St. Alphonsus Rock Church Provides A Safe Haven For The St. Louis Community For Over 150 Years

Ready to Serve: The St. Alphonsus Rock Church “Grillz to Glory volunteer team includes (back row) Lois Green, Helene LaBerte, Pat Pou, Father Steve Benden, Carol Powell, Lorenzo Poindexter, (front row) Clara Washington and Veronica Poindexter.

The Rock Church partners with the Urban League to bring “Grills to Glory,” a safe space for kids and families to receive free refreshments during the pandemic.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, September 18, 2021 / — St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church, affectionately known as “The Rock” Church, has served as a beacon of hope and fellowship in the St. Louis community on the corner of Grand Blvd. and Cook Ave. for over 150 years. The Rock is unique because it is a large African American Catholic Parish with a prominent membership and a rich history of service to the Community.

Throughout the years, the Rock has partnered with several community organizations, including the Urban League, on initiatives to serve the low-income residents, increase public safety and enhance the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods. Led by Father Steve Benden, the Rock is a Redemptorist Parish whose parishioners are dedicated to serving the poor and most abandoned.

Every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., The Rock Church partners with the Urban League to bring “Grills to Glory,” a public safety initiative that creates a safe space for children and families to receive free refreshments and play games. “We provide a safe haven for people in the neighborhood and for those who want to come worship with us,” said Father Benden.

In addition to a traditional liturgy (church service) at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, the Rock Church has an HIV, Health & Social Service Ministry, Peace & Justice Ministry, and a Food Pantry. Each year, the Church also sponsors a Back to School Fair and Christmas Giveaway.

Church Mission
St. Alphonsus Liguori “Rock” Catholic Church is a Redemptorist Parish happily welcoming all God’s children as we worship our Lord in an African American style. We strive to joyfully preach, teach and live the Good News of Jesus Christ. For more information about St. Alphonsus, please visit

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Rev. Kathryn Montie to be Featured on Close Up Radio

MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Healing is necessary for the growth of the human spirit: if we don't heal, our souls will not grow.

According to Rev. Kathryn Montie, the key to healing is shifting perspective; it opens the door to allow our body to heal on its own.

Rev. Kathryn Montie is a Spiritualist Minister, Psychic Advisor, Spiritual Counselor, Medical Intuitive, Emotion Code Practitioner dedicated to empowering people through healing work.

As a Spiritualist Minister, Kathryn receives assistance from guides, teachers and angels.

Calming, accurate, truthful and reassuring, with over 30 years of experience, Kathryn guides her clients toward a new sense of direction and awareness, offering clarity and insight on major decisions involving love relationships, divorce, moving, job changes and health concerns.

“My life is my work,” says Kathryn. “I believe feel like I have a moral and ethical responsibility to my clients. Truth is truth. I try to heal with my words.”

Having gone through many life challenges and several healing experiences herself, Kathryn has acquired the skills and tools to genuinely make a difference in our world.

Kathryn’s mission is to bring clarity, purpose, and empowerment so that we may co-create the highest and best outcome for all concerned.

“As we grow, we increase the vibrational level of each and every person we work with and as every person increases their vibration, then the earth itself vibrates to a higher level,” says Kathryn. “it's very important that every person that we touch can vibrate a little higher.”

Close Up Radio will feature Rev. Kathryn Montie in an interview with Jim Masters on September 21st at 1pm EDT

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information, visit her page on

Lou Ceparano
Close Up Television & Radio
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Faith Based and Inspirational Festival

Faith Based and Inspirational Festival

God Chaserz

God Chaserz

If My People

If My People

Look for a varied selection of short and feature-length films that provide profound, entertaining, and inspirational content for a diverse global audience.

There is an important audience waiting to support Faith-Based and Inspirational films. BHERC wants to connect that audience with those films and filmmakers. It's exciting to be part of the effort.”

— Sandra J. Evers-Manly, President/Founder BHERC

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, September 16, 2021 / — The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) is proud to announce the final selections for the 2nd Annual BHERC Faith-Based & Inspirational Film Festival (FBIFF): Amplified. Curated from 1000 plus entries from across the globe, the selection committee programmed 34 films for this year's Festival. Initially scheduled to be a hybrid event, due to the rise in the Delta variant of the COVID – 19 virus, the Festival will be held online. Opening Saturday, September 18, and continues through Sunday, September 26, 2021, streaming 24/7 on www.BHERC.TV. Log on to to purchase tickets.

The FBIFF opening celebration spotlights the dynamic feature documentary, "God Chaserz," by Brinson Wright and Will Thomas on Saturday, September 18 at 4:00 PM PST. It is an electric and powerful story about five young men dedicated to Christ. Led by Brinson, they travel the world using their musical gifts of Christian Rap and Hip-Hop to change the world for Christ and impact everyone they meet. A Q and A with Brinson and the artists will follow the film. Moderated by Pastor Stephen Cue Jn-Marie, Pastor of the Row Church LA. During the opening, the audience will have an opportunity to meet this year's filmmakers.

While all of our films are outstanding, we have selected to spotlight the feature "If My People" Mark David Kennerly, Director for our closing program Sunday, September 26, 4:00 PM PST. This film deals effectively with racial reconciliation from the perspective of the church. "Given the troubling and persistent ugliness and sheer magnitude of racial unrest in America today, we felt this film provided an opportunity for discussion. Perhaps even the discovery of some solutions," stated john Forbes, BHERC Executive Director, and Festival Director.

The outstanding 2021 film selections include:
Aitxitxe (Grandpa), Markel Goikoetxea Markaida – Spanish Language;
All For Honnor, Brigid Turner;
Bobby, Cortez Mack, Daniel Merrick;
Dance! Andrea "Andy" Mangano;
Daring To Be Different, Marvin J Lowe;
Dead Talks, Chuck Anakwenze;
Dinner Table, Cortez Mack;
Farewell Motivational, Jeremy Lee, Amyna Price, Kiana Sheryl;
Fire Extinguisher (Extinctor), Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado – Spanish Language;
God Chaserz, Brinson Wright, and Will Thomas
Grace, Leslie Lanier;
Heavenly Paradigm, Elea Njume;
If My People, Mark David Kennerly
Inherited, Sekou Browne;
Kitchens of Freedom, Amber Silva, Sara Tracogna;
Muslimah's Guide to Marriage, Aminah Bakeer, and Abdul-Jabbaar;
One Binge, Daniel Henrich;
Otis' Dream, Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Jason and Blue;
Our Fire, Travae Davis;
Paul – The Final Footsteps in Rome, Jermaine Coles;
Roots of the Race Amity Movement, William Smith;
Seasoned, Aretha Tatum;
Skin Like Mine (Animated), Tiffany Burgess and Stanley Aughtry;
Someone Worthy, Corbin Marshall and Jonathan Thomas;
Splitting Image, David A. Walker;
The Gift (El Regalo), Sebastian Lazo – Spanish Language;
The Littlest Angel, Romulo Mena;
The Nativity of Christ, Bruce Neibaur;
The Penitent Thief, Lucas Miles;
The Truth About Santa Claus, Tanya Huston;
Tomati, Esther Kemi Gbadamosi;
Twincerely Documentary, Dawn McGee;
Wade in the Water, Caio Levy Rodrigues;
Wildflowers, Noah Michael and Vincent-Blatter.

About the Festival
BHERC founded the FBIFF in 2019. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Festival had to be postponed until this year. The objective of the FBIFF is to build an audience for and promote and encourage the awareness, appreciation, and understanding of faith-based and inspirational films. Keeping with our theme, BHERC seeks to AMPLIFY the films and filmmakers of the Christian and Inspirational genre. Our mandate is to exhibit the most amazing faith-based and inspirational content we can find from every part of the world. "There is an important audience out there waiting to support faith-based and inspirational films. BHERC wants to connect that audience with those films and filmmakers," said Sandra Evers-Manly, BHERC president and founder. Films are selected based on quality and originality, promoting a "Faith-based inspirational or family" narrative supporting the Black perspective. The Festival also encourages partnerships between secular and sacred professionals and institutions to develop cinematic tools for better living for the community.

About our Partners
What makes the BHERC FBIFF unique is the partnership with sacred and faith-based partners that share a common interest in promoting films to uplift the communities they serve. "We have the opportunity to encourage filmmakers who create and tell stories about faith and family, and that helps us do our work!" states Rev. William D. Smart, President, SCLC-SC, Los Angeles and Co-Pastor Christ Liberation Ministries. Los Angeles. "This year will be a compelling occasion with the extended dates and the growing need for hope and inspiration of every form." Other partners include:

Rev. John Cager, Ward AME, AME Ministers Alliance
Pastor Walter Contreras, National Latino Evangelical Coalitional,
Rev. James K. McKnight, Church of Christian Fellowship, Los Angeles,
Rev Jonathan Moseley, National Action Network, Western Region,
Rev. Kelvin Sauls, Community Health Councils/Former Senior Pastor, Holman United Methodist Church,
Pastor Najuma Smith Pollard, Word of Encouragement Community Church,
Rev. Thembekela Smart, Co-Pastor, Christ Liberation Ministries, Los Angeles
Rev. W. K. Tulloss, President, Baptist Ministers Conference,
Rev. James Thomas, Living Word, LA,
Pastor Patricia Strong-Fargas, Mt Salem/New Wave Church, LA.,
Elder Joe Paul, Jr., City of Refuge

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies are Complimentary to the public. Registration is required. Admission to the Festival is 15.00 and includes all events. Purchase tickets online at

The festival streams 24/7 at www.bherc.Tv: Saturday, September 18 through Sunday, September 26, 2021. Check online for updates and detailed program information. Or call 310-284-3170.

Lura Ball
Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center
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Church Scientology celebrates 41 years rooted in Spain “providing indispensable help to society"

Spain Scientology Grand Opening

IN SEPTEMBER 2004, the National Church of Scientology opened in the heart of Madrid, with 6,000 assembling to celebrate the new Church.

Spanish scientologists celebrate each September the establishment of their first church in Spain, and 2021 marks the 41st Anniversary.

In this 41st Anniversary in Spain, our mission for a better, prosperous and free society still goes on, we will continue against hell or high waters, providing indispensable help to society”

— Ivan Arjona Pelado

MADRID, SPAIN, September 16, 2021 / — Spanish scientologists celebrate each September the establishment of their church in Spain, and 2021 marks the 41st Anniversary.

“In this 41st Anniversary in Spain, our mission for a better, prosperous and free society still goes on,” said Ivan Arjona, President of the European Office of the Church of Scientology, “and we will continue against hell or high waters, providing indispensable help to society”.

It was in 1980, as covered in the Calendar of Religious Holidays of the Fundacion Pluralismo y Convivencia (attached to Spain’s Prime Minister´s Office) when the first church got established in Madrid. It is nevertheless also true that while the church started only then, the religion started to be practiced in different parts of country, but especially in the Canary Islands, in 1967, when its founder L. Ron Hubbard created the Religious Order of the church known as the “Sea Organization”, as seen in the glossary of the above mentioned foundation.

Having started in a small flat in the center of Madrid and quickly expanding to 4 and then to Barcelona, the Scientologists started to spread the knowledge of the first book on the subject published by L. Ron Hubbard, entitled Dianetics, which as History of Religions Prof. Francisco Díez de Velasco expressed “In this way he [L. Ron Hubbard] begins to put forward a new model of a religious character. He presents it as a step-by-step path of spiritual development involving the transformation of the perception through a process called clearing, until the state of "clear" is reached”.

The 80ies saw Spain as a country that still had reminiscences of dictatorial ideas of “one thought- one religion”, and old nuances of the concept of religion, democracy and freedoms. Scientologists found themselves in an unprecedented growth and at the same time having to defend themselves of biased attacks by Anti Religious movements and archaic state officials totally moved by the propaganda of such groups, as author Gabriel Carrion described in his book “Scientology: the longest battle”.

The first part of the end of this “longest battle” took place in 2001 when the Provincial Court of Madrid declared, after 19 years of scrupulous investigations, that none of the accusations [proclaimed by antireligious movements and bought by certain government officials] had any glimpse of evidence. It also ruled, and that the practice of “auditing” [clearing or spiritual enlightening] based on the use of communication, could not be “owned” by psychiatrists or psychologists, “especially when Scientologists do it as part of their religious rites”.

Scientologists have from the beginning invested time, know-how and energy on helping its surrounding communities, and in Spain the biggest efforts where always directed at helping those who had fallen victims of the drugs pandemics that hit Spain during several decades. They supported a drug rehabilitation program called Narconon, which uses a successful socio-educational approach and gave the life back to thousands of citizens and their families, and helping them become contributing members of society.

Next milestones on putting an end to the “longest battle” took place first on September 2004 when Mr. David Miscavige, world ecclesiastical leader of Scientology visited Madrid to open their new Church, just 100 meters away from the Spanish Parliament, and then in 2007 when the Government Special Registry of Religious Organizations finally granted the recognition of the Church of Scientology as a religious community.

Battles having been won, the “war” against poverty, drugs, illiteracy, lack of values and human rights violations is still open in the world and of course in Europe and Spain. Scientologists have formed the battalions, or their teams of angels speaking in a more religious and philosophical ways, with which to heal and overcome these social pandemics and channel their efforts and energy through The Truth About Drugs program, United and Youth for Human Rights, the Way to Happiness, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Criminon, Narconon, and their religious freedom projects around the world. And to top it up, Spanish Scientologists created a Foundation for the Improvement of Life Culture and Society in 2015, which channeling all the mentioned campaigns, and through its work and effectiveness, received recognition in 2019 as an NGO with Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Ivan Arjona
European Office of the Church of Scientology
+32 2 533 28 00
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Hindu Community Institute Announces Launch of a Global Spiritual Care Network

Board members, faculty and community members at the launch event of Hindu Community Institute in 2018

Board, faculty and community members at the launch of HCI in 2018

A student at the first CHT graduation ceremony

First CHT Graduation Ceremony, 2019

Three graduating students of HCI’s CHT program, all currently enrolled in GTU’s Interreligious Chaplaincy Program

The first three CHTs to enter the Graduate Theological Union’s Interreligious Chaplaincy Program, 2021: Ashis Khan, MSEE and graduate of IIT, Kharagpur; Usha Narasimhan, MBA; Neeti Soota, MS

Plans for 108 Hindu Chaplains and 1,000 Trained Volunteers by 2025

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen a tremendous hunger for spiritual care in the community. We see great opportunities for knowledge sharing across traditions and across borders.”

— Gaurav Rastogi, HCI Dean

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 16, 2021 / — The Hindu Community Institute (HCI) announced the launch of a global network of spiritual care providers, consisting of Hindu chaplains, trained and vetted volunteer counselors, and interfaith partner organizations. This program aims to fulfill the demand for spiritual care rooted in the Hindu tradition, serving families, hospitals, colleges, prisons, corporations, and the military. HCI has graduated three cohorts of its Counselor of Hindu Tradition (CHT) course. It has built a network of 200 trained volunteers in the US and plans to expand to 1,000 volunteers globally in the next five years.

Under its “Pathway 108” program that began in 2021, HCI is expected to support the credentialing of 108 Hindu chaplains by 2025. HCI’s chaplaincy pathway program enables qualified CHTs to enter the prestigious Interreligious Chaplaincy Program at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) at Berkeley, California. The first three CHTs have entered this program this semester, with several others planning to join in the coming semesters.

Announcing the pioneer program, HCI President Dr. Kailash Joshi said, “We are pleased and thankful to have worked with GTU in creating this first-ever opportunity for aspiring individuals to achieve Hindu Chaplaincy credentials. We see this service bringing to the community a unique combination of Hindu tradition and the best of norms and protocols of Chaplaincy.” Dr. Joshi also announced HCI’s creation of an education fund to be built with contributions from the global community.

Describing the significance of the proposed spiritual care network, HCI Board Member and Dean Gaurav Rastogi said, “Throughout the pandemic, we have seen a tremendous hunger for spiritual care in the community. We see great opportunities for knowledge sharing across traditions and across borders. To design this proposed network we have drawn inspiration from established spiritual care, academic and interfaith organizations. Since modern problems require modern solutions, we are using technology as a means of magnifying our impact and reach. Our CHT program is already admitting scholars from five countries, and we have signed agreements with several partner organizations.”

HCI has also created a community helpline service in select cities across the US, providing guidance on celebrations, last rites, marriage and compassionate presence. Describing this volunteer service, Chair of Services and HCI Board member Dr. Mukund Acharya said, “We have a vision for free spiritual care services for guidance and referral that is available to everyone in the community. Our network of certified volunteers and vetted subject matter experts will bring relief and wisdom when needed. We intend to use technology to offer some services globally online.”

HCI announcement also included the following statements from partner organizations and informed supporters:

Welcoming the first batch of CHTs, GTU Director Dr. Kamal Abu-Shamsieh stated, “The Interreligious Chaplaincy Program at the Graduate Theological Union welcomes students from all backgrounds, especially minorities, to explore and study in an affirming environment that celebrates diversity and pluralism. To this end, we welcome chaplaincy students from Hindu communities from across the United States and abroad to join us and establish a foundation of spiritual care rooted in Vedic practices of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and prayers.”

In support of the Chaplaincy pathway program, Head of Spiritual Directors International Reverend Anil Singh-Molares said, "Over the last few years I have watched with admiration as HCI has developed and evolved a world-class program for Hindu Counselors and Advisors, and now, for chaplains. This program fills a significant void, allowing the riches of the Hindu tradition to be offered in chaplaincy settings to many individuals who will benefit greatly from them.”

Dr. Asha Shipman, Chair of North American Hindu Chaplains Association (NAHCA) at Yale University welcomed the HCI-GTU plan and commented, “Access to culturally appropriate professional education for Hindu spiritual caregivers has been a major stumbling block. We need more Hindu chaplains; their heart-centered spiritual care will help not only individuals but strengthen, inspire and invigorate our communities. The partnership between HCI and GTU provides an opportunity for such training and I look forward to welcoming graduates as members of NAHCA.”

Commenting on the need for Chaplaincy services in the community, renowned Vedic scholar and computer scientist Professor Subhash Kak said, “I support the vision of Hindu chaplaincy wholeheartedly. It is certainly needed in the United States; it can also serve as a model for other countries to emulate.”

Chaplain Bruce Feldstein MD, BCC at Stanford University, Past President of Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains, the professional association for Jewish chaplains worldwide, commented on his long association with HCI, “As a visiting faculty, I have experienced HCI’s serious and heartfelt commitment and leadership provided by proven business leaders who have come together and turned their attention to an important and unfulfilled need in their Hindu community.”

About the Hindu Community Institute (HCI)
Founded in 2018 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hindu Community Institute (HCI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution. It is a first-of-its-kind service-learning institution guided by the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. It provides a strong platform for universal community service founded on Hindu tradition and wisdom.

HCI provides a foundation course, Counselor of Hindu Tradition (CHT), which prepares individuals for volunteer community services and provides a pathway to Hindu chaplaincy. HCI is overseen by a Board of Directors and managed by a dedicated group of over 200 volunteer professionals who carry the operational, management, and faculty responsibilities. Seed funding for HCI has been provided by the founding team, their family and friends, and the community at large. HCI invites open participation of the public in all aspects of its operation, as described in its charter and on its website

Gaurav Rastogi
Hindu Community Institute
+1 408-982-3542
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CHT Graduation Oath Ceremony, 2021

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21 Days of Counseling and Affirmative Prayer, Using the Mirror Method to Command Your Life Back to Divine Order

Front cover

Author picture

21 Days of Counseling and Affirmative Prayer, Using the Mirror Method to Cleanse Your Subconscious Mind, and Then Command Your Life Back to Order.

The conversations you have with yourself should be rich and positive enough to transcend and dispel the ever brewing negativity in your external world”

— Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana-Murray

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 15, 2021 / — A mirror will never change the image in front of it. If you want the image in the mirror to change, change the image… don’t break the mirror.

Just like the image in the mirror, our experiences, both inwardly and outwardly, are reflections of the programs in our subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is the storage of our behavior, beliefs, actions, thought-patterns, decision-making patterns, and experiences. When we want to change our experiences, we have to change the programs in our subconscious minds.

The questions then are, do your experiences mirror positive prompters in your subconscious mind? What information and programs are you storing in your subconscious mind, and how are they affecting your experiences? What do you believe should change to make your life more blissful?

Note that we are not our experiences; we are not our subconscious or conscious minds, or anything else we have or do. We are souls supported by the spirit of God. When we remember who we are and acknowledge that truth, we recognize that we are equipped with the authority and power to command anything in our lives to change as we please.

Quote: “Don't wait for the green light: you are the green light." ~ Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana-Murray, PhD. MBA.

Short Author Bio
Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana-Murray, is an ordained minister, a spiritual counselor, transformational coach, a qualified speaker and published author of 9 books. She is also the founder of Tap The Good Consultancy, where she offers spiritual counseling and transformational coaching services to her clients.

Book Info

Command: 21 Days of Counseling and Affirmative Prayers to Cleanse Your Subconscious Mind and Command Your Life back to Divine Order, is a book rooted in biblical wisdom, philosophical disciplines and psychological principles. Every day, you get to denounce the existence of a different negative prompter in your subconscious mind through counseling and affirmative prayers.

In the book, is the mirror method explained and combined with affirmations and verses from the bible, which are explained from psychological and philosophical perspectives, and designed to cement your relationship with the God, the Universe or whatever else you deem your higher power to be. You will understand who you are in God, or who God is in you, and how you can use this information to heal your life.

After reading the book and doing all the exercises as recommended, you will feel a sense of relief from negative emotions, negative memories, disempowering beliefs and stories that have been blinding your clarity and retarding your progress in life. This book includes detailed counseling sessions for each issue with simple instructions on how to release and let go of all that no longer serve you.

Call to Action

Get Your Copy of Command, in Kindle and Paperback from the links below
Ebook link –

Paperback link –

Contact Details
Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana-Murray, PhD, MBA

Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana-Murray
Tap the Good Consultancy
+1 818-862-1182
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Book Introduction of the book

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Starfura: One Veterans Journey From Homelessness to Space Technology President

FROM HOMELESS TO SPACE! How one veteran overcame the hardship of homelessness to the owner of a Space Technology Organization for Veterans!



WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 / — Beating the odds and overcoming the obstacles, United States Army Veteran Starfury, in August 2021, successfully launched S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A., a nonprofit space technology organization for veterans.

S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A. serves as the acronym for Space, Terraformation, Astronautics, and Research for United Residents of Alpha. S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A.’s mission is to financially support the work of military veterans who design workable, space apparatus prototypes for practical use in the space industry. In addition, S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A. will train and teach the practicalities of space travel and inhabitation to disadvantaged youth and young adults. S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A. aims to equip inventors and future leaders with the resources and knowledge needed to compete in the booming space industry.

“It is crucial that we give EVERYONE, no matter their socio-economic status, the opportunity to learn what space has to offer!” STARFURY

S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A.’s vision is to partner with leading Space companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, NASA, Angel Investors familiar with space enterprise, and even the Space Force to support and fund the organization’s mission of readying individuals for space endeavors.

Unique from most space start-ups it is S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A.’s desire to Research Religion in Space! Starfury, S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A.’s founder, understands the power of faith and sound doctrine as instruments for possibility, which is why an additional goal of S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A. is to research the characteristics of religion in space. S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A. will seek the assistance of religious scholars and archaeologists from the most sought-after religious communities to help spearhead the program. In doing so, humanity can truly understand it’s place in the cosmos and the center core of our spiritual being.

“Faith guided prior explorers to traverse our blue planet, and it is faith that will guide our future explorers across the stars!” STARFURY

Starfury, president and founder of S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A., is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. Starfury, at an early age, was a visionary; while his childhood peers played sports, Starfury researched phenomenon like the Bermuda Triangle. At the age of 17, Starfury enlisted in the United States Army which he took his military career seriously, which resulted in him receiving several honorable awards. Starfury enjoyed military life immensely. However, he knew by the tugging of his spirit that life, beyond this world, had more to offer.

“Once I saw the awesome technological power of the Army’s A-10 Warthog while serving with 1/509th J.R.T.C. in 1992, I knew space travel was possible through advance technology!” STARFURY

Starfury, in 2002, walked away from his job as a corrections officer for the State of Maryland. That decision, along with a string of bad choices, rendered him homeless. Starfury lived in his car for months before catching a break. Eventually, he was offered and accepted an opportunity to volunteer for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Starfury’s life changed while serving with the 5th Special Forces in Baghdad, Iraq. Starfury met his first mentor, Colonel Campbell, during that time. Colonel Campbell openly challenged Starfury to do better, and from that point forward, Starfury changed his life’s trajectory.

“The struggle is Real! Yet, People from all over the world continue to pour into me! Because of the support I receive, I no longer look into the rearview mirror of my life. My eyes point forward toward future possibilities!” STARFURY

S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A.’s headquarter is in Washington D.C. S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A. desires to build lasting relationships with other veteran organizations and seek start-up funding to support technological space endeavors for Veterans and future leaders.

“It’s time we redirect the message of space travel and inhabitation. We need to make room for the dreamers, believers, and visionaries who made the intention of Space achievable!”

“Space Is Calling… Let’s Get To Work!” STARFURY

Starfury is also the president of Military B.O.O.T.S. (Beyond, Objectives Obstacles, and Training Science) and End Racism Forever Organization

You can find out more about S.T.A.R.F.U.R.A. at or email Starfury at and contact number: 202-774-3342

+1 202-774-3342
Visit us on social media:

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Mrs Sheran Harper, Worldwide President of the Mothers’ Union, joins the Religions for Peace World Council

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 / — Religions for Peace and the global Anglican Communion are pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Sheran Harper, the Worldwide President of the Mothers’ Union, as senior representative of Archbishop Justin Welby on the Religions for Peace World Council. The Mothers’ Union was founded in 1876 and is an international movement of Anglican Christian women.

The Anglican Communion and Religions for Peace have enjoyed action-oriented partnerships at national, regional and international levels in advancing peace and reconciliation across the globe.

Archbishop George Carey was elected as Co-President of Religions for Peace at its seventh World Assembly in Amman, Jordan in 1999.

Archbishop Rowan Williams welcomed the leaders of Religions for Peace at Lambeth Palace on multiple occasions and led the global multi-religious advocacy for poverty alleviation.

Archbishop Justin Welby has taken the leadership in following the tradition to serve as Co-President of Religions for Peace, guiding interfaith peacebuilding and reconciliation internationally.

The leaders of the Anglican Communion are actively engaged in representative and action-oriented Religions for Peace affiliated Interreligious Councils at national and regional levels in every region of the world.

The appointment of Mrs. Sheran Harper is an expression of the Anglican Communion’s commitment to the leadership of women of faith in multi-religious collaboration for peace and reconciliation. A full biography of Mrs. Harper can be found here.

For more information, contact:

Suzanne Toma
Religions for Peace


Gavin Drake
Anglican Communion
+44 20 7313 3908

Suzanne Toma
Religions for Peace International
+1 929-318 2442

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Senators Rogers (AZ) and Chase (VA) Endorse Jerrod Sessler for Congress

Jerrod For Congress

Jerrod For Congress

Wendy Rogers endorsement tweet

Wendy Rogers endorsement tweet

Amanda Chase endorsement tweet

Amanda Chase endorsement tweet

Jerrod Sessler, candidate for Washington's 4th district, receives coveted endorsements

We must reinvigorate the institutions of American democracy by shining light on the deep-rooted corruption that has infected Washington DC.”

— Jerrod Sessler

PROSSER, WA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 / — Navy Veteran, businessman, and former NASCAR driver Jerrod Sessler has won the endorsement of Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers and Virginia state senator Amanda Chase for the Congressional seat of Washington’s fourth district.

In a two-part post on Friday, Senator Rogers tweeted, “Jerrod @Sessler is an America First warrior, and a warrior for #ElectionIntegrity – he has been fighting alongside me. Jerrod is taking on never-Trumper RINO Congressman @RepNewhouse, who voted to impeach President Trump. Newhouse MUST be defeated and Jerrod is going to do it. Jerrod is a Christian, a NASCAR driver, a businessman, and a military veteran. He will do a great job fighting for the America First agenda in Congress. I endorse Jerrod Sessler for Congress in Washington’s 4th District and encourage everyone to get behind his campaign.”

Rogers’ endorsement of Sessler was followed shortly by a second endorsement of him by Senator Amanda Chase. She tweeted similar messages from her two Twitter accounts which read, “I strongly endorse Washington State Republican House of Rep Candidate Jerrod Sessler who is running against a traitorous incumbent Republican who voted to impeach President Trump. Sessler is a veteran, successful businessman, family man, and a former NASCAR driver @sessler”

Sessler responded to these endorsements tweeting, “It is an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of America with Amanda Chase, Wendy Rogers, and other leaders across the nation. We will win.”

Sessler has been making waves in the political community for his outspoken support of election audits and changes restricting fraud in our election system. He has also been involved in championing the rights of January 6th prisoners, including filming a video with Karl Dresch, a January 6th protestor who had been locked in a DC jail for over 6 months. The video went viral and was covered by several news sources and organizations, including an article in the Washington Post. Sessler is scheduled to return to DC in October to hold a protest rally outside the jail, followed by a “Pray for America” event led by him.

Sessler is running against incumbent Congressman Dan Newhouse, who voted to impeach President Trump and in favor of the January 6th commission. He is an unabashed Christian, has been married to his wife for 25 years, and has three children.


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Taken at Age 21, Colorado's Oldest Holocaust Survivor Celebrates His 101st birthday 80 Years Later

Holocaust survivor, Joe Rubinstein, celebrates his 101st birthday a few days early with wine and a cupcake. Photo taken September 13, 2021 in Fort Collins, Colorado (Joe’s 101st birthday is September 16, 2021)

Front cover of the award-winning, bestselling book: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story

Front cover of the award-winning, bestselling book: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story

Joe Rubinstein holding a copy of the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story (photo by Crystal Merrill 2019)

Joe Rubinstein holding a copy of the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story (photo by Crystal Merrill 2019)

Against all odds, Joe Rubinstein not only survived Auschwitz and several notorious concentration camps, but now will celebrate his 101st birthday on 9/16/2021

Although he lost nearly everything a person can lose, Joe has gone on to live an extraordinary and joy-filled life. Barefooted when he was seized, Joe became one of New York’s leading shoe designers.”

— Author Nancy Sprowell Geise

CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 / — On April 30, 1942, 21- year-old Icek Rubinsztejn (Joe Rubinstein) arrived at the Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration camp after being taken from the Radom, Poland ghetto on a frigid, predawn morning. Wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, Joe was forced onto an open-air truck. With no protection from the cold, he huddled with strangers. Hours later, several others around him were dead from exposure. From there, things got worse for young Joe.

Joe would never again see anyone he knew or loved, including his entire family. His widowed mother, his younger sister, and his three brothers (his identical twin among them) were murdered at the Treblinka Death Camp, along with over 30,000 people from the Radom ghettos.

Until Rubinstein shared his story with author Nancy Sprowell Geise for the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 – The Joe Rubinstein Story, Joe had not told anyone of his harrowing experiences of nearly five years of imprisonment.

“Although he lost nearly everything a person can lose,” Geise said, “Joe has gone on to live an extraordinary and joy-filled life. Barefooted when he was seized, Joe became one of New York’s leading shoe designers. His life of never giving in to despair is an example for us all.”

Geise said, "For decades, Joe never told anyone his story because he did not believe anything good could come from doing so. Now, we hear from people around the world writing to tell us about the impact his story of hope is having on their lives."

Geise has been asked to share Joe's story around the world, including in Washington, DC, at the United States Library of Congress and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; in Joe's hometown of Radom, Poland, as part of the 75th commemoration of the liquidation of the Radom, Poland ghettos; and at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Oświęcim, Poland, as part of their yearly staff/volunteer training.

Last year, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, where Joe now lives, declared his 100th birthday: Joe Rubinstein Day. It is believed that Joe is the oldest Holocaust survivor alive today in the state of Colorado.

For more information about Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein's remarkable life, see: 

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Holocaust survivor, Joe Rubinstein, speaks about his philosophy of life while enjoying his early birthday celebration (video taken 9/13/21 in Fort Collins, CO)

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