“Innovative Products of America (IPA) Tools & Equipment Co. to be Featured on "America's Business to Consumers"

Launched in 2007, "America's Business to Consumers" provides U.S. manufacturers a venue to promote products. IPA Tools & Equipment Co. to be featured.

If every American purchased one USA made product per year, the impact would be $9 billion. That creates an amazing amount of jobs for USA workers.”

— J. J. Anayannis

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — America's Business to Consumers Inc. https://www.USAB2C.com is providing U.S. manufacturers a venue to sell products. Given a choice between American made items and similar products made overseas, consumers would rather buy the American product, according to a nationally representative survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Featured products run the gamut from Toys, to Tools, Home-goods, Towels, Work Gloves, Dress Gloves, Kitchen Gear, Work Lights, Trouble Lights, Decorative Windmills, Sunglasses, Children's Shoes, Scissors, Office Clocks, Nail Clippers and more.

This month, the Innovative Products of America (IPA), an Original Equipment Manufacturing (O.E.M.) Co. is featured specializing in the development of innovative tools and equipment since 1991. IPA® is located in Woodstock, NY, and employs a team of electro-mechanical engineers, supported by an experienced global sourcing department and onsite manufacturing with full marketing services. These elements allow IPA to offer cutting edge solutions, holding true to the Co. motto “Future Now®”.

IPA founder and President Peter Vinci, president@ipatools.com, has been an electro-mechanical engineer since 1979, and for over 30 years has been a leader in tool innovation throughout the industries. With hundreds of patents and trademarks, Peter is renowned for his achievements in the after markets. IPA’s In-House Capability includes a 75,000+ sq. ft. facility housing R&D, Engineering, Fabrication, Manufacturing and Warehousing. IPA is supported by a full in-house graphics and marketing team, reaching millions of tool buyers throughout the world.
An example of IPA’s equipment line is the “Super MUTT® Trailer Tester”, a mobile diagnostic tester that places a load on the trailer’s electrical circuits to identify wiring problems while providing remote control operation over both air brakes and lights. Built to facilitate a “one-man” testing operation, the Super MUTT reduces guesswork and inspection time to prevent failures that lead to expensive road calls and citations:

Chief Operations Officer George P. Hanos relays: "On USAB2C.com, customers can browse an online catalog and order products sourced from USAB2C Certified American manufacturers through a safe and secure website. The effort to identify and make available American made products is ongoing.”
USAB2C’s founders are intent on providing US products while simultaneously minimizing exposure to inferior materials found at times in Asian imports, particularly seen in toys. The “Made in the USA News” section presents consumers with daily stories concerning “Product Recalls”, “New Product Introductions” and related retailing / safety news.
Consumers can submit inquiries to USAB2C directly via: https://www.usab2c.com/page/contact.
About America's Business to Consumers Inc.
America's Business to Consumers Inc. is a private Co. experienced in retail marketing and e-Commerce. Established in 2007, USAB2C seeks to be a comprehensive source of American manufactured products; a site where consumers can find a multitude of competitively priced products manufactured in the U.S. https://www.USAB2C.com facilitates communication between consumers and numerous American manufacturers for these “in-demand” products.

The USAB2C Team takes this occasion to sincerely wish consumers that 2019 will bring more success and happiness than any which has gone before!
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Made in America – We Love the Idea – USAB2C.com

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What's The Real Role of The Imam - by Don Juravin

What’s The Real Role of The Imam

Muslims Highest population growth in the world - by Don Juravin

Muslims Highest population growth in the world

Fanatics Using God's Name For Hateful Causes

Fanatics Using God’s Name For Hateful Causes



Islam is perceived by the world as a religion of jihad, or terrorism while in reality the Quran. Islam preaches for peace and the dignity of women and men.

To Muslims reading this, I challenge you to learn more about the Quran and about your faith from the writings of your scholars, not solely from the imams at your mosques.”

— Don Juravin

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, March 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author: Don Karl Juravin from JURAVIN RESEARCH (Orlando, Florida)

Islam is perceived by the world as a religion of jihad, or terrorism while in reality the Quran, the basis for all Islam, preaches for peace and the dignity of women, as well as men. JURAVIN RESEARCH invested 4 months and we found the reason. Now, can a good Muslim read this research and know what to do?

Imams may be the reason as they are the interpreters of the Quran in the mosque. They represent God’s wishes to ordinary believers. The Imams are highly respected, as Christians respect the Pope. The imam Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa not only "misrepresented" the Quran for his followers but also supplied a terrorist with over $1,000 in weapons. There is an imam who is responsible for a terror attack or a group of young Muslims announcing jihad. In Britain, months before a terrorist attack, Imam Mustafa Graf was recorded preaching for jihad.

But Islam is not about war and violence. Islam is a religion of peace. The imams need to reform, and the people need to be more discerning about what they believe. Imams who are in the wrong should be challenged, not blindly obeyed.


The culture of Islam has been built around respect for leadership and authority. Imams and everything they stand for are highly valued in Muslim society.
Islam relies on the interpreters of the Quran to maintain peace, stability, order, and in order to better seek the perfection of the religion. Islam translates to “submission to the will of God.” The ideal of Islam is a perfect world where God and man are in harmony with one another. Imams seek to bring the reality of that ideal to the material world.

“The people in charge can explain the facts of the matter and remove any confusion or doubts a person may have,” writes Farhat Hashmi. This does not only apply to matters of religion, but also politics and news. Imams are the leaders of the community, influencing multiple facets of Muslim life.

Shi’ites believe that Imams safeguard the will of God, allowing other Muslims to draw from God’s wisdom and guidance when necessary. The imams must live without sin or fault in order to fulfill their roles as leaders and religious influences.

Exemplary imams have been at the forefront of condemning terrorism and the corruption found within some elements of modern Islam. Over 1,800 Pakistani clerics condemned terrorism in a joint statement. After the London Bridge was attacked by terrorists, 500 imams refused to perform any sort of commemorative service for the dead criminals. A majority of imams are good people who strive to serve their communities in the best ways possible.

But some imams are influencing young Muslims and misguided Muslims to take a different direction. Their preachings are too radical and too far off from the original words of the Quran, yet no one challenges them on it.


In 1990, after Iraq invaded Kuwait, Muslim clerics rushed to re-define the Islamic traditions so that it appeared as if Muslim tradition did not condemn the waging of war on another Islamic country. In a legal report for the Library of Congress, researcher George Sadek asserted that militant groups not affiliated with a country, such as Al-Qaeda and Isis, have their own fundamentalist interpretations of international relations that stray from years of Islamic tradition in dealing with foreign countries.

The Quran rejects dictatorships. But often imams support the dictators in their own countries. Iran is a dictatorship, run by an imam. Supposedly in Iran the imam is above the law, so the dictatorship is a very technical legality.

Theoretically, jihad is supposed to be used to throw off dictatorships and false rulers who oppress the people. It is not supposed to be used to force Islam on other people.


Imams have often denied women the right to leave their husbands. Some of them still teach that Islam allows men to control their wives, even though there is no Quranic basis for this. Divorce laws among Muslims vary from community to community.

In France, a Salafi imam was exiled to Algeria by the government after preaching several disturbing principles. Among those teachings were ruling that called for the oppression of women. “Women could not leave their homes without authorization,” he said.

The Telegraph tells a story of imams in mosques teaching against women, particularly white women. Because these women are not Muslims, they must be punished, according to imams, for their loose behavior, by being exploited in some fashion. These imams are divisive and bring about more misogyny in Islam.

In Cardiff, U.K., an imam harassed several young girls and assaulted them if they failed to follow his instructions. He taught in that mosque for thirty years before he was arrested and jailed for his crimes. Women in Islam are supposed to be treated with respect, not as animals. The Quran teaches that women are not supposed to be objectified. It also teaches that men are not supposed to be promiscuous.

The Quran is actually very progressive in its teachings on women.


The real problem behind Islam is the manipulation of the sacred text of the Quran by the imams. In the Sunni version of Islam, imams are the leaders of sacred worship and the interpreters of the Quran.

Imams can be bearers of wisdom and, because of their positions in Muslim society, can impact their communities in a positive light. But some choose not to do so. Some imams in different countries teach children that martyrdom in Islam is more important than academic success. Often these imams are allowed to teach for several years, influencing young men to become terrorists and to radicalize others into forming terrorist groups.

An imam in the United States, Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa, supplied a terrorist with over $1,000 in weapons. Bengharsa made videos for his YouTube page, which further encouraged and instructed young converts to prepare for jihad.

Islam is a uniquely law-based religion, that relies on an interpretation of the Quran into law in order to be fully realized. In the book, Imams and Emirs: State, Religion, and Sects in Islam, Fuad I. Kuri writes that “Salvation in Islam is sought by following God’s laws and decrees.”

These laws are achieved by an ulama or an agreement that relies on the general consensus of men. Imams are the ones that arrive at this consensus.

The Quran and the spirit of the Quran are not the ones that need to change. Rather, it seems that the attitude of the religious leaders in Islam should change. Even Muslim scholars admit that Islam is an idea that is constantly sought after. Therefore, it is not the ideal that should change, but rather the composite where the ideal seeks to adapt to reality.


Wahhabism, a Muslim philosophy that many believe to be behind terrorist ideals, was initiated by a Muslim cleric, Muhammad bin Abd al Wahhab, and Muhammad bin Saud, founder of the first Saudi state, in the late eighteenth century. The philosophy seeks to strip Islam of it’s more conventional religious practices, such as the veneration of saints and the celebration of Muhammad's birthday.

It politicized and polarized Islam even more. Clerics that professed Wahhabism were incorporated in the Saudi government. This inspires warriors to seize different territories, wage war, and persecute other Islamic sects, such as the Shi’ites. None of these precepts are found in the Quran.

Salafiyya is another Muslim approach to the fulfillment of Islam. Al-Qaeda is heavily influenced by this approach, which advocates for firm adherence to the Quran and the hadith, or words of Mohammed not found in the Quran. The approach is not only religious but also politically motivated: Al Qaeda calls for the overthrowing of Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia.


The Saudi Arabian government does not distinguish a separation between religion and the state. The royal family of Saud elevated the ulama in Saudi Arabia to higher levels of power to help them maintain control in the 1980’s and 1990’s. With the rising of terrorism, the government demoted the importance of imams.

The Islamic state is a phenomenon common to the Middle East. The structure and hadiths of Islam are built into the law of a nation. Because the Caliph was the head of the communities of Islam, and the caliph was in charge of the administrative duties, and Islam law was applied in courts, the leader of the state was the leader of the religion as well.
The modern definition of the Islamic state did not come about until the 20th century.

In Turkey, imams are moving to regain the ability to be political. In 1965, Turkey banned imams from engaging in political activity. Imam politicians hope to gain more say in how the state handles Islam. Since Turkey is a unique system where the state controls Islam, imams are working to take back their power.

Imam Khomeini argued in an essay that Islam seeks to combine religious ethics and politics into one concept.

Iran has a supreme leader who is also an imam. He is above the law. However, this is outside the realm of the Quran. While defenders of this system say that the prophet Mohammed operated from this system, critics will say that no one else can claim that sort of divine leadership other than Mohammed.

In Nigeria, in the 2007 elections, imams encouraged their congregations to elect a specific politician during religious services on Fridays. One imam was assassinated after such a sermon. The 2007 elections were considered the most violent elections in Nigerian history.


Islam should be a religion where the imams can be questioned on teachings that do not sound right. Instead of avoid questioning the imams at all costs, Muslims must determine what they believe in and challenge the imams who teach otherwise. Fetullah Gulen, in an article written for Politico, stated that in order to solve the problem of terrorism in Muslim communities, proper education is key. He said, “The antidote is a religious education program that teaches the tradition in a holistic and contextualized way. To be able to resist the deceits of radical ideologues, young Muslims must understand the spirit of their scripture and the overarching principles of their Prophet’s life.”

To Muslims reading this, I challenge you to learn more about the Quran and about your faith from the writings of your scholars, not solely from the imams at your mosques. Don’t be afraid to question what you are told. It is not a sign of disrespect to analyze and research the things you hear.


Founded by Don Karl Juravin (HOLY LAND MAN) an American patriot from Florida who was born in the Holy Land. Juravin loves his friends of multiple cultures and has a great appreciation for Muslims, Christians and Jews as he works and interacts with them on a daily basis. Juravin FIGHTS FOR JUSTICE and the pursuit of HEALTH, HAPPINESS, LOVE & SUCCESS. He is a "straight shooter". Though JURAVIN RESEARCH mission is to initiate debates to better our lives.


Source: pewresearch

>> How many Muslims are there? Where do they live? <<

There were 1.8 billion Muslims in the world as of 2015 – roughly 24% of the global population – according to a Pew Research Center estimate. But while Islam is currently the world’s second-largest religion (after Christianity), it is the fastest-growing major religion. Indeed, if current demographic trends continue, the number of Muslims is expected to exceed the number of Christians by the end of this century.

Although many countries in the Middle East-North Africa region, where the religion originated in the seventh century, are heavily Muslim, the region is home to only about 20% of the world’s Muslims. A majority of the Muslims globally (62%) live in the Asia-Pacific region, including large populations in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Turkey.

Indonesia is currently the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, but Pew Research Center projects that India will have that distinction by the year 2050 (while remaining a majority-Hindu country), with more than 300 million Muslims.

The Muslim population in Europe also is growing; we project 10% of all Europeans will be Muslims by 2050.

>> Muslims In The United States? <<

According to our estimate, there are about 3.45 million Muslims of all ages in the U.S., or about 1.1% of the U.S. population. This is based on an analysis of census statistics and data from a 2017 survey of U.S. Muslims, which was conducted in English as well as Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu. Based on the same analysis, Pew Research Center also estimates that there are 2.15 million Muslim adults in the country and that a majority of them (58%) are immigrants.

Our demographic projections estimate that Muslims will make up 2.1% of the U.S. population by the year 2050, surpassing people who identify as Jewish on the basis of religion as the second-largest faith group in the country (not including people who say they have no religion).

The Muslim share of immigrants granted permanent residency status (green cards) increased from about 5% in 1992 to roughly 10% in 2012, representing about 100,000 immigrants in that year.

>> Rapid Global Muslim Population Growth <<

There are two major factors behind the rapid projected growth of Islam, and both involve simple demographics. For one, Muslims have more children than members of other religious groups. Around the world, each Muslim woman has an average of 2.9 children, compared with 2.2 for all other groups combined.

Muslims are also the youngest (median age of 24 in 2015) of all major religious groups, seven years younger than the median age of non-Muslims. As a result, a larger share of Muslims already are, or will soon be, at the point in their lives when they begin having children. This, combined with high fertility rates, will fuel Muslim population growth.

>> How Do Americans View Muslims or Islam? <<

A Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2017 asked Americans to rate members of nine religious groups on a “feeling thermometer” from 0 to 100, where 0 reflects the coldest, most negative possible rating and 100 the warmest, most positive rating. Overall, Americans gave Muslims an average rating of 48 degrees, similar to atheists (50).

Americans view more warmly the seven other religious groups mentioned in the survey (Jews, Catholics, mainline Protestants, evangelical Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Mormons). But views toward Muslims (as well as several of the other groups) are now warmer than they were a few years ago; in 2014, U.S. adults gave Muslims an average rating of 40 degrees

Don Karl Juravin
Don Karl Juravin
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God Has 3 Answers For You

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UNHRC Resolution Should Call for Referendum for Tamils in Sri Lanka, Instead of Devolution of Power

Before and After Massacred Tamil people in Mullivaikal in the last phase of the war

Buddhist Monk threatening to kill a Tamil

A Tamil boy stripped naked and later beaten to death by Sinhala youth in Boralla bustation

In this letter, we want to illustrate how the Tamils in Sri Lanka are scared to live with Sinhalese as one nation, and understandably so.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — US Tamils sent the following letter to the UNHRC member states to urge about "UNHRC Resolution Should Call for Referendum for Tamils in Sri Lanka, Instead of Devolution of Power."

Here is the Letter:

Member States of the UN Human Rights Council
Palais Wilson
52 rue des Pâquis
CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland.

March 17, 2019

Re: UNHRC Resolution Should Call for Referendum for Tamils in Sri Lanka, Instead of Devolution of Power

Your Excellency,

If there is a UNHRC resolution for Sri Lankan war crimes, then it should include a referendum to let the Tamils decide that what kind of political solution there needs to be for their peace, safety, and to permanently secure their homeland.

In this letter, we want to illustrate how the Tamils in Sri Lanka are scared to live with Sinhalese as one nation, and understandably so.

Tamils have been attacked by Sinhalese many times since Sri Lanka's independence from English rule in 1948. The Sinhalese use the Sinhala epic poem the Mahavamsa in particular to justify attacks and massacres. The Sinhalese wrote this chronicle to scare the Tamils. It is a fabricated story.

1. One important lie is that King Vijay was born to human female and a male animal lion. This myth has been used to threaten the Tamils that the Sinhalese have animal mentality shaping the Sinhalese thinking like a lion. The Mahavamsa wants the Sinhalese to embody behavior like ruthlessness, heartless, inhumane, brutal, overarching force, and and to act with dreadful violence and prejudice towards the Tamils.

2. The second lie is that the God Buddha told to the author of the Mahavamsa to keep Buddhism for 5000 years in Sri Lanka. We wonder what God Buddha even knew about island nation of Sri Lanka 2600 years ago. Even if he knew, he would not have told the author to promote the genocide in the name of his philosophy.

3. The third lie is to encourage the murder of non-Buddhists, who are viewed as non-human and sinners and therefore can be killed like wild beasts.

4. The fourth lie is native Tamil people are invaders from India, who were the Tamil speaking Hindus there even before the arrival of the King Vijay . There is a history that Sri Lanka and India were connected by land many thousands of years ago. Even during the 2004 Tsunami, many buried cities around Palk Strait were exposed. These all show that the Tamils are an ancient and native people of Sri Lanka.

These four and many more other points show the Sinhalese hatred of the Tamils since the Sinhalese emigrated to Sri Lanka from Persia or perhaps from north India.

The Sinhalese civilian leaders along with the Sinhalese general public have been organizing and undertaking the Tamil genocide. The Tamils need a place to be safe. This goal should be aided by the UNHRC. It can be reached by referendum like the one held in South Sudan in 2011.

In 2009, over 145,000 Tamils were massacred by the Sinhalese military. No Sinhalese had asked or demonstrated to stop the mass killing of the Tamils in 2009. The Tamils continue to be the victims from sexual assault, abductions, homelessness, and unemployment. The Sinhalization of the Tamil homeland is occurring through forceful settlements of Sinhalese, widespread Mahavamsa Sinhalese symbols, and the intimidation of Tamils by the occupying Sri Lankan army.

It is therefore urgently the case that Tamils need their freedom from the Sinhalese people. This can be done only by referendum or by imposing Bionian style federalism. However, most of the people would overwhelmingly prefer separation from the Sinhalese for the sake of Tamil safety.

We hope you all respectfully agree with the Tamils and will do the right thing.

Please help stop this devolution of power and add “Referendum” in the UNHRC’s 34/1 resolution for promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tamils for Trump

Communication Director
Tamils for Trump
+1 914-721-0505
email us here

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields by UK Channel 4

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The Women and Youth of D.C. Write Letters to President Trump Urging to pass the Declaration of Peace & Cessation of War

Over 300 individuals met with government officials to urge peace law

We should all be supporting the peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula.”

— Delegate Ibraheem Samirah

WASHINGTON , D.C., UNITED STATES, March 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Just days after the deadly mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, over 300 individuals from various sectors of society including government officials, religious leaders, media personnel, and women and youth activists gathered on March 16 at the Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington, D.C. to write peace letters to President Donald Trump in support of the unification of North and South Korea through an international peace law.

The D.C. branch of international peacebuilding organization Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL), which hosted the event, invited participants to commemorate the third anniversary of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), an international legal framework aimed toward the cessation of war and global sustainable peace, and speak about realistic solutions toward unification of North and South Korea.

Among the speakers was Delegate Ibraheem Samirah (D) of the Virginia House of Delegates 86th District — the youngest elected Muslim legislator in the United States — who addressed the room about the importance of unification on an international, national and local level. “I recognize the sophistication of these issues,” Samirah said. “We should all be supporting the peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula.”

Delegate Samirah’s ending remarks in regards to world peace. “More than ever we need these solutions and it all starts with us, individuals,” Samirah said. In support of He supported the peace work of HWPL stating, “Let’s continue to push for passage of the DPCW. Let’s continue to pursue peace."

Participants also watched a video of HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee give his keynote speech, which addressed the need for world peace, at the main commemoration event that was held on March 14 in Seoul, South Korea. Chairman Lee, in regards to the atrocities of war and the need for unification, asked: “How can you compensate for those who lost their lives?" He concluded by encouraging attendees to participate in peace work by saying, "Instead of saying who is right and who is wrong, we have to actually work for this cause."

To conclude the program at the embassy, the 300 attendees wrote peace letters to President Donald Trump urging immediate action steps toward world peace and the support for the DPCW. This was aimed to call for the collaborative efforts of civil society to peace-build locally and all around the world, starting with the unification of the Korean Peninsula.

Nick Soto
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Aimee Cabo Nikolov's book Love is the Answer God is the Cure wins another award Body, Mind, and Spirit Book Awards 2019

body mind spirit book awards

Aimee Cabo

book cover edition 2

Aimee Cabo Nikolov wins fifth award for her timely memoir Love is the Answer God is the Cure in two categories – Inspiration and Spiritual Healing

We Can beacon of light!”

— Aimee Cabo Nikolov

PALMETTO BAY, FL, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aimee Cabo Nikolov wins 2 more awards for her timely memoir "Love is The Answer God is The Cure" from the prestigious Body Mind Spirit Book Awards. The book received "Winner" place from this award for two categories – Inspiration and Spiritual Healing.

The 3rd Annual Body Mind Spirit Book Awards® (“BMS”) announced its third award recipients on Friday, March 15, 2019. This prestigious award honors books published by all publishing houses that make a special contribution in such popular, growing fields as holistic healthcare, personal development, human consciousness, self-help and spirituality.

The BMS Book Award contest was launched in 2016 by well-known book consultant Ellen Reid, who championed excellence in indie, self, and mainstream publishing for more than 15 years through author support, advocacy and the highly respected National Indie Excellence Awards® and Beverly Hills Book Awards®. For complete details, visit www.bmsbookawards.com .

“The Body Mind Spirit Book Awards is thrilled to celebrate the winners and finalists of our third annual contest,” says contest President Doug Fogelson. “The entries overall were of a very high caliber. Our juried winners and finalists display international excellence and cohesion of mind, body, and spirit in their publications. Working with these books has been a meaningful experience for our team—we are excited that these titles will now reach greater audiences to enrich the human experience.”

Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen this honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Aimee hopes that anyone who has suffered abuse of any kind, or walked a moment in similar shoes, will find inspiration in these pages, and hope that love and truth will ultimately prevail. 'Love is the Answer, God is the Cure' received several book awards – 2019 Gold/1st place for Memoir and Gold/1st Place for Inspirational book from Feathered Quill, 2018 New York City Big Book Award Distinguished Favorites and 2018 Fall Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. Aimee is a trained nurse and the president and owner of IMIC, Inc., a medical research company in Palmetto Bay, Florida. She lives with her husband of 18 years, Dr. Boris Nikolov and her two children. Aimee is also the host of "The Cure" live radio show also available as podcast on all platforms. You can learn more about Aimee on her website at GodistheCure.com.

Boris Nikolov
Inspirational Books Publishing
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Inspirational words with Aimee Cabo

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Celebrate Israel Festival Marks Israel's 71st Independence Day!


Celebrate Israel Festival is the largest Jewish happening in LA”


SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Israeli American Council (IAC) has their own unique story to tell, sharing the journey of many who have traveled from Israel to become a proud American. Each with their own account, IAC is keeping these stories alive and helping people stay connected to Israel through their identity. It is the story of leaders, students, mothers, fathers, family members, professionals who all come together through their love of Israel.

IAC is here to support Israel and create a vibrant future for the Jewish people and state, keeping them strong and connected. This powerful love of identify will not be unheard, but continue to write the next chapters of their story for the future to come.

Visit IAC to read the stories of these strong Israeli-American community members that continue to build a path for the next generation.

"Over half a million Israeli-Americans live in the United States today. As a vital component of American society, they play a major role in social activism, academia, culture, and innovation. The Israeli-American Council (IAC) is the largest Israeli-American organization in the United States, serving this vibrant sector of the Jewish American community.

The IAC’s effectiveness and success is the direct result of its ability to organize, activate, and engage the Israeli-American community nationwide through cutting-edge programming and activities, developing and empowering community leaders and establishing strategic partnerships with a wide array of nonprofit organizations within the Jewish American community.”


Here at Purplepass, we are proud to be apart of this nationwide organization which has been working with us for 4 years now.

We are also happy to announce that the IAC has extended their time with us for 3 more years, giving us the honor to continue to put on their amazing events!!

With events all around the country, their latest celebration will take place in Los Angeles, California May 19th 2019 12pm – 7pm.

“Celebrate Israel Festival” is the largest Jewish happening in LA, with over 16,000 community members celebrating the State of Israel with live entertainment, interactive activities, culture, food & art.

The festivities include a main stage of performances including Lior Narkis, the ultimate challah bake, kosher food, artists from Israel and local vendors, amusement rides, a petting zoo for all ages, and more!

All general information you may need for the event can be found here, as well as vendor registration, and more information on attractions.

More importantly, tickets can be purchased at Purplepass Ticketing and you also have the option to purchase tickets at the door based on availability.

Savannah McIntosh
Purplepass Ticketing
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HWPL Writes Peace Letters to National Leaders

30,000 people in agreement with Chairman Lee’s declaration of peace.

President Pravin Harjivandas Parekh imploring the DPCW.

Ms. Anna Cervenakova explaining the need for a culture of peace.

30,000 people including government officials, religious leaders, heads of NGOs, and media gathered in Seoul, South Korea, to establish international peace law.

WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — On March 14th, about 30,000 people from all sectors of the society including government officials, religious leaders, heads of NGOs, press and media, and citizens gathered in Seoul, South Korea, to redouble efforts for the establishment of international law for peace.

Achieving the 3rd anniversary this year, the annual commemoration of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) was hosted by an international peace NGO, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), to share the progress of activities undertaken to introduce the DPCW to the UN as a resolution.

The DPCW drafted by international law experts includes principles of peacebuilding such as the prohibition of the use of force, development of friendly relations, and peaceful dispute settlement. The DPCW emphasizes international cooperation based on interfaith dialogue and civic participation to create and spread a culture of peace.

Mr. Pravin Harjivandas Parekh, President of Confederation of Indian Bar, said “HWPL’s strength comes from uniting all sectors of civil society with this work of peace. The DPCW connects considerably with civil society contributors since peace cannot be continued merely through the voices of the elite. It suggests civil societies function as peace-building activists which encourage citizens’ advocacy that brings forth a culture of peace.”

Ms. Anna Cervenakova, a member of Human Rights Research Center, explained that a culture of peace necessitates a certain system of values that includes respect for human life, ending war, armed conflicts or violence and taking action in promoting peace, human rights, sustainable development, and environmental needs for present and future generations.

According to the progress report announced at the event, the DPCW has been adopted as national legislation by Seychelles, eSwatini, and Comoros. Regional organizations such as PARLACEN (Central American Parliament), PAP (Pan-African Parliament), and International Centre for Black Sea-Baltic Studies and Consensus Practices (Centre for BBS) have cooperated with HWPL in support for the enactment of the DPCW by signing MOUs.

This year’s commemoration highlighted the “Peace Letters” to the heads of states and UN ambassadors in 193 countries. Written by global citizens, the “Peace Letter Campaign” as an effort towards establishing a legally-binding framework for an international law of peace.

“Since 2018, IPYG has collected over 200,000 peace letters and sent them to the heads of state of the following: South Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand, Namibia, Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and South Korea.

“Starting from today, we have great expectations for its future. The first goal is to submit the DPCW to the UN General Assembly in the form of a draft resolution and have it adopted. The second is to create a new peninsula to achieve peaceful unification. Let us become all heroes of peace together,” said Mr. Young Min Chung of general director of IPYG.

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL said, “Korea has undergone much sorrow from the division, which still threatens our daily lives. When I was 20 years old, I had no choice but to join the tragic war. We need to listen to what the soldiers said. They blamed their countries. Do the countries compensate for the loss of life? There should be no longer victims of war in our globe. Should we stand still and do nothing in this reality?”

“The unification of Germany was triggered by citizens, not by force or politics. Some might say that the military confrontation serves as a major challenge to peace and unification. Use of force must be dissuaded to achieve peace, which is also designated in the DPCW. It has principles to secure peace in our times. When we advocate peace to our national leaders, they can be peace advocates; however, if they do not listen to their people, they will be offenders against peace,” he added.

The host organization, HWPL, is a peace NGO in Special Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC and associated with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the UN DGC. For the purpose of ceasing all wars and creating a peaceful world as a legacy for future generations, HWPL has been carrying out 3 main peace initiatives – international law for peace, inter-faith dialogue meeting, and peace education.

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Wells of Life’s Run4Water Set for April 28 at Mile Square Park

2018 Run4Water Start

Pedego Donates Electric Bike

President Pete Callahan with Water Warrior

Fourth Annual Run4Water Aims to Fund 50 Water Wells in Uganda

Wells of Life is an Orange County-based nonprofit organization that provides access to clean, sustainable drinking water for communities in Uganda.”

— Wells of Life

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wells of Life will present its fourth annual Run4Water 5K and 1K on Sunday, April 28 for the first time at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. The Run4Wateris the largest fundraiser for Wells of Life which provides clean water to
the people of Uganda, Africa.

Event activities include a USATF sanctioned 5K run, 1K run/walk and a post celebration with awards program, exhibitors, give-a-ways and entertainment.

Wells of Life is an Orange County-based nonprofit organization that provides access to clean, sustainable drinking water for communities in Uganda. Their 2019 Run4Water goal is to fund 50 wells. One well costs $6,000 while each well provides clean water for 1000 people for up to 25 years. All non-well expenses are raised through private donations, so 100% of donations go directly to drilling and maintaining their water wells. Wells of Life also provides sanitation
measures and hygiene education.

Fountain Valley-based Pedego returns as a major Run4Water sponsor providing funds for one well and a classic comfort cruiser Pedego electric bike valued at $1895. The winning entry will be drawn out of Run4Water entrants and announced at the end of race day program.

Individual entries are $40 for the 5K and $25 for the 1K. All registered participants who are present will receive a chance to win the Pedego bike, an official race time, t-shirt and medals for 5K entrants.

Mile Square Regional Park is located 16801 Euclid St. in Fountain Valley, Calif. Free parking is available and participants should take the Edinger entrance on the north side of the park then follow the signs to the event.

The event timeline is as follows:
7:00 a.m. – Registration/festival opens
8:30 a.m. – Opening ceremony
9:00 a.m. – 5K Run starts
9:10 a.m. – 1K Run starts
10:30 a.m. – Awards program and Pedego winner announced

To enter a team or individual, visit www.wellsoflife.org or call (949) 467-4097 for more

About Wells of Life
Wells of Life is based on the belief water is a basic human right and should be available to all
people. Founded in 2008, the Christian nonprofit organization based in Mission Viejo views the
provision of clean water as the catalyst that drives change and revolutionizes community life for
Africa’s poorest people.

Michael Olson
Wells of Life, Inc
(949) 467-4097
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Run4Water 2019

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Research Deliver Insight into Philippines Laundry Care Market 2019-2023



WiseGuyReports.com has been added report of “Laundry Care in the Philippines” to its Research Database.

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, March 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — WiseGuyReports.com has been added report of “Laundry Care in the Philippines” to its Research Database.


Laundry Care Market Philippines 2022

Specific areas of laundry care such as liquid fabric softeners, colour safe laundry bleach and fine fabric detergents recorded strong value and volume growth in the Philippines in 2017. The expanding middle class and healthy consumption patterns of Filipinos due to strong economic recovery, have instilled a positive trickle-down effect in shaping the demand for specific laundry care. Furthermore, the increasingly sophisticated preferences of Filipino consumers, means there is increased demand fo…

The Laundry Care in Philippines market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data (historic date range), allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market – be they new product developments, packaging innovations, economic/lifestyle influences, distribution or pricing issues. Forecasts to 2022 illustrate how the market is set to change.

Product coverage: Carpet Cleaners, Fabric Softeners, Laundry Aids, Laundry Detergents.

Data coverage: market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares and distribution data.

Why buy this report? 
* Get a detailed picture of the Laundry Care market; 
* Pinpoint growth sectors and identify factors driving change; 
* Understand the competitive environment, the market’s major players and leading brands; 
* Use five-year forecasts to assess how the market is predicted to develop.

Get a Sample Report @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/1264057-laundry-care-in-the-philippines


It has over 40 years' experience of publishing market research reports, business reference books and online information systems. With offices in London, Chicago, Singapore, Shanghai, Vilnius, Dubai, Cape Town, Santiago, Sydney, Tokyo and Bangalore and a network of over 800 analysts worldwide, It has a unique capability to develop reliable information resources to help drive informed strategic planning.

Major Key Points in Table of Content:



Increasing Affluence Drives Demand for Specific Types of Laundry Care

Players Cautiously Optimistic About Internet Retailing Prospects

Laundry Products Become Increasingly Multifunctional

Competitive Landscape

Multinational Players Continue To Dominate Laundry Care

Domestic Players Try To Capture Greater Share Through Promotions

Rising Penetration Rates of Washing Machines Will Aid Automatic Detergents Growth

Category Indicators

Table 1 Household Possession of Washing Machines 2012-2017

Category Data

Leave a Query @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/enquiry/1264057-laundry-care-in-the-philippines


Executive Summary

Multinational Players Continue To Dominate Home Care in the Philippines

Healthy Volume and Value Growth Levels Expected Over the Forecast Period

Home Care Imbued With Multifunctional Properties Attract Consumers

Marketing Tactics and Promotional Deals Continue To Be Most Effective Way To Sustain Share

Unmet Potential Within the Philippines

Market Indicators

Table 16 Households 2012-2017

Market Data


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Energy Medicine Professional Kelly McDowell to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BELLA VISTA, ARKANSAS, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is widely accepted that negative, limited thinking prevents us from living the lives we wish to live and may even affect our health. According to Kelly McDowell, we can generally trace life problems and illness to negative, limited thinking that is dualistic thinking at the core.

In her mind-body healing system, dualistic thinking is defined as erroneously believing that two positive life experiences are in opposition and conflict, and cannot be experienced at the same time. Examples are “being my true self versus being loved,” “giving versus receiving,” “relationship with God versus safety or nourishment,” “sexual pleasure versus love,” and “giving my ideas versus support.” The possibilities and permutations are many, with each conflicting belief creating disharmony in corresponding emotions and physical body areas.

A pioneer and expert in energy field therapy, McDowell has developed a unique psycho-emotional model of the soul energy centers (chakras), and she discovered that unhealthy dualistic thinking can be precisely found in a person by determining which soul energy centers of the person do not open and function together at the same time.

“This discovery has the potential to advance mind-body medicine, energy medicine, health psychology, faith healing, unity consciousness, and theology,” she says. “The twelve energy centers relate to twelve major aspects of the soul-psyche and twelve major aspects of positive life experience. Once you learn how to perceive the energy centers—and any psycho-emotional disturbances there, you can then explore the relationship between each of the centers to find more and more limited, dualistic thinking—more places in the soul and body that don’t have complete faith in and openness to blessing and abundance—more places that need help and healing. And thorough assessment can be done very quickly.”

McDowell believes that psycho-emotional components of physical illness are vastly underestimated, because she consistently senses those disturbances in the energy centers related to unhealthy body areas.

Energy field science is the study of the human energy field, commonly known as the aura. McDowell states: “In my view, your energy field is your soul, and the health of your soul affects the health of the rest of you. Energy field science is the science of the soul—it merges science and spirituality and medicine.”

When a client presents a life problem or physical illness, McDowell says that she follows where the healing energy and Holy Spirit goes to in the person’s energy field, and what soul centers are being reconnected—which gives invaluable information as to where soul pain and dualistic beliefs are in the person.

McDowell learned about personal dualistic beliefs from Pathwork spiritual psychology and how negative, limiting beliefs create negative life creations through the human energy field from the work of Barbara Brennan, a former NASA physicist. McDowell wondered how these two paradigms fit together–how one’s dualistic beliefs specifically manifest in the energy field—and eventually figured it out.

“What I do with clients is essentially deep soul healing: bringing the truth of love and unity to parts of the self in pain, and facilitating the release of that pain. Dualistic thinking and the soul pain related to that are blockages in your energy field. As those blockages are removed, what happens is wonderful personal and spiritual growth, inner transformation and happiness, an increased feeling of security in the world that can astound you—and potential healing of the body as well.”

McDowell has used her mind-body healing system for her own growth and healing over the years, including with a recent breast cancer diagnosis.

She acknowledges that many people are not familiar with the existence of soul energy centers, and she aims to help change that. “This work is applicable to practically any life problem, and my goal is to empower others in achieving deep soul health and whole health—to be a strong force for healing in the world.”

She gives private consultations and teaches groups and seminars in person and long-distance, and she is writing a book on her mind-body healing system and healing experiences. She invites research projects and collaborations.

CUTV News Radio will feature Kelly McDowell in an interview with Jim Masters on March 15th at 1pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Kelly McDowell, visit https://www.kellyaurora.com/

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