact of the 9/11 attack it’s not a day one can soon forget. My white-eyed pail-faced daughter walked into my room and with a shaky voice declared “Dad we have been attacked,” my stomach dropped. She sat and covered her face.

Calming my daughter, I said “Don’t worry sweetheart, it is an accident. How could a passenger plane attack? And the second plane hit the other tower.

When in 1979, Islam’s new supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah of Iran declared the US “The Great Satan” a nation that along with the ‘State of Israel’ should be wiped out, many Islamic countries took that statement as “Islam is on the march,” and Khomeini is their leader.

At first, I thought its Iran’s doing. Iranian American communities were more watchful of terrorism and its effect on their society than American families.

History shows that Persians did not pay much attention to another Arab demand and its consequent.

Persian history reminds us that neither king Khosrow 11 in the seventh century nor Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (reined 1941-1979) in the twentieth century understood the Arab philosophy. As king Khosrow 11 dismissed the warning that Mohammad gave, which resulted in the Muslim conquest of Persia from 634 to 654 AD.

Similarly, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi paid no heed to another zealous Arab demand; the 1979 Arab Ruhollah Khomeini toppled his reign and forever changed the world.

I proudly walked a short distance with Reza Baluchi, a young Iranian American who symbolically represented Iranians, walked from Los Angeles to New York in time for the September 11, 2003 memorial.

GEORGE H. HASSANZADEH born and raised as a Shi’a Muslim in Iran is the author of ‘Iran: Harsh Arm of Islam’ and the newly released book ‘First Comes the Mosque.’ Hassanzadeh is recognized as an expert in Islam, Shi’a, Shari’a, and the infallible Arab Shiite clerics forcing medieval rule and a system of mind control in the 21st century.

George H. Hassanzadeh is a U.S. Army Veteran and lives in California, U.S.A

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The Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation announces the Journey For The Living Challenge

Journey For The Living Challenge Information

Journey For The Living

Holocaust Survivor Mark Schonwetter

Holocaust Survivor Mark Schonwetter

Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation logo of Jewish Star with Shoes in center

Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation

Registration for the Journey for the Living Challenge opens on September 1

Live every day with love not hatred and you will accomplish so much more in life.”

— Mark Schonwetter

UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation (MSHEF) announced today the Journey for the Living (JFTL) Challenge. The Journey for the Living (JFTL) Challenge is designed to build awareness, and support the mission of the Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation. The inaugural Challenge will run in November and participants will Walk, Run or Ride and track their progress to complete 15 miles.

The Journey for the Living (JFTL) Challenge is a tribute to Mark Schonwetter, a Holocaust survivor, and his mother and younger sister, who walked 15 miles to escape their hometown in Poland to go to a ghetto where they thought they would be safe.

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals, organizations and schools to create teams and TAKE THE CHALLENGE. The following companies and individuals have sponsored The Journey For The Living Challenge:

Wells Fargo Advisors
Air Group
BMW of Westchester
Combs Company
H. Arnold Wood Turning
ISF Jewels
Mark and Luba Schonwetter
Nancy and Andrew Wayne Family,
Seltzer Financial Strategies
The Lapkin Foundation/David Gutwetter

The Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation (MSHEF) has a mission to expand and support Holocaust Education by providing funds to educators to teach about the Holocaust, the lessons learned and how this history is relevant to students today. The vision of the Foundation is to inspire students to understand the past to make the world a better place in the future.

The Foundation was founded in 2019 by Mark Schonwetter and his two daughters, Ann Arnold and Isabella Fiske. Over the last few years, Mark and his daughters Ann and Isabella have been sharing his story of survival and in 2016, Ann published a book, Together: A Journey for Survival.

Ann Arnold
Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation
+1 201-248-9824
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About Us- The Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation

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Stand-Up Comedy Favorite Jeff Allen Continues to Make America Laugh

Stand-up comedy favorite Jeff Allen

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, September 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Stand-up comedy favorite Jeff Allen continues to make America laugh despite a year of unknowns in the midst of the global pandemic. Even with lockdowns, mandates, social distancing and other unprecedented restrictions, Jeff is experiencing one of his busiest touring seasons in recent memory. With over 100 dates on the calendar this year from coast-to-coast, including 35+ this fall, one thing is clear… people are ready to laugh!

Jeff's rapid-fire humor, which centers on marriage and family, is a hit with all ages — surprising comedy clubs and promoters with one of the genre’s widest demographics night after night. Scan the crowd at a Jeff Allen show and you’ll see attendees from 8 to 80, or as Jeff calls it, “from diapers to diapers!” And more often than not, they are attending in multi-generational groups.

Without a doubt, his wide-ranging audiences are due in part to a series of viral videos released in 2019 by Dry Bar Comedy. To date, the videos have amassed more than 200 million views on Facebook and YouTube. His most popular posted performance, "The America I Grew Up In,” has over 49 million views on Facebook alone.

Jeff began his career in comedy clubs in 1978. Humiliated by the low pay and lack of respect, Jeff turned to drugs and alcohol, nearly destroying his marriage, family and career. He got sober In 1987, found God a decade later, and then did what all good comedians do…. found the humor in it all.

A live comedy favorite, Jeff has headlined numerous tours and performed at the most prestigious venues in the world, including the Aspen Comedy Festival, Montreal's Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Grand Ole Opry, National Prayer Breakfast, Bill Gaither’s Homecoming tours, a Presidential Inauguration and more. In addition, Jeff has also performed for American troops around the world, including in Bahrain and on ships in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Jeff also performed for the troops on the Ramstein Air Base in Germany, which is one of the largest air bases in the world and serves as the headquarters for the United States Air Force in Europe, Air Forces Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA) and NATO Allied Air Command (AIRCOM).

Jeff has been featured on America’s Got Talent, Netflix, Dry Bar Comedy, Showtime, Amazon Prime, Comedy Central, AXS TV, VH1, Huckabee, SiriusXM, Fox Nation, Newsmax and more. He appeared in the Warner Bros. comedy film, Thou Shalt Laugh, and starred in the critically acclaimed film, Apostles of Comedy, the syndicated comedy series, Bananas, and his own Odyssey Channel/FamilyNet one-hour comedy special, Happy Wife, Happy Life, which was also the title of his PAX TV sitcom pilot.

For more information, visit www.JeffAllenComedy.com.

Upcoming Jeff Allen Tour Dates:

9/11-12: Hilarities – Cleveland, OH
9/16: Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts – Franklin, NC
9/18: Kent State Tuscarawas Theater – New Philadelphia, OH
9/25: Charleston Music Hall – Charleston, SC
10/1: Boca Black Box Center for the Arts – Boca Raton, FL
10/2: Tradition Town Hall – Port St. Lucie, FL
10/3: Improv – Orlando, FL
10/5: Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center – The Villages, FL
10/8-9: Comedy Zone – Greenville, SC
10/10: Lifepointe Church – Fort Mill, SC
10/12: Wise Guys – Salt Lake City, UT
10/14: Improv – Brea, CA
10/15: Flappers Comedy Club – Burbank, CA
10/16: Improv – Denver, CO
10/22: Eichelberger Performing Arts Center – Hanover, PA
10/23: The Grand Opera House – Wilmington, DE
10/24: Sellersville Theater – Sellersville, PA
10/28-30: The Grove Comedy Club – Lowell, AR
10/31: The Blue Note – Columbia, MO
11/5: Glema Mahr Center for the Performing Arts – Madisonville, KY
11/6: Niswonger Performing Arts Center – Van Wert, OH
11/5: James F. Dicke Auditorium – New Bremen, OH
11/12: Village Church of Barrington – Barrington, IL
11/13: Maker's Warehouse – Saint Mary’s PA
11/19-20: Comedy Zone – Greensboro, NC
12/5: Bricktown Comedy Club – Oklahoma City, OK
12/9: Improv – Tempe, AZ
12/11: The Junction Center – Manheim, PA
12/17: Kentucky Opry – Benton, KY
12/19: Capitol Theatre – Bowling Green, KY

Brian Mayes
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Jeff Allen, “The America I Grew Up In”

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BJU Ranked by U.S. News & World Report

BJU students attend class in the Alumni Building.

GREENVILLE, SC, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In its 2022 Best College Rankings, U.S. News & World Report recognized Bob Jones University as one of the Best Regional Universities in the South. Additionally, U.S News recognized BJU in other major categories including:

* Best Value Regional University in the South: 3
* Top Performers on Social Mobility among Regional Universities in the South: 2
* Best Undergraduate Teaching among Regional Universities in the South: 21

Among Regional Universities in the South, BJU is the highest ranked university for Best Value in the Carolinas.

“Our consistently high rankings reflect the value of a BJU education and an ongoing commitment to improving student outcomes,” said BJU President Steve Pettit. “BJU’s holistic approach provides an affordable educational experience which prepares our students for life after college.”

Among the Best Regional Universities in the South rankings, six private Christian colleges in South Carolina were ranked including BJU (31), Columbia International University (38), Anderson University (44), Charleston Southern University (57), North Greenville University (70) and Southern Wesleyan University (84).

Four South Carolina universities were ranked in the top 20 Best Value Regional Universities in the South including BJU (3), Coastal Carolina University (5), Columbia International University (11) and Columbia College (19). The Best Value ranking is a measure of both academic quality and cost.

Additionally, six South Carolina universities were listed in the top 20 performers for Social Mobility Among Regional Universities in the South including Converse College (1), BJU (2), Columbia College (4), North Greenville University (6), Columbia International University (10) and Winthrop University (16). This ranking recognizes graduation rates of students awarded federal Pell Grants.

Approximately 46% of BJU students receive Pell Grants. The average financial aid package awarded is $10,000. In the Class of 2020, 54% graduated with no federal student loan debt. The BJU Together Annual Fund along with a host of other scholarships and endowments such as the Opportunity Scholars Program, a four-year scholarship for minority and refugee students, provides financial support for students with demonstrated financial need.

For its first time, BJU was ranked among Regional Universities in the South for Best Undergraduate Teaching. This ranking recognizes the commitment of faculty and administrators to teach undergraduates in a high-quality manner.

Located in Greenville, South Carolina, Bob Jones University provides an outstanding regionally accredited Christian liberal arts education purposely designed to inspire a lifelong pursuit of learning, loving and leading. BJU provides over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs in residence and online in religion, education, fine arts and communication, arts and science, business and health professions. BJU has over 3,000 students from nearly every state and more than 40 countries. We are committed to the truth of Scripture and to pursuing excellence in all we do.

Randy Page
Bob Jones University
+1 8642411634
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Inspirational Author, Joan E. Murray, Guides Readers On How To Go Deeper With God

Teach Me to Pray with Guidance from the Bible by Joan E. Murray

I Must Pray: A Guide to A Powerful Prayer Life

Trust God

You Can TRUST Him

A Life Rooted in Prayer, Can Deliver Powerful Breakthroughs

You will discover that even Jesus , the Son of God needed to pray as He faced His difficult assignments. Prayer kept Him steady as he journeyed toward each assignment….”

— Joan E. Murray

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Have you asked yourself, why should I pray? “There are some people who do not pray often because they don’t know what to say,” says international Bible Teacher, Joan E. Murray. "I have found prayer to be a place of solace in the midst of the storms. When people paused to pray and seek His face, God was there to restore peace and hope to their hearts during times of devastation. In prayer, you get to share your most intimate needs with God. You also get to share the longings of your heart with Him, allowing you to then leave the burdens and cares at His feet. I call it "shedding the weight."

In her inspirational book, "I Must Pray: A Guide To a Powerful Prayer Life, Murray aim is to guide readers who are just starting to connect with God through prayer as well as encouragement for those who have battle scars from persevering in prayer. Woven throughout are examples of the Holy Spirit teaching what to do when the enemy tries to distract you. You will discover that even Jesus, the Son of God, needed to pray as He faced His difficult assignments. Prayer is a privileged access to the God of the universe. In these five thought-provoking chapters there are answers for combating prayerlessness and how to get results when you pray.

Author Joan E. Murray is the founder and CEO of Joan Murray Ministries and Seeds of Hope Worldwide Missions. She is an international Bible teacher, pastor, speaker and missionary who loves the Word of God and desires to see people experience freedom, wholeness and victory in all areas of life. She has 25 years of experience in management, counseling and in providing help and humanitarian aid to those who are struggling in life.

She serves the veterans in Houston, provides annual back-to-school outreaches and serves as an advisor to several churches and ministries, locally, nationally and internationally. Joan has travelled the world, sharing the gospel message and serving the needs of vulnerable populations.

Joan has been featured on TBN, Daystar, TCT Network, Christian Television Network (CTN), ABC 6/KAAL TV, Destiny TV and on international television networks and in various magazines, i.e..Global Woman Magazine, Beverly Hills Magazine and various newspaper articles. She has aired on a number of radio stations, such as KSBJ, The Word, BPN Radio, Moody Radio, Fisk University, WFSK-FM, The Tom Sumner Program, Wilkins Radio…..etc. and can be heard daily on BPNRadio.com, Channel 8.

For more information, please visit www.joanmurrayministries.org, or follow the author on Facebook (Joan Murray or Joan Murray Ministries/Seeds of Hope Worldwide Missions); on Instagram (jmmcontactus); and on Twitter (@jmmseedsofhope). You can also visit her YouTube channel, Joan Murray Ministries.

I Must Pray: A Guide To A Powerful Prayer Life
Publisher: Xulon Press/Salem Media Group

ISBN-10: 9781545609477
ISBN-13: 978-1545609477

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