How Do We Care For The Nation?

Eric J. Hall

Spiritual Care Association CEO: When overall picture seems big & hopeless, it is possible to find glimmers of meaning & purpose, to take steps toward healing

I believe the nation has a fundamental longing for change, transformation, and growth that can be best understood existentially.”

— The Rev. Dr. Eric J. Hall

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2020 / — "I've been wondering lately what we might learn if we looked at the nation as if it were a patient, a person diagnosed and receiving care. What understanding might we glean from a spiritual and clinical care perspective on our nation's current ills?" asked The Rev. Eric J. Hall, CEO of Spiritual Care Association and HealthCare Chaplaincy Network.

He continued, "On the surface, we see issues of racism, the economy, and the coronavirus pandemic roiling the body of our nation. Any one of these would be incredibly challenging to address, but all three raging across the country at the same time put us in new, uncharted territory. I hear a lot of talk about ways we should be dealing with this to 'fix' the problems, as if there were some magical cure that somehow would return life back to normal, however that might be defined. The present moment calls for a much deeper reflection on the painful birthing process our nation is going through.

"When a person arrives in the ER for treatment, we need to do more than stop the bleeding and control the pain. We need to discover the unaddressed undercurrents that contribute to the conditions we are trying to fix. Underlying the surface of our present national malaise, bigger systemic forces might be at work. The fundamentals of life that many of us took for granted have been shaken. We thought the economy was solid and would continue to do well. We believed we had made much progress on issues of race, equality, and social justice. We were confident that our government and our national healthcare infrastructure would protect us from the ravages we saw the new virus causing in other countries around the world. Painfully this is not so.

"Our nation has received a massive, traumatic blow to body, mind, and spirit. But before we can fix what is broken, we may need to begin to heal where we can. I believe the nation has a fundamental longing for change, transformation, and growth that can be best understood existentially. COVID-19 has exposed our basic human frailty in ways many of us have never experienced before. We are all aware that we're going to die some day, but our spirits have likely never been afflicted by such a constant barrage of sickness, death, and dying.

"How can we begin to heal? Is it even possible to talk about healing when we can't agree on what needs to be fixed? In healthcare, there's a model for finding healing in the face of illness we cannot fix: palliative care. When patients are afflicted with chronic, life-limiting conditions, palliative care teams come along side to help them tease out and reconnect with the fundamental human values that make life worth living. Values like hope, meaning, a sense of purpose, reconciliation of relationships, and absolution from guilt. Attending to these issues in a patient's life can bring healing of mind and spirit when curing of the physical body is not possible.

"If our nation were a patient who showed up in the ER, battered and bruised, angry and anxious, jobless and afraid, sick with a long list of chronic ailments, clearly in existential crisis, how might the wisdom of a palliative approach to care inform our treatment options? When the overall picture seems too big and hopeless, is it possible we can still find some glimmers of meaning and purpose, to take some small steps towards healing?

"I believe we can. Author Henri Nouwen shows us a way when he writes, 'The more I think about the human suffering in our world and my desire to offer a healing response, the more I realize how crucial it is not to allow myself to become paralyzed by feelings of helplessness and guilt. More important than ever is to be very faithful to my vocation to do well the few things I am called to do and hold on to the joy and peace they bring me. I must resist the temptation to let the forces of darkness pull me into despair and make me one more of their many victims.'"

Reverend Eric J. Hall, DTh, APBCC, is President and Chief Executive Officer of HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, Inc. and the Spiritual Care Association. He is also Chancellor of the University of Theology and Spirituality. Hall serves as pastor of the Eastchester Presbyterian Church and the Lincoln Academy for early childhood learning. Formerly, he was the founder, President and CEO of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. He can be reached at

Molly Sabala
HealthCare Chaplaincy Network
+1 212-644-1111
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Pastor Courage Igene of the All Nations Church Welcomes New Members

Pastor Courage Igene invites you and your loved ones to worship with them at one of their locations throughout the United States, Ghana and Nigeria this week.

RICHARDSON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2020 / — Pastor Courage Igene wants to welcome and invite you to worship with the All Nations Church this Sunday. With Pastors all over the world sharing the teachings of the bible, the All Nations Church’s approach is to communicate the Word of God in a dynamic, relevant, and uplifting manner that applies to your everyday life.

All Nations Church has been actively involved in building churches all over the world. Their international headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Apostle Courage Igene. With the goal of helping others build a stronger relationship with their faith, it is Courage Igene’s hope that people will find their God given purpose through weekly attendance.

For more information on the All Nation's Church visit the official site here.

About Courage Igene

Pastor Courage Igene is known for his practical biblical teaching, his visionary leadership, and his passion to help people know Christ. He is the founder and President of All Nations Church, which has many places of worship throughout the country. Originally from West Nigeria, Pastor Courage Igene followed his call from God to the United States so he could share his passion with more people. Pastor Courage travels to each church, providing spiritual guidance and prayer for those who need it. His goal is to empower as many people as possible through blessings and positivity. Bringing people to God is his life’s passion. He has always known he would live a life of ministry and considers himself blessed to reach as many as he has.

Pastor Courage Igene
All Nations Church
+1 214 335 2380
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CMM Theology Offers Global Online Accredited Christian Degrees

School of Reformation in a Safe, Experiential, Revelatory, Engaging Global Classroom

During Times Of Uncertainty & Global Shaking Students From Secular & Ministry Backgrounds Study From Home Globally And Find Peace In Friendship Learning Classes

We have graduated many nation changers, both in ministry and secular jobs who have found creative strategies to lead and experience more peace and fulfillment.”

— Jorge Parrott

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2020 / — We offer a unique, engaging, transformative, experiential atmosphere where students learn along with others from various nations. Our school offers key, unique distinctives that set us apart from the typical school. (Check our website to learn more about those distinctives at

We have graduated many nation changers, both in ministry and secular jobs. We also have had many experienced pastors and leaders who attended traditional schools or seminaries when younger and hunger to grow in the living Word and Holy Spirit experience a ‘rebirth’ in their passion and zeal for the presence of the Lord in their life, family and ministry. Many called to the business, education and government sectors have also found creative strategies to help them impact their ‘sphere’ of influence in the marketplace with the character of Jesus Christ.

Our school is great for busy, working families who don’t want to leave their families, home or jobs to earn their advanced degree. We offer Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, and Ph.D. degrees. Now accepting applications for classes starting in September 2020. Classes also available in Spanish.

We are in a war for the cause of Christ! Many nations are struggling with the anti-christ spirit to overthrow Judeo-Christian heritage and we are at risk for losing generations to darkness, chaos, and turmoil. Please share this on your social media and with friends and family about starting school in September. Great for busy, working families wanting to grow stronger in the Word and Holy Spirit.

CMM College of Theology helps people who want to grow in passion and hunger for the Lord learn to think and study in fresh ways, so that they can fulfill their destiny and build the kingdom of God in the sphere of influence in which they are called, unlike other schools who define their student achievements by the knowledge they can recite; we build, edify, and encourage through thought-provoking work to develop depth, authority, and revelation. It is challenging; it is personal and it is powerful and you don’t want to miss it.

ASSOCIATE God, the Bible, and you.
To understand and hear God in the NT and daily life, to find greater freedom from bondage and religion; and to put some basic principles in place, including identity in Christ and God’s timetable.

Bachelor Foundations, Character and Relationship
To lay a solid foundation; gain deeper insight into God’s character through OT history with a personal application; to hear God through scripture and daily life more clearly; and to acquire a better understanding of God’s timetable in a greater context of personal relationship.

Master of Ministry Foundations of Prophetic and Theology
To better understand the OT prophets by the Spirit of God in their timeline; to gain a heart of discernment and maturity looking at current prophets and better understand God’s expression personally, and to explore basic theology in a revelatory way through the Word of God and by His Spirit; in an environment for the student to gain deeper insight for a life of ministry, whether in a secular job or an actual ministry position.

Master of Theology Relationships, Leadership and You
To understand Biblical principles and history in a life-giving way that can be applied to find personal expression and clarity of God’s plan as a leader in the coming harvest through revelatory theology and applied missions as led by the Spirit and the Word of God. This course offers two tracks, revelatory Theology and missions.

Doctor of Ministry Finding Your Voice for the Body of Christ
To gain a heart of revelation, knowledge, and understanding for one’s contribution to the body of Christ. Then to be able to express some part of the whole through a dissertation leading to a book.

Doctor of Theology or Ph.D. Finding Your Voice for Humanity
To gain a heart of revelation, knowledge, and understanding for one’s contribution to humanity and then to be able to express some part of the whole through a dissertation leading to a book.

CMM College of Theology, now entering our 14th year of offering affordable Christian accredited degrees globally online in English and Spanish is accepting applications for the next school term starting in September and graduation in May 2021. During COVID-19 season students can study from home right where they are! Great for busy, working families wanting to grow stronger in the Word and Holy Spirit. We offer a unique, engaging, transformative, experiential atmosphere where students learn along with others from various nations. Our school offers key distinctions that set us apart from the typical school. (Check our website and APPLY TODAY)

Phone: Office-704-909-0623
Dr. Jorge Parrott, President
Dr. Nancy Daniel, Dean
Jorge E Parrott
CMM College of Theology
+1 704-909-0623

Apply Today! Share with friends and family who are seeking transformation in an exciting, experiential, revelatory environment with fellow students from the nations. Get prepared!
Video by Ganbold; Music by: SAM

jorge Parrott
CMM College of Theology
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Four Divine States of Mind is the Music & Wisdom We Need Now; New Album and Launch Event Set for this Saturday July 18th

Four Divine States of Mind album cover with red robed monk at white temple.

Four Divine States of Mind is an album of soulful sacred music produced by Yuval Ron, available on Metta Mindfulness Music; it is music for cultivating higher virtues, meditation and healing of our wounded world.

Four star vocalists on album singing

Four star vocalists — Estrella Morente, Deva Premal, Uyanga Bold, Chloe Pourmorady — bring the virtues to life in music on the new album Four Divine States of Mind.

Two years in the making, the music was composed, arranged and produced by Yuval Ron, who also wrote lyrics to complement the traditional Sanskrit lyrics. Yuval will share entertaining behind the music tales during this Saturday’s live stream event.

A live-streamed celebration of star vocalists and world music on a new album by Yuval Ron; Metta Mindfulness Music hosts the Launch Event featuring Deva Premal.

…the Brahma-viharas…are considered to be the ideal social attitudes…they are the great removers of tension, the great peace-makers in social conflict, and the great healers of wounds…”

— Nyanaponika Thera

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 13, 2020 / — When Estrella Morente, Deva Premal, Uyanga Bold, Chloe Pourmorady, a children’s choir, and a wealth of premiere world musicians come together under renowned producer Yuval Ron’s direction to sing about the four “sublime states” – the Brahma-viharas – the resulting album is extraordinarily rich and timely.

FOUR DIVINE STATES OF MIND is perfect for meditation, yoga, and relaxation; critical acclaim for the album is growing, attracting reviews such as "It is magnificent! A high vibration/courageous/far reaching work…So much love and light is in the music of this new album," and "…another finely-crafted collaboration," and "Everything in it is beautiful."

This Thursday, the taste-making Los Angeles' radio station KPFK 90.7 FM plans to dedicate a full hour to sharing the album in advance of its release; listeners may tune in online at, July 16 at 12 noon PDT.

On Saturday July 18th at 6 pm PDT, the producers and record label will host an interactive live-stream event on the album's release date to share stories and teachings around this soulful sacred music for cultivating higher virtues, meditation and healing of our wounded world. Two years in the making, the music was composed, arranged and produced by Yuval Ron and executive produced by Dr. Richard Gold for Metta Mindfulness Music, and is arriving at a time when our society is in great need of both new healing tools and ancient wisdom.

Vocalist Deva Premal shares her enthusiasm about singing mantra music, saying, “You can’t sing with a closed heart. You just can’t do it. And if you try, as soon as you start singing, your heart just naturally opens up more and more.”

Premal is beloved in the kirtan, mantra, and yoga communities, and credited with introducing Sanskrit mantras into the mainstream. Morente is a highly-celebrated flamenco songstress, the daughter of singer Enrique Morente and flamenco dancer Aurora Carbonell; she grew up steeped in the essence of flamenco, and sings in both Spanish and Sanskrit on this album. Bold and Pourmorady — rising stars in the recording industry — bring a youthful yet soulful energy to the production.

One also hears vibrant performances by acclaimed world musicians including Pandit Nayan Ghosh, Alam Khan, Adam Del Monte, Somnath Roy, Dennis Karmazyn, Jamie Papish, Elinor Sitrish, Yuval Ron and many more fine artists, playing instruments such as the sitar, sarod, oud, guitar, udu, gatam, ney, udu, keyboards, sutra, bell, and wooden sticks to name a few. The CA-based Blair Studio Singers children’s choir, conducted by Kc Daugirdas, lends their voices to all four tracks.

The album is available for pre-sale now, and scheduled to release in physical and digital formats by Metta Mindfulness Music on July 18, 2020. That evening 6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm Eastern time, the Four Divine States of Mind – a Live Stream Album Release Party will celebrate the music and do a deep dive into the making of this timely musical gift, sharing behind-the-scenes interviews and in-studio videos. The interactive event with live chat is FREE to the public on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. Access more event info at
Set an event reminder on YouTube
Set an event reminder on Facebook at

Nyanaponika Thera of the Buddhist Publication Society, best described the modality on which the album is based, writing “the Brahma-viharas, the four “sublime states” – are considered to be the ideal social attitudes, the springs underlying the ideal modes of conduct towards living beings. They are the great removers of tension, the great peace-makers in social conflict, and the great healers of wounds suffered in the struggle of existence. A mind that has achieved meditative absorption induced by these sublime states will be pure, tranquil, firm, collected and free of coarse selfishness.”

As in-depth as a summer study course, teachings on The Four Divine States of Mind album page at Metta Mindfulness Music's official website offer insights to the Brahma-viharas, as well as lyrics, suggested mantras, and multiple ways to practice. Event participants are encouraged to choose one of the four virtues to practice this week, and share their observations in the live chat on Saturday. Access the free teachings, insights and music links at

The producers and some of the album’s contributing artists are available for interviews and commentary. Album review copies, digital downloads, short videos, radio edits, and social media content is available to the media upon request to Beth Ann Hilton, The B Company,

Four Divine States of Mind is available in full beginning July 18 as a CD on Amazon and directly from the label's online store; it will also be available in high resolution (48hz) format on Amazon, Tidal, and YouTube.

The album is dedicated to the children who will grow up to embody the Four Divine States of Mind.

1 Loving Kindness (Metta) 12:56 (vocals by Chloe Pourmorady)
2 Compassion (Karuna) 11:47 (vocals by Estrella Morente)
3 Vicarious Joy (Mudita) 14:34 (vocals by Deva Premal)
4 Equanimity (Upekkha) 14:36 (vocals by Uyanga Bold)
*Radio edits are also available.

About Metta Mindfulness Music: Our mission is to create beautiful original music that enhances health, mental equanimity, and the daily expression of loving kindness. To create original music that is informed by ancient wisdom traditions and the most current advances in neuroscience and music therapy research. To engage renown performing artists in recording music for the purpose of promoting healing and well-being through sound. Visit us at

Amazon Pre-Sale:
Spotify Pre-Save:
Direct Purchase:
Album Page:
Yuval Ron:
Dr. Richard Gold:

Social Media:
A plethora of uplifting videos and music are already available for streaming on most social media platforms using keywords including #meditation #Buddhism #yoga #mantra #sacredmusic #estrellamorente #devapremal #innerpeace #lovingkindness #compassion #equanimity #joy #newmusic #event #livestream #worldmusic #instrumental #vocals #soulful #spiritual #wisdom #teachings #DevaPremal #EstrellaMorente #UyangaBold #ChloePourmorady #BrahmaViharas #YuvalRon #DrRichardGold #Metta #Mindfulness

Beth Ann Hilton
The B Company
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Official Album Trailer: Four Divine States of Mind

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MECHRIC Opposes the Turkish Hagia Sofia Ruling

Hagia Sophia

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, July 13, 2020 / — The Middle East Christian Committee (MECHRIC), representing Middle East Christians around the world, vehemently opposes Turkey's High Court ruling that turns the beautiful, ancient church and internationally recognized landmark, the Hagia Sophia, from museum (and symbol of peaceful religious co-existence) back into a working mosque.

"This is a clear victory for the hard-line Islamists of Turkey," said MECHRIC executive board member, John Hajjar. "They are insulting every Christian the world over and every person concerned with preserving the 1,483 year-old structure."

"This building is the heritage of the entire world," added Chairman of the American Maronite Union, Tom Harb. "By making it into a working mosque, Erdogan is in effect saying that it belongs to Muslims. Christians and other tourists will be forbidden to enter or put under restrictions instead of being allowed to marvel at this ancient architectural wonder. So what was formerly an area of peaceful cooperation, has been openly spurned. This does not bode well for world peace."

Joseph Saouk, European coordinator for MECHRIC condemned the conversion of Haghia Sophia into a working mosque, arguing that this is a setback to religious pluralism. “We know a majority of Muslims worldwide oppose what Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood are doing to destroy the growing positive relationship between Muslims and Christians worldwide, especially among the youth."

“There is a link between what Erdogan is doing in Istanbul and what his allies in the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), are doing to try to topple the statue of Saint Louis in the United States,” added Mr. Hajjar. “It is an all-out Christian-phobia campaign waged by the extremist Ikhwan.”

Rebecca Bynum
Middle East Christian Committee
+1 615-775-6801
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Yancy Encourages Kids to Run the Race with Little Praise Party's All-New 'Ready Set Go'

Yancy’s “Little Praise Party: Ready Set Go”


Yancy's 'Little Praise Party' returns, offering 8 new songs in the popular worship music series that offers everything kids love, and everything parents value.

Little Praise Party is about inviting young hearts to a relationship with Jesus…”

— Yancy

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, July 10, 2020 / — Yancy's Little Praise Party series is back with "Little Praise Party: Ready Set Go," offering 8 new songs in the highly popular worship music series that offers everything kids love, and everything parents value. The new project features animated videos for each song, complete with on-screen lyrics making it perfect for sing-along fun in the car, at home or at church.

"'Little Praise Party' is about inviting young hearts to a relationship with Jesus by beginning a foundation of theology through the discipline of worship,” says Yancy. "I wrote these songs and crafted these arrangements with an intentional focus to this phase of life.”

In today’s world, families are constantly looking for safe content for their young children. Every week, Yancy Ministries hears from multiple families thankful for music they can not only trust but also count on for developing and discipling their children with spiritual truth that has already begun to build a foundation of faith.

Yancy continued, “There is so much in today’s world that either builds up our children in the way they should go or tears them away from that direction. As a parent and a Christian, I believe it is critical to invest into their lives with lots of content that leads them in life-long character and spiritual formation.”

The inspiration for "Little Praise Party: Ready Set Go" came after a life-altering trip to the Ark Encounter. Seeing the actual massive size of the ark Noah built put it in a perspective that Yancy couldn’t understand before. Her big takeaway from the experience was OBEDIENCE. Noah obeyed! He heard God speak and he took action. Even when it didn’t make sense. Even when everyone else questioned him and probably laughed at him, he moved forward in faith and obedience. We live our lives today because of the fruit of Noah obeying.

"I had the idea for the title track several years ago,” says Yancy. “I thought it would just be about the Bible passage: 'running our race for the prize.' But after learning this lesson from Noah I realized you can’t finish a race you never begin. So many people sit on the sidelines in life because they never begin the race God has for them. I could have never written this song without learning how important our obedience is in life. Whatever God is asking you to do, DO IT. The ripple effect of our obedience is greater than we could ever understand.”

For families, the videos are available on Home DVD and streaming on multiple subscription services while the audio is streaming at Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming & download services.

For Church, Classroom and Camp use, there is a Digital Church Video Collection USB & DVD bundle available that includes the song videos, audio in three formats, motion tutorials, worship leader training, coloring pages with reproducible permissions and a group viewing license.

Song list: Ready Set Go, As For Me, Made in the Image, Hungry & Thirsty (Feat. Funny Man Dan from Hillsong Kids), Hungry & Thirsty, He’s Alive, He’s Alive (Easter), I Love My Mom (Mother’s Day), and Not About the Weather (Christmas).

The "Little Praise Party" videos are also made available to families through partners like Pure Flix, TBN’s Smile of a Child & Yippee, Right Now Media and Minno. Thousands of churches such as Life.Church use the music in all of their campuses where they welcomed 19,000 first time children last year. Curriculum resources like Disciplr (David C Cook), First Look (Orange), Go! (Mooblio) and I See It Productions (from the team that brought you Fellowship’s Elevate) use music by Yancy Ministries.

The "Little Praise Party" series is available everywhere via Elevate Entertainment (physical products) and Syntax Distribution (digital music).

About Yancy: Yancy is a worship leader, producer and songwriter for kids that travels the globe doing family concerts and leading kids in worship. She has a heart for the Church and a burning passion to help this generation become the worshippers God created them to be. Through her music that makes Jesus loud, she produces worship resources including the series: “Kidmin Worship” (preteen/elementary) and “Little Praise Party” (young children). She also created “Heartbeat”, a game-changing curriculum to help you teach kids the heart of worship. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, Cory and sons, Sparrow and Rhythm.

For more information, visit

Order "Little Praise Party: Ready Set Go" today:
Audio Streaming & Download:
Home DVD & Church USB/DVD Bundle:
Church Custom Tracks & Stems:

Brian Mayes
Nashville Publicity Group
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Russian Icon Offers Professional Icon Appraisal Services

The online gallery Russian Icon is pleased to offer professional advisory and icon appraisal services performed by the leading experts in the field.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2020 / — Russian Icon is an online gallery and an appraisal consultancy offering a range of services related to the collection and preservation of rare and unique antique Russian icons. These include advisory, collection management, restoration, investigation for the purpose of authenticity, and icon appraisal services performed by the leading experts in the field. We work with clients in the United States, Russia, and worldwide, who benefit from professional guidance in valuing, selling, buying, donating, collecting, and bequeathing valuable pieces of religious icon art.

Russian Icon Collection, or Russian Icon, is a team of accomplished icon collectors possessing over 25 years of experience. Established by the Russian icon expert Oleg Kushnirskiy, who has dedicated most of his life to collecting and studying antique Orthodox icons, Russian Icon is trusted by many seasoned collectors and antique dealers from around the globe. We also collaborate with art museums and institutions, working with them on a range of cultural projects focused on the preservation and popularization of traditional icon painting.

Russian Icon particularly specializes in the 16th-19th century Russian icons, but we also deal with religious items from other eras. We have a strong network of partners and reputable specialists, including experts in early Christian art, Byzantine icons, Greek icons, and early Russian icon art, whose help and professional advice can be provided upon request. One of the specialists we are especially proud to work with is Sergey Khodorkovskiy, whose in-depth knowledge of Russian iconography and extensive experience in the field are highly valued all over the world.

Russian Icon combines professionalism, knowledge, and passion for religious icon art with a comprehensive understanding of art markets, management requirements, and collecting trends. We treat each icon with care and respect, taking into consideration all the parameters that can enhance or reduce its value to provide the most accurate and unbiased appraisal. These include:
• icon’s overall condition;
• iconographic school;
• distinctive traits of the iconographer;
• used materials;
• painting technique;
• icon dimensions;
• art and cultural value;
• restoration works;
• icon provenance, and more.

Our icon appraisal services are flexible and can be customized to meet any needs and requirements. We serve auction houses, insurance companies, private collectors, antique dealers, and art institutions, providing them with professional guidance and detailed assessments with justified values. If you are interested in valuation, appraisal, and authentication of Orthodox icons for any purpose, please feel free to contact Russian Icon. We also provide professional icon restoration and collection management services of any kind. Visit our website to find out more about Russian Icon and how we can help you with the appraisal and preservation of your antique masterpieces.

Ilya Kushnirskiy
Russian Icon
+1 917-658-5075
email us here
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The Coming Depopulation of Public Schools to Begin This Fall

We are seeing the democratization of education—the playing field is being leveled and now it doesn't matter if your child attended a good public school or a horrible one before the pandemic.”

— Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

GRAY, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2020 / — As schools announce reopening plans, parents begin to question whether public schooling is for them anymore. Gone are the days of strategically moving to a prestigious neighborhood to secure a coveted school with quality education and a wide array of opportunities. Regardless of a family’s public school district, education for their children will not be as it was in the past⁠—location is irrelevant. Most parents can expect to see staggered schedules, desks placed six feet apart, and the possibility of required mask use.

Despite President Trump’s recent push for the schools to reopen in the fall, 54 percent of American voters proclaim that they are uncomfortable with the reopening of K–12 schools according to a POLITICO/Morning Consult Poll. Additionally, three unions in Fairfax County, Virginia, released a statement fighting against the county school system’s return to school plan ( Another county in Virginia, Loudon, ran a survey where one-third of responding parents would likely choose 100 percent distance learning for their children.

In New York City, 200,000 public school educators expressed a genuine fear of returning to school in the fall. Reopening for in-person learning is simply not on their radar. This does not mean though that education as a whole has taken a backseat.

"We are seeing the democratization of education—the playing field is being leveled and now it doesn't matter if your child attended a good public school or a horrible one before the pandemic," explains Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. "Parents have been asking, ‘How can I keep my child learning’ and many have found the answer—homeschooling. In the fall, many families will decide to continue educating their children at home, public schools will likely lose millions of students, and homeschooled children will receive a better education as a result."

Parents are seeking out alternative methods of education this fall, primarily online options. Recognizing that their values and beliefs are being challenged by textbooks that have torn Christian influence from the pages, many families are turning to the Christian, self-paced, online homeschooling platform This growing platform is home to over 9,000 member families who choose to home educate their children with assistance from qualified and experienced lesson designers.

The alarming news that over 40 Santa Clara County principals and other district officials were exposed to the coronavirus recently is causing many to reconsider educational options. In Los Angeles, around 20% of families and 36% of school staff oppose the reopening of schools for in-person learning. Additionally, two weeks after Israel fully reopened, a COVID-19 outbreak resulted in at least 130 cases at a single school. Education is shifting no matter how you look at it—school will not be the same this fall. The question remains, where will the majority of children be when this shift occurs? Many are declaring, by choosing to home educate, that the answer is home, where they belong.

About The Old Schoolhouse®
The Old Schoolhouse® ( is a privately held corporation that publishes the industry-leading homeschool education print magazine, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, as well as hundreds of books and planning support tools for homeschooling families., a division of The Old Schoolhouse®, supports over 9,000 member families with more than 450 courses for preschool through high school, as well as educational videos, World Book Online, transcripts, report cards, planning tools, and recordkeeping. Established in 2001, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is focused on providing high-quality, encouraging, affordable solutions for homeschooling families.

Paul and Gena Suarez
The Old Schoolhouse®
+1 888-718-4663

Paul and Gena Suarez
The Old Schoolhouse®
+ +1 888-718-4663
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Accomplished Polymath Shares “Messages” On Better Living

Denny Daikeler BookTrail Agency

Denny Daikeler published Book

Denny Daikeler First Book

Denny Daikeler BookTrail Agency

Your Road Starts Here!

Denny Daikeler’s collection of experiences and insights convey how to maximize one’s potential in life

The universe had decided it was time for me to be aware of possibilities, communion, and the huge amount of power within me and us all around intuition, communication, manifesting, and knowing.”

— Denny Daikeler

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2020 / — A greater connection to the universe, the powers that guide life and tie people together, this is what Denny Daikeler conveys with her “Messages,” a collection of recollections and insights drawn from her myriad experiences. Designer, instructor, interfaith minister, yoga teacher, artist and writer, these are just some of the fields Daikeler delved in. Her pursuits of these studies, disciplines and passions – as well as the people she encountered in these times – informs her, makes her attuned, and has left her with a repository of sagely knowhow to and meaningful moments to impart upon readers. Just as these moments comprise Daikeler’s life and changed it, so too do they offer audiences the opportunity for revelation.

“The universe had decided it was time for me to be aware of possibilities, communion, and the huge amount of power within me and us all around intuition, communication, manifesting, and knowing.” Daikeler says. An accomplished woman, she has spent years teaching and mentoring while honing her own understanding of her chosen fields and capabilities. And in doing so, she found greater meaning and connection with her fellow people and, perhaps, even higher forces.

“I wrote this book because of the amazing accumulation of experiences and guidance from spirit, the universe and life,” she explains. “I realized that not recording them would be withholding fascinating information that everyone needs to know…our possibilities of relationship with all, the answers to asking for guidance, the truth of what is possible, and the power each of us has.”

Once, she wrote a book about interior design. But this is not about that, the writings on design. Rather, it is about how she learned to create and shape narratives. The process of writing, not just penning words on paper or even publishing books, but writing one’s life. Her own journey entailed effort, sweat and tears and blood, all in order to succeed. But it was not just pure effort alone, it was also insight. Wisdom, acquired through the long and difficult road, which proved instrumental in opening different paths to new and rewarding destinations.

This is not a memoir nor a didactic instructional work, it is not just Daikeler on a metaphoric podium delivering sermons. While it is done with the medium of her experiences and memories, ultimately her “Messages” pass on these insights to readers and build it within them. It aims to develop awareness and, with that, agency.

“I encourage you to believe these stories and accept them as your own possibilities,” she says. This is what she hands to her readers. “The reader can learn how to live closely with a new reality. I had always been a student of theology, but I had no awareness of how to personally ask for and communicate with all of life. Now I know how simple it is.”

About the Author

Denny Daikeler is a graduate of Drexel University and a modern day Renaissance Woman. An interior designer, an instructor in design, an interfaith minister, a yoga teacher, a writer, a speaker, even a student in painting – she does it all. She did the first makeover television shows on interior design in Philadelphia. Daikeler has written articles for magazines and has been featured in newspapers and magazines. She is a mother of three grown children and a grandmother of four. She also loves kayaking, dancing, counseling and life itself.

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Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity by Denny Daikeler

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Seeing Beyond The Shattered Glass Debut

Speak your Truth, and Take back your voice!

Become An Overcomer!

Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass the fiction by Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King is her first book and will launch on Tuesday, July 4, 2020.

The Struggle Has no Hold on the Outcome”

— Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, July 8, 2020 / — Kassidie Noel Winters is tired of living behind shattered glass! Kassidie was a child full of joy, laughter, and pure innocence. At the age of six, her life drastically changed forever by the one person she trusted. The dark hole left by being robbed of her innocence became filled with low self-esteem, anger, and poor decisions that would follow her into adulthood. Through professional counseling, Kassidie unlocks the buried parts of her past to face her childhood struggles, forgive her abuser, and put the shattered pieces in her life back together. From the first page of the book to the explosive ending, the reader will experience Kassidie's pain, recovery, and ultimately her triumph.

What others are saying?

Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass grips the heart of the reader and strikes it with the emotions, fears, and pain experienced by the main character.” Alexis Roberson

"When reading, Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass, I was at the tip of my seat in suspense. Then my emotions were grabbed by the vivid details of it all, and I connected to the pain and the next journey of Kassidie's life.” Dr. Mark Davis

“Dr. Ketra has written an astounding memoir based on real-life events. "Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass" is a must-read! This book captures the attention of the reader from the onset.” Pastor Phyllis Johnson


Charismatic, Energetic, and Captivating are words that describe the personality of Dr. Ketra. Armed with over 20 years of serving the community, Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King is an advocate, speaker, mentor, coach, and philanthropist who has radically impacted the lives of believers under the flagship of her ministry. Her latest accomplishment is her new book, Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass, which is a fiction based on her true-life events. Dr. Ketra is confident that her book will inspire victims of sexual abuse who have suffered in silence to speak their truth.

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